Early Detection of Diabetes

Scientists in London, England, found a way to detect possible diabetes next 10 years. "This test
works by detecting the molecular genetic level in the blood, a molecule called microRNA (MIR), which also can detect people at risk of heart attack or problems with blood vessels." It is said by Dr. Manuel
Mayr, University of King's research leaders in London, Saturday (19 / 9). Diabetes is a disease that can be claimed eyesight, kidney function, even the heart. A disease that has killed thousands of people.
Nevertheless, many people who just shrugged when asked about the possibility of developing this disease because the symptoms can indeed invisible. World Health Organization (WHO) and
International Diabetes Federation estimates more than 50 percent of people with undiagnosed type 2 diabetes. They are generally only found out during treatment for other diseases. The majority of patients with
diabetes come to the doctor had brought a stack of complications. The discovery of the scientists in London this can be a reference precautions for patients who have the possibility of suffering from diabetes. (Telegraph / Ulf)

Sports Esophageal Reduce Diabetes Risk

Fast tired, often sleepy, frequent urination, often hungry and thirsty, and dental sway? Be careful. If you are having health problems such as the blood sugar level checked immediately and went to the doctor. Because it is quiet possible you have diabetes Diabetes could be avoided with healthy lifestyle and diligent exercise. Like the healthy way by hundreds of people with diabetes in the Bung Karno, Jakarta, recently. People with diabetes in Jakarta reached 12.4 percent of the population. Meanwhile, in Indonesia there are currently 14 million diabetics. But if it is "sentenced" to suffer diabetes, do not worry it's not the end of life. Diabetes will indeed languishing for life in the body of sufferers. However, health can be maintained with diligent treatment, exercise, and controlling blood sugar levels. "Diabetes is the disease not heal, but we can reduce to maintain the lifestyle," said Sidartawan Sugondo, Chairman of the Diabetes Association of Indonesia. (KEN / Eko Setiabudi and Jhoni Akbar)

Diabetes not be underestimated

Sometimes people underestimate diabetes mellitus or diabetes because it does not cause pain. In fact, the
disease can eventually lead to various complications, such as blindness, kidney failure, and heart failure. Diabetes is also the sort of incurable disease. Therefore, awareness of patients will likely to get
diabetes is needed. It was raised internist Pondok Indah Hospital in Jakarta Leo W. Natasuria
in Jakarta, recently. According to Leo, diabetes arising from the failure of pancreas to produce insulin to break down glucose or blood sugar in the body into energy. As a result, glucose builds up in the blood and damage to other organs. Actually, there are a number of factors that cause the pancreas fails to produce
insulin, including heredity and an unhealthy lifestyle, such as overeating and lack of exercise. In fact,
diabetes itself can also be found by examining blood glucose levels during fasting, which is 10 hours not eating in over 126 milligrams per deciliter of blood. However, blood tests in the laboratory is also
required to check the insulin level and determine the type of diabetes. For example, type one diabetes when
the body no longer produces insulin. While type two is the pancreas still produces insulin but
is less effective. Leo explains, the symptoms are easy to find, someone easy to thirst, frequent
urination, weight loss becomes easy and legs tingling. Areas that are
often affected by diabetes are foot. The legs often arise or gangrenous wounds, calluses, warts, or
fingernails into the flesh. Therefore, to prevent the disease, one must change lifestyle. Unlike
normal people, patients need guidance nutritionist to determine the amount of nutrients that must be consumed. In addition, patients need a physiotherapist to determine the shape and duration of exercise. Patients also must regularly monitor their blood glucose levels independently.

Savor Satay Crocodile

Kuta: Tourists visiting the area of Kuta, Bali can visit a restaurant that processed meat to be crocodile satay and soup dishes are delicious. This rare menu is a favorite of foreign tourists who were vacationing on the
island. This rare food can be found in restaurants in the area of  Simpang Dewa Ruci, Kuta. Food prices pegged between 25 to 30 U.S. dollars per serving. One of the tourists who enjoyed this crocodile
satay is she, a resident of Russia. She and others believe Pengemar satay, soup, or fried alligator has properties related to skin health and beauty. According to restaurant manager, special crocodile soup broth that is used is not arbitrary, but the cobra snake meat broth. In order to add flavor, mixed with pieces of mushroom soup, water and various spices. (IAN / Putu Setiawan)

Katy Perry Diet for Enthusiasts

Katy Perry Diet
Angeles: beautiful singer Katy Perry perform optimally prepare herselves with dieting. Perry diet, who will soon organize a tour of claim must manage your diet with the schedule in order to deliver the best for the fans.
This Firewroks singer, as reported by Contact Music, run the program in earnest diet is often tempted to violate the prohibition although given a nutritionist. He also admits that they can eat her favorite food, although in small portions. "After this interview, I will spend my morning food is very tasty. I sometimes feel that
dieting sucks. But on Sunday I got special permission to eat my favorite foods, ie In n Out burger. Usually, after satisfying my desire to burgers that, I'll be back preoccupied with vocal
workout routines is also another, "said Perry.

Many of How to Get the Body Ideal

The appeal of a person not only be judged by a pretty or handsome face, but also the beauty of body shape. Obviously, it makes some people, especially women racing to gain a beautiful body shape. In fact, some
women are willing to take a variety of ways to get a slimmer body shape and contain. "Ironically, they often take the wrong way to get that ideal body," said Michael Triangto, sports medicine specialist Mitra Kemayoran Hospital in Jakarta, recently. According to Michael, someone who wants to form a more slender body needs to considerseveral aspects to the methods used do not interfere with the body's metabolism. He
explained that the general guidelines for the medical community is often used body mass index: the ratio gauge
ideal weight. In addition, one should also know the first composition of fat, muscle, water, and
metabolism. After that, the new one can define the methods to be used. To get the desired body
shape, one should also measure body composition by means of body fat analyzer. Michael said, from the measurements that will be known how many levels of fat that should be eliminated and how much body weight to be achieved through regulation of food intake and exercise that right. But, the way it should also be considered with daily activities. In addition, arrangements are also very much needed food. To trim, one must know what is allowed and not to be eaten, especially fatty foods such as chocolates, sweets, or ice cream. Restricted food intake should also be accompanied by proper exercise, the type of aerobic exercise done
in a long time between 20 and 30 minutes without stopping. Weight training should also be done at least three times a week. Create an unusual exercise is recommended for many moves. Further, Michael
explained, other factors must be considered in an effort to lose weight is the body's metabolic rate. However, whatever the agreed way of diet, patients have to run a disciplined method. For that, he suggested, people should not resort to instant by taking slimming drugs because of fear of negative side effects on body organs.
Because, how instant it is feared will lead to the effect of "yo-yo" in which the body fat will return if
they are not taking the drug. (ICH / Mira Permatasari and Agung Nugroho)

