YouTube - Enjoy the taste of each bite and take in food, it can make you slim. Try to always eat with full concentration, because that's the key to controlling the desire to eat and lose weight. Not expensive diet pills or slimming package with exorbitant prices. How to eat like this serves to ensure that the mind in tune with your body, making it possible to 'hear' chemical messages that tell if the stomach is feeling full. Based on research by a team from Harvard University in the United States, eating in a way that can lose weight up to three kilograms. Researchers termed it a 'mindful eating', which is inspired by Buddhist teachings. Digestion involves a complex series of hormonal signals between the gut and nervous system. It takes about 20 minutes for the brain to know that the body is full. This means, if a person eats too quickly, the full signal will be delayed. Because the brain is too late to receive full messages, people tend to overeat mengasup. Likewise, other activities are done while eating, such as work, play computer, or watching television. It can make a person overweight because it makes eating becomes unfocused. "It is very easy. Taken up from your computer to lunch for a moment. This makes you more focused and really enjoyed the food consumed," said Elaine Underwood, from Kallo Food Academy, an online community of 'mindful eating', as quoted by the Daily Mail. The principle of 'mindful eating' is by Kallo Food Academy, is enjoying the details of food by chewing slowly and remember the taste, aroma, texture to color. Interested in trying?