Tea is a kind of popular beverage in the world. Not only useful as a
release thirst, a dish of tea also save health benefits. At least the
following six types of tea, was quoted by Fox News. • Black Tea Is the
most common varieties with penetration reaching 75 percent of global
tea market. Made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plant, which is
usually rolled, fermented, then dried and crushed. It was a little
bitter with the highest caffeine content than other types. Compared to
40 milligrams of caffeine-containing coffee between 50-100 migram.
Health Benefits: Research shows people who drank three cups of black
tea or more per day reduced their risk of stroke by 21 percent. Has a
sufficiently high concentration of antioxidants, known as theaflavins
and thearubigins. "This compound has a good effect to lower blood
cholesterol levels," said Rebecca Baer, ​​a dietitian in New York
City. • Green tea Have a more delicate taste than black tea. Once
picked, the tea leaves are dried and heated immediately to stop the
fermentation process. Contains about 25 milligrams of caffeine per
cup. Health benefits: A study found that consumption of green tea per
day lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease by 10 percent. Green tea
is rich in antioxidants called catechins. "Active compounds to prevent
cancer and all diseases related to heart," said Karen Collins,
dietitian and nutrition consultant at the American Institute for
Cancer Research, Washington. • Oolong Tea Similar to black tea. The
difference is in the process of fermentation that lasted shorter. A
bunch of richer flavor, this tea contains about 30 milligrams of
caffeine per cup. Health benefits: A study shows the benefits of this
type of tea to weight loss. Women who diligently tended to drink
oolong tea can burn more calories than those who drank only water.
"Oolong activate the enzyme responsible for dissolving triglycerides,
a form of dietary fat stored in fat cells," said Baer. • White Tea
Derived from tea leaves that are picked while still very easy, thus
offering a much milder flavor than other types. Each cup has only
about 15 milligrams of caffeine content. And the process was too long,
the type of tea is capable of storing the highest antioxidant content
than other types. Health benefits: A number of studies have shown the
good type of tea for diabetics. Clinical trials of experimental
animals also showed the benefits improved glucose tolerance and lowers
bad cholesterol. Experts believe the same effect on humans. "White tea
is beneficial to protect the system against potential cardiovascular
and cancer," said Joe Simrany, president of the Tea Association of the
United States. • Tea berarona Usually in the form of black tea, green
tea or white tea in the process of compounding has the addition of
aromatics such as cinnamon, orange peel, or lavender, Health benefits:
nutritional compounds depending on the type of tea used. Because
basically, the addition will not reduce the aromatic content of
antioxidants or other important compounds. "But the levels of
antioxidants can be added if blended with fruit such as blueberries
super- harbor," said Lisa Boalt Richardson, tea expert from Atlanta
who wrote 'The World in Your Teacup'. • Herbal teas Technically, this
type is not derived from real tea leaves. Rather than mixing types of
plants which usually consists of dried fruit, some flowers, and herbs.
Caffeine-free content. Health benefits: The study, published in the
Journal of Nutrition found that drinking three cups of herbal tea
(hibiscus) every day to help lower blood pressure in hypertensive
patients. There is also evidence to suggest that chamomile tea served
to increase the quality of sleep, or peppermint tea to soothe the
stomach. All you need to be vigilant when consuming herbal tea is a
weight that may contain harmful laxatives.