Jessica Simpson will soon be a mother. Now she was expecting her first
child. Although delighted to feel the times of pregnancy, but now he
began to think how to restore the shape of her body such as the time
before pregnancy. "I had a great pregnancy," says Jessica on Hello! Ok
Magazine as quoted page! Magazine. "Pregnant really nice, do not have
to worry about eating too much," she said. During the process of
pregnancy, she was even more likely to relax and enjoy more time off.
"Taking a break from work would be nice," she added. "But I'm ready to
end the period. I'm ready for my body back to normal". Jessica Simpson
admitted, her body weight during pregnancy is increased dramatically
to reach 18 pounds. SHe was ready if it should lose weight and get rid
of the habit of casually during pregnancy, eating lots and lots of
rest. SHe was impatient, waiting for the day would come. Together with
her ​​fiance, Eric Johnson, they've revealed are expecting a baby
girl. Jessica Simpson has also been predicted to give birth next
month. "Eric will be a great dad," he said. "I can not wait to see