Qualitative Diet, Lose Weight Powerful

Many ways done to get a slim body ideal. One of them with diet. Different from the usual diet methods, such as carbohydrate or fat diets, slimming diets that tend to offer a qualitative contrast to the general diet. Do slimming qualitative methods? According to the therapist and author of 'Slim and Recover with Qualitative Methods', Iping S, being overweight is not because the intake of certain foods. Obesity is caused by the amount of food consumed exceeds the capacity of digestion. "All kinds of food can be fattening if consumed exceeds the capacity of the stomach," he said at the launch and book at the Tee Box Cafe, Thursday, December 16, 2010. The main principle is to consume slimming qualitative essence of the food in smaller amounts than normal size. Point to minimize digestive capacity such as the stomach, including effective digestive enzymes. Iping advised to stay mengomsumsi fat and sugar. In a qualitative diet, consumption of fruit or drinking water should not be excessive. "Carbohydrates can be removed from the menu if you want quick trim. But it must remain sugar intake of tea or coffee and milk. In order for a diet of blood sugar does not go down drastically. Thus, the qualitative diet will not make a listless, body limp, and pale." Iping divides foods into four types. Type 1A such as beef, lamb, liver and eggs. Food type 1B, namely chicken, duck, fish and seafood. Food type 2 is a full cream milk, tofu, mushrooms, soy and dairy, and vegetable bits. While the food type 3 consists of bread and dairy, wheat, noodles, vermicelli, rice, fruit and vegetables. Food type 1 is an important food to keep vitality, lose weight fast fibers accelerate healing. 1B is used as a substitute food food food 1A while type 2 and 3 are complementary. An important step qualitative method is a consistent set meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Do not ever neglect breakfast. The body is lack of energy can not work optimally and quickly hungry. Every day, eat appropriate portion of normal or less than that." It is better than eating one time but big numbers. " Iping who had begun researching the diet for 11 years was added, during a qualitative diet, eating certain foods like ice cream, meatballs, and pizza, is permitted only during lunch or dinner. Condition, the portion reduced lunch. The prohibition in this diet is the method should not be eating spicy foods and acid, fruit was consumed on the day or night and should not be snacking on fruit between meals. Besides, should not drink water or fruit juice excessive. During the diet, drinking when thirsty, only one or two sips just to wet my throat. Finally, strenuous exercise is not recommended to harden the muscles, but the body must move in a day.

Playing Imagination Desist Fat

A recent study found the perfect antidote to limit the intake of food or unhealthy activities. The thought of eating as much much more effective for weight loss, rather than torturing yourself with a strict diet. The team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University states, imagine that the appetite of food becomes a way to keep yourself from unhealthy food consumption. Based on a series of experiments, participants were asked to imagine a number of delicious chocolate candy snack. At the time of the actual meal, they proved to eat less than what is presented. According to scientists, it happened due to habituation or processes that reduce the response to stimuli in a repetitive mental activity. Joachim Vosgerau, a member of the research team, said the role of the mind to diet or to reduce undesirable behavior may be more effective. "We believe this is the first study to show the imagination to reduce the attractiveness of each stimulus which originally pulled." In the past, avoiding thoughts of food being desirable is considered the best way to control weight. However, these latest findings suggest the opposite. "When I quit smoking, you will try to suppress the desire to imagine a cigarette. According to our theory, all you have to do is imagine you smoke or eat. Imagery in the brain would reduce the desire," he said as quoted from Shine.

Weight Down Up to 5 Kg in 12 Weeks

Do you have tried various methods of weight loss, but does not go positive developments? Do not give up, try to imitate simple trick for streamlining these agencies. Who knows how this one works for you. From now on, get used to drinking one or two glasses of water before eating. According to recent research conducted by experts from Virginia Tech, USA, which reports the Times of India, this method will work effectively curb your appetite so that the portion of food that enter the body is not much, which in turn can reduce weight. "When this method is applied for 12 weeks, three times per day, will eliminate about 5 kilograms of weight," says Brenda Davy from Virginia Tech. The simple reason to explain the success through this trick, with a drink of water before eating, you will quickly feel full so that the food you eat just a little. Thus, the number of calories you consume too little. However, these studies do not recommend you to drink excessively, because this can cause new health problems to your body. So just 1-2 glasses of water before eating. Even in previous research found, respondents were middle-aged and elderly who consumed two glasses of water before meals, amount of food they consume 75 to 90 calories less than those who do not consume water before eating.

Jogging Not Effective Weight Loss

you often do jogging to lose weight? It appears that you have to find another sport, because jogging found to be ineffective for weight loss. "Many people are jogging to lose weight but it will not work. Because, fat is the body's energy source. The more often a run, then the body will often produce more fat to prepare," said Greg Brookes, sports coach from London, England, as quoted from Times of India. Jogging by Brookes, actually makes the body produce more and more fat. The body is like a machine that can adapt to any condition. "The more time you spend to jog, the better you are in the running and more efficient but less energy is used and fewer calories burned," said Brookes. He also reveals that jogging or running can be bad on the muscles. "When jogging, two and a half times the body weight imposed on the muscle, it happened many times and can weaken the muscle. Usually it will feel instantly at the ankles or knees," he added. To choose the right sport for the sake of losing weight you should consult with doctors and sports trainers. That's because two things are most important in the success of reducing the weight of the body is balanced nutrition and regular exercise.

