Has become a ritual every bride seems to undergo a diet ahead of the
wedding day. But this diet is usually completed with the end of the
wedding, but it never hurts to continue a healthy lifestyle is even on
the wedding day even while maintaining the intake of food and
beverages. Here are ahead of the wedding food and wedding food you
should avoid. High carbohydrate. Avoid high-carbohydrate foods like
white bread, pasta, corn and potatoes ahead of the wedding day.
Replace it with wheat bread and other foods rich in fiber. Caffeine
found in coffee, black tea, and soft drinks. Caffeine not only makes
it difficult to sleep, but also cause dehydration. Avoid consuming
milk, cheese, yoghurt and other dairy products on the wedding day.
Especially if you have allergies to milk products may make abdominal
pain or other complaints. Avoid sugary foods on the wedding day.
Sugary foods do provide energy but will not last long even make you
weak. Soda and carbonated drinks can make a full belly bulge and gas.
You certainly do not want to look on the wedding day is sloppy is not
it? Spicy foods do not only need to avoid before the wedding but also
on the wedding day. Spicy foods may trigger abdominal pain that
disrupts your health. Ahead of the wedding and the wedding day you
should avoid any alcohol consumption. These drinks can cause
dehydration, headaches, bad breath and the worst case, get drunk.
Keeping ahead of the wedding food was wont to do. But it's good to
keep the marriage and not just any food to eat health and stamina in
your special day remains good.