Overweight and obesity is no longer a scary thing for adults, the problem also be a scary thing for children. Although in our society is still attached to the notion that a fat child is healthy, it is not true. Children should have an ideal body weight according to age and height. In early childhood, the disease 'parents' like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and so forth can also occur in children due to excess weight.

And how to keep the kids always have an ideal kids weight ? kids will imitate their parents, the key to success for a child to have an ideal body weight is your weight! A study published in the journal Obesity Newsmaxhealthmenunjukkan as reported by parents that weight loss is the most influential factor and a key to success so that children can lose weight and get healthy ideal weight.

"Parents are the most significant in a child's environment, they act as mentors first and most important for children," said Kerri Boutelle, one researcher from the University of California, San Diego. "Parents play an important role in any weight loss program children, and this study confirms the importance of parents' behavior in building a healthy diet and exercise discipline to their children,"

The research was conducted on 142 families with children aged 8 to 12 years who have the problem of overweight and obesity. Results showed that parents serve as an example that could make children easily gain weight in a healthier ideal. Parents are proven to be an inspiration and motivation for their own children, especially in the selection of menus and physical activities like sports.

If you have children who are overweight and want an ideal weight for kids, look at your weight first. In addition, another thing you should look to keep the child's weight is the influence of the school, the influence of child playmates, government policy, food production and ads that offer a variety of children's food high in calories.