Slim Body Make Women Jealous Friend

A diet that you do successfully lose weight? Be careful, your friends
might get jealous, even you risk losing them. It may sound strange,
but that's a fact.

The woman turned out to be very jealous when his
friend managed to lose weight. This is the result of a survey on 1,000
adults conducted by BioAPP, a weight loss treatment.

 Known, one third of women admitted secretly envy and jealous of his friend who lost weight, and wished they were more obese than himself.

 Then, more than a fifth of women admitted they would be happier if his body is more slender than his friends. In some cases, envy is so strong can even
encourage your friends to look worse. One out of ten respondents
claimed to be telling lies to his friend that appear thinner. This is
to prevent his friend go on a diet.

 "Meanwhile, losing weight is a
success for you, it may remind others of their own insecurity," said
Krishna Soma, pharmacists from Chemist Direct, as quoted by the Daily

 From the survey results are also known to as many as 93 percent
of women thought it would have more friends if their body is more

 Then, more than 40 percent of girls aged 16 to 17 years
admitted going on a diet so as not to be seen as a 'fat friend'.

Decay method of fat

Having a slim body ideal into many people's dream. Not merely for the sake of aesthetics look, control the excess fat is also important for health.

 No wonder the number of beauty clinics and fitness centers compete to offer slimming programs. There are a variety of program options. Start a conventional manner with exercise and diet, liposuction, or liposuction, the fat until the decay method using high-tech tools.

 In the midst of a promising trend of liposuction weight loss in a short time, is now emerging new technology of fat burning using a device that relies on radio frekuesi vibration and ultrasound, the Exilis. "The principle use of this tool is to increase the temperature in the layer of fat that stimulates the metabolism and melt fat," said Dr. Enrina Diah from Ultimo clinic. "It can also serve to tighten the skin." Radio frequency vibrations contribute to heat the deeper layers of skin.

This heat will shrink the fat cells, and stimulates collagen production. "This method does not require incisions or general anesthesia," he said. Enrina said that the use of these tools have to go through a medical consultation.

Examination of kidney and liver conditions is important because the fat will be absorbed whole lymphatic system. "Prior to this method the condition of kidney and liver must be healthy."

Enrina said that the use of the tool is suitable for reducing the volume of fat and reshapes specific body areas with problems. For example, face, neck, or abdomen. The technology that was offered in the capital city is also popular in a number of clinics in foreign countries. "

This tool is a viable alternative for those who want to reduce fat and tighten skin in certain areas safely and without pain," said Robert Weiss,

Weight Loss for Kids

Question: I am very worried about a child's body who were aged 10 years. His weight reached 68 kg, with a height of 154 cm.

What kind of diet programs are suitable for your child? And what about sports? Answer: From the data above, we can conclude that
your child is overweight.

Implement a program of diet on children can
not be equated with a program for adults. In order for the growth process is not interrupted, programs for children are arranged so that not too drastically different from the previous diet. Choose a menu that meets the criteria of balanced nutrition patterns.

 Carbohydrates (staple food) should still be there, while the protein is selected in sufficient numbers, with a low fat content. For example, choose lean meat or chicken without skin. Reduce consumption of fat by modifying the daily cuisine.

 Avoid cooking by frying, coconut milk, and too much sugar. Meanwhile, multiply eat vegetables. Milk still be given, but choose low-fat milk (low or non-fat).

 Make a habit of regular breakfast, with a menu that does not contain too much fat. For
example, rice and side dishes, cereals and non-fat milk with fruit
juice without sugar, or a piece of bread with jam smeared with a thin
glass plus non- fat milk.

Do not forget to add vitamins and mineral supplements. Limit your meal portions, by reducing the 1 / 4 or 1 / 3 of daily habits.

You also need to monitor and reduce his snacking habits. Before dinner, give the first glass of non-fat milk with no sugar and fresh fruits that contain lots of water, such as oranges,
apples, pears, kiwi, and others.

 Do not provide desserts, except for fruits. Try dinner done 2 hours before bedtime. Increase exercise,
such as walking, cycling, or if possible, join a sports club.

Benefits Of Walking

Walking is the most cheap sport and the most easy to do. That makes a lot of walking among the favorites to make. Not only fun, it turns out that one activity also provides so many benefits for the body. Want to know what are the benefits of walking? Consider the explanation below.

1. Walk can lower levels of LDL cholesterol (low-density lipoprotein) or commonly known as bad cholesterol. This activity can also increase the production of HDL cholesterol (high density lipoprotein).

2. Take a walk, including low-impact activity, will not burden the joints and does not affect or increase the risk of osteoarthritis like other sports activities.

3. Walking can reduce the risk of various health problems.

4. Lowering blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular system, reducing risk factors for progression, and improve the management of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

5. For those of you who are dieting or trying to maintain your weight, walking will help get your weight coveted.

6. Improve mood and physical strength through exercise muscles and reduce the chances of getting osteoporosis.

so many benefits of walking walking

calories burned walking

Many people think running will burn more calories than walking. But in an experiment turned out with the right techniques, we can burn more calories by walking.

This is the conclusion of an author of Runner's World magazine is doing a comparison between these two cardio activity. By using a heart rate monitor, he ran on the treadmill in 6 different speeds. Then after a pause, he repeated it but by foot.

He found that when her footsteps exceed 5 miles per hour (mph), walking becomes more difficult than running. This was demonstrated by heart rate (heart rate).

It is undeniable, walk more than 5 mph is very difficult, but if the condition can be accepted by our joints, do not need prestige if you can not offset the running speed of your colleague.

Runs at high speed will force the body to move in a manner inconsistent with the movement should thus increasing the internal friction.

Indeed, running burns more calories. But walking is also a good alternative to burning calories. The point is to do something challenging without making body fatigue.

Megan Fox Weight

By P2ka

megan fox weight with her ​​bony body is often practically anorexic. But, had she?

No, according to fitness trainer, Harley Paternak at Hollywood Life, Tuesday (8 / 3). On the contrary, said Paternak, Jennifer's Body star was trying hard to raise hmegan fox weight.

"What I worry about Megan fox too thin? Of course yes! "Said Pasternak. "But believe it or not, she's got a very fast metabolism," he continued. "So the only body building exercise for her. megan fox the problem is how to consume enough food right. People thought 'sHe must have anorexia' but that there are actually far from it. "

Pasternak said, Fox was asked what he was often annoyed anorexia or not. "sHe's frustrated and she was accused once felt the need to raise the megan fox weight. So, he lived it to form his muscles, "explains Pasternak who also trains Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry, and Amanda Seyfried.

ideal weight

how to calculate ideal weight. everyone wants to have ideal body weight and body a good look at. is not easy to obtain an ideal body weight, eating a good adjustment is necessary and also of course a healthy diet.

but that you also have to know which way to measure how the ideal body weight for you. here I possessed a little explanation to calculate the ideal weight

1. ideal weight
ideal weight-loss = (height - 100) - <10% (height -100)) for example: your height 180 cm. then your ideal weight is = <180-100> - <10% (180-100)> = 80-8 = 72kg

2. normal weight
normal weight = (height - 100)

example: your height 170. then you are normal weight = 170 -100 = 70 kg.

arrange to get the ideal body weight according to the needs of your diet, do not eat to excess. adequate nutrition, adequate sleep and rest. and do not forget to do regular exercise at least 4 times a week. do not be lazy to change your habits and the result is definitely satisfying.

pregnancy signs

week by week pregnancy

calorie intake a day

how many calorie intake you need it every day? Have you ever wondered why your friends are having a good body shape while he is a person who likes to eat than you. Friends you intake more calories than your body but you are not better than him. Why? . The answer is that each person requires calorie intake is different. For more details like this
relative weight. What is the relative weight you? To calculate there could do it that way. Relative weight =weight / height - 100 x100%

- Weight Relative weight > 100% Calorie intake = weight x20 calories / day
- Normally Relative weight 90-100% calorie intake = weight x30 calories / day
- thin Relative weight < 90% calorie intake = weight x 40-60 calories / day example:

weight 50 kg
height of 165
= [50 / <165-100>] x100%
= 76.92%
so the intake of calories / day ± 50x60 = 3000 calories / day.
several lists of calories contained in foods and beverages:

one Cheeseburger = 310 calories
A plate of fried rice = 637 calories
White rice one dish = 242 Calories
one Tomatoes = 80 calories
One apple = 81 calories
fruit wine 10 points = 50 calories

soda = 145 calories
coffee = 75 calories

now you already understand how many intake of calories your body needs every day? . so you can be smarter in choosing foods and keep your weight in order to remain an ideal.