Diet may confuse Metabolism

Diet to get the ideal body shape, especially women, can disrupt the body's metabolism. The
symptoms, weakness and lethargy. Basic knowledge needed before starting the diet, to keep the body fit
while on the move. The following tips are excerpted from preventionindonesia,
Wednesday (21 / 7):
1. You need to know, women often experience weight gain 0.5 kilgram every year, and the weight can go up to 20 pounds when entering their 50s. In addition, other factors, such as the rise and fall of hormone fluctuations, decreased muscle flexibility, and stress, can slow the performance of
"machine" fat-burning. So the risk of "weight loss rose growing.
2. On a diet does not mean not eating at all. Eat healthy foods as much as 400 calories per
serving. The number of calories it makes your stomach is full, and also
without having to burn calories effortlessly. Avoid cutting calories too much, because it can
disrupt your body's metabolism working. If not, your body will not be strong enough to burn
calories into energy in the body.
3. If you are fond of snacking, choose a light meal about 150 calories. Total calorie snack foods can you eat two meals a day with the assumption that belly get enough supplies so no need to overeat when mealtime
4. Avoid caffeine, because these substances stimulate the central nervous system
that adds as much as 98 to 174 calories per day. Try replacing it with a cup of tea, because it
can make your metabolism work faster by 12 percent as the
results of research in Japan.
5. Choose healthy carbohydrates, which has a lot of fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and
vegetables. When we eat more foods with high fiber content, the metabolism of the body
will break down more calories by 30 percent.
6. Do not forget the iron, because this is going to carry oxygen in our blood. Oxygen is needed
by the body to burn fat. During the menstrual period, a woman's body at risk of iron deficiency.
So try to save more iron by eating shellfish, nuts, fortified cereals, spinach
and vegetables.

how to maintain your body when pregnant Claudine Keane

London: Generally, the fair sex have fear after childbirth. Because the shape of the body
difficult restored to its original posture. But, not so well with Claudine Keane, wife of Tottenham Hotspur star
Robbie Keane. Former Miss Ireland contestant 26-year-old Keane married on June 7, 2008. Eleven months later, on May 10, 2009, Claudine gave birth to her first child with normal birth process. Weighing about
four pounds, the baby was named Robert Ronan Keane, a name derived from his grandfather, Robbie Snr who died in 2003 due to liver cancer. Interestingly, two months after the birth process, Claudine confident enough to show off the beauty of her slender back. It was shown Claudine Keane while vacationing
together on a beach in Portugal. Claudine trigger body Aduhainya diet question what she
has done. Two weeks after the birth of her first child was, Claudine appeared
in one of the show, titled Late Late Show, which aired one television station in Ireland. As
quoted by the Daily Mail, comes with a body far from the impression postpartum, Claudine
says, "During the pregnancy I was always active and eating healthy foods."

Accelerating Process Diet with Acupuncture

For some, being
overweight can not only
reduce the appearance,
but also threatens
health. If tired exercise
or take medicine without
success, acupuncture or
acupuncture treatment
can be an alternative.
Needle puncture method,
according to experts
proved successful in
helping get rid of excess
supply of high-calorie
foods and beverages
from the body.
"Acupuncture through
the activation of positive
energy to accelerate the
body's metabolism
increase," said Yanti
physician acupuncturists
Hospital Mitra
Kemayoran, Central
Jakarta, recently.
How to build Chi's,
acupuncturists will stab
certain points, such as at
the toes that relate
directly to the body's
metabolism. Hunger can
also be limited by
sticking a needle in the
ear. But, the needle
should continue to be
installed within a
specified period. The
goal, so that the patient
remembers her middle
diet program. "A high
appetite associated with
an already enlarged the
size of the stomach," said
Yanti. Acupuncturists can
return to its normal size
with a stabbing at
around Meridien
Yanti guarantee, if the
patient is diligent at
least six times a week
therapy, body weight will
be quickly reduced. This
technique is the same as
people exercise regularly
for a month. In fact, with
the help of acupuncture,
body weight will shrink
to 12 pounds. This can be
realized with a strong
determination of the
patient. Of course, he
also must be able to stop
myself for not eating
high-fat foods. (KEN / Adi
Iskarpandi, Mira
Permatasari and
Bambang Triono)

Annihilated Fat Through Laser Lounge

Kensington: A doctor
stating that the patient
can lose fat in just two
weeks, without having
tired of a diet and
exercise. In fact, do not
cause pain. As
proclaimed by the
Telegraph, Wednesday
(3 / 2), this lounge with
laser treatment cost 1000
euro for six sessions for
40 minutes. These lasers
will pass through the
skin, and then the fat
cells will burst and out of
the body. This procedure
has been used a lot of
celebrity in America.
Especially, for quick trim
at important events
without the need for a
long time and does not
cause scars. Tatiana
Karelina, a woman who
were undergoing
treatment with laser Pub
in Kensington, west
London, England, said:
"This was the discovery
that every woman
waiting for." Supervisory
Agency United States
Food and Drug
Administration (FDA) also
found patients lost an
average of 3.64 inch
circle of fat from the
waist, hips, and thighs.
And several others lost
nine inches.
Unfortunately, this laser
does not work for fat
people, because he could
not penetrate the layer
of fat.
Last year it was revealed
that the surgeon is
considering offering a
new surgery addition of
the breast by taking the
amount of excess fat in
the waist area. It costs
only about 8,000 euros
more funds are needed.
Fat extracted from a
place that is not cool to
the skin of the breast.
Examination of this
technique is estimated to
have proven that fat
grafts may survive longer
and give a better
appearance than
implants. The procedure
is discussed by leading
surgeons from around
the world at the annual
meeting of the
Association of Plastic
Surgeons British Beauty

