How long do you spend time sitting in front of an office desk in a
day? A UK study showed that women who have a habit of sitting for
hours without a break at high risk for type 2 diabetes. Based on these
studies, women who have long sat intensity increased diabetes risk
factors. The longer it sits, the higher the risk factors such as
insulin resistance and chronic inflammation. Interestingly, the
results were more directed at female respondents. In fact, even in
healthy women who have a healthy diet and exercise order. While the
male respondents, the increase in the risk factor is not too
prominent. Thomas Yates, of the University of Leicester, UK, analyzed
information from approximately 500 respondents who attended a
diabetes-checking program. In this program, all respondents reported
how much time they spend sitting in the last seven days. In addition
to collecting blood samples to test for diabetes risk factors. Female
respondents on average spend five hours a day to sit down. While he
spends six hours a day to sit down. In women, sitting intensity
associated with insulin resistance and high levels of markers of
inflammation symptoms, such as c-reactive protein (CRP) and
interleukin-6 (IL-6). "Spend less time sitting is an important factor
in preventing chronic disease," said the researchers in the American
Journal of Preventive Medicine, Health Today quoted. Although this
study is less accurate because it ignores a number of other diabetes
risk factors, but a number of previous studies also revealed adverse
effects of sitting too long. In addition to diabetes, also increase
the risk of heart disease and even premature death.