Match Type Slim Waist Belly Fat

Some people try to shrink the stomach with a variety of ways, from diet to exercise extreme. However, often never to shrink abdominal circumference. James Duigan, author of 'Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast! " mentioned, the success depends on the type of belly fat burn belly fat you have. If someone is successful dieting or exercise, may not work for others. Thus, it helps identify the type of stomach that you have. There are several types of stomach and how to effectively remove fat as quoted by the Daily Mail: 1. The Spare Tyre Tummy People with stomach this kind were not engaged in everyday activities. Their activities are usually just in front of a computer desk all day. They also have an emotional attachment with sweet foods like biscuits, bread, chocolate, and other carbohydrates. Fortunately, the shape of the abdomen is the easiest type of understated because generally cause only a lack of exercise and consumption of food is wrong. Solution: reduce the alcoholic beverages that contain refined sugar because it will go directly to the lumbar region. Refined sugar also stop the burning process was correct Anda.Setelah food intake. Avoid foods or low-fat diet because these foods usually contain preservatives, salt and chemicals are high. We recommend the consumption of fresh foods such as fish, eggs, meat and organic vegetables in accordance with the dose. Do not be afraid to eat good fats like avocados, nuts and fish oil because it will encourage more belly fat burning process. Would not be complete if you do not exercise. You just do mild exercise such as walking, or yoga. 2. The Stress Tummy This type of stomach is owned by the owner of a successful career and a perfectionist personality. They are usually prone to digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome that can cause abdominal bloating and make them bigger. Stomach type is more easily recognized because of severe abdominal centered on the front of the abdomen and navel area. When stressed, the person will produce more cortisol, a hormone that encourages the body that binds to fat around the abdomen. Typically, owners have a bad habit of frequently skipping meals, eating too much coffee and junk food. Solution: Sleep faster is a powerful way to relieve stress because when stressed, people will be difficult to sleep and eat more. It is caused by a disturbance in the production of leptin that regulates appetite and metabolism. Do a meditation, or bathing for longer before bedtime can promote sleep. Limit your coffee consumption is not more than two cups a day. Do yoga and walk to shrink your stomach. Do not do excessive cardio exercise. Consumption of foods that contain lots of magnesium such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds to help calm the stomach. 3. The Little pooch Stomach is owned by a busy woman. They include sports addict, but stuck in the same drills and routines in the gym so slim belly up while the lower abdomen is not. This is due to too often excessive and do sit ups using exercise equipment that puts the burden on your hips and lower back muscles so that the protruding belly. Solution: Eat foods with good nutrition and contain lots of fiber to improve digestion which is often inflammation, bloating, and constipation. For variety sports, sit on the mat, and then try to kiss your knees. Perform ranging from ten seconds to one minute. 4. The Mummy Tummy Stomach is owned by a woman who had given birth and have a little time to themselves. Normally, after delivery, the uterus will drop, and much heavier than before pregnancy. Flat stomach will return after six weeks after giving birth. However, you still need to train the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen to increase blood flow and strengthens the muscles are loose because they're pregnant. This is due to exercising too soon after giving birth. You need to wait about two to three months to exercise. Depressed because of changes in shape post-baby body will actually make the body more difficult form is returned. Solution: Eat fish oil supplements to activate fat burning hormones. Consumption is also good fats like nuts, olive oil and fruit every day to help burn fat, absorb vitamins, and prevents fatigue. Massage the muscles of the pelvis by 15 to 20 times in five sessions per day. Do not do sit ups because after giving birth, the muscles will be separated into the abdominal midline. Sit ups will only force the muscles are farther apart. Instead, do deep breathing with the fours. 5. The Bloated Tummy This type of flat stomach in the morning, but swell throughout the day equipped with gas and indigestion. Bloating can affect both women slim or overweight. This happens because of food allergies, intestinal infections due to diet is influenced buruk.Perut bad habits to consume the same food and do it in a long time without knowing that your stomach can not accept the food. The fix: There are some foods that cause digestive allergy such as wheat, bread, pasta, pizza, cereal, alcohol, yeast, dairy products like cheese and butter. Avoid these foods, eat meat, fish, fresh vegetables, and chicken. This condition often occurs because eating the wrong foods the wrong way. Make breakfast your biggest meal because the digestion is at its peak. Chew food well and drink plenty of water to keep your digestive system continues to work. Consumption of prebiotic and probiotic drinks are also to clean the intestines from the bad bacteria.