Diet Excessive Increase in Blood Pollution

Hong Kong: Losing
weight is beneficial, but
if the excess is very risky
to health. Long-term
weight loss can lead to
pollution in the blood
associated with diabetes,
hypertension and
rheumatoid arthritis.
These compounds are
usually stored in fatty
tissue, but when the fat
down during weight loss,
they enter the
bloodstream, said lead
researcher Duk-Hee Lee
at Kyungpook National
University in Daegu in
South Korea. "We live
under a strong dogma
that weight loss is always
beneficial, but weight is
always dangerous ... but
we think the addition of
(pollutant) levels (in
blood) due to weight loss
can affect human health
in various ways," he
wrote in email to
Reuters. According to
Duk-Hee Lee, if
compound (pollution)
that are stored in fatty
tissue rupture during
weight loss, the
compound will enter the
bloodstream and cause
illness, on Tuesday (7 / 9),
Lee and colleagues
conducted a study in the
United States with 1099
participants include
seven compounds
(pollutants) into their
"Once released into the
bloodstream, these
pollutants can reach the
vital organs," the
researchers said in a
statement. According to
Lee, people who lose
weight more than 10
years has the highest
concentration of
compounds known as
persistent organic
pollutants (POP),
compared with those
who maintain stable
weight. Lee also said
that this beerkaitan with
diseases such as type 2
diabetes, hypertension,
coronary heart disease,
arthritis, periodontal

Simple Diet Burn Fat with Sticks

Helsinki: Would you believe if the stick can lose weight? Walk using assistive devices such as canes, believed to be able to burn more calories than regular walking. Based on research in Finland, recently, walking sticks
can also increase the flexibility of movement of the neck and chest. The body will also be more balanced when I have to walk on the road surface is not flat. Not only that, the existence of the stick also can reduce muscle injury during exercise. When using the stick, upper body will bend forward and also to strengthen the arms, chest, and back.

Mancini style diet in the City

Manchester: Roberto
Mancini has revealed one
of the secrets that a
factor behind his success
at Manchester City. If
the manager / coach
other players to consume
alcohol limit, Mancini
different. A glass of wine
to be maid of high-
calorie foods such as
pizza in the regular
menu. Become familiar
with Italian culture
where alcohol is a
faithful follower of
dining. Mancini believes
a glass of red wine on
the menu to eat before
the match could add to
the passion play
children's foster children.
"Little by little I will
correct what they eat
before the match," said
Mancini told the Italian
newspaper, Il Corriere
dello Sport. "They (the
players) need more meat
chicken, pizza and
carbohydrates. Also
similar to a glass of red
wine that is not in your
diet. "How unusual
because most managers /
coaches to limit the
players to consume
alcohol and high calorie
foods that can be
represented pizza. But so
far Mancini went perfect
touch. City Saturday (16 /
1) will meet Everton at
Goodson Park bought up
four victories since dealt
with the former Inter
Milan boss. Mancini-style
diet method nyeleneh
enough. England
manager, Fabio Capello,
who also comes from the
Italian set meal salads by
adding olive oil as a
substitute for a
breakfast plate of potato
chips with tomato sauce
abundant. Three-quarter
money with no Gianluca
Vialli Mancini. Bald-
headed man gave a glass
of champagne to his
players in their opening
match as manager at
Chelsea. As a result,
Chelsea's 3-1 win over

The Healthy Diet Medieval

London: The history of
which is the origin of
man also appeared to
play an important role in
health. Since medieval
times it turns out people
are already doing in a
healthy diet. A diet of
people in the century can
also be made in
reference to dieting. Dr
Iona McCleery, a lecturer
in medieval history at
Leeds University in
England, argued that it
could help experts to
handle the problem in
obesity. Caroline
Yeldham, a historian,
reveals the diet turned
out to people in the
Middle Ages most of the
grass type foods. Dr.
McCleery said that, in
the past, upper class
people who risked losing
weight. However, today
people are less able are
more likely to become
obese. He explains, "The
poor in medieval times is
a semi-vegetarian. They
could not afford to eat
meat. Wealth is also
highly correlated with
diet." Caroline Yeldham
claim to agree with this
opinion. He said that
highlights the modern
diet is in contrast to the
medieval diet that will
make people think about
what they eat. Medieval
diet with foods that are
very fresh. Only a few
preservatives, so all food
is made fresh and low in
In addition, low-salt
content of foods and
sugar as well. Eating
together regularly with
the family also makes a
healthy diet. When you
eat together are
required to eat and chew
more slowly so that the
food intake is not too
much. By looking at the
diet of our ancestors in
medieval times is how to
attract about how to see
the difference in their
food consumption and
dietary patterns.

Aged Women Need Diet

women aged, the diet is
necessary for survival,
especially a healthy diet.
Thus was launched
HealthDay, recently. To
fulfill a healthy diet, the
obstetrician and
gynecologist from the
American College
recommend that women
aged consume foods as
below. First, at least
1,500 mg of calcium per
day, which can be found
in dairy products and
leafy green vegetables,
or dietary supplements.
Second, eight milligrams
of iron every day. Iron is
needed to help produce
red blood cells. A rich
source of iron can be
found in cereals, spinach
and beans. Third, reduce
intake of saturated fat.
Fourth, reduce the
intake of salt and added
sugar intake. Fifth,
eating foods rich in fiber.

Diabetes Drug Helps Teens Diet

Drug metformin XR,
which is used to treat
non-insulin dependent
diabetes or type 2, it can
be used for weight loss
adolescent obesity. The
drug should be combined
with programs designed
to help change their
lifestyle habits. Thus the
results of research in
health magazines,
Archives of Pediatrics &
Adolescent, February
issue, as cited by
HealthDay site, recently.
The study mentions the
obese children who take
metformin XR, it has
little influence on the
disease, but showed
significant weight loss. In
addition, the study also
mentions, almost a third
of American children are
overweight, which
increases at high risk of
type 2 diabetes and high
blood pressure. But some
doctors are using
metformin to treat
juvenile diabetes non-fat,
not getting the results is
unclear whether the
drug could work.
Researchers record in 77
obese adolescents, ages
13 to 18 years, in
programs designed to
increase physical activity
and help control food.
Some children were
given sugar pills,
placebo, while others
received a daily dose of
2,000 milligrams of
metformin XR.
The program is run for a
year. As a result, obese
adolescents from the
metformin group, the
average body mass index
decreased to 0.9. While
taking placebo increased
to 0.2. Metformin is safe
and tolerable in
overweight adolescents.
The results showed that
metformin may have an
important role in the
treatment of adolescent
obesity, according to the
authors conclude.
However, long-term
research is needed to
determine the side
effects of metformin use
in adolescent patients
with diabetes who are

Do not Diet When Pregnant

For women who love attention to appearance, should think again on a diet when the two entities. Research shows, on a diet of pregnant women at risk for high blood pressure or preeclampsia. As stated by Dr. Dorothea Mostello from St. Louis University School of Medicine in New York, United States, on Saturday (28 / 8). Mostello said, women feel less confident when it learned gaining weight when entering the prepregnancy period. "They are haunted by feelings of fear of trouble to lose weight after giving birth," he said.