Hazard Limiting Carbohydrates

Many people mistakenly understand the benefits and disadvantages of carbohydrates. When the diet program, many women often limit the intake of carbohydrate in the portion is too extreme. This is because they assume, without the intake of carbohydrates can help you lose weight drastically. Not surprisingly, the desire to cut the intake of carbohydrates it occurs when someone wants to slim instant. But behind it all, there are things you need to know about carbohydrates, for not having Carbophobia. Mark Haub, a professor in nutrition from Kansas State University, USA, states, mankind needs a sufficient intake of carbohydrates. Carbohydrate is needed in your diet medu, for the usual nutrients derived from rice, potatoes, and corn is a very important role for health. "Limiting karohidrat cause an imbalance of two hormones, insulin and glucagon, which causes low blood sugar levels. The effect of this condition, among others, lack of energy in the body, addicted to sugar, caffeine addiction, vulnerable headaches, mood swings, anxiety and depression, "he said as quoted from page Shine. And you need to know, avoiding carbohydrates can actually lead to weight fluctuations. It also can lead to serious consequences and more in the long run as causes of heart disease. "This diet [low-carb] tend to focus on animal foods, which is the only source of saturated fat and cholesterol," says Dr. Michael Greger, a physician and writer 'Carbophobia: The Scary Truth Behind America's Low-Carb Craze. " Dr. Greger also added, "Fat is the number one cause of bad cholesterol or LDL someone. And that is the main factor that causes the risk of death in men and women every year." The best diet is a diet that gave priority to the fulfillment of the full and balanced nutrition, Dr. Greger suggested. That contain simple carbohydrates and intact, containing fat, protein, vitamins, minerals coupled with regular exercise. "

Obesity Transmitted Through Social Networking

A research conducted by a group of Harvard scientists revealed that obesity or overweight is one of the 'infectious disease'. And obesity was also able to spread through social networking medium. As quoted from, research using mathematical modeling, revealed that an increasing number of people who suffer from obesity in the United States in the last decade was also accelerated by the social networking site. "Specifically, the growth of the person's body weight due to the social transmission, increased very rapidly," said Alison L Hill, student Program for Evolutionary Dynamics, Biophisycs Program, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Science and Technology, Harvard. According to Hill, now, only the level of obesity in the U.S. population has reached about 34 percent. That number could rise to above 42 percent. The study utilizes data from the Framingham Heart Study. Hill detailing, that people who are not obese have a 2 percent chance to become obese. But that number will grow 0.4 percent again every single social contact they have. That is, if there are five contacts on social networks who are obese, it is enough to double the risk of becoming obese. "It's easy to be overweight than thin body," Hill added. The possibility of transition from someone who does obesity become obese, apparently influenced by a number of social contacts who are obese. Instead, it was actually not related to the number of contacts who are obese. Meanwhile, the possibility to be able to lose weight does not depend on the number of social contacts or contacts who have oebsitas are not obese. The spread of obesity, claimed to have been spread through social networks, through transfer from person to person. While the obesity that occurs not due to social interaction (non-social), occurs due to an unhealthy diet and lifestyle are easy. David G. Rand, Scientists Program for Evolutionary Dynamics and Department of Psychology and Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard, said even non- social transmission of obesity is still an important component in the distribution, but the social transmission of obesity to grow so rapidly in the past four decades. "Our results say that the social norms of the middle of changing the trend of people who had become obese due to non-social mechanism. And the effect is caused by a person with obesity to the ignition of non-obese, also higher," said Rand. If this theory is correct, it seems pretty simple if you want to still have a slim body. Do not make friends with the fat on your Facebook or other social networking.

Diet Right Without Making sagging breasts

Conducting a strict diet to lose weight instantly mostly done by women. However, without them knowing it, a diet with weight loss that lightning can damage your breast forms. A strict diet can actually make breast sagging faster. As quoted from page, experts warn, for women not undergoing any diet that can cause breast sagging prematurely. "Breasts are hard to get care. One of them by keeping your diet. So, do not carelessly on a diet, because weight-loss program that wrong can cause your breasts 'down' or slack before time, "said Jill Weinstein, a dermatologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, in Illinois. Experience sagging breasts is a natural process that must be experienced by women. This process is usually experienced by women who have given birth or breastfeeding. Any changes in your weight, naturally also can change the shape of the breast. Any change in breast shape will experience stretching the skin due to lack of production of collagen and elastin, two components that make the skin taut. However, poor diet can accelerate sagging breasts. In fact, women who exercise too hard too fast can cause breast 'down'. "If the diet is desperately in vain, part of your skin including the skin on the breast skin elastitas will decline," said Stephanie Middleberg, a dietician from NYC. Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Yale University School, Mary Jane Minkin, also declared that the faster you lose weight through dieting, the more quickly as well make your breasts look relaxed. This is all because of elastin and collagen are stressed when they break down quickly due to the wrong diet. Breasts are part is very sensitive to changes in body weight. "If you are experiencing changes in body weight, fat in the breast automatically shrink too, and make its 'down'," says Dr. Minkin. So, how to pattern your weight loss does not create sagging breasts? Here's how the right diet so that your breasts can still tight. Forget the strict diet. Plan a healthy diet without having to determine excess body weight. "Push yourself to cut the food intake of less than 1,200 calories per day or obsessed to lose weight drastically in a week is not healthy dietary pattern that can damage the collagen and elastin," from Los Angeles Nutritionist Natalie Rosenstock, RD. Try changing your dietary habits. Do diet with multiply eating fruits, vegetables and lean meats. This method can slow down your metabolism in your body that is able to suppress hunger. "This behavior can actually help you lose weight and keep breasts firm."

