More than just want to have sex with a female, the male philanderer
turns out to have a lot of the motivation behind the action. A recent
study said, the acceptance of prostitution as a justification for
making men more easily obtain their services. But in some men, the
risk of illegal relationship is the most challenging. "One of the
motivations behind men seeking prostitutes is there anything
interesting or risky. Illicit nature makes it more interesting," said
Martin Monto, a sociologist at the University of Portland who
conducted the study. Monto found a reason for that was quite
surprising. One of three men who visit sex workers claimed to want to
learn more about sex than sex with their regular partners. "They want
more sex, or sexual activity is different from the intimate activity
with their regular partners," he said. Added, some men who use the
services of sex workers are those who are lonely, feel socially
isolated or experience problems in relationships. Monto said,
examining the men who use prostitutes are often quite difficult. Most
of them are very closed, a natural tendency for illegal sexual habits.
The study focused on supply side of prostitution and sex workers
interviewed to understand how women can get into this business.
Quoting Live Science, the results showed 16 percent of men in the
population never hire sex for life. While other studies reveal 2-4
percent of U.S. men visit prostitutes in the past year. Commercial Sex
and Happiness The study, published in the journal Violence Against
Women in 2004 found an interesting fact that he never used the
services of commercial sex. Men who had used the services of sex, or
sex tourists tend to undergo a marriage when the marriage was unhappy.
Not surprisingly, the men tend to regard these johns prostitution is a
lifestyle. They are also more sexually free than men who rarely buy
sexual services. "Men who come into contact with sex workers have
sexual partners and sexual activity more often. Marriage they were
also less happy and more liberal than that rarely or never hire the
services of sex."