lose 10 pounds in a week

lose weight 10 pounds a week is it possible? stout people say the road to Rome. as long as there is a will it could be possible. how to lose 10 pounds in a week safely? . do is in a healthy diet and regular so that your health is not compromised. do you know good chocolate eaten in the diet, maybe you think it is not possible, as where we know that chocolate sweets, and sugary foods in general fattening. hot chocolate can make you satisfied and will not make you hungry again.

eat lots of food in the morning then eat enough during the day and do not eat snacks, afternoon fruits and eat a hot chocolate. some good food that is consumed as long as you're on a diet including: fruits, yogurt, Six Foods Energy Retaining Hungry . enough exercise, do not just sit idle movements of your body to burn fat, at least walk do not just sit all day watching television that makes you want to eat a snack or lying down all day.

or you can fast for a week. Eat sweet foods when you start fasting and karbohidat and foods containing protein, fasted for 9 hours then break the fast with sweet foods because you can make early satiety. Do not forget to drink lots of water while you are on a diet. water good for your skin and your health during a diet. that may help u to lose 10 pounds a week. good luck

Wrong Diet Affects Sperm

for those of you men who want to have good quality and fertile sperm. should avoid alcoholic beverages because not good for productivity and quality of your sperm. Many of the lots is to eat fruits vegetables and nuts in order to be better quality sperm.

 Avoid red meat, coffee or alcohol which tends to be less good for fertility. Dieting is regularly and do not do a bad diet and obesiti also cause reduced sperm concentration.

Your mothers who want to quickly have children should advise your partner to reducing drinking alcohol because it is bad for fertility and suggest your partner for good and proper dieting by eating healthy foods fruits vegetables and fruits that are proven good for male fertility.

alcohol affects the concentration of sperm to be negative. Diligent eating cereal that the concentration of sperm into a positive.

Kind Thai Food The Spicy

Kind Thai Food The Spicy Of fermented papaya salad with crab shells until the blood, although tasty, these foods can undermine the most resistant stomach spicy though.

Those who came to Bangkok to be reminded to be alert and prepared antidiarrheal drugs. They also must be wary of street food that is not clean. Some people do not even bear to imagine eating fried foods from the roadside, worried about the spicy flavor of this exotic cuisine and them back.

But not all abdominal pain that occurs in Bangkok is the result of food on a dirty street. Conversely, having the barrel waste, which is still often experienced by local residents, is proof that you eat good food.

This is the fifth most dangerous Thai food as well as delicious - most available in the markets in Bangkok.
1. Som tum boo balad

these thai food Delicious and dangerous. It is not strange if you hear people talk about Thailand's most impressive barrel vain they experienced after eating this dish. The main causes of waste barrels are a mixture of fermented papaya salad with crab.

2. Kha gai super

Think of it as a super-spicy chicken soup and sour thai food, full of flavor and all the chicken parts that would normally be thrown away, like a claw. Sometimes soup comes with a red variant as brave as it feels.

3. Hoy khaeng luek

Warning: Eating this blood clams without spicy sauce will offend fellow food lovers. Choose a fresh and avoid eating shellfish is served and not yet open. This spicy shellfish stew will make you the hassle when eating it - and after.

4. GOP kratiem pad kra pow

Actually kra pow, dish with basil leaves, is the standard of food you can find in every restaurant. But, you can get people to Thailand impressed with fried onions add to order frogs. Food vendors on the street will add a variety of seasonings and will probably give you a free toilet paper after you finish this meal.

5. Som tum hoy dong

It feels like fire and merciless. If you've put up with som tum balad boo, you may be ready to belly up to the next level. Just mention the name of fermented papaya salad mixed shellfish and see how people would frown and drooling at the same time.

Is Beyonce Pregnant?

is beyonce pregnant? Does it true? Singer Beyonce was pregnant with her ​​ first child. However, the news media had lively discussion in the United States was denied by her husband, Jay Z. "I sat down and asked if people would stop," said Jay-Z in a show on the radio as quoted by the People, Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

Jay-Z admitted he and his wife did not want to expose their personal problems in public. He also will not tell what's happening in the house becouse was included in the private sphere. "Everyone knows I'm married.

I just do not want to talk about this because it is part of my life. This is too personal for me," said the singer who always kept the identity of his mother.

Previously, Beyonce's mother also had denied the pregnancy is a very famous daughter. He claimed his son was not thought to have children because he wants a serious career.

food to avoid during pregnancy

food to avoid during pregnancy .prohibited foods during pregnancy can interfere with the content of your beloved baby of the candidate. Pregnant women are forbidden to eat the foods that can interfere with pregnancy or may be more severe resulting in miscarriage. Therefore pregnant women are prohibited from consuming foods such as .food to avoid during pregnancy:

1.A half-cooked foods such as fried eggs thin cut of meat is cooked. The food is not recommended because it can disrupt pregnancy

2. Seafood should be avoided during pregnancy ie that contain mercury. Eg salmon shrimp and tuna that contain lots of omega 3. Basically it's good food for your baby's brain development because contain omega 3. But also a lot of seafood containing mercury are harmful to pregnancy. Better to limit seafood to eat to keep your pregnancy.

so first to post about food to avoid During pregnancy. Do not forget to read also beverage to avoid During pregnancy in the next post

Dukan Diet Dangers

Dukan Diet Side Effects dukan diet become a trend among those who are obsessed slim. With claims can reduce body weight to six pounds in a month, this slimming method of enticing a number of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Giselle Bundchen and Kate Middleton's mother, Caroline Middleton.

In the midst of popularity, a number of experts from the British Dietic Association (BDA), issued a surprising statement. They criticized the method as a form of dukan diet is not very effective, and without scientific basis.

Dukan Diet introduced a French nutritionist, Dr. Pierre occupation, it even tops the list of the worst diet in the UK. "Dukan Diet is very confusing, very stiff, even Dr. Dukan itself warn of side effects that make the weak, and triggers constipation," said an expert from the British Association Dietic, such as the Daily Mail quoted.

The concept of dukan is diet, eating foods high in protein, low in calories, and reduce appetite. The body's absorption of the protein will lead to burning calories, and allow weight loss without losing muscle strength.

Dietary methods that attract attention because it promises significant weight loss in quick time, without having to eat less, as long as it is in the form of the protein. Dr. Boris Hansel, an expert on metabolism and cardiovascular system at the Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital, Paris, warned of health risks due to follow the dukan diet plan diet.

"There is a real risk of infertility, breathing stops during sleep, high blood pressure, diabetes type two, aching liver or cardiovascular disorders," he said. "Following this dukan diet dangerous, it can cause real health problems.

" In fact, based on a survey of 5,000 dukan dieters , 80 percent returned to its original weight within three years. "Dukan Diet is not a long- term success because it does not meet the needs of our bodies," he said.

Foods Consumption During Diet

foods consumption during diet .When dieting, you do not have to get rid of fatty foods in the daily menu. However, choose foods that contain monounsaturated fatty acids or monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA). Instead, foods that contain MUFA, help you lose weight. That's because the monounsaturated fatty acids to burn more calories in the first five hours after you eat.

 Then, make make you feel full with fewer calories, because of its natural fat content. In addition, MUFA also help reduce the risk of inflammation which can lead to diseases such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Consumption of three meals to get the MUFA intake. You will feel full, diet is still running well and the body can become more streamlined.

1. Nuts Someone who ate peanut butter in the morning will be full longer, so that it can dampen the desire to snack. Should combine the peanut butter with whole wheat bread for breakfast. For snacks, nuts is the right choice. Nuts are a combination of fat, fiber and protein. So, must exist in your diet.

2. Olive oil People who eat olive oil, inflammation or inflammation in the body is less than that is not consumed. Olive oil makes a person with a good control of his hunger. From now on, when sauteing or processing of food use olive oil. Olive oil is an 'investment' is best for your health.

3. Avocado This one fruit has a unique flavor and slightly savory. You can make the avocado as a mixed salad. Make it as a breakfast or a snack at night is the right thing. If you get bored with avocado juice, mix it with a little sugar and coffee and stir until evenly distributed. It was the avocado becomes more distinct and special.

Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy

Prevent Heartburn During Pregnancy , the expectant mothers often suffer from spells of heat and pain in soft tissues such as the throat and stomach. The condition is considered normal. Disorders of the throat and burning sensation in the stomach is temporary and will disappear by itself after delivery, except in women with a history of ulcer disease (gastroesophageal) before pregnancy.

 Burning sensation during pregnancy due to hormones that relax all soft tissue. This condition usually occurs in preparation for birth. While heartburn usually arise due to stress-induced gastric motility and growth of the fetus. As quoted from page Live Strong, the mother needs to do several things to reduce the effects of heat and heartburn during pregnancy. Obstetricians recommend the following points.

Changes in lifestyle The attack is more severe heartburn after meals and before bed. The pregnant women are encouraged to walk around for a while after eating and sleeping with the head higher. Pregnant women should also avoid too much silence or perform the movement with upright posture. At the end of pregnancy, improve posture by posture is always upright. Avoid leaning backward. Good posture is more conducive to helping the birth of a baby.

Diet It is better to eat small meals but often rather than eating three normal meals before pregnancy. Susan Klein, author of 'Books for Midwives' show, that pregnant women with heartburn and heartburn attacks are encouraged to wear loose and do some simple movements following.

 Sitting cross-legged on the floor, arms outstretched to the side. Rise up and lower your arms down as if to fly until both hands touch each other over the head. Do it several times. Natural ingredient diet According to Elizabeth Davis, author of "Heart & Hands, A Midwive's Guide to Pregnancy and Birth ', during pregnancy, your body will naturally slow down digestion to increase the absorption of necessary nutrients the fetus. For that, eat slowly and chew food longer.

 Avoid the various types of foods that are greasy in order to avoid a burning sensation in the throat and stomach pains. Note the type of food diasup. Pair your meal with a vegetable source of starch or protein with vegetables. You should not combine carbs and protein together. How to prevent heartburn and heartburn after eating in between meals such as fruit appetizer consisted of papaya, pineapple and apples. Another way is to chew a small piece of orange peel after eating to reduce heartburn symptoms, heartburn and burning.

S. Susun Weed, author of "Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year 'suggested, during the pregnancy in order to eat yogurt, or snacking on almonds with honey hot reducing gas production causes heartburn. For beans, soaking beans before the process it makes easy to digest and cause gas to reduce enzyme inhibitors.

 A cup of tea or eating fennel seeds fennel are other ways to treat heartburn. Anne Frye, author of "Holistic Midwives' recommended supplements contain papaya enzymes, calcium and magnesium. Drugs European Consensus in 2003 recommended pregnant women take antacids low in sodium and rich in calcium and magnesium are considered relatively safe.

Ulcer drugs are high in sodium, sodium bicarbonate, and those containing aluminum, should be avoided. To be more safe, you should consult your doctor before taking drugs during pregnancy.

Why Can not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant

Why Can not Drink Alcohol While Pregnant One in 100 babies born with birth defects caused by maternal alcohol consumption during pregnancy, according to a study conducted Queens University in Ontario, Canada. Not only that, the fetus in utero exposed to alcohol can also cause the baby susceptible to various diseases.

 One of them, epilepsy. The researchers, children born of mothers who drank alcohol frequently were more likely to suffer from seizures. Of the 429 pregnant women in this study there were 49 people who have fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. Less than 1 percent of participants had talent gave birth to a baby with epilepsy, while 6 percent of babies diagnosed with epilepsy.

The researchers believe that pregnant women who frequently drink alcohol, the fetus in the womb can have impaired brain development. Epilepsy occurs due to abnormal electrical activity in the brain. This leads to seizures and behavioral changes and loss of consciousness.

 Dr. Dan Savage, a neuroscientist at the University of New Mexico, said, "This report is based on fetal growth, which proves alcohol may increase the risk of infant illness experience of epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

 For this reason, pregnant women are advised not to drink alcohol. In addition to increased risk of epilepsy, the fetus in the womb could be a miscarriage, and even if born, the baby could grow into a hyperactive child, and can cause birth defects.

Slim Healthy Recipes from Japan

Slim Healthy Recipes from Japan Japan is a country with the highest life expectancy in the world. This was related to eating habits, healthy food of the inhabitants. In addition, if you notice, most Japanese women also have a slim body. This is thanks to their healthy diet. If you want to live longer and stay healthy contek certainly be eating Japanese population. Not only healthier, weight can be more stable and even decreased.

1 Portion slightly The Japanese have a habit of eating small portions. You can see from the small-sized rice bowl. Although meals with small portions of food consumed but has a high quality. Start rice juice, vegetable side dishes that usually fish to the sea. Make it a habit not to eat until sated stomach ache. Remember the old saying goes, eat before you are hungry and stop eating before satiety.

2 Vegetables Vegetables can not be released from the menu of Japanese food. Each menu must have served fresh vegetables. According to research by UCLA and Louisiana State University, eating fresh vegetables will increase folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E needed by the body for the formation of new cells. With healthy sauces, fresh vegetables can make the body more healthy and not get sick.

3 Fish as a main menu Fish has always been the main menu of Japanese food. The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish makes the heart healthy. You can avoid cardiovascular disease, which is the trigger of death in the world.

4 Rice According to the National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health, half of calories consumed per day should come from complex carbohydrates. Ordinary rice we consume every day is a source of complex carbohydrates. It would be better if the rice is consumed comes from organic rice. If you want to digestion, choose brown rice, because it contains more fiber than regular rice.

5 Fruit as a dessert If you choose this over the pudding as a cover, replace with fresh fruits that are still cold. In addition to healthier, it also does not lose sweetness with pudding. Japanese people prefer fruit as a dessert than a pudding or other sweet foods. Fresh fruit flavors are also very effective at neutralizing the smell of food from the mouth.

Hcg Diet

image by photobucket

hcg diet injections One new method to lose weight is the HCG diet. This method involves the process of HCG or Choriogonadotropin. Diet alone system by injecting HCG within three weeks.

 HCG is a hormone produced by the female body during the early phase of pregnancy. Characteristics of fat mobilization is key to weight loss.

Although the injection of HCG is a valid resource to strengthen the pregnancy according to the FDA. However, the organization does not approve the use of the same with weight loss. HCG Diet is known to have an impact that no number.

The way this diet recommends the intake of only 500 calories a day. Meanwhile, state health practitioners, the level of calorie intake is too low can interfere with healthy survival. In fact, low-calorie food intake can also have deleterious effects in brain function.

 No doubt, with a minimal amount of calories in the process of a person's diet, it will definitely lose weight, but fat will accumulate again. HCG injections also produce a variety of side effects including headache, fatigue, depression, increased levels of irritation, blood clots, breast enlargement in males, and ovarian hyper stimulation in women.

Mariah Carey Had Diabetes During Pregnancy

Mariah Carey Had Diabetes During Pregnancy Mariah Carey tells the story of her pregnancy. For the mother of the twins Monroe and Moroccan Cannon who was born 30 April 2011 then, the pregnancy is the most difficult period in her life. So difficult, until mariah carey was finally diagnosed with gestational diabetes.

 To Access Hollywood, she acknowledged since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, Mariah should be more careful eating. "I suffer from gestational diabetes. But now it's okay, but still must be careful when eating food," she said as quoted by Hollyscoop page.

 Not only that Mariah suffered while pregnant baby twins, she also suffered some medical complications. During the second and third trimester of her pregnancy she also developed something called edema, the presence of fluid under the skin causing swelling in the feet area.

Because of these problems, Mariah finally told to get plenty of sleep and rest. "I have a pregnancy that is really difficult. I was told to rest in bed. But it's so bad. But, I learned many things during pregnancy that could change my life," said Mariah. SHe also added, "I felt a lot of pain because they are twins.

 One of the twins is very rough. Even so I love my children". Although Nick Cannon's wife was feeling pretty suffer while undergoing the process of pregnancy, but now she can be happy.

 Some time ago, the lapse of six months of the birth of her child, her body slim with a flat stomach again. 42-year-old singer managed to eliminate the weight of pregnancy up to 31.7 kilograms.

"At first, when I first had a baby, I had so much edema. I had never thought, my weight can be the same again," she said. In the show "The Rosie Show '8 November, Mariah admitted to restore weight as the time before pregnancy, she was on a diet and exercise regularly.