As a result, said Mostello, some women tried to control her weight seideal possible. "That's very dangerous. In addition to high blood pressure, pregnant women at risk for heart disease, kidney, to blood clots," he explained. Gynecologists were also reminded, dieting during pregnancy become one of the cases the main causes of maternal mortality in some developed countries. It was based on research involving 18,000 women from Missouri between 1989 and 2005. (SHA)

Diet for Age 40 Years

Who said dieting is only performed single women and young? Some of the cosmopolitan woman over 40 years now likes to streamline the body with a variety of supporting activities including a set pattern of food.

Read these tips for staying fit while you're dieting that diintisarikan of Prof. Dan Benardot, nutritionist University of Georgia, United States, on Wednesday (28 / 7).

1. Self Calorie intake when dieting Usually, women choose the fast track by cutting calories too much. As a result, the metabolism of the body to be fucked. Please
reduce the portion of your main menu, but not less than 430 calories. You can still keep snacking twice as much as 150 calories a day. If less than that, the body
is not strong enough to burn calories into energy in the body.

2. Avoid Caffeine Caffeine containing substances for the central nervous system
stimulant that add as much as 98 to 174 calories a day. Switch to
a cup of tea, your metabolism can work faster to 12 percent. This is evidenced by the results of research in Japan.

3. Choose Healthy Carbohydrates should you eat carbohydrates that also have a lot of
fiber such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. When eating
foods high in fiber, so your metabolism can decipher 30 percent more calories.

4. Eat Iron Iron carries oxygen to the blood, when the oxygen is working to burn fat. During menstruation, the body of a woman at risk of iron deficiency.

Cautions, Side Effects Detox!

The news stating that
the detoxification of
harmful would cause
panic for those who rely
on detox for the purpose
of cleansing toxins in the
body and lose weight.
Some nutrition experts
also questioned the
effectiveness and safety
of this detox program.
Detox diet is a diet with
a combination of water
and fruit that is believed
to cleanse the toxins
that are stored in the
body. Detox can last for
48 hours to 21 days. Most
of these diets suggest
that a lot of water
intake to two liters or
more a day, along with
herbal teas or dandelion
coffee. Other liquids
recommended derived
from carrots and apple
juice, because its effect
as "digestion boosting".
There also are allowed a
little raw fruit and
vegetable consumption.
The side effects of detox
usually occurs because
too much water
consumption and low-salt
diet, coupled with
increased activity. There
are some cases due to
side effects, which are in
a coma due to
hyponatremia or water
intoxication that causes
sodium levels in the
blood decreases and the
brain becomes swollen.
In other cases found in
permanent brain damage
after a detox. Too much
with too little liquid
electrolyte that comes
from foods containing
salt can be harmful to
the body. Following a
detox diet for one to two
days will not be
dangerous for most
However, if the detox
diet is longer with a very
strict diet, then that's
what can cause
problems. So with
harmful side effects, are
there other alternatives
that fewer risks? Some
researchers have
suggested doing the ADF
or Alternate-Day Fasting.
ADF is to reduce the
number of calories for 24
hours and then eat as
usual the next day. ADF
is not only to reduce
weight but also can add
longer life.

Wrinkled skin? Overcome With Regular Diet

Entering old age, hue
wrinkles will begin to
sketch your face. No
need to worry, because
things like this can be
overcome with the right
food intake. Various
studies show that what is
eaten and not eaten can
give clear impact on skin
health. As the outermost
body armor and also the
largest organ in us, the
skin is always exposed to
various sources that can
make it stressful.
Problems can come from
illness, can also be of
various factors related to
the environment, such as
sunlight. Although diet
does not always
guarantee to eliminate
all wrinkles and prevent
aging, but the right
nutrition can make the
body feel fresh and more
supple skin. Recent
research reveals that
those who frequently eat
vegetables, nuts, olive oil
and bread wheat have
skin that is firmer than
those who love to eat
red meat, butter, and
sweet foods. In addition,
the experts also suspect
the role of antioxidants
in vitamins A, C, and E,
and minerals zinc and
selenium form can also
reduce the risk of
wrinkles. This all
happened because
antioxidants can help
reduce the impact of
free radical attack.
Other studies have also
shown that supplements
containing combinations
of vitamins containing
antioxidants can also
protect skin from aging,
due to UV exposure. For
that purpose, so that
skin looks healthy, shiny
and youthful, eat foods
rich in karatenoid. These
substances can be found
in melons, apricots,
carrots, sweet potatoes,
spinach, fruits and other
vegetables are dark
green, yellow, orange,
and red. You also can add
it with the frequent
drinking a multivitamin.
Finally, protect your skin:
- Reduce the frequency
of skin exposure to the
sun without using
sunscreen. Apply again
after several hours of
use. - Clean skin
thoroughly every day,
and use a moisturizer -
We have outdoor
activities under the heat
of the sun, do not
hesitate to wear
sunglasses, hats, or
umbrellas to avoid skin
damage from UV

Beautiful Buttocks Shaping with Yoga

Indeed every woman
wants to always look
beautiful and attractive.
For that, they are willing
to perform various
support activities, such
as yoga. These sports
demand a lot of people
being able to calm the
mind when under stress.
Not only that, yoga is
also believed to create a
smooth blood circulation.
But did you know that
there are three gentle
movements of yoga can
also make your butt look
more beautiful? If you
want to prove it, you'll
want to follow the tips
below: First, stand with
your knees and feet
attached to the meeting
then lower your hips a
few inches, such
movements were sitting.
Then, lift your hands
facing each other on the
head. Keep your body
balance by raising the
right knee setiggi 30
centimeters and this
movement hold breath
for three times deep.
Then, lower legs and feet
as before. Next, do this
movement with the left
foot. Perfect for doing
this event twice. Second,
stand with your left leg
pulled back with the
position of your toes
against the floor left.
Straighten both hands up
over his head and
katupkan your palms.
Keep your shoulders and
hips remain upright and
facing forward. Then, lift
your left leg back and
bend your body forward
slowly so that your left
leg and upper body and
hands parallel to the
floor. Hold this
movement up to three
times in a breath. For
maximum results doing
this movement as much
as ten times. Third,
further movement serves
to stretch the hips and
buttocks us. Sit on your
heels with your knees
bent as I sit her courtiers
Kingdom of Yogyakarta.
Then lean forward with
your shoulders straight
movement. Slowly, stick
out your left leg back, up
to the ankle against the
floor. Hold the
movement, then
juntaikan right foot
forward left thigh and
press your right hip to
the floor. Then, hold this
pose up to five times the
intake of breath. Next
Repeat the movement
with your right foot.
Good luck!

