you are planning a pregnancy and have not been successful? Went to the
doctor is the most appropriate solution, not only you but also your
partner. This is because fertilization success is also determined by a
healthy sperm. If you and your partner fertility-related medical
examination, the sperm will be analyzed in a medical partner. The
result, to find out whether the sperm are healthy or not, who will be
seen from the following three factors, as quoted from
A. Quantity Sperm can be said to be in good health and a man is
fertile if included in the category in a single ejaculate producing
more than 39 million sperm. 2. Quality In terms of quality, ie if more
than four percent of sperm that are produced have a normal shape and
structure. Form of normal sperm is one that has the oval head with a
long tail, so it can move quickly. Sperm are small, with a tapered
head shape, curved or curly, with a double tail, less likely to
fertilize an egg. 3. Motility To be able to reach the egg, sperm must
be able to move quickly. This movement is known as motility. Sperm is
said to be healthier if more than 40 percent of which are produced can
move quickly. In addition, it is important for you and your partner
know what a negative impact on sperm health. That's because, decrease
in sperm quality could reduce the chances of conception. Smoking and
drinking alcoholic beverages, as reported by WebMD, should be avoided
when starting to plan a pregnancy. Known toxins in cigarettes have a
negative impact on sperm motility. Meanwhile, alcohol consumption
significantly reduces sperm production. Avoid using too-tight pants
and a habit of soaking in warm water. Both are also known to reduce
sperm production. Highly recommended to eat foods rich in vitamin E
and C to improve the quality of sperm, as well as regular exercise and
maintain weight.