Every day we are presented with lots of delicious food. But did you
also consider the effect when they want to eat? Rarely, or not even.
Do not just spoil the tongue, at least you should choose foods that
are served. As reported by Fox News, not that kind of food that is not
on this list should not be consumed. - Peanut butter and jelly or Ham
and Swiss Sandwich Choices: Peanut butter and jelly Eating peanut
butter as much as two tablespoons of 8 grams of protein it produces to
the body as well as a source of energy. Many still avoid peanuts.
Though, peanuts actually increase levels of good cholesterol and can
prevent heart attacks. Meanwhile, the ham has a high sodium content,
contains lots of cheese that cause obesity. "When selecting a peanut
butter and jelly for breakfast, choose a low sugar levels, which
suppress the calories in the body," says Amy Jamieson Petonic, a
speaker in the American Dietetic Association (ADA). - Apple juice or
orange juice Options: Orange Juice When it comes to choosing an apple
or orange juice, orange juice remains a favorite choice. About 8
ounces of 100 percent pure orange juice to 2 times the amount of
vitamin C recommended by the USDA for children aged 1-13 years. This
is also true in apple juice, but if taken as many as six times in the
same amount. - Hamburger or Hot dog Choice: Hamburger Compared to hot
dogs, hamburgers have a low saturated fat. Doses of vitamin B content
in hamburger can also keep the immune system and nervous system. Not
only that, hamburger also save a good source of protein (18 grams per
three ounces of 95 percent lean beef). In one study, more than 37
thousand women found to have suffered from type 2 diabetes, because it
has been eating meat, like a hot dog. - Carrots or peas Options:
Carrots Although nuts are good for health, but the carrot nutrients
more. Carrots also have a high content of antioxidants, produced
betakarotin to convert it into vitamin A. In addition, the carrot
works double to maintain eye health, strengthens the immune system,
and whether to maintain the cells in the body. Pea fiber and folate
does offer a useful for the body. However, two nutrients that can
cause heart attacks and cancer. - Taste Cheese Pizza or Grilled Cheese
Options: Cheese Bake On any kind of processed food, if it contains
cheese, this is the best source of calcium and protein. Cheese baked
into regular food made at home. This is strengths. You can process
them as desired. Pizza will be better if combined with vegetables,
such as broccoli, extra tomatoes, plus pepper. - Spaghetti or Macaroni
Cheese Options: Spaghetti Tomato sauce on spaghetti was low in fat and
calories than cheese on the macaroni. It is clear that the tomato
contains lycopyne and rich in antioxidants that can prevent you from
cancer and heart attacks. To avoid the risk of heart attacks and
diabetes, use a paste made from wheat instead of regular flour. Pasta
made from wheat also has a stronger flavor. So, you can save the sauce
is usually used to eat with the pasta. You can also replace the tomato
sauce with ground beef.