This Tool Can Suppress Hunger

A team of experts from the hospital St. Anthony in Surrey, England to make a tool to help you lose weight. This tool a chip that boost metabolism and suppress hunger race. The researchers conducted tests on 356 women and men who have excess body weight with the presentation of 15-3 per cent. The device is shaped like a small plastic inserted into the stomach. This tool will create a stimulus that produces a hormone called PYY. Hormone function suppress appetite and help the organisms in the stomach more quickly digest and process food. In effect, the body weight can be reduced to five pounds per month without having to undergo gastric bypass surgery or liposuction. As quoted from Genius Beauty, according to Alberic Fiensa, bariatric surgeons, this chip can even release the dependency injection of insulin in diabetics. That's because when he was in the belly of this chip will also activate cells of the pancreas. Thus, stabilizing the production of insulin in the body.

Diet Ice Cubes Really Can Streamline?

There are so many diet programs that promise faster and leaner body without side effects. Consume a diet with regular water you may have heard. However, there is again an unusual diet that is on the rocks. Really can streamline your body? As quoted from page, based on research from the Labs' Ice Cube's Diet declared that the ice cube blocks thought to contain more than 97% Hoodia, a plant extract is believed to control appetite and manage one's desire to consume food. Each ice cube containing 3000 mg Hoodia. If eaten raw, crushed lime juice mixed with efficacy will berkeja well. Is it safe? As the product of over-the-counter herbal diet, health experts have concerns about Hoodia, especially if consumed in high quantities. Many drug companies have even tried to make Hoodia extract contained in the ice cube as a diet drug. However, dietitian Roberta Andi oppose any diet program. "Pfizer is really trying to develop this into drugs and stopped his conduct clinical trials without any real explanation," he said. "And Unilever, which makes the Slim-Fast, will make a drink with Hoodia and they also stopped with no clear reason." In other words, health experts advise, do not need a diet that strange if they want to control the appetite. Eating a healthy balanced diet coupled with regular exercise it can also help you control your weight.

Ways to Shrink Belly Fat

Although it has been successfully lose weight, not a few people who feel not satisfied, because they still have fat deposits in the abdomen. If you experience this too, does not mean you can just practice the methods of extreme stomach slimming, such as diet pills or liposuction carelessly. Do not be easily tempted by the offer-counter slimming products. In fact, pills or drugs are not effective lean burn fat in the abdomen. Had feared, these free drugs can actually give negative effects to the body. So, no need to be discouraged when fat deposits cover the stomach. Without the need to diet pills at random, you can have a slim stomach through the ways listed below: Sports focuses on belly Do exercise at least 30 minutes 2-3 times a week. Ideally, you choose aerobic exercise to burn fat in the body. And, for abdominal fat also eroded interspersed with aerobic exercise movements that focus on the abdomen, such as sit-ups. Do sit-ups as much as 20-30 times after stretch and ended with cooling. Scientifically, it has been proven that regular exercise with high intensity can shed belly fat. This method is believed it could reduce the fat in the abdomen by 50% compared to when not exercising. Avoid foods cause belly fat Eliminate alcoholic drinks and junk food in your daily menu. Two types of food it is a 'ringleader' cause distended stomach. Instead, drink water for fast abdominal fat deposits shrink. And, eating foods rich in fiber, such as brown rice and vegetables. In addition to exercise and proper food intake, there are two other things you can do to reduce belly fat naturally. Enough sleep and avoid stress. Stress conditions could be factors causing the body to hoard more fat in the abdominal area. While lack of sleep also become the biggest stressor. Therefore, try to get adequate rest every day.

Weight Loss Defeat Desire Sex Obsession

Which is more important to a woman during the holidays? Maintain weight or having sexual relations more often? A recent poll found that a majority of women are more concerned with controlling weight rather than having sex. As reported in USA Today, Kelton Group poll of 1,000 respondents, the majority of respondents claimed to prefer a fight mengikus 4-9 pounds of body fat during the summer in order to get a job promotion. Approximately 66 percent of respondents said need to lose weight to look more attractive. On average, the respondents wanted the 10 kilogram weight loss. Only the number of respondents who prefer to have sex during summer vacation than to lose 4.5 pounds weight. However, only a quarter of men who agreed opinion of the majority of women.

