The researchers found the best way to lose weight. Very simple, eat
less fat and increasing exercise intensity. Slimming industry offers a
variety of ways to lose weight such as diet drug, food, clothing and
equipment to the fitness club. However, research shows a simple method
is more likely to lose weight. A team of scientists at Harvard Medical
School Boston studied 4,000 adults who are overweight, and found those
who follow the normal advice is more likely to experience extreme
shrinkage than slimming method. Two-thirds of the group say they are
trying to lose weight in the previous year with various diet methods.
The researchers found 41 percent of those who reduced fat intake to
lose more than 5 percent of body weight in a year than those who
mengasup liquid foods or dietary supplements. It is also more potent
than the popular diets like the Atkins diet or occupation, which
combines a high protein intake with relatively high amounts of fat.
Higher intensity exercise is also a potential of nearly 30 percent
weight loss, such as a study published in the American Journal of
Preventive Medicine. While 5 percent weight loss does not sound
significant, experts say this has delayed the onset of diabetes in
obese people. Researchers also found that dieters who watch food
intake has doubled the likelihood of experiencing weight loss. Nearly
a quarter of adults and one of seven children in the UK is estimated
to be obese, trigger increased risk of cancer and heart disease.
Obesity was a problem creating health burdens due to the deteriorating
health status. Researcher Dr. Christina Wee, who helped compile the
study, said, "There are many popular diets and drugs that do not
necessarily prove effective." He added, "is very encouraging is the
method of weight loss can actually be accessed easily and less
expensively," he told Dailymail. But this should not be done only in
the short term, but continued to be carried out both for physical
activity and food intake.