Concentration While Eating Can Make Slim

YouTube - Enjoy the taste of each bite and take in food, it can make you slim. Try to always eat with full concentration, because that's the key to controlling the desire to eat and lose weight. Not expensive diet pills or slimming package with exorbitant prices. How to eat like this serves to ensure that the mind in tune with your body, making it possible to 'hear' chemical messages that tell if the stomach is feeling full. Based on research by a team from Harvard University in the United States, eating in a way that can lose weight up to three kilograms. Researchers termed it a 'mindful eating', which is inspired by Buddhist teachings. Digestion involves a complex series of hormonal signals between the gut and nervous system. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to know that the body is full. This means, if a person eats too quickly, the full signal will be delayed. Because the brain is too late to receive full messages, people tend to overeat mengasup. Likewise, other activities are done while eating, such as work, play computer, or watching television. It can make a person overweight because it makes eating becomes unfocused. "It is very easy. Taken up from your computer to lunch for a moment. This makes you more focused and really enjoyed the food consumed," said Elaine Underwood, from Kallo Food Academy, an online community of 'mindful eating', as quoted by the Daily Mail. The principle of 'mindful eating' is by Kallo Food Academy, is enjoying the details of food by chewing slowly and remember the taste, aroma, texture to color. Interested in trying?

6 carbohydrates that Make Slim

For years, foods containing carbohydrates into a frightening specter for women who desire a slim body. Rice, bread, pasta, potatoes are considered foods that contain carbohydrates and cause obesity. However, now you no longer need to worry about fat, if tempted to eat carbohydrates. According to the method of diet in the book The Lover's Diet Carb written by the editor of health and diet expert, Ellen Kunes, there is a sniper technique for carbohydrates can help you eat less and burn more calories. In this diet method, Ellen would recommend to eat spaghetti and potatoes. Although contrary to the rules of diet, research shows that not all carbs bad. In fact, some carbonated beverages contain a substance called resistant starch. This substance, when consumed in large quantities actually worked actively encourage weight loss. Resistant starch found in foods such as bananas, wheat, beans and potatoes. Called resistant starch because it is useful to help the process of metabolism in the body. Travel starch through the digestive system almost intact, producing fatty acids that stimulate the enzyme melting fat, especially in the abdominal area, encourages the liver to burn fat, maintain muscle mass triggering hormone metabolism and increase satiety. As quoted from page Daily Mail, U.S. study found that many ill effects of low-carbohydrate diets. On average, women who ate low- carb foods have a poorer memory than those who were still eating carbohydrates. Frances Largeman-Roth, who is also the author of The Lover's Diet Carb say, guarantees weight loss with this method is faster but can provide long-term effects. Ellen and Roth believes the Atkins diet, by eating low-carb method didikuti difficult, unnatural and ineffective in the long term. According to him, body and brain have evolved to eat starchy foods and can not be detained. "Avoiding carbohydrates is against evolution, it is resistance futile," says Largeman-Roth Kunes and Largeman-Roth has been designing and testing the diets that promise weight loss without rejection of these carbohydrates, by relying on the resistant starch. They cite over 200 studies at top universities around the world. Conclusion lot of research-resistant starch is an effective appetite suppressant and plant metabolism. Research at the University of Surrey found that the consumption of resistant starch in a meal causes people to consume 10 percent fewer calories the following day, because it was not too hungry. On average, women consume about 150 to 200 calories. Another study showed that the resistant starch increased fat- burning enzyme activity and reduce fat storage enzyme activity. This means, abdominal fat cells are less active to capture and store calories as fat. The results show, that adding resistant starch at breakfast enough to scrape the fat in the body. This allows you to burn nearly 25 percent more calories per day. Most of us naturally consume about 4.8 grams of resistant starch daily. However, the authors believe that increased intake of resistant starch to ten times, to 15 grams a day, enough to trigger weight loss faster. "If the diet was conducted over seven days, we guarantee weight can come down more quickly." Here are six carbohydrate foods that contain resistant starch, and can make the body more slender: 1. Banana Bananas are the richest source of resistant starch. They are also rich in fiber and contain appetite- suppressing amino acid tryptophan. Substance tersbut will be converted into a calming chemical serotonin to the brain to help you be more relaxed and improve your mood. 2. Nuts Nearly half the starch derived from nuts, which are also rich in fiber. A study in Canada found that people who eat nuts regularly, tend to decrease their weight and have a smaller waist. Then, the possibility of weight gain to be reduced as much as 23 percent. 3. Potato In addition to containing fiber and resistant starch, potato proteinase inhibitor is a natural source. Namely natural chemicals that enhance satiety hormones and suppress appetite. 4. Polenta This is a corn flour that is cooked naturally. Contains a high resistant starch, is also rich in fiber and contains protein. 5. Brown rice Brown rice is digested by the body more slowly than white rice. So make full longer. A study also found that blood sugar levels known to 24 percent lower in people who eat brown rice rather than those who ate white rice. 6. Barley This is the kind of wheat that is consumed many European citizens. Wheat is rich in resistant starch and contain fiber that can reduce appetite and help digestion.