Diet Dog by Alison Sweeney

Realityshow host Alison Sweeney The Biggest Loser launched a special diet for dogs. These efforts, as reported by Reuters on Thursday (20 /
1), intended to answer concerns an increasing number of pet "patient" of obesity in the United
States. Sweeney intention to apply his expertise was chosen, after his favorite dog breed is the Boston
Terrier was sentenced to obesity. He was rarely pay attention to the dog health. "Weight gain as much as two pounds on a dog is equivalent to nine kilograms in humans," he said. According to Sweeney, triggers
obesity in dogs is a habit that pet owners give leftover food that contains lots of fat. "Giving the dog a piece of cheese just like I ate a half a hamburger," said Sweeney. Marion Nestle from New York University, various
problems threaten the health of dogs suffering from obesity. "The owner is fully accountable eating pets. Physical exercises done regularly will also help the dog's diet," says Nestle. (SHA)

Waist slimming Quick Menu

Busyness is often a
constraint in preparing a
healthy breakfast. You
are not the only person
experiencing this
problem. There are three
simple ideas to make
breakfast a healthy,
nutritious, and can be
eaten on the go.
Apparently, many people
who find it difficult to
make healthy and
delicious breakfast in a
short time. At least Leo
Babauta, Zen Habits
founder and healthy life-
style Zen practitioner, a
witness of many
electronic mail posted to
him on the constraints to
prepare a healthy
breakfast. Let's solve
common problems by
creating a simple
breakfast menu below: 1.
Dadar Know This menu is
healthier than the
omelet because more
low-fat. Prepare three to
five pieces of organic
tofu. Cut into pieces.
Heat the olive oil, put
out and stir. Add garlic
and pepper powder. 2.
Fruit Salad Two apples,
one pear, half an
avocado. Diced. Sprinkle
with fresh orange juice.
Add almonds or cashew
nuts on top. 3. Two cups
Yogurt Cereal Mix is a
low-fat plain yogurt. Mix
with your favorite fruit
pieces, you can choose
your own favorite fruit.
Add a bowl of cereal is.
Stir. Practical breakfast
menu that not only will
make you more stamina
to start the day, but also
makes not overeat
during the day. And this
means, a step toward a
slim waist. Interesting, is
not it?

smart ways to achieve a dream weight

Diet program is not easy.
If you include that fail to
do that activity, try to
consider these questions:
whether the target of
weight dream is too low;
Should lose another 2.5
kilograms, is there any
sense of quality
improvement of health,
fitness, self-confidence?
"It's important for those
who want to lose weight
to ask the questions
above," says Anne
Fletcher, author of
Weight Loss Confidential.
"The point is to clarify
what your personal
goals. If the target is to
lose weight, then what is
needed next is to change
the way you live."
Fletcher explains,
lifestyle changes are key
to the success of weight-
loss program. "When the
reduced body weight
when dieting, we need
fewer calories than
before," he said. Weight
loss programs, said
Fletcher, can be tailored
to the needs and desires
of the offender. If you
are hard to reduce the
size of the meal, then
you have to do is to do
more physical activity.
Vice versa. These are the
five moves that will help
get the weight dream:
1. Apply FITW Theory.
Theory FITW (frequency,
intensity, type, and time)
created an expert body
weight decrease Dawn
Jackson Blatner is a
regulator portion of the
exercise you need. The
theory is to modify the
frequency, intensity, type
and timing of exercise
we are doing to cut 100
calories extra. For
example, adding 10-20
minutes of time we walk
on the treadmill, push to
the maximum extent,
and added speed brisk
walk or a brisk walk.
"Most people need to
change their exercise
routines, because our
bodies will change and
burn fewer calories,"
Blatner said.
2. Watch What You Eat.
Fatty foods that contain
twice the calories than
foods that contain
carbohydrates or
protein. "Twenty-five
percent of the fat we eat
is the extra fat. So look
at the hidden fats in food
dishes to cut calories
that go into our body,"
advises Blatner. Blatner
also suggested to reduce
the use of processed milk
produsk in the cooking
process and select dairy
products are low in fat.
3. Use the tools Eat More
Small. If you belong to a
group of people that are
difficult to reduce food
portions, this one trick
that will really help you.
By using the plates and
cups smaller meals will
affect your psychological
condition. You will feel
full when I saw the food
on a small plate has been
no trace.
4. Watch What You
Drink. The biggest
mistake that can disrupt
the diet is the
unconscious that lurk
behind the beverage
calories you consume.
Juice, latte in large sizes,
margarita, or sweet
beverages rich in
calories. To work around
this, choose a natural or
drink beverages that
contain no sugar with
smaller portions.
5. Make Journal Eat.
Write everything you eat
into the food journal will
make you aware of your
diet. To create a journal
to eat it, you just need to
write down all the food
that you consume.
Journal of food will be a
reminder when you
consume excess food

Robbie Williams Slim with make Love

Robbie Williams, 36-year-
old singer, known for
fighting to maintain his
weight throughout his
career. He confirmed
that the body is formed
like this now also be
obtained from the
activities he does in his
bedroom along with Ayda
Field, his fiancee. When
asked about his new
bentuh, Robbie said, "you
talk about sex. Yes, we
did do, really, we really
do it all." However, not
only with love he can get
into shape, as now, the
singer also do sports like
jogging every day. And
he was playing soccer in
filling a Socceradid
Cellebrity charity event,
which took place on this
Sunday (6 / 6) to get a
fitter body. He told the
Daily Star newspaper:
"I've been running six or
seven miles per day, play
some games 90 minutes a
week, so I'm very tired."
Robbie adding, "I do not
think to lose my weight,
but I just think to keep
my body in order to
remain fresh. It is a
process that is very nice,
and wonderful if we
expect to achieve."
Robbie is not the only
celebrity who uses how
to make love from the
positive side, Cameron
Diaz, Princess Viona
voice in an animated
movie Shrek also love to
keep them young.