Eating Tips According to Needs

Controlling body weight is easy bother. For some people, it seems less practical when musti counting calories every time you want to chew food. They usually make the pants as a benchmark. If the pants already feel crowded, the caloric intake of food has begun to be regulated. But, there are also people who want weight loss by counting calories. Many people can lose weight with a daily diet by eating foods that contain 1,500 calories. But, if you want to get the weight reduction is more precise, there is a simple way to calculate the number of calories. The formula: Your weight (kg) x 2.2 (pounds / kg) x 12 = calories needed (cal) For example, you weigh 50 kg. So the calories your body needs is 50 x 2.2 x 12 = 1320 calories Well, to reduce your weight by 1 pound or 0.453 kg per week, then you need to reduce 500 calories per day. As for losing weight at 2 pounds or 0.9 kg per week, then you must reduce 1000 calories per day. But according to dietitian from the Nutrition Communication from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University, Brierley Wright, MS, RD weight reduction should be no more than the target reduction of 1,200 calories per day or 2 pounds per week. Because, with the target would be very difficult to meet nutritional needs and targets are also rather difficult to be met consistently. Well of course need the creativity and ingenuity to mix and match choice menu breakfast, snack, lunch, and dinner, in order to achieve the right amount of calories. Here's an example setting of calories that can be followed: • breakfast to 300-350-calories, such as a piece of Banana-Bran Muffins containing 320 calories. • Snacks for 250 calories or less, such as cheese popcorn • Lunch 325 to 400 calories, for example Broccoli-Cheese Pie containing 365 calories • 500 calories for dinner, for example pizza smoked corn and black beans People sometimes underestimate the excess calorie intake by 20 to 40 percent. Therefore, it is also important to follow tips to help reduce the "portion distortion" that managed to achieve the right amount of calorie needs. How: • Set the number of servings of food on your plate Instead of taking 1 serving a full dinner, preferably less 1 serving food on a plate into ½ servings. Replace half with vegetables, a quarter with protein (fish, skinless poultry, lean beef, beans or tofu). Fill another quarter with nuts or starchy foods (brown rice or whole grains such as bread wheat). • Clever-clever measure the size No need to use a measuring cup every time you want to get the size of the perfect menus. But just about the right dose of a spoon, or how far the bowl can be filled by a portion of your cereal. • Choose a tall glass or thin People usually drink 34 percent more from short glasses and glass that is wider than tall and thinner. So better to choose glasses that are tall and thin while drinking beverages such as a glass of juice, because the intake of this drink will surely contain more calories. • Messages smaller portions. Clearly, the choice of a smaller size would have fewer calories, and research shows that people tend to eat, on average, 22 percent more when they are offered food that berporsi greater. • Be careful with the name of the menu interesting. Provide a list of fun names can make people more interested in eating. The name "Black Forest Double Chocolate Cake" would normally be more lucrative than simply "Chocolate Cake"? • Eat delicious, satisfying food. Studies show that people prefer to eat dessert after a mediocre rather than after one meal staple food is filling.

Sexy slim style Feng Shui

Feng Shui has a strong influence on the subconscious. That is why many people use it expedite the diet. Diet feng shui does not make you dizzy with the calculation of calories. Restrictions menu through shapes, colors, and food that you consume daily. If curious, try to prove to follow a few diet tips feng shui to create the ideal body sexy and healthy, as described on page Times of India following.

Eating on a square plate Square-shaped plate dish better than a round plate when you try to lose weight. Believed to emit a box shape satisfaction, while the round shape invites curiosity.
The dining room calm Muted colors are believed to reduce appetite. While bright colors are considered to stimulate the appetite. If you seriously want to undergo a strict diet, create the kitchen or dining room with natural colors like brown or beige. But if you want to increase your appetite, try decorating the kitchen and dining table with brightly colored decorations.

The mirror in the dining room The mirror can help you stay focused. Hang mirrors around the dining room that can be seen clearly from my seat will make you aware of what and how much food you'll consume. Hours at the dinner table Replace the clock ticking in the dining room area. This will remind you to slow down the feeding activity and makes you more enjoy the food, not just a lust for food. Smaller plate To reduce the size of the food without feeling the shortage, use smaller plates. Cook your own food When you mix your own food, you can find the right size for your family. Feng shui practitioners believe that cooking to promote even financial prosperity. Colorful Food What kind of food with balanced nutrition? More and more variety of food colors on your plate, the more nutritious. That is the key to a balanced diet.

Three Reasons Weight Down Hard

you've desperately dieting and exercising but the weight does not go shrink? Surprisingly, body weight even more inflated. Maybe, there are some mistakes you make. Find out the solution!

1. Diet indiscriminate Many women are on a strict diet without accompanied by a nutritionist. Are you as well? Be careful, this can endanger health. We recommend that if you really want to diet, try to consult with a nutritionist. Needs of every body is different. Do not let the diet do will make my body more elastic. Likewise, in exercising. You should have consulted with a sports coach. Everything will be more effective than you just hear the advice that is not necessarily true friends. Diet tips: Do not always follow the trend of diet or exercise. You should be consistent with what you are doing. Explore information on trusted sources, such as a doctor, trainer, or nutritionist.
2. No breakfast No breakfast will trigger you to buy sweets. These habits will actually gain weight. According to researchers from the University of Massachusetts, U.S., people do not have the risk of obesity breakfast five times greater than the breakfast every morning. With breakfast every day on a regular basis to form a pattern of eating, which is useful for weight loss. Tips for diet: Breakfast from 1 to 1.5 hours before you do activities every day. Make sure the content in a full breakfast and could be a model of energy to move.
3. Eating lots of sugar Consumption of sugar in large quantities every day can make your weight increases. Sweet foods that contain lots of sugar also does not make you full. Calories in sugar content of fairly big. Moreover, if you like soft drinks. Drink contributed many calories in your body. In fact, make you addicted. Diet tips: Reduce consumption of sugar to your diet will be very effective. If you love to eat cereal for breakfast, make sure it does not contain much sugar. Careful when reading the ingredients. It would be better if your breakfast high in protein. According to research conducted by the University of St. Louis, if breakfast eggs, you'll consume fewer calories at lunch and dinner. So, consider the true protein content at breakfast.

Four Steps Burn 1200 Calories Per Day

Easy Ways to Limit Calories Burn 1,200 calories per day may not be as difficult as many people imagine. You can burn 300 calories during sleep, when walking or sitting. When treated with daily activities such as breathing, digesting and maintaining all bodily functions still work, not hard to get the body fit and trim as desired. There are four easy steps you can do to be able to erode the 1,200 calories per day, as quoted from Shine, namely:

Step 1 Perform 90 minutes of physical activity per day. Someone who has a weight about 60 kg who walk with a speed of 6 meters per hour for 90 minutes will burn more than 1,200 calories. However, people with lighter body weight require more time to erode the 1,200 calories by walking. "The body of a larger or more muscular burn more calories, even when resting," says Mayo Clinic.