 But she had to wait six weeks before training as a cesarean. "When I started, I did it very tight. I eat what I like, but in portions appropriate. I know that although difficult, I have to focus," she told U.S. Weekly magazine.

Exercise Helps Chronic Disease Treatment

Exercise Helps Chronic Disease TreatmentCanberra: The benefits of exercise for body fitness is already widely known. Not only can improve your fitness, activities that can also assist in the treatment of chronic diseases.

"Exercise is the most effective drugs, either to prevent or assist in the treatment of various chronic diseases, which are responsible for 80% of the total fund our health," said Edith Cowan health experts padaKonferensi Sports and Health Australia, as reported by Zeenews website on Friday (11 / 11).

Cowan also revealed an active lifestyle greatly affect a person's health level. Those who have normal weight with inactive lifestyles are at risk of premature death.

 This was due to a variety of chronic diseases that are three times more likely than those with weight above the average with an active lifestyle.

 Previous research has also found other benefits of exercise. Exercise and mental health are intimately connected. People who have a healthy lifestyle with exercise will make it appear confident

Jay Wornick Diet Loses 198 Pounds

Jay Wornick diet Weight 90 Kilograms Having a healthy body is often posed as one of the resolutions in the new year. So is the husband and wife, Jay and Angela Wornick, they bet on losing weight as a resolution of 2011.

 Unlike most people who instantly soggy after a few months, Jay kept his promise. Ten months later, Jack is able to lose weight as much as 90 pounds. Jack told me, precisely January 1, 2011, his weight reached 166 pounds. That's when his wife challenged him to a diet.

 Father of three children of this state, unhealthy eating habits made her body swell. Every day, he mengasup half a kilogram of steak, with three servings of mashed potatoes and 12 cans of soda.

 He also frequently eat pizza and snacks stealth when his wife was sleeping. "I eat whatever I could not move," he said. During dieting, Jay, 30, changed his diet of 8000 calorie intake to 1,500 calories with fruits fruits, vegetables, and lean meats.

 He also supplement your diet with drinking water and exercising six days a week at a gym near his home in Fulton, New York. During the first month, Jay managed to reduce 18 pounds of body weight. "I never thought I could do it, but I honestly for 10 months and successfully," said Jay told the Daily Mail. He admitted, things do not just diet, but as a lifestyle.

 "I want people who are overweight know that there's always hope. You do not have to give up and surrender. You can be a healthy and active," he said. Since winning the bet on his wife, Jay paint a ring-shaped tattoo with the initials of the wife's name on her ring finger. Along with her new body, Jay is now dressed in six sizes smaller.

 Managing a video store said he was happy with her new look and can play with three of their children. Jay believes if it was unable to lose weight, she would have died at the age of 50 years. His wife, Angela says, bet it to her husband to change bad eating habits.

 "This is something that is very meaningful because I want us to see our three children grow, seeing grandchildren and deliver a child when they married.

Diet For Office Workers

diet for office workers .Provided you know the portion size and the extent to which these snacks affect your health. So that no one steps, follow the guidelines. Keep your snacks from Reach For office workers, put the snacks on the desk was common. Looks like chocolate, candy, wafer, or the various flavors of potato snacks, has become a 'resident' keep your desk.

Should change this habit, one should not you keep snacks in the office, provided out of reach of your hand. "Do not get used eat while typing or calling because you will unconsciously eat more," said Dawn Jackson Blatner, author of "The Flexitarian Diet".

Keep snacks in the Far Places Reducing snacking in times of office hours is a good idea. But there is also a good idea, you eat a small snack in the hour- hour responsibility, before lunch time arrived. So that when the time for lunch, you're not too crazy eating the food there. "We recommend to put snacks in distant places, such as kitchen cabinets or office.

In order to retrieve it, you should attempt to go first or you'll feel lazy to even pick it up. Automatically, your desire to menyemil will be lost," says Blatner. Arrange portions There is no prohibition to the stomach with a snack before you go to lunch. Provided, you can adjust the portions. Blatner says, "Do not menyemil directly in large quantities, take the portion little by little in a small dish or jar.

It is useful to measure the amount of snacks you so do not overdo it." Create a Shopping List Healthy Snacks Blatner suggests, that you buy and combine your snacks. For example, look for snacks that have protein content as well as fiber to be processed quickly by the body.

Like, a combination of apples and cheese or almonds and grapes. Fibrous fruits will make your stomach feel full and satisfied, because it is rapidly absorbed by the body. So, your desire to menyemil will not often approached. Do not Miss Lunch For career women and workers in the metropolis, can sometimes skip lunch time granted. And lunch time is the time you fill up the energy to be able to work afternoon or even evening.

So do you think once in a while, lots of snacks that can replace the source of carbohydrates that you get in the lunch hour. Remember, snacks only serves as an adjunct to prop hunger before lunch time arrived.

Mariah Carey Diet 2011

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mariah carey diet 2011 Singer Mariah Carey gave birth to a pair of twins, Monroe and Moroccan Cannon, 30 April 2011 then. Lapse of six months, her body slim with a flat stomach again. 42-year-old singer managed to eliminate the weight of pregnancy up to 31.7 kilograms.

What is the secret wife of Nick Cannon? In the show "The Rosie Show '8 November, Mariah carey said on a diet and exercise regularly to restore mariah carey body weight.

But she had to wait six weeks before training as a cesarean. "When I started, I did it very tight. I eat what I like, but in portions appropriate. I know that although difficult, I have to focus," she told U.S. Weekly magazine. Three times a week, she was exercising for 45 minutes, and succeeded in removing water from the body up to 18 pounds.

 In the next week, she's doing cardio exercise in the water along with sit-ups, push-ups, tricep dips, lunges, and squats. The result, 13.6 kilograms of body weight shrink and regain proportional body. In addition to exercise, Mariah is also a diet of 1,500 calories a special menu.

 Admittedly, most of her body shape is obtained with the diet. "90 percent come from the diet." According to Mariah, the moment of pregnancy and the birth of her baby is a joy and grace. However, she also feels trapped in her body so motivated to get a slim body back.

 Not merely for the sake of appearance, obesity during pregnancy makes it difficult to do daily activities such as in bathrooms. "It's not about appearance and weight loss is fantastic, but this is a health problem," she told the Daily Mail.

Alternative Low-Calorie Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the most favorite food in the world. However, many of which restrict the intake of processed milk this one for fear of being fat or diet program.

Diet or certain diseases is now no reason not to enjoy ice cream. Non-fat ice cream and non-diary, can be consumed by people who keep the body slim and people with lactose intolerance.

Doctors Sonia Wibisono said, basically ice cream is great for the kids. "Children need energy to perform their activities. In the ice cream contains milk, calcium, and fats are good for children's hormones," he explained at the launch Luvelitee ice cream at the Grand Kemang, Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

 However, an excess of ice cream is often a fear of fatness in children and adults. Thus, to avoid excessive caloric intake due to consumption of ice cream from the milk, there is an alternative ice cream made without fat or made of non-dairy.

"Ice cream is nice because it uses a soy extract containing protein, good for vegetarians," he said. Even diabetics can enjoy ice cream. "Sure, as long as not a lot, only a small portion of it," he said.

Slim Secret Mariah Carey After Giving Birth

Slim Secret Mariah Carey After Giving Birth. The singer from the United States (U.S.), Mariah Carey look thinner post-birth baby twins last 30 April 2011.

 In the event of 'The Rosie Show "which aired Tuesday, November 8, 2011 local time, Carey claimed to successfully lose weight after giving birth to as many as 31.7 kilograms of Moroccan and Monroe Cannon.

Wearing a black leather miniskirt and leather jacket with matching color, the wife of Nick Cannon looks confident. Excerpted from the pages of People, Carey explained, she experienced edema during pregnancy twins. "In the first week, I lost 18.1 pounds, just water," she said.

 "Initially only water. When I start the program (diet), I fell at least 13.6 kilograms. I'm supposed to lower the weight. " According to Carey, her desire to lose weight not just for the sake of appearance only. She admitted the difficulty running the day-to-day activities, such as the bathroom with a heavier body weight.

 "The point of all this is not 'Oh hey, look at me and my weight loss, I look fantastic.' It's about health, "she said. Carey, who delivered twins by Caesarean section to say, at first she did not think to do sports. Therefore, the diet became the choice at that time.