Eat So Much When Stress Escape

Many people tried to flee
when under pressure or
even going through
periods of stress, and get
comfort when dining.
Why not? The reason,
heavy meals or snacks is
simply to reduce the
feeling cranky. Research
conducted a restaurant
in England, Chef &
Brewer, proves a third of
the employees will turn
to food when they are
under pressure. With the
meal, they try to fight an
unpleasant feeling. Some
people also often bring a
snack when they travel
to through a long day. As
reported by MedicMegic,
Monday (17 / 1), these
studies also show about
80 percent of employees
admitted when the stress
came, they more often
eat fast food, sweet
foods or other healthy
foods as opposed to the
'healthy food' standard
during the workday. At
least, 33 percent said
they feel more
comfortable to eat more
when the weather is
cold. And 25 percent of
the 3,000 people
surveyed said, eat to
help them calm down
after a fight with a
partner. Food also brings
comfort to the other 19
percent who feel they
have failed to diet.
Basically, nothing is
wrong in terms of eating,
because it is human
nature. Meals can also
be used as a way to
entertain themselves.

Simply Red Meat Consumption once a week

Simply Red Meat Consumption once a week London: Red meat has been shunned for fear that many may raise cholesterol content in the body. Eating red meat is safe for your health according to the portion that is provided once a week. In addition, red meat is consumed fresh meat cooked immediately, rather than processed meat. Based on the researchers from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), which was launched from its website on Friday (14 / 1), eating processed meats such as bacon, sausage or corned beef 42% higher risk of heart exposed and 19% higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Instead, the researchers found no risk of heart disease or diabetes if a person who directly consume red meat is processed, such as from beef, pork, or lamb.

"Although dietary guidelines strongly recommend reducing consumption of meat, previous individual studies have shown mixed results for the relationship between meat consumption and heart disease and diabetes," said Renata Micha, a researcher at the Department of Epidemiology at HSPH. "Most previous studies did not separately consider the health effects of eating processed meat versus fresh meat," he said. The researchers defined red meat as unprocessed meat from beef, lamb or pork. But it does not include poultry. While processed meat is meat preserved by smoking or salting, or by the addition of chemical preservatives. Examples include bacon, salami, sausage, hot dogs and corned beef.

The results showed that eating processed meat each 50 grams (1.8 oz) per day (about 1-2 slices of meat hot dog) 42% higher risk of heart disease and 19% higher risk of getting diabetes. Instead, eat red meat processing not associated with risk of heart disease or diabetes. "When we see an average of nutrients in red meat and processed meat, processed meats that have not eaten in the United States contains an average amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. In contrast, the average processed meat, contains four times as much sodium and preservatives nitrate 50% more, "says Micha.

"This shows that differences in salt and preservatives, not fat." Salt is known to increase blood pressure, a strong risk factor for heart disease. In animal experiments, preservative nitrate can be at risk of hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis and reduce glucose tolerance, effects that can increase the risk of heart disease and diabetes. "To reduce the risk of heart attack and diabetes, each person must consider the type of meat they eat. Processed meats such as bacon, salami, sausage, hot dogs and other processed meats may be the most important to avoid," says Micha. "Based on our findings, eat one serving per week or less would be associated with a relatively small risk." ( / MEL)

Loneliness Can Make Weight Loss Increases

Not a few people who feel lonely. But be careful if you are lonely because the effect on
weight stability. As stated by psychotherapist from The Methodist Weight
Management Center, Mary Jo Rapini, as reported by Zee News, Friday (24/12). Raipini assume that someone who feels lonely will vent their feelings by eating foods that are sweet or fatty foods. What effect
did not stop there. Having no control diet resulted in weight gain, a person will be more depressed and less
confident when he noticed the addition of body weight. Even this will all culminate in deperesi which would
threaten the health of the soul. Rapini added, expressing the good feelings by talking with others or by writing in a diary is a very effective

Apples, Asthma Natural Medicine

Apples, Asthma Natural Medicine Apples usually consumed as food diet. In addition, Apple also has another property, namely eliminating asthma. Expectant mothers who consumed four or more apples a week could reduce the risk of asthma. A study in children with age range 5-10 years in Greenwich, London, said children who frequently eat apples and drink apple juice is hardly one of developing asthma, Saturday (25/12). Flavoinoid phenolik acid content and retain the color-pigment- apples in apple juice can help to relieve inflammation in the respiratory system of children who become one of the factors causing shortness of breath and asthma. Research experts from the University of Aberdeen, UK, revealed by eating apples can reduce the risk of asthma in infants in the womb. Expectant mothers who ate apples 4 pieces or more a week are surprisingly decreased risk of asthma by 50% compared with expectant mothers, who ate one apple a week (studies carried out until the child was 5 years old) . Flavoinoid in apple or apple juice can be a shield the body from heart disease and cancer, like breast and colon cancer. Meanwhile, its vitamin C content helps our immune system and prevent bleeding and swelling of the gums. Apples also have the formula of 'secret' that can kill 80% of bacteria in the mouth so that damage to the tooth can be avoided. Fructose in apples included category of simple sugars that provide a natural sweetness. Fructose is broken down relatively slowly, especially when in a state combined with apple fiber. Because apples will make your blood sugar remains in stable condition, then the apple is also well taken for the also have diabetes.

Reduce Obesity, Restaurants Include Total Calories

Being overweight become one of the problems that often occur in the United States. In fact, the rules were made to overcome this problem. Even in the State of California, United States, local
governments have imposed regulations on the information presented in the amount of calories of food menu
list. A health official who declined to be identified, said that the idea of applying the law in order to give consumers the information they need. Especially, ordering healthy foods. The regulation says, the
restaurant and its branches (franchises) with the number of outlets more than 20, must include the number
of calories for each meal on all menus. Attachment number of calories that are included in the list on the
blackboard menu or reservations. This new law is not included in the menu list on ordering through the drive-thru system or queue ordering food with a motor vehicle.

Rawit Chili Body Slimming

Reducing the size of the meal is not the only way to have a slim body nan proportional. Choosing spices can also reduce fatty deposits in the body. Like the little chili pepper that burns calories fast. The main raw material in cayenne pepper is capsaicin, which can also be found in the chilis family. Many studies have shown, capsaicin can quickly burn. The way it works, capsaicin triggers the body to increase body temperature which is then followed by burning calories. A researcher Nicholas Perricone, MD., Through the publication of research entitled The Perricone Weight-Loss Diet, concluded that capsaicin serves as an appetite suppressant. But in a study published in the Journal of Obesity found in chili peppers also accelerate the oxidation process, will fat burning fat. This, then speed up the process of shrinkage weight.