Step 2 Make a daily routine with more physical activity portion. Up the stairs, use the manual lawn mower, and mopping the floor will reduce the calories the body. The intensity of physical activity performed daily will ultimately affect the weight. Mop the floor to eliminate 400 calories per hour, light housework or washing the car can burn 200 calories and walking one 1.5 km to burn 100 calories. Combine several activities in the day to reduce 1200 calories.

3 Never still. Consider always moving. Move your legs while you wait, sometimes standing in front of the computer rather than continue to sit all the time and shake legs while crossing her legs. When watching television, try to stand up and walk back and forth a few times and better eating out with a line instead of ordering food from the table. A Mayo Clinic study finds by constantly moving all day, people spend 800 calories or the equivalent of jogging or walking about 5 km every day.

Step 4 Burn 400 calories by using three methods above. For example, burns 400 calories through active movement, 400 calories when walking into the office and climbed the stairs and 400 calories when standing in front of the copier or in line. Tips to Burn 500 calories per day

How to Reduce Hunger in Rainy Season

Eve cool when the rain tends to make us lazy. In addition, cold weather also faster trigger hunger. As a result, a favorite activity during the heavy rains outside was watching television while munching a snack. This custom, of course could make body weight soared. But, you can change these habits with diet rainy season. This diet, can overcome the lazy and dampen the desire for snacking.

Not only that you can drop weight 3.1 Kg for 2 weeks. Curious to try it out? Inadequate intake of protein For a sense of lazy no-show, you need protein. With the intake of protein, the body will have sufficient energy intake. And, the stomach will feel full longer. Here are some foods you should consume:

- Lean beef
- Milk skim / nonfat milk
- Meat chicken without the fat
- Eggs
- Sea foods such as fish
- Coffee. The content of caffeine can eliminate evil chemical constituents
present in food. Therefore, drinking coffee after a meal to taste.
- Carbohydrates, such as boiled or steamed potatoes at night Avoid cosumci:
- Fat, because it takes a long time to digest it
- Complex carbohydrates on an empty stomach such as potato chips or bread while waiting for mealtime Healthy snacks Never eat carbohydrates sweet for a
snack, will only make you grow lazy. Try to consume 100 calories from:
- 1 egg boiled and 1 sheet of white bread
- Salad vegetables, then mix with the vinaigrette (oil and vinegar with a mixture of spices, many are sold in supermarkets)
- 1 serving of plain yogurt
- 1 banana
Tip: Try to eat protein before carbs. Diet diary in the rainy seasonThe following menu choices of food each meal schedule, among others: Breakfast - 250 calories Drink coffee, tea or water and ½ servings of skim milk.
- 1 egg boiled (first intake). 1 serving of yogurt, add fresh fruit slices.
- Egg Omelet with additional grated cheese. 300 ml of fresh apple juice.
- Skim milk latte big. 1 serving of fruit salad and yogurt.
- Porridge oats add 250 ml of skim milk. Add ½ sliced ​​apple, and ½ sliced ​​banana
- 2 eggs that have been diorak scrambled, add with a wheat bread and butter.
Lunch - 300 calories
- Bread content of tuna, salad vegetables, bananas and yogurt.
- 1 piece of steamed chicken breast and 5 tablespoons of rice. Vegetable
nodes and 1 apple.
- 300 ml broccoli, asparagus or spinach soup. Bread rolls and 1 apple.
- Caesar salad, which consisted of pieces of 70 grams of broiled chicken breast, leaf lettuce, 1 hard- boiled eggs, and grated cheese. Combine olive oil or vinaigrette as a dressing. Dinner - 400 calories
- 180 grams of grilled fish + rice or steamed potatoes. On the plus salad
vegetables and strawberries.
- 200 grams of lean roast beef, with corn. Plus, 1 apple.
- Omelet with mixed peppers, mushrooms, onions, and peas. Add salad vegetables.

Many Paths to Slim

Gymnastics and sports in the gym to burn calories and slimming the body. So it is with activities that increase metabolism, such as work and have sex with a partner. But is there another way to lose weight? Relax, there are many ways to trim. You can do the following five easy things to have the ideal body.

1. Drinking coffee Hot or cold coffee drink accelerate the rate of burning calories.
2. Breakfast Routine Healthier breakfast than dinner. In addition to fiber-rich foods, it is advisable to eat a hot breakfast. Because the hot breakfast helps burn more fat. Because the incoming signal to the brain states in the morning the body was not too hungry so it does not store excess fat.
3. Laugh Laugh for 10-15 minutes each day will burn about 50 calories. If you want to feel the effects of laughing like sports, have fun and laugh more.
4. Angry Like laughter, anger gives the same effect as when you are in the gym or jogging. Studies show anger can increase metabolism and physical activity.
5. Walk Although very simple, runs great help form the ideal body. Bersejalan foot several blocks from the office without high-heeled enough to burn excess calories. And, do not be lazy to use stairs.

