breast care during pregnancy is important to note in preparation for
later feeding. Because the best food for babies is breast milk (ASI).
During pregnancy, your breasts will enlarge the area around the nipple
will be darker and more sensitive. Prospective mothers should be ready
to give milk to the baby to be borne. Take care of the breast as early
as possible before making a noble task. At the age of three months of
pregnancy, check the nipple to see if the nipple is flat or goes into
ways to massage the nipple base slowly. Normal nipple that will stand
out. If your nipples remain flat or go back to the breast, since 3
months of pregnancy should be improved in order to stand out. Also
consult with your doctor. The trick is to use both the index finger or
thumb, the area around the nipple sorted in the opposite direction to
the base of the breast until the breast area. Twice a day for 6
minutes. Then at the age of six to nine months of pregnancy start to
do the treatment. Wet your palms with oil or olive oil. To compress
the nipple areola (area around the nipple with a darker color) for 2-3
minutes. The aim is to shed dirt or crust attached to the nipple. Do
not clean with alcohol because it can cause sore nipples. Furthermore
both the nipple and then held stretched, rotated inwards and outwards
(anti- clockwise). Base of the breast is held with both hands, and
then sorted toward the nipple as much as 30 times a day. Then massage
the areola to get out 1-2 hatching. After that, clean your nipples
with a clean dry towel. Breast using clean water, then massage using
oil. Massage done with both hands, round breasts sorted rotate
clockwise then anti-clockwise turn. After that do the ordering from
the bottom toward the nipple, but the nipple itself does not need a
massage because berkelenjar. After that, knock-knock breast using
fingertips or the tip knuckle. In addition to earlier treatments, we
encourage you to also exercise regularly. That is the standing
position, right hand holding the left forearm near the elbow, left
hand holding the opposite right forearm (like bersedakep). Then press
it firmly to the chest with a powerful way to strengthen the grip, so
that was pull on the muscles at the base of the breast. Next relax
your back. Do it again and again to 30 times. Second, Hold both ends
of the shoulder with his hand and elbow rotated forward so that the
inner arm massage (massage) breast upward. Continued upward movement
of the hand can return back to its original position. Do this exercise
20 times a round. We recommend the use of bra should also be
considered. Wear a bra with two measures on which we used to wear when
breasts begin to swell. Wear a fit, do not wear tight or too loose so
it can support the breasts as well.