Donkey Milk Make Slim

London: Drinking milk may help stay slim ass? A recent study also proves it. According to some researchers, donkey milk was very helpful to the slimness of your waist circumference. And, with the amount of Omega-3 oils and calcium are high, donkey milk is also good for the heart and helps maintain energy levels during a full day. In the study, a number of Italian scientists gave some mice with milk cows and donkeys on their usual diet. As a result, rats fed cow's milk has given more weight than normal mice, whereas mice given a donkey's milk has smaller weight. In rats fed donkey milk also had lower levels of blood fats and other fats, which can damage the arteries and heart. And, the strength of their mitochondria the cell can quickly convert food into energy. Overall, this shows that the consumption of donkey milk should be raised, as stated by the researchers in the International Congress on Obesity in Istanbul. Previously, researchers from Italy have suggested that donkey milk is a good alternative for children. Especially, the boy who suffered from cow's milk allergy. However, for those interested to try the donkey's milk may have to be patient. Because since the time of Queen Victoria first, Britain was never allowed to sell the donkey milk. (ANS / Zeenews)

Diet Can Cut Risk of Alzheimer's

A new study says a diet like fish, fruits and nuts, it can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's. The study, published in the online edition or online journal Archives of Neurology, found that people who eat the nutrients chosen specifically for brain health has a 40 percent lower risk of Alzheimer's affected compared to those without. In the study, researchers from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, United States, studied 2148 adults aged over 65 who are not stricken with Alzheimer's. The participants provided information about their diet and assessed for the development of dementia during an average of four years. Results showed that foods associated with Alzheimer's risk sauce made from olive oil-based salad, beans, fish, tomatoes, poultry, and fruits. As well, dark green leafy vegetables and less red meat intake, organ meat or dairy products high in fat. Alzheimer's disease is a type of nerve function impairment is a complex and progressive brain caused by reduced nutrient in the brain. More than 26 million people in the world, is now suffering from the disease. Treatment at this time can only help to alleviate some symptoms of Alzheimer's, but can not reverse its course. Since there is no cure, prevention is key, especially as the population ages. As stated by Yian Gu, a researcher of Alzheimer's disease, as quoted by Xinhua, recently. "Diet is probably the easiest way to change the risk of disease," he added.