Solution To Increase Body Height Child Children grow high into the dream of every parent. Unfortunately, most parents focus more weight problems than spur the child's height. As a result, correspondence between height and weight of children become unbalanced.

The parents need not worry if your child has a short body. Kurniati Miller, a nutritionist from Nutrifood Research Center describes some solutions to the high growth of children can be encouraged.

"For height, the golden age of girls at that age grade 5 to grade 2 SMP. Thereafter, height growth will be slower. In contrast to the boys started a little late, that since junior high to high school, but will continue to grow in height even up to college, "he explained.

According to him, there are some things that need to be taken to ensure that the child's body can grow taller, namely:

enough sleep
Although often underestimated, it turns out that adequate sleep can help the growth of the child's height. "Growth hormone will produce more when we sleep," said Simpson Kurniati in educational provisioning event by Nutrifood Health Agent Award on Wednesday (23/5).

Miller also recommends that children get adequate rest periods, minimum of 10-11 hours of sleep a day. "Take a nap every so often overlooked, yet contribute to the acceleration of height growth of children," he added.

They say, playing basketball, swimming, or other physical activity can make a high? Well, it turns out this statement is true loh. Not just to make the body healthy, regular exercise also helps to optimize height growth.

"Exercise also helps increase growth hormone production, so that children can more quickly in high," added Miller.

Nutritional needs can not be ignored. Milk is rich in calcium can be a relief for parents who do not want their children to grow small.