Many things can make a woman happy. A research has shown, the shape of a slim body women that can make women feel most happy.

The study was done in Germany for 24 years. Since 1984 to 2008, researchers tried to observe the cause of the feeling of happiness to hundreds of women who become the object of research.

From their observations prove, that the body slim most makes women happy. By Dr Pam Spurr, a psychologist who was quoted by the Daily Mail, her body weight can affect all aspects of life, including the spirit of her love life as well.

"The shape of the body greatly affects the thinking woman. That's because the social environment we always see someone from the shape of the body and one's level of interest alone," said Spurr.

Furthermore Spurr said, many are also arising in the public stigma about people who are overweight. Those who are overweight, often regarded as being lazy, too dumb less interesting.

Spurr also explained that most women prefer to not have a partner, rather than overweight. The women were considered, although they are still single, but physically, keep it interesting. So hope still got a great mate.