Avoid Eating Towards Sleep Clock

Always eat at the same time each day and avoid eating at bedtime, if you do not want the body weight increases. Because, a study from Northwestern University, the United States found irregular eating can lead to weight gain. Researchers also say a big mistake to eat at midnight, when the body wants to sleep. It can disrupt circadian rhythm (a rhythm change in the individual's body functions that occur within 24 hours) during sleep. "The reason why the person's weight may increase, quite complicated. However, it is clear consideration of not only calories but also an exit," says Fred Turek, a professor of neurobiology and psychology, as quoted by the Times of India. "We think there are several factors that under circadian control. Mealtimes are more precise and well, can become an important element in slowing or reducing the risk of obesity," he said. During the study, the scientists studied mice fed a high-fat foods during hours of sleep, body weight increased significantly. This was compared with rats fed the same diet but not on hours of sleep. "One focus of our research is to shift workers, who tend to be overweight. The schedule forced them to eat at the moment as opposed to the body's natural rhythm," said Deanna M. Arble, one of the researchers.

Taylor Lautner Embarrassed by body shape

Taylor Lautner is known as an athletic body shape. In fact, the young singer on the rise, Justin Bieber was idolized the young actor's body. However, Taylor is the opposite. He was embarrassed by her muscular. Apparently, this young artist embarrassed by the number of people who pay attention to body shape that is dreamed by all men on earth. Atletisnya hard body and that just made Taylor did not feel comfortable with those eyes that always looked at her meaningfully. "It makes me be ashamed," Taylor said as quoted by Showbizspy, Thursday, June 4, 2010. At first, the title character Jacob Black in the movie 'New Moon' is not bothered when people notice the shape of her body. However, over time she felt uneasy when people began to wonder about her body. "For me it's just a small part of the character. It's not like I can take it off," he said. Taylor said that what she does with her body is just a request for acting and for the supporting characters who starred in the film. He would not mind if he should change his physical form as long as it for the sake of a role in the film. "One of the reasons I do it because of the demand character and I like that character. If there are characters who ask me to lose weight, I'll do it," he said.

How Many Calories Body Needed?

The amount of consumption of calories needed each individual is not the same, depending on age, weight, height, and activities. Based on these variables, it is difficult for a housewife to prepare food in accordance with the needs of each family member. One way to overcome this persoalaan food needs is to understand the basis of calories needed for a specific age and activity level. - Calorie for children pre- puberty The more grown up, a child is more concerned with her physical appearance. Therefore, caloric intake becomes important to be aware of a mother from an early age. For school-age child who has not yet entered puberty, 1600 to 2500 calories per day could meet the needs of his body. Children who have appetite to eat can meet the needs of those calories. - Calories for children entering puberty Entering the transition to adulthood, most children need to increase your calorie intake to 2,500 to 3,000 per day. Generally, young men consuming more calories than girls, but the exact number of calories also depend on each activity. Children who frequently exercise need more calories because their bodies burn more calories than children who do not actively exercising. - Maintain a normal weight No need to burn every calorie that enters the body through exercise for body weight remained normal because the body burns calories just to keep the body functioning. Weight gain occurs when calories consumed are greater than the body needs to work. Calorie counter can help you find the number of calories the body needs based on various factors to be included in the calorie calculator. When these factors are removed, the American College of Sports Medicine, recommend a minimum of 1,200 calories per day for women and 1,800 per day for men. Calories below that amount has the potential to cause health problems. - Give your body to eat even though you often exercise Physical activity can burn between 20 percent and 50 percent of calories per day, depending on the level of activity. This means that a person needs to consume more calories than the amount of base needed to maintain body weight when not actively engaged. Athlete of course requires more calories than non-athletes.

Rushing Eating Can Make You Fat

Chewing fast food is the usual bad habit of working women. Due to busy, the food is swallowed without cud perfect. Not only make the intestines work harder, cud imperfect also trigger weight gain. To stop this bad kebisaaan and form the habit of chewing food more slowly, follow the following four ways.

1. Avoid eating in front of a computer or television Do not always eat in front of a computer or television. When a new incoming email or instant message, the mind focused on it and eat even faster. You also will not chew as needed until the food is really soft.
2. Eating with friends Eating together with friends became a way to make eating more slowly. While you can eat and talk and tends to chew food more slowly, and little by little. Indeed, many people believe eating should not be talking, but if it can make you chew more quietly why not done. However, make sure when talking, the mouth not in a state full of food.
3. Place the cutlery while chewing After you buy food, you should place the fork and spoon on the plate and do not hold the fingers. If eating utensil remain in the hands, you likely will continue to bribe the food while the food is chewed in the mouth is not perfect. This trick is quite successful, to get used to chew food more slowly.
4. Beautify food Foods such as cake or ice cream fruit that laid out a beautiful, tends to make one's will 'be careful' when you eat it. Bribe was also becoming more slowly. Thus, the arrangement of food also affects the speed of chewing. Then, choose foods with a rather large pieces. Because, although it can directly enter the mouth, but 'forced' mouths to chew more slowly until the food is more easily swallowed.

Germs Can Make You Fat?

A new study was appalling health. The study showed that bacteria were able to affect body weight, and have a role in weight gain. Scientists from Emory University in Atlanta published a study in the journal 'Science'. In his mind, certain bacteria can play an important role in the obesity epidemic. Rats that made the object of their study were found to contain certain bacteria that can cause intestinal inflammation can also increase appetite and may play a role in weight gain. "Simply put, certain bacteria may make you quickly feel hungry," said the scientists. "Previous research has stated, the bacteria can provide good energy for you, including the energy absorbed from food. However, these findings indicate that intestinal bacteria can really affect your appetite," said lead researcher told Reuters Health, as quoted from page Shineyahoo . com. The average person carries about 2000 grams of bacteria in their intestines. It's a little known dirty and disgusting, but it was all normal. The results of this study reap a lot of questions. Among other things, whether people are obese have a greater number of unhealthy bacteria that live in their gut, and whether antibiotics, even probiotics, can help rebalance the bacteria load. The researchers are not ready to give any concrete answers, but at least the results of this study could be a promising first step to overcome the problem of obesity.