In addition to chili, a study published in Diabetes Care in 2003 and then announced, one teaspoon of cinnamon each day can also help the body control blood sugar. This means our bodies will be optimized to digest carbohydrates. Not only that, cinnamon can also reduce bad cholesterol that we know called LDL. Another case with black pepper. Excess black pepper was not only makes our food so much more enjoyable, but also increase the body's ability to digest and absorb nutrients. Knowing where this came at peppers spicy? Is piperine which gives us the sensation. But the truth is not only that done. Piperine, enhance fat metabolism to 8 percent faster, even a few hours after we enjoyed it. Choose good- quality black pepper as the concentration of piperine was still very much. So it is with ginger. If we generally make ginger as wedang mixed drinks to warm the body, there is good news what can be done ginger on our weight. This spice is a diuretic which means that nature can help the body remove fluid form of urine. Ginger also helps the mobility of the digestive tract, so that the foods we enjoy can quickly digested while accelerating the solution of cholesterol into energy. Interested to try it?

Slim Secrets Britney Spears

Gorgeous singer Britney
Spears has revealed her
secret to stay slim is to
be a good mother to two
of his heart. Himself says
that his work as a
mother not only time
consuming, but also
made him stay in shape.
"If asked how I can stay
lean, I would say having
two boys must have been
very helpful," Britney
said, as quoted by
Contact Music, Sunday
(14/11). Of course not
only that. Apparently in
addition to busy taking
care of two kids, Britney
was also happy dance.
Activity was assessed as
the best way to stay fit.
Although busy with his
role as a mom, Britney
confessed often visit
beauty center to pamper
herself. "I like taking
care of themselves.
Massage is my favorite
treatment," said Britney.

Stomach Diet with Water

All people, especially the
women want to have a
flat stomach so it looks
slim. Every effort was
made to flatten the
stomach, one with diet
stomach. In terms of
foreign, belly diet is
known as Belly Diet. This
diet is by drinking plain
water and mild exercise.
Belly diet program
usually begins with mild
exercise and long jump
performed for 4 days.
You may have heard of a
healthy lifestyle by
consuming eight glasses
of water a day to
prevent dehydration.
Drinking water and
eating foods that contain
lots of water such as
melon, green vegetables,
and fruits have a very
large health benefits,
including ward off
However, the most
important of belly diet is
how to maintain the
right balance for body
fluid balance and fight
against water retention.
It also helps prevent
constipation, which can
cause flatulence.
Drinking eight glasses of
water is only a guide for
fluid each person needs
varies, according to the
level of activity and body
size, but the eight
glasses are a good
starting point. All liquids
and foods that are
packaged in the form of
water are counted in
your overall fluid intake,
but remember that not
all incoming liquid diet
good for your belly.

Ingredients in Pills Make Caffeine Addiction

Painkiller pills generally
contain caffeine in small
doses. Caffeine is what
can relieve headaches.
However, if the
proportion is increasing,
caffeine will trigger a
headache. Even caffeine
can be addictive. Many
painkillers utilize
caffeine as
reinforcements to relieve
pain. And the problems
began to emerge, when
we are increasingly
dependent on painkillers.
Because not only make
us addicted and
headaches, but also
difficult to sleep soundly.
In some foods and drinks
also contained caffeine.
Before eating food,
should be sorted out so
as not excessive. In one
day, we are only allowed
to consume 250
milligrams of caffeine.
It's the same with 2-3
cups of coffee.
As in drinks soda and
cola. In one cans usually
contain 23-25 milligrams
of caffeine. Even in the
labeled diet sodas
contain caffeine levels
remained the same. You
are often eating
chocolate, caffeine is
also present in it.
Regardless of processed
chocolate will certainly
provide stimulating
effects. Even the
chocolate candy
contained 10 milligrams
of caffeine. So it is with
ice cream. If we add
chocolate or coffee as a
flavor in ice cream will
add caffeine in it. The
average per half-cup of
ice cream in two flavors,
there are 30-45
milligrams of caffeine.
This amount is equal to a
bottle of beverage cans
berkola. But the taste of
chocolate and coffee,
chocolate ice cream has
less caffeine, about 3
Meanwhile, the caffeine
contained in energy
drinks capable of
pumping energy. When
taking them, should
consider both time.
Better not drink 4-5
hours before bedtime.
When the body gets
enough caffeine intake,
the ability to stay
focused and stress free
will to make our days
more excited. However,
too much caffeine when
taken into the body, side
effects are dehydration,
insomnia, panic, and
gastric disorders. If this
condition appears, it
means your body is
asking us to reduce the
intake of caffeine.

Egg Good for Heart Health

The debate surrounding
the egg effect on heart
health is fulfilled. Don
McNamara health
experts assert that the
egg has many benefits
for heart health. In fact,
the Organization for the
Heart Foundation
recommends eating six
eggs a week. "Many
older people fear eating
eggs, because they are
worried about the
cholesterol contained in
eggs. But a lot of
research showing that
cholesterol does not
affect the risk of heart
attack," said McNamara,
as reported by Zee News,
Friday (31/12). Eggs
contain saturated fat
that consists of several
vital substances, such as
choline is good for
metabolism and fetal
brain development. Eggs
also contain lutein, which
can reduce the risk of
cataracts and macular
degeneration. In
addition, the egg also is
a food that the diet can
Eating one egg in the
morning will make
people who eat them
feel full in a longer time.
"Eggs have protein with
high quality, you can get
it cheap. Eggs also
contain all vitamins and
minerals that our body
needs except vitamin C.
So do not be afraid to
eat eggs," added

