Football Manager 2013 Free Download - Free PC Game - Full Version
 Football Manager 2013 || Game Type= Simulation, Sports || Publisher= SEGA || Release Date= 2 Nov 2012

All around the world people like football. They either like to play it or simply to watch the play. And there are people who like to play football games. While some people like to play football game, to be the player on the field, while some other prefer to play as the manager, to be the man behind the stage. After all a manager can be a determining factor as to how a football club will grow.

Jobs of a Manager
Some managers used to be football players in their younger year. That said, it does not mean that if you want to be a manager, you should be a star player in your year as player. After all being a football player and football manager need 2 different sets of skills. While as a player you should always be able to give your all in every match, a manager’s job is reaching further than that. Good managers should be able to manage the team, so the team can always be on top condition when they have a match.

Good managers should also be able to strategize. After all, football cannot be won by simply having the best players, they also have good strategy. Not to mention one club is different from another. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. One of the many jobs of being football club manager is how to maximize your team’s potential and minimize the team’s weaknesses, or if possible wipe them all altogether. Being a football manager seems fun, yet it is not a position that is so easy to attain, remembering the limited number of clubs and nations that need a manager. So what can you do? For you who want to try to be manager, you can downloadFootball Manager 2013 Full Version here.

Football Manager
Football manager is a simulation game where you will make a club of your own. You goal in the game is simple enough, which is to make it become the best club.  Since it is a simulation game, it is designed to be as similar as possible to how a football manager works in real life, though of course there will always be some aspects that are different. Still, Football Manager 2013 Full Version is very similar to real life that you can really enjoy the sensation of being a football manager. And if you think the job suits you, maybe you can also be a manager in real life.