masturbation sexual activity is often associated with male sexual
activity. But, who says women should not masturbate? Therefore, it
gives the benefits of moderate masturbation. Unlike men who tend to be
open to sexual activity masturbation with friends, many women regard
this as a taboo. In fact, many advantages to be gained, not only for
themselves, but also the continuity of relationship with a partner.
Here are four benefits of moderate masturbation in women, as quoted
Yourtango: A. Help identify the body and mind Through masturbation,
women will learn how to evoke something, such as sexual arousal.
Mentally, you can play many kinds of fantasies. This is useful so that
you will understand better what are the things you must do to gain
satisfaction. In some women who have problems with arousal or orgasm,
masturbation is beneficial to love yourself and know your body better.
You can do this using a tool. It is quite possible you could enjoy it
with your partner. 2. Health benefits Just like men, masturbation in
women is also capable of releasing tension or stress, especially for
your insomnia. This proves that there are compounds released during
orgasm and may also be able to cure you of depression. A study showed
that women who have masturbated will focus on sexual health by
visiting a gynecologist more often. 3. Pamper yourself makes you more
sexy There is a mistaken belief that women are sexually active do not
need masturbation. In fact, sexual activity such as masturbation with
a partner is also a fun thing. Occasionally perform this activity with
a partner will help increase sexual desire and self-confidence of
women. You will feel more sexy in her eyes. 4. Masturbation with a
partner Masturbation with a partner who enjoyed helping couples
recognize each other with each other, well you know what each other
likes and dislikes.