Forehead filled with acne, but you're doing facials. The cause could
be a pony. Contact with the skin on the forehead the hair is very easy
to trigger acne. Impurities from the skin of the head, carried away by
the sweat that flowed through the hair and then stick on the forehead.
Can also cause hair styling products on the fringe of contact with
skin. To overcome the acne on the forehead for bangs, it's worth
trying this trick three. A. Minimize skin contact with the hair It is
very difficult, especially for those who have flat bangs. But during
sleep, try to grip the hair or wear a Headscarf. When exercising, do
not forget to wear a headband and a shower cap while performing
deep-conditioning treatment. Try to minimize hair contact with the
skin, especially when sweating. 2. Clean regularly Before bed, as a
consequence have bangs, always thoroughly clean the forehead. You can
do the scrubbing with a soft fabric formula twice a week. Then, apply
a serum at night to help exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. Make
sure your forehead is completely clean before bed. 3. Ceramic
application of styling products For those of you who like to use
hairspray or other styling products made ​​ from chemicals, avoid
spraying directly on the hair. Spray apply first to the new comb in
the hair.