Most of us must have experienced abdominal bloating, pain and burning
sensation to constipation problems. Caused discomfort can certainly
disrupt daily activities. Before trying prescription drugs, you could
try a natural remedy to relieve and even eliminate interference with
the digestive system. Here are some of them, as quoted iVillage: A sip
of apple cider vinegar Abdominal pain, heartburn or indigestion could
have been prevented with malic and tartaric acids in apple cider
vinegar. Two acid digestion so that it helps strengthen the stomach to
empty quickly. The trick, dissolve one tablespoon of apple cider
vinegar in 2 cups of water and drink before meals. Improvement of
digestion will begin within 24 hours. Relax While Eating Those who
spend dinner time 30 minutes 32 percent less likely to experience
indigestion and abdominal pain than those who ate less than 10
minutes, according to research at the University of South Carolina
Charleston. Gary Gitnick, MD, from UCLA School of Medicine said that
eating a leisurely reducing heartburn, and bloating. Chewing Gum
British researchers at St Thomas's Hospital revealed, chewing gum
prevents heartburn due to doubling the flow of saliva into the
esophagus, which neutralize stomach acid. A sugar-free gum can relieve
stomach upsets immediately. Drinking a glass of Peppermint Tea A cup
of tea has 40 natural compounds that are good for digestion. Three
cups of tea a day can prevent dyspepsia in women by 75 percent within
48 hours. Intake of 8 ounces before a meal can prevent bloated for
hours. Warm Water Soaking Soak in warm water to reduce bloating in 72
hours, according to researchers at the University Logan Utah. A warm
bath to calm the entire central nervous system, and make people
calmer. When relaxed, the air we swallow 67 percent less than when
under stress that affects the intestines ability to absorb food.
Chewing Candied Ginger Two pieces of candied ginger candy or to reduce
bloating and discomfort up to 88 percent within 30 minutes, say
researchers at the University Hospital in Cleveland. Interestingly,
the sweet spicy taste of ginger to reduce nausea and heat in the
stomach without causing drowsiness. Eat Wheat Bread Constipation in
women more than men. And, whole wheat bread is more effective than
laxatives, while improving the digestive system. Fruits and Vegetables
Ripe The most common gastrointestinal problems in women are irritable
bowel syndrome (IBS). This disorder is experienced by one in five
women. As a result of IBS, patients prone to heartburn, constipation,
diarrhea and other symptoms. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables are
cooked ripe helps reduce digestive disorders in 60 percent of women
within a week. "Comfort Zone" After Eating If you are prone to
abdominal pain, bloating or discomfort symptoms, try to relax for a
while after meals for 5 minutes. Relax while imagining positive things
to help up to 89 percent of women in a week to relieve indigestion.
Yoga Stress is one cause of gastrointestinal disorders. To prevent and
reduce them, spend time practicing yoga for 20 minutes. This will
reduce digestive disorders by 70 percent in one week.