 "90 percent of that is diet," she said. Still, she admitted to restore fitness by exercising with her dog and doing sports in the sea. mariah carey diet 2011

Young Corn Benefits

Young Corn Benefits You may often eat processed corn in stir- fry or soup. In addition to that evokes a sense of taste, corn also has a high content of nutrients that are beneficial to health. According, vegetables are rich in thiamine or vitamin B1.

 In addition to benefit the body's metabolism, thiamine is an essential nutrient for brain cells and cognitive function. Consumption of thiamine is required for the body to produce acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter essential for maintaining memory skills.

Baby corn is also rich in vitamin B5 that help improve physiological function, vitamin C which helps fight various diseases and folate which helps regenerate body cells and prevent birth defects in the fetus. According, folate content also effectively lowers homocysteine ​​levels in the body.

Homocysteine ​​is an amino acid that can damage blood vessels. Elevated levels of homocysteine ​​in the body can directly cause heart attacks, stroke and peripheral vascular disease. While the fiber content helps digestive problems like constipation.

 The content of this fiber is also beneficial to reduce levels of cholesterol, reducing the risk of colon cancer and helps lower blood sugar levels in diabetics. As quoted from the pages of Times of India, some experts merekomensadikan corn consumption in patients with anemia.

 Seeing the wealth of nutrients in these vegetables, they also recommend corn presented in the daily diet.

Steve Jobs Diet

The late Steve Jobs left the legacy of revolutionary in the field of technology. Apart from the phenomenal history that he carved, Jobs is known as
a celebrity with a strange habit for life. In a biography written by
Walter Isaacson, there are some strange behavior of former Apple Inc.
executives. This - ranging from a strict diet which he did until about personal
hygiene. For example, one of the favorite habit of Jobs to relieve stress when
Apple is building a bare foot soak in a toilet in the office. Eating habits Jobs no less unique. Here it is in between, like a loaded

Apple-carrot diet Steve Job biography detailing the trend of
eating only one or two foods, like carrots or apples for weeks. Dietitian Elisa
Zied reveal his opinion about it. "Although apples and
carrots nourish and provide carbohydrates, these two have very little protein.
Unlike fats and carbohydrates, proteins can not be stored in the body,
so it's important to consume foods that are rich enough protein every
day," said Zied, a also wrote the book "Nutrition at
Your Fingertips". Proteins provide energy for the body and helps
maintain muscle tissue, improving metabolism and
maintaining body mass. But, if not mengasup enough protein, he says, the body would lose the essential amino acids to support growth and maintenance of body
tissues. Another drawback of this diet is less fat intake.
Without fat, Zied explains, the body will be eroded out. "It was painful,
especially on the skin. You'll feel more often cold and the body susceptible
to injury. It is risky for those with chronic illnesses." Fruitarianisme
Jobs also long been a
Fruitarian - a category of vegans who eat only fruits, nuts, grains, vegetables, no
animal products
whatsoever. Although this type of diet still consume some foods
are very healthy, but Zied warned, there are essential nutrients that may be missing. "This type of diet is very limited because it eliminates milk and does not contain enough fat, except mengasup nuts and seeds in bulk," he said. But generally the ability to eat a person does not fit the needs of the body.

Veganism Jobs trust, commitment to being a vegan will prevent him from excess mucus
production and release of body odor. Therefore, he felt no need to wear deodorant or too frequent bathing. "The lack of protein intake in vegan diet prevents the
body's detoxification process. It can cause body odor even more stinging,"
said JJ Virgin, nutritional experts. Mucus that usually appears
in people who are sick, actually be overcome by dietary changes. The secret to fast
Jobs also often fasted to bring happiness to her. According to experts, most
likely, Jobs had ketosis - the feeling of mild euphoria that feels after fasting.
When you eat normally, the glucose into the body's main energy source.
However, when fasting, the body will create a small chemicals called ketones
that replace glucose. This is used as energy for the body's cells.
"If the body produces ketones more than required to create energy, there will be a dangerous condition called ketosis," says Zied. "This makes the body loses sodium and water, and can contribute to nausea, fatigue and weakness."

Diet For Weight Loss

diet for weight loss .Issues of how to lose weight is a problem that is often asked by our current body weight begins to show up.

Overweight and especially obesity for most of us is a nightmare, especially for us who care about their appearance and health problems.

 Overweight but also related to the appearance of more or less definite influence confidence . But in fact there are tips on weight loss diets that can There try.

No matter how hard you attempt to do a diet to lose weight without knowing its troubleshooting tips, sense of taste will not be maximized results.

 Troubleshooting tips diet to lose weight is actually very much, here we write a few tips that are relatively important role in your diet to lose weight. Read these How to Lose Weight Fast

Easy Ways Burn 3000 Calories

easy ways burn 3000 calories. That excess walking when compared to his other sports. You do not need to provide a special time to learn it or issue a budget to buy a variety of equipment that cost a fortune. However, that does not mean you can do it at will. For optimal results, there are some things you should look, from the comfortable clothes to the motivation for yourself. If you practice with the routine, it is not likely thousands of calories will be lost from your body. And beautiful posture would be your dream come true. PERFECT TECHNIQUE

1. Runs stable Walking, jumping up and down the small steps will not only slow but also not overload your joints. The movement of your body should remain At the back foot forward, let your hips rotate to relieve step.

2. Strengthens buttocks Pressing the buttocks will strengthen your lower back and rear body shape.

3. Contract your abdominal When you walk fast, there is a tendency to drop your waist. And this can harm the lower back. Hold the rib cage high and contract the abdomen. If it can move forward with a lighter, then you are running correctly.

4. Dividing body weight When the foot touches the ground, think about how to divide your weight. Hit the ground with the heel first. As you step into the basic toes, do it slowly. This movement will give more power when you push your thumb.

5. Paying attention to your posture Do not look at your feet when walking. Looking down will prevent you to contract the abdomen and move quickly and powerfully. Look forward and hold your chest up and shoulders back.

6. Walking on a treadmill As you walk on the treadmill, do not feet loudly, because it can injure the shin. Tread lightly. If the legs begin to trample out loud, lower your pace

7. Pressing the stomach Pull belly inward and upward, like when you close the zipper tight jeans. This movement will support your posture correcting back.

8. Climbing the hill Usually people walk up the hill quickly, then slowly descend. Now try doing the contrary. As you climb, walk slowly. When you decline, long, steps. Thus, gravity and momentum will take over. IMPROVING QUALITY

9. increase the duration of exercise increase the intensity, or the occasional walk faster uphill, add the duration of exercise by walking a little faster every time you start. Or walk the four (not three) days a week. But, do not do it all at once, because it can cause you injury.

10. Trying elsewhere Exploring the area that will make your legs heavy harder. By walking on sand gravel, you can up calories burned as much as 60 per hour.

11. Shortening step In order to run faster you have to make short, quick steps, not the length.

12. Doing exercises alternating Interrupted exercise (exercise alternated between light and heavy) is an effective way to train harder without feeling you have done. Squeeze in a few minutes to walk fast or even run in a long stride.

13. Utilizing the arm Encourage arms up high and hard will not increase the number of calories burned. Better to bend your elbows approximately 90 degrees and let your arms move a few inches from the back of the hips to the chest line.

14. Walking swing If you do a brisk walk with a swing, you will burn calories as much as a runner, slowly rotate your hips at every step to push forward. If you go with the right foot, slowly push your hips forward and then back. Start by walking normally for a few minutes, then try for a few minutes hip techniques.

15. Conduct additional training If you walk in the park, a time to train the muscles of the upper arm (triceps) and doing push-ups. Try three sets with 10-15 times each repetition.

16. Tips for the treadmill If you practice with a treadmill, try running utilizing the tilt (Incline). Walk with a tilt speed of 1-10% within ± 5 to 6.5 miles per hour (3-4 mph). This movement will also train your butt muscles.

Balanced Diet Menu

balanced diet menu Big for some people is quite disturbing because it causes a lack of confidence in the performances themselves. They will be tried in various ways to lose weight. However, losing weight with a diet that is incorrect would cause yo- yo syndrome, where the weight will go down quickly but will be back up very quickly as well. This requires knowledge about balanced diet menu so that the dream of ideal body weight can be achieved. In a balanced diet must have elements of food that the body needs such as various vitamins, minerals, calcium and iron. If these elements are not met in the diet is balanced, the body will lack these elements and can cause various diseases .

