The cause of the disease in the modern era lies not only in
cholesterol, salt intake, and animal fats, but also sugar. In fact, as
reported by the mirrors, the dangers of sugar is worse than
cigarettes. Until now, there has been no news about the efficacy or
benefits of smoking. Posed many dangers of smoking, such as prostate
cancer, lung cancer and bladder cancer is not common knowledge. But,
according to the study, the dangers of sugar consumption is equal to
the toxins in cigarette consumption. According to a professor
endokrologi and metabolism, the dangers of sugar equal to smoking that
can lead to death. Nearly 35 percent of deaths in the world are caused
by sugar. Sugar is not a foreign food in the diet. Almost all foods
and drinks containing sugar in it. In fact, belong to the food with
the logo "diet". High sugar intake increases the amount of insulin.
Insulin not only serves to control the sugar in the blood pressure,
but also trigger cancer risk. High amounts of sugar will lead to
obesity, heart health by contributing to drive the rate of cholesterol
and diabetes, not to mention the problems that exist in the liver.