Global Burden of Cancer noted the ratio of breast cancer cases in
Indonesia reached 26 per 100,000 women. This figure shows the high
risks that threaten women in Indonesia. Data from the Ministry of
Health in 2008 even refers to this type of cancer in the first of 10
of cancer in patients hospitalized in the hospital during the period
2004-2007. Breast cancer is generally caused by abnormal cell growth
in breast tissue. Yet, ironically, 80 percent of people do not know
the importance of early breast examination, based on survey results
Jakarta Breast Health Foundation in 2005. Sonar Sonny Panigoro doctor
calls on all women have symptoms of swelling wary if all or part of
the breast, skin irritation, breast or nipple pain, nipple to get
into, nipple or breast skin is reddish, noisy or thickening, nipple
discharge other than breast milk, and lump in the armpit area.
"Immediately consult. Although not all lumps are cancerous but have to
watch out for," he said when met in the "Campaign of Eight (Detect
Your Breast Periodical) Increase Breast Cancer Awareness" at the
Pondok Indah Hospital. Women tend to have higher risk of breast cancer
than men due to hormonal changes in estrogen and progesterone. High
risk also belongs to those who have a lineage with cancer, and hormone
therapy after menopause in the long term. Therapeutic radiation
exposure while in the chest area at a young age, pregnant at older
ages, not feeding the child, use birth control pills for a long time,
unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol consumption, and lack of
physical activity also triggers a similar risk. The American Cancer
Society (ACS) recommends women who are over age 20 to perform breast
self- examination every month. Ultrasound, mammography and other tests
that are diagnostic suggested at least once a year. While women over
the age of 40 years and have a history of breast cancer in close
family, have a higher risk of breast cancer so it is advised to
consult regularly every six months. While those aged over 40 years and
never had breast cancer, it must be checked out regularly in
accordance with doctor's instructions.