Balanced diet should contain four elements and five perfectly healthy, that there are carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins , minerals and water in an equal number. If one of them too much, excessive, or even a shortage, it will cause us to do the diet becomes unbalanced. Carbohydrates can be found in rice, wheat, and sago. Carbohydrates can not be eliminated from our diet because carbohydrates are the main energy source for our bodies. In addition to carbohydrates, the body also needs fat to be found on the various menus of meat, egg yolks, nuts, milk and various milk-based preparations. On the menu of meat, besides getting fat element, we also will get a protein which is the regulating substances in the body.

In addition, fat and protein also functions in the growth and maintenance of our bodies. Vitamins, minerals and water can be found in fruits and assorted vegetables. In addition to regulating the type of food that goes in a balanced diet, the concoction was also influential in determining success or failure of a diet program that we do. Foods that are healthy for the body is the food ripening process does not take long. Because at the time of ripening, vitamins and minerals are contained mainly in vegetables and fruits will dissolve and disappear. As Banana Diet Menus Bananas are high in calories and can be used to restore the body's energy is lost. Compared with other fruits, the moisture content present in bananas is very little that's what causes calorie banana possessed very high. Every 100 grams of bananas containing 27.2 grams of carbohydrates, calcium 17mg, 7mg of vitamin C, 1.2 grams of protein and 400 mg of fiber. Any similar type of banana. Have the same content. If bananas combined with milk , both of these foods would be a balanced diet is very good for weight loss process.

Will Walking Help Me Lose Weight?

Will Walking Help Me Lose Weight? A simple way to make your body fit is to walk regularly, especially in the morning. During sleep, your metabolism slows down completely, walking can increase it again. In addition to refreshing the body throughout the day, the road in the morning can also help you lose weight. How do I? Consider the steps below were abstracted from the LIVESTRONG Doctor Merry. Good luck:

Step 1 Breakfast with a small but nutritious meal before starting to walk, such as yogurt, low-fat crackers or wheat bread with peanut butter. The balance of protein and carbohydrates will be enough fuel to prevent injury and improve stamina.

Step 2 Do not be enforced, make a gradual plan. Begin with 15 minutes to 3 days the first-third, 30 minutes for four-six days and continued to increase in the next days. Change the speed to be a little run so that the body becomes stronger and added intervaln time so that more and more calories burned.

Step 3 Keep balanced nutritional intake through whole grains, vegetables and fruits plus milk. Choose foods with fewer calories combined with a training / exercise more will accelerate the process of weight loss. Good luck, Merry Doctors hope that with a regular walking, the loyal readers of this blog will be more healthy and losing weight.

Beauty Secrets Gwyneth Paltrow

It was difficult to keep up appearances in order to stay slim and youthful ideal. But not so for the mother of two, Gwyneth Paltrow. For Paltrow, not be a problem that is difficult to maintain beautiful appearance. Evidently, even though she was already at the age of 39 years, Paltrow still looks pretty and slim. What's the secret? "For me, sleep is the main thing," she said while appearing on the Ask Dr. Brandt on Sirius XM Radio as quoted by the People page. "When I am having less trouble sleeping, I always feel I look like it had been hit by a truck," she said again. Gwyneth did not deny, busy life as a celebrity is often made her sleep problems. Even so she has the antidote to her appearance still looks perfect. When not enough sleep, Paltrow has other beauty secrets. Diligent drinking water, taking vitamins and eating regularly at least one cup of coffee with almond milk every morning is also included in the list of beautiful secret Paltrow. Not just stop there, Paltrow was always diligent in his homemade vegetable juice. Frequently consumed vegetable juice made of spinach. At lunch, Paltrow was always set up a special menu consisting of vegetable proteins as well. Even so, it is not impossible, Paltrow once or twice to break the rules stubborn diet. "For dinner, I really tried to avoid it," she said. But she said, it is difficult to resist the temptation if she was outside the house. Often Paltrow was eating fried food and drank a little wine. But when at home, a woman born 27 September 1972 is always healthy cooking for her family, and trying to avoid gluten and dairy. Detoxification is also often done. In one year, Paltrow detoxification twice. So no wonder if Paltrow likes to do an elimination diet that lasts for three weeks and allowed to eat lunch every day. "I feel really rejuvenated my body," she said. Among his detox she sometimes just juice for five days. To round it's a health plan, Paltrow also often menyelinginya with exercise. SHe even entrusted fitness trainer Tracy Anderson. The actress also feel more confident with her appearance at this time. "Now, I love my body twice before," she said proudly.

Nuts Can Lose Weight

You might be lazy to eat nuts because according to myth, peanuts can cause acne or make
the body fat. Based on the research, which is nuts contain high calories which helps filling the stomach,was well taken by you who are doing the diet program. In addition to making weight loss, eating beans also help you sleep soundly.Learn about the benefits of various types of beans that could even help improve the quality of your health as quoted from the pages of the Daily Mail. Walnuts can lower cholesterol Eating walnuts can lower cholesterol has been investigated. This has been evidenced by 13 studies involving 365 people. To
feel the maximum benefits, you need to consume 30 grams of walnuts per day
within a month. Cashew nuts can be overcome fatigue Seeds of the cashew fruit known as the nut is proved to have iron content two
times more than beef mince.

As is known, the benefit is being able to work in iron carry oxygen
throughout the body. Thus, if iron deficiency, can cause
extreme fatigue that can result in worsening of concentration. Pecans to fight colds and flu Pecans contain zinc, which is essential to improve the function of white blood cells that fight bacteria and
viruses, including colds and
flu. Peanuts can lose weight Protein, fat, and fiber in peanuts will help you feel
fuller for longer and can reduce the desire to snack. Research from Harvard
University found that a diet of peanuts and peanut butter is easier and more pronounced efficacy compared with other low- fat diets with equal
calories. Pistachio nuts to lower blood pressure These nuts contain more
potassium than bananas. Nuts can also be incorporated into your daily diet menu to control blood pressure. Potassium in beans is also able to
blunt the effect of salt.Brazil nut that can prevent cancer The content of selenium
contained in it could be a nutrient that helps protect cells in the body. It has
been proved if consumed in large quantities of selenium can reduce the risk of certain cancers such as bladder and prostate cancer.

Almonds to cope with diabetes Due to the high content of fiber and carbohydrate-
free, almonds is believed to lower the glycemic index (the rate at which sugar
enters your blood stream) from food. The content of magnesium in them are
also capable of playing a role in regulating blood sugar.Hazelnuts that can make
a healthy heart Monounsaturated fats contained in hazelnut able to nourish the heart. In addition, the hazelnuts are also rich in fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, folic acid,and biotin. All the nutrients they contain make hazelnuts as one of the good healthy food regularly consumed.

Diet Can Beautify Your Face

became every woman's desires. But you know, a diet is not only beneficial to maintain ideal body weight. Doing the diet, is now also used as an alternative way to maintain beauty. Dr Jaishree Manchanda dermatologists believe that true beauty comes from within. Therefore, he was confident that the food consumed by humans can affect the health and beauty of skin and body. "The secret to healthy skin light can not be hidden in your cosmetics," says dermatologist Dr Jaishree Manchanda. "Healthy skin, like any organ, is often a reflection of diet and lifestyle," he said as quoted by Times of India pages. If you keep the body from the inside, it was able to make a difference in the skin. However, the biggest mistake that is often done when the diet is to cut the essential fatty acids (EFAs). EFAs not only support cardiovascular health, provide immune, and reproductive and nervous systems healthy. EFAs are also able to stimulate the body to make new cells, repair damaged cells and get rid of toxins. A recent study also said that the EFA not only effective against dry skin but also important in helping you lose weight. New skin cells that continue to be formed to replace the old skin cells or damaged, but if we eliminate these nutrients in the daily diet, then it potentially makes the skin lose its ability to renew cells. EFA deficiency can also eliminate moisture and elasticity, which causes the skin dull and dry. "The best way to keep your skin soft and supple is to provide proper nutrition and then protect it with a protective lotion that is significantly to reduce the loss of natural oils and moisture," said Dr Mohan Thomas Senior beauty. For that, keep in mind, diet plays an important role in maintaining the health of your skin. Making nuts, grains, vegetables, fruits plus skim milk, vegetable oil, yogurt, honey and yeast as food daily diet, is also beneficial to maintain the natural beauty from within. Start doing a healthy diet these days, to look pretty young all time.

