Pregnancy is a time where a woman is most vulnerable to disease. And,
most pregnant women tend to neglect their oral health, oral health but
could affect the health of the fetus. As quoted by page Times of
India, a new study suggests that there is a relationship between oral
health of pregnant women with fetal health. In fact, pregnant women
who have periodontal disease, seven times more likely to have
premature babies. Dr D Gopalakrishnan informs, "Gingivitis (gum
inflammation) during pregnancy is an oral complication that affects
many pregnant women. Bleeding, swollen, red or tender gums, and even
bad breath is a symptom of gingivitis during pregnancy". In fact, he
said, eighty percent of pregnant women, on average, had complained of
oral complications. And when the problem is not treated immediately,
it can cause fatal health problems. "Periodontal disease has a
negative impact on the baby's teeth and gums. This condition should be
avoided and all issues must be addressed immediately to avoid
complications," said Gopalakrishnan again. It is also important for
pregnant women to regularly check the condition of oral health. Will
be even better, a woman who was about to undergo a pregnancy program
plan, as well as routine health check her teeth to the doctor. Dr.
Radhika Raman adds, "To start a healthy life, she must be diligent
brushing his teeth with a soft bristle brush. Gargle with an
antibacterial mouthwash is also recommended. However, it should also
be consulted with your doctor before deciding to use a mouthwash."
Maintained with oral hygiene, coupled with a diet rich in fiber,
minerals and vitamins, women can ensure good health during pregnancy.