Breathe the scent of food Make Weight Down

Inhaling aroma of a
variety of health benefits
to the body. Now, our
olfactory equipment has
been transformed into a
powerful weapon to fight
various complaints on
the body, say, stress,
insomnia, physical and
mental health
complaints, until the
weight loss. So, how did
this happen? Actually,
this complex process
starting from the
hundreds of types of
smells receptors in our
bodies that contain
millions of cells and
associated with our
respiratory tract. When,
a single cell detects
smells the information
sent directly to the
olfactory bulb, the room
for bean seeds in the
brain that contains
nerve. This signal will
then be selected and
sent to the limbic system
associated with various
types of memories and
emotions, such as basic
behaviors (eating and
responding), pleasure,
sexual desire, and
possibly addiction.Due to a variety of these
behaviors have in
common, then the
neurological control
often intertwined with
each other. For example,
romantic dinner can be
the first step to increase
our desire for sex. Here
are some of the power of
scent in our bodies: 1.
Lose weight. Giving
satisfaction associated
with smell and taste to
the receptor, it can play
an important role in
weight loss programs,
explains Alan Hirsch, MD,
founder of the Smell &
Taste Treatment and
Research Foundation in
Chicago. Grab the
"satisfaction scent" by
applying smell the food
habits before we eat
2. Calm yourself. In a
recent study from Ohio
State University, showed
scent of lavender can
provide relaxing effect.
While the aroma of
lemon has a refreshing
effect and pump up our
spirits. So, put the
candles or aromatherapy
oils of lavender or lemon
in the office as the friend
who accompanied us deal
with deadlines or office
work that has
3. Face new challenges
with rosemary.
Sometimes the job
requires us to be able to
learn and do new things
quickly. Do not bother
before, resolve the
precarious situation with
inhaled aromatherapy
rosemary. Researchers
from the University of
Northumbria in England
is also at finding the
smell of this one can
enlighten our minds,
make us quick and
responsive. Always keep
in a desk drawer
rosemary aromatherapy
work as our savior came
when his new challenge.
4. Relieve cramps during
menstruation. Research
in Korea in 2006, found
the massage to the
abdomen for 15 minutes
every day with essential
oils can relieve cramps
menstrusasi up to 50%.
Often in trouble with
cramps during
menstruation? Time for
us to try "magic oil" from
a mixture of two drops of
lavender oil, one drop of
clary sage flower oil, and
one drop of rose oil with
aromatic almond oil
base. Then, smeared and
do the massage once a
day for a week before
our menstrual schedule.
5. Increase sexual desire,
not necessarily with food
that is aprodisiak, sexy
clothing, or just sensual
scented perfume.
Because we can beautify
the moment with just the
two of smells from
cucumber, licorice
(liquorice), and baby
powder that has been
shown to improve
arousal in women and
facilitate the flow of
blood in the vaginal area
up to 13%. In addition,
fragrant pumpkin pie and
lanvender can also
increase blood flow to
11%. To refine our
romantic dinner with
your partner, pumpkin
pie served as healthy
snacks and do not forget
to tuck a cucumber-
scented fragrances near
our pillows.

How to Lose Weight Fast

No need to bother
yourself if you want to
lose weight. Apply at
least three "tricks"
below in everyday life.
Nutritionists agree that
your activities have an
impact on your weight.
Small meals or snacking.
Snacking in the middle of
dinner hour will make
your weight go up. But
nutrition experts argue
that it is better you
follow the desire for
snacking instead of
having to hold it.
Nutritionists recommend,
for snacking with healthy
snacks or protein, such
as fruits.
2. Turn off the
TV. A study proves that
the dinner while
watching TV will add 40
percent of calories in
your body. Dinner while
doing activities that
consume energy will
make you eat more
without realizing it. You
better eat in peace.
Considering the body.
With a balanced body,
you will see the
developments happening
with your body. You will
watch your weight, and if
your weight go up it was
a sign you need to eat
less fat.
4. Exercising
three times a week. If
you do exercise at least 5
minutes per day, you will
build and shape your
muscles. The more
muscle you burn, the
more calories are issued
body bnayak
5. Switch the desire to
eat. If one day you think
fast food is better you
call a friend and chatted
with him. A study showed
that one's desire for
something only lasted
about 5 minutes. So when
you are done menobrol
with your friends, your
desire to eat fast food,
too, disappeared.
Large eat at breakfast. A
study says that the big-
breakfast will make you
lazy for lunch.
7. Reduce
alcohol. One margarita
looks innocent, or
hundreds of calories that
can not satisfy your
appetite, but did you
know that there are 100
calories in alcoholic
beverages that. 8. Eat
fruit twice a day. The
fruit has no fat content.
Most of the fruit consists
of water fibers. When
you eat the fruit, then
you will leave room in
your stomach for a high-
fiber calcium. 9. Sleep
longer. When you rest
well, then you will not be
easy to stress or fatigue,
thereby reducing the
desire for snacking.
Thirty minutes of sleep
or wake up early will
make you smarter untul
choose foods that you
eat that day.
10. Imagine yourself
slimmer. When you break
all the rules you make
about food, imagine
yourself appear thinner
so that it will motivate
and focus on the process
of weight loss is

Want to Healthy Living? Consumption of Sugar to taste

Whether you are a very
sweet tooth? Well, you'd
better be careful. Does
that mean the foods we
eat must be free of sugar
at all? Or in other words,
whether food that
contains sugar is not
healthy? Media AsiaOne,
Friday (17/12) writes that
nutrition experts define
it as the use of sugar-
free sugar dosage that is
less than 0.5 grams per
100 grams. While the
phrase 'no added sugar'
describes a product that
does not contain any
sugar in the
manufacturing process.
There's no way a sugar-
free products can be
said, if the product is
high in fat and calories.
Also sugar-free does not
mean not having the
same caloric value
mistaken. Calories can
come from other sources
such as alcohols (sorbitol
and mannitol), proteins,
fats, and carbohydrates.
Before eating, we
recommend you check
the calorie content first.
Check the food label to
know the amount of
vitamins, minerals,
saturated fat, sugar and
other content. Here are
tips to keep your diet to
stay healthy and in
control: 1. Reduce intake
of refined sugar. 2. Use
less sugar in your drink.
3. Do not give children
foods that have high
sugar content. 4. Reduce
intake of sweet cake. 5.
If using sugar in your
cooking, replace with
suitable alternative

underfed Says who could slim

Many people think,
eating a little can make
the body become slim. As
a result, many people
especially women, the
cut-out meal portions. In
fact, medically, if you
want to have a body lean
and healthy, eat a little
is not an effective way of
dieting. For example, you
get used mengasup
about 2,000 calories per
day. Then because they
want to look slim, you
are eating a diet with
reduced carbohydrates
into 1200's. Instead of
becoming slim, diet like
that just makes your
body system so surprised.
"Efforts to lean even
become more difficult,
because the body will
take the initiative to
save energy are
available, for adapting to
the new calorie intake is
now much less.
Meanwhile, levels of fat
in our body stays the
same, because the body
can not process it into
energy," said Arthur
Agatston, MD., author of
The South Beach Heart
Program. The proper way
to diet is, should reduce
the portions gradually.
Weight loss can not go
down in an instant.
Necessary changes in
diet and activity to
scrape a pile of excess
fat in your body.
"Benchmark like this,
even though we are
eating less, we do not
feel hungry. That means
the steps that we do is
correct," Agatston
explains. If you are
forced to eat in small
portions, there would be
starvation. This is
dangerous, and can make
you stuck in a yo-yo diet,
Agatston added. The
process of weight loss
should be followed with a
routine exercise activity.