Do not Start Diet on Tuesday

London:Do not Start Diet on Tuesday Many say the diet can be done anytime. However, a unique
research revealed that today is also influencing the success of
your diet program. Media Newslite proclaim,
Tuesday (18/10), women who start counting calories on this
day will usually be immediately surrendered in less than a week. In fact, their weight actually be increased. It was based on a study of 2,000 people in Britain who do diet program since last year. The result, the average of them
revealed that they always fail on a diet on Tuesday. but when they started the diet again on different days, Saturday for example, weight loss proses
they actually succeed. In the meantime, if they are dieting on Monday, the average
of them will lose eight pounds or 28.8 kilograms for three weeks.
Then, if the Sunday dieting weight loss process seems to also be successful. They usually will experience what is called a diet "yo-yo" which makes the diet
work up to 88 percent.

One spokesperson from Tesco diet program says, "changing your eating habits can be a
tough challenge any day. However, psychologically, dieters are more motivated to initiate and continue the diet if they start again early in the week or on weekends."

Dried Fruit Great for Diet

New Delhi: Dried Fruit Great for Diet There is the thought that the dried fruit, maybe not as healthy as other fresh fruits. However, it seems such an assumption is no longer appropriate. A recent study led by Dr. Daniel D. Gallaher, of the University of Minnesota, United States, suggests that the traditional dried fruits, like dried apricots, dried apples, dates, dried figs, raisins and sultanas, prunes and worthy to be included in dietary recommendations, fruit and vegetables worldwide. That is because dried fruits contain a large source of soluble fiber that is needed when the diet. Just like fresh fruit, they also have a low glycemic index value, and can play an important role in preventing various aspects of metabolic diseases. In addition to fiber, dried fruit also contains high potassium good for your diet. Not only that, dried fruits contain many bioactive phenolic compounds, as well as vitamins and certain minerals that are unique to each fruit. Latest news, fruits are also suspected to contain high levels of various polyphenols, and is now being investigated further. (IAN / Zeenews)

Chocolate Lower Stroke Risk in Women

Stockholm: Who does not like chocolate. Almost all these sweet age. A Swedish study found the benefits of eating chocolate for women. Two bars of chocolate per week can reduce the risk of stroke by 20 percent. "Chocolate contains flavonoids , which are substances that have antioxidant properties that can suppress the oxidation of lipoproteins (bad cholesterol type) which can lead to heart disease such as stroke" said Susanna Larsson Professor in the Division of Nutritional Epidemiology at Karonlinska University, Stockholm, Sweden, Wednesday (12 / 10). sHe added that with pure chocolate mengomsumsi will reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This occurs because these foods can reduce levels of insuluin and prevent blood clots that harm the body. Although considered healthy, onsumsi chocolate in the daily diet should still be regulated. "Chocolate contains antioxidants that are good to our bodies. However, we should not trade with broccoli brown" says Dr.. Nieca Goldberg is a cardiologist and a Director of Joan H. Tisch Centar for Women's Health at NYU Langone Media Center, New York City, USA. The study, released by Larson did show a correlation between chocolate and a reduced risk of stroke in our bodies. However, there is no significant evidence showing the existence of cause and effect of the two. Correspondents than 33,000 women with age range 49-83 years following the study that began in 1997, showed that they had no indication of a stroke, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. When analyzed, Larson added, "Women who ate about 65 grams of chocolate have a lower risk by 20 percent than those not eatng at all." Although only limited studies conducted in women, he hopes that the same result can occur in men. "Instead, we ate the dark chocolate. This is because, the type of chocolate has more flavonoids and low blood sugar" she said.

Women Obsessed Slim Coming Wedding

Any woman would want to look beautiful on her wedding day maximum. This makes a lot of obsessed to lose weight ahead of the wedding. But, the greater the bride wishes to lose weight, weight actually increase.
The team of researchers from Flinders University in Australia, found that 85 percent of women want to lose weight before the wedding took place.
Target weight loss they are also quite high, up to 9 pounds. The study, published in the journal Body Image, the analyzed 350 brides a month before the wedding and six months thereafter.
Known, half of the prospective bride can lose weight between one and two kilograms. However, the bride and groom who is obsessed to lose weight, long before the wedding, her weight rose by 2.14 pounds. "My understanding of this situation, that they restrict eating and exercising well before the wedding, after which it does not matter anymore. They are potentially creating a cycle of yo- yo dieting can trigger a sense of dissatisfaction with body condition in the long term," said chief researcher, Dr.. Ivanka Prichard, quoted by the Daily Mail. He also reveals that the pressure to lose weight ahead of the wedding did not come from ourselves. Precisely, because of environmental influences, such as family, friends, media and even tailors bridal fashion. "There is great pressure from the environment to lose weight ahead of the wedding," said Dr.. Ivanka. Ahead of the wedding process is very complicated, according to Ivanka is a combination of various viewpoints problems. Starting from the financial, technical, and can trigger feelings of mental health disorders. However, he stressed one thing on every bride. "It must be remembered that the couple marry you because he loves you. Not because you look slim with a wedding dress," said Dr. Ivanka.

Portion Control Eating

You not only have to
be careful with what you eat, but
also the portion of food daily.
Could be, weight gain caused
your meal that is not controlled.
The balance is so key to getting
the ideal body weight. That is,
the amount of food you
consume should be balanced
with physical activity. So, when
your meal is big enough and not
balanced with exercise, what
happens is overweight and
From now on, just control your
portions. In this way, the body
can stay slim while not undergo
a strict diet. The first thing you
should do is figure out the daily
nutritional needs. The following
daily nutritional guidelines for
adults, according to the United
States Department of Agriculture
(USDA), reported from
- Fruit: 1.5 to 2 cups
- Vegetables: 2.5 to 3 cups
- Grains (including rice): 5 to 8
- Dairy products: 3 cups
- Proteins (meat, eggs, nuts): 5 to
6.5 ounces and 8 ounces of
seafood each week
- Oil: no more than 5 to 7
Use a small plate
After knowing the daily needs,
you can begin to control the size
of the meal by using a smaller
plate than usual. The scientists
confirmed that the brain
require visual cues when you will
eat. By getting to use a small
plate, you can 'fool' the brain
related to satisfaction when
eating. So, immediately replace
your plate with a smaller size.
Hand size
Want to know the right size? No
need to measure food using
digital scales. Simply use just
your hands. Here's size.
- Two fingers = one serving of
- Palms open = one serving of
- A closed fist = one serving of
fruit or vegetables
- Hands cupped = one serving of
cereal or grains
- The tip of thumb = one serving
of margarine, oil, or salad

Want Happy and Slim? Wake up morning The key

London: Want to
be happy and slim? Wake up the
secret. Those who get up earlier
to have a leaner body, feeling
happier and healthier than those
who are awake during the day.
Thus the results of several
studies researcher at the
University of Roehampton,
London, England, recently.
According to the researchers,
they are built in accordance with
an alarm in the morning, will do
homework more quickly, to
prepare their children to school
early and are usually individuals
who thrive in the workplace. This
is caused by feelings of pleasure
and not in a hurry.
Although looking relaxed
activities in the morning, in fact if
it lasts more regular, then the
result can be maximized.
Conversely, those who sleep late,
have a higher chance to feel
depressed or stressed and

Women More Than Sex Attracted Slim

Many women have made ​​various efforts to have the slim body ideal. Some considered a weight problem more stressful than about romance. As quoted by Female First, a survey revealed 10 percent of women feel more guilty when breaking the rules of diet, than when lying to your partner. As many as 25 percent of those surveyed even openly said that the success of slimming diet is more important than romance. However, they did not deny that the reason the diet is more to the aesthetic factor to attract the opposite sex, not health. While 30 percent of other women more frequently admitted to master mind with food and diet program compared to their partner. In fact, half admitted more obsessed with food than sex. Nutritionist, Linda O'Bryne, said that the diet should be part of a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Not activities conducted solely to create the beauty of the body for a moment. Surveys in the UK was in line with the results of the Max Planck research Institute for Human Development in Berlin, Germany, for 24 years. That, more slender body gives life satisfaction compared to a harmonious relationship or romance.