Tricks Slim in a moment

Having an ideal body is the desire of many women. No wonder if they are willing to make special care to make it happen. But, what if a series of treatments that did not work to improve the size of the body. Charla Krupp a bestselling author and stylist says, appear slimmer in a flash is not that difficult. Appropriate clothing choices can disguise the fat deposits that disrupt the appearance. "A lot of the right clothing you can use to minimize your weight," he said.

1. Tights Various models tight pants like leggings can be relied upon to create the impression of legs. Avoid wearing baggy pants for owners of big feet, because it will look even fatter. Pair with a sport bra T-shirt clad buttocks shut, to maximize your appearance.
2. V-necked T-shirt Such a collar would make the neck look more level and create the impression slim. When you wish to appear relaxed and casual, mix with a pair of jeans patterned plain. Avoid busy patterns or pants with lots of accessories. Add a big belt if you want to look slimmer.
3. Dresses & High Heel Shoes Charla recommends, "The dress with sleeves 3 / 4 or long, which can cover all sorts of problems." Trying minimalist A-line dresses also work to conceal the bulge. But, the important thing is to integrate with high-heeled shoes. "It immediately makes you look slim" he said.
4. Knee-length pieces Wearing knee-length dress cut with a plain style gives the impression slim. But remember, shaving legs before wearing shorts or short skirts.
5. Blazer & Skirt A-line Wear pants or skirts with a model A-line blend blazer with chest cut open to make the body look proportionate. Add some jewelry such as earrings or a necklace to make it more interesting.
6. Body Shapers Have a sexy ass in an instant with Beyonce wearing a body like spanx body shaper shorts and leggings.
7. Black Shirt How to instantly camouflage body fat is by wearing a plain black dress. To maximize your body shape, select a piece of clothing that accentuates the waist curve. Avoid eating too much ice cream.
8. Right Bra Options Avoid wearing a bra with a thick layer of foam for owners of large breasts. The important thing is to choose a bra wired to support breast ideal position. Do not let your breasts look sag downward.

Most women in the U.S. Ambition World Fat

At a time when most women want ideal body weight, Donna Simpson in fact have other ambitions. Female 42 years old from New Jersey, United States (U.S.), the ambition is to become the world's fattest woman. In fact, at this time Simpson had held the Guinness World record as the "mother of the world's fattest." When the birth of his daughter, Jacqueline, three years ago, Simpson has a weight of 520 pounds or about 235 pounds. At that time she became the biggest- bodied women who give birth. Now, Simpson's body weight 600 pounds or 300 kilograms. SHe hopes to break the record 1000 pounds or half a ton. Women with this XXXXXXXL dress size eat all kinds of cakes and donuts, and try not to get too much motion. "I want to have 500 pounds of weight," says Simpson, as quoted by the daily pages of The Telegraph. "This desire may be difficult to achieve because of caring for my daughter makes my body weight is reduced," he continued. Simpson also manage a personal website where people can watch it eat or see him clean up the bodies. Simpson met Philippe, 49 years, seven years ago through a matchmaking event plus-bodied people. Philippe, weighing only about 75 pounds, is a fan of overweight women. But Simpson, who had a son named Devin, 14 years old, from a previous relationship, said that his body healthy. "Food is my favorite sushi, but differs from others, I can sit and eat 70 pieces of sushi in one meal," she said. "I also love cake and sweets, donuts are my favorite," added Simpson.

Katy Perry Sexy bodied

Katy Perry felt very happy because the body beautiful in the spotlight. Katy is very grateful for her sexy body blessed with a dream of every woman in this world. "I know my body and I feel passionate about it," said Katy, as quoted from Showbizspy, Sunday, February 14, 2010. Katy admitted to not having difficulty keeping it sexy body. SHe did not have a special recipe for her wonderful stay awake. "I'm young and my schedule is very crowded, so I easily lose weight.

But, if you ask that question five or six years from now maybe I will have a different answer,"she added.Fiance of comedian Russell Brand is feeling very happy because she never found it difficult to take care of these beautiful body. For business meals, 25-year-old singer has a special advisor who always reminded him to always mengosumsi healthy food that is his brother. Even so, she not only wants to be known with beautiful body only. Katy is also committed to publicly known for her work. Therefore, the young singer is also always trying to create works that can be accepted by society.

Benefits of Sex Twice a week

Having sex with a partner was not only to give sexual satisfaction. A recent study revealed that sex has a positive effect on heart health benefits of men. As quoted from the pages of The Telegraph, a man who had sexual intercourse twice a week have an increased risk of heart disease 45 percent smaller than men who only do it once a week or less. Research conducted by experts in Massachusetts of 1,000 men since 1987. The study was conducted to record the frequency of having sex with them periodically. Documenting the frequency of sex is always accompanied by a medical examination of the heart. Over the past 16 years, the researchers studied the frequency of sex relationship with heart health conditions. Of course, done without neglecting other important factors that affect cardiovascular health, such as weight, age, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. The researchers explained that 'sex' physical and emotional blends to achieve orgasm. Activities that led to the release of endorphins, which work to prevent stress. Without stress, someone will have a better heart condition. In some studies, stress trigger a burst of catecholamines adrenaline and substances that can cause constriction of blood vessels and increased heart rate. These conditions lead to disruption of blood supply to the heart. Studies presented at the Archives of Internal Medicine said that people with stress have an increased risk of heart disease as much as 34 percent. The researchers then concluded that the resulting pleasure during intercourse can make a person healthier. Not only minimize the risk of heart disease, sex is also beneficial hormones suppress the body due to stress disorders.

Arm Secret Sexy Kate Winslet

The body contains the actress Kate Winslet to be an ideal model for
some women. In a survey, 16 percent of British women are inspired body
cast 'Titanic' is. The 34-year-old actress struggles with weight loss
yo-yo for years. Interestingly, both arms Winslet always look tight.
Proportional arm makes the waist look slimmer, body posture and
prevent stomach fat plump. Winslet is famous as an anti-skinny actress
admitted avoiding the gym. Winslet form the body through exercise, and
treadmill at home and pilates for 20 minutes. After giving birth her
daughter nine years ago, Winslet managed to lose 25 kilograms (56
pounds) weight. According to Elizabeth Gibaud, who examines the color
and shape of the face and body posture Hollywood actress says the
secret is stay away from fast food, alcohol, tea, coffee and potato
chips. Winslet's body shape you can emulate with pilates routine,
which holds shoulder and back is no slouch. Regular aerobic exercise
at least three or four times a week to help build muscle arm. Lifting
weights the size of each 1.5 kg will train the muscles more toned
arms. Perform 12-16 times with a pause of 30 seconds. The results
appear in six weeks.

Tricks Covering Distended Stomach When Make Love

After childbirth, women's bodies are usually not returned to original
form. Fat is still piling up in several sections and the presence of
stretch marks here and there. This condition is often the women are
not confident when having sex with their husbands kembai. As a result,
sex drive often evaporate. In fact, sex is one way to reduce weight
after delivery. To overcome this problem, you do not need to wait
until a new weight shrink back to fuck. Check out some fresh ideas
that might divert your focus from thinking about the fat in the
abdomen during lovemaking. Find a new position When he was lying,
maybe you imagine your belly shape will be seen clearly by the
husband. You can work around this by using lingerie, and try new
styles. You can try to position the penetration from behind, so the
husband does not see the shape of your belly. This style can help you
to avoid dealing directly with the husband, so the pile does not look
fat in the abdomen. Wear sexy lingerie Usually women who have excess
fat in the stomach tend to be wearing a baggy T-shirt than sexy
lingerie. But, choose underwear that can 'push' and cover your belly.
In addition to cover part you want, this dress can also make your body
look more sexy in the eyes of her husband. Discard shyness Let him
know your body fat you have. Ask him what his comments about the
changes that occur in your body. Let him touch you, especially on the
stomach that you actually want to cover it. This way for some men can
actually make it more enthusiastic and eager to continue into the peak
phase. As a result, you will not feel insecure again when re-invite
her husband to make love.

Reduce Time Watching TV Can Make Slim

What is the frequency you watch television every day? If you want to
trim, try reducing your time in front of the television. The reason,
according to research quoted by The New York Times, found adults who
reduce hours of watching half than usual for three weeks, the body can
burn calories as much as 120 calories. Maybe 120 calories in three
weeks does not look much. But, the amount is equivalent to the
calories you burn by walking for 1.5 km. "We need more advanced study
whether it can help you lose weight or even raise it," said Dr. Otten,
principal investigator of the study. In this study, researchers
recruited 36 people who are overweight or obese. These respondents had
a habit of watching at least three hours a day. Randomly twenty of
whom were asked to reduce the time watching as much as half of normal.
All of the respondents using an accelerometer, a tool to record their
movements. As a result, the respondents are asked to reduce the
frequency of watching television, the body can burn calories to 120
calories for three weeks. However, unfortunately, unlike the
respondent children, adult respondents did not reduce the habit of
snacking while watching televis. Maybe, if without snacking, the body
will be more calories burned. Want to lose weight? Try reducing your
frequency of watching television half than usual. See the results!

When was Scales 'Lied'?

usually to monitor weight, you can weigh nearly every day. But, you
know, the conditions or certain times weight weighed not match actual
weight? When is are they?

- After a hot bath or sauna Excessive heat can cause the measuring
mechanism on the scale changed. Maybe your body weight to be increased
or decreased, whereas the size of your weight has not changed.
Therefore, the benefits of a sauna is to accelerate the loss of
feeling tired after exercising.

- When starting a diet Maybe you cheered excitedly when the first week
of your balance is reduced 2 kg. Apparently, the experts say that most
of the lost is water, not fat. So, do not expect to repeat it every
week. Correct calculation of new fat loss in the second week.

- Depending on when weighing The study mentions that your weight can
vary up to 3 kg because of irregularities of time to weigh. Try to
weigh at the same time each day and 'off' once when she was

Slim When Young , Healthy When Old

Keeping weight gain since young proven to positively impact up to old
age. Based on the study published in the British Medical Jornal, women
who had normal weight at age 18 to 50 years and not obese at the age
of 50 years will be healthier when they reach the age of 70 years.
Researchers examined the health of women who celebrate the anniversary
of 70 years. They see the relationship between body weight at
different ages with chronic illnesses. From the study found that women
who were obese at age 50 years, have probably 79% do not have a
healthy body condition at the age of 70 years. That compared with a
woman who when aged 50 years had a normal body weight. But the most
important thing is that the weights are always changing in the age
range between 18 to 50 years. The higher the weight that held women in
their young age, then they will be more or less healthy in old age.
Researchers also revealed it's never too late for women to lose
weight. In fact, if only slightly reduced body weight, it can reduce
the risk of various diseases and improve health after age 70 years.
So, keep your weight from now on if you want to stay healthy during
old age.