London: Drinking milk may help stay slim ass? A recent study also proves it. According to some researchers, donkey milk was very helpful to the slimness of your waist circumference. And, with the amount of Omega-3 oils and calcium are high, donkey milk is also good for the heart and helps maintain energy levels during a full day. In the study, a number of Italian scientists gave some mice with milk cows and donkeys on their usual diet. As a result, rats fed cow's milk has given more weight than normal mice, whereas mice given a donkey's milk has smaller weight. In rats fed donkey milk also had lower levels of blood fats and other fats, which can damage the arteries and heart. And, the strength of their mitochondria the cell can quickly convert food into energy. Overall, this shows that the consumption of donkey milk should be raised, as stated by the researchers in the International Congress on Obesity in Istanbul. Previously, researchers from Italy have suggested that donkey milk is a good alternative for children. Especially, the boy who suffered from cow's milk allergy. However, for those interested to try the donkey's milk may have to be patient. Because since the time of Queen Victoria first, Britain was never allowed to sell the donkey milk. (ANS / Zeenews)