Never Diet Again Fails

Never Diet Again Fails It's desperately diet, but the numbers on the scale as if reluctant to leave. Frustration? Do not, please! By changing a few lifestyle
could actually help you lose weight. It's easy, really. Starting from drinking before meals can reduce the weight of 2 kg, read the nutrition label of each food, to keep a snack from the eye. But, be careful. If you find that you chose the wrong friends for lunch, might actually jumped
back needle scales. The researchers believe that behavioral change is
more effective than a diet. "Better use of existing energy to think about how
you eat than just have the intention to restrain appetite," says psychologist Roy Baumeister, author of "willpower: Rediscovering the Greatest Human
Strength" as quoted by the Daily Mail.

Never Diet Again Fails Then, the behavior of what else can you do? Use a smaller plate Research from Cornell University, United States, found that when placed on a plate food portions are big, people will be eating serving fewer than average. Hence, the willingness to increase the size of the meal. Meanwhile, when the same portion is placed on a smaller plate, the food will look for more, so
they'll eat less. Use a spoon and fork to eat a larger There is a relationship
between the size of the silver with the amount of food consumed. Found
that people using spoons and forks that are smaller will eat more than those
who eat with a spoon and fork over big. Because
eating more meals with smaller tools, then there will be suggestions, ie a
longer feeling of fullness. Choose a man as a friend
to eat According to a psychologist, Meredith Young, a woman will eat
more little if they are accompanied by men.

"There is a possibility that the portion eat a little is the signal appeal, "he told The Atlantic. Do not eat in the company of friends If you eat with friends, it
could be that you will eat more than strangers. Researchers from the State
University of New York said that a friend unwittingly acting as a giver permission
and encouraged to eat more. Especially if it turns out your friend has a thin
body shape and have a big appetite. Someone will also more when watching
with a friend who lost weight with a larger appetite, than those who
sat next to a big-bodied people who eat more. Avoid ad By looking at the ads a
person will be encouraged to eat more than those who did not. Terstimulus
senses of sight because they see the visual display of food is very appetizing.

Biggest Enemy At Diet

Biggest Enemy At Diet you guess what the worst enemy in weight loss? Well, look in your pantry, fridge or cupboard or in the kitchen. No doubt, the biggest enemy is the sugar.
Sugar is a form of carbohydrate. These include natural forms such
as fructose (found in fruits) or lactose (found in milk) and subtle forms such as
sucrose (found in processed foods). In the present study, suggest that current
Indonesian people of all ages have consumed sugar during recent decades.
Roughly, on average they consume about 70kg of sugar annually.
And sugar typically found in soft drinks and packaged foods high in calories. As a
result of excessive sugar intake, it has a significant effect, namely sugar
prevents people from weight loss. How to reduce sugar

1. Try to eat foods low in sugar such as fresh fruit for a snack or for dessert,instead of candy, or cake. Low-sugar fruits are lemons, melons, kiwi fruit,
pineapple, oranges, cherries and strawberries.

2. Stop eating sugar, tea, coffee or cereal. Both the drink needs sugar. For
cereals, you can add fresh fruit and nuts to make a full breakfast and of
course durable.

3. Only drink low-sugar or sugar-free. Indonesia Most people consume 500 to
1000 calories a day in drinks such as sodas, milk shakes, fruit juices and some artificial energy drinks. You do not realize that beverages like it would make your weight go up drastically.

4. Get used to reading labels. By reading this Nutrition Facts on food or
drink, it helps you to reduce sugar consumption. One thing to note is the
words that end in 'ose'. Basically this is another way of saying "sugar".

5. Be careful with sugar- free products. These products are accompanied
by some sweeteners contain calories as much or more as a substitute for
real sugar. Do not be fooled their products! If you really need to eat sugar, it's better to eat real sugar rather than artificial sugars.

Breastfeeding, Lower Diabetes Risk

does have a lot manafaat,
not only for the health of
babies but also mothers. In
addition to lowering the
risk of breast cancer,
breastfeeding can also
reduce the risk of type 2
That's according to
research by a team of
researchers from the
University of Pittsburgh.
The team conducted a
study of 2233 women aged
between 40 to 78 years. As
many as 56 percent of the
women had become
mothers and their babies
during breast-feeding at
least a month.
Then, known to exist for 27
percent of mothers do not
breastfeed. From the
results of the examination,
they were exposed to type
2 diabetes. Women who
are not breastfeeding the
risk of diabetes was two
times greater than women
who are breastfeeding or
never given birth.
"Breastfeeding can actually
reduce fat in the abdomen.
Diet and exercise is known
as an effective way to avoid
diabetes. But few people
know that breastfeeding
also reduces the risk of
diabetes," said Eleanor
Bimla Schwarz, MD,
Assistant Professor of
Obstetrics and Gynecology
University of Pittsburgh, as
quoted from the Ny Daily
According to Schwarz,
nursing only a few weeks
can make significant
changes. "Our study
suggests another positive
reason to encourage
women to breastfeed their
children, at least during the
first month," says Schwarz.

Katie Price Junk Food Addiction

Katie Price Junk Food Addiction Diet sometimes makes us unable to enjoy your favorite foods. That is what was experienced by the reality show star Katie Price. For the sake of enjoying the hobby that is nothing but eating her favorite food is none other than fast food or the so- called junk food, Price willing to stop the diet program. Price even admitted that she had been addicted to junk food sold by McDonalds. SHe does not even matter if it weighs it will soar due to her hobby. "I eat like a pig. I really miss the McDonalds hamburger chicken also nuggetnya. I can not wait to enjoy it with a serving of fries and a large glass of milkshake," Price said.Katie Price Junk Food Addiction

Meat intake period Puberty Affect Children

Young women who consume lots of meat during childhood tend to
experience puberty earlier than their peers. British researchers in a
study comparing the diets of more than 3,000 girls aged 12 years. They found
that high meat consumption since the age of three years (more than
eight servings a week) and seven years of age (over 12 servings) is strongly
associated with the occurrence of menstruation early.

In fact, seven-year-old daughter with a high meat intake had 75 percent
higher chance of having periods than children with normal intake of meat.
The findings, published in Public Health Nutrition, said meat prepare the body
to speed up the pregnancy. Meat is a source of food
rich in iron and zinc which help create the chance of pregnancy. In addition to
triggering puberty faster, meat diet also increases them impact on obesity and
hormones. Early puberty in girls is associated with an increased risk of breast

Odds are, women produce the hormone estrogen is higher during
her life. Dr Ken Ong, a pediatric endocrinologist at the Medical Research Council,
said there has been a shift in the time of menstruation in women during the last century. "It (the time shift of menstruation) is not related to female body size
bigger, but due to the effects of body protein and hormone levels."

Applications "Healthy" Food Menu Translation

Washington DC: An
application of "healthy"
foods just to translate the
menu in other foreign
languages ​​into English, was
launched recently in
Washington DC, USA. This
application is able to
translate the text, with a
choice of the best
translations and registered.
Other information that is
image-making materials
and food are also included.
This application can be
used not only for mobile
phones, other portable
devices can access this
application. This unique
application is very useful
for medical, or for people
who want to diet but often
traveled to several places.
With this application, you
need not worry about the
type, or content of the
food has never tasted.
How, before entering a
foreign country, the user
must download the
configuration and database
language in the region.
Then continue by
downloading the
application interpreter that
Applications that have
been presented in July at
the IEEE International
Conference in Barcelona, ​​
Spain, this can work
without an internet
connection. You can just
type the name of the food
and a few seconds later
result would appear on the
screen your phone or
gadget. Not easy to lead a
healthy life.

This Menu The Astronaut World

This Menu The Astronaut World .China's first astronaut, Yang Liwei (44) write autobriografi titled 'The Nine Levels the between Heaven and Earth' or 'Nine Levels Among Khayangan and Earth'. In addition to expressing her experiences into space, Yang Liwei also reveals a surprising fact about the menu is not usual for Chinese astronauts. "Some of my friends wonder what we eat in outer space. They think the astronauts got the luxury foods such as shark fin or abalone," Liwei Yan writes in his book, such as pages loaded Telegraph, May 13, 2010. "In fact, we eat normal food, nothing secret." Yan Liwei then mention some of the foods in your diet, no boiled chicken, steamed fish, and meat from local dog Huajian, Guandong, China - known as high-nutrition in China. In the tradition of Chinese medicine, the dog from Huajian even believed to be more efficacious than ginseng. Dogs commonly eaten in China and are considered efficacious for the winter. Added Yang Liwei, a special diet designed nutritionist from China and prepared by special catering in Beijing. What about the American astronaut menu? For they also prepared a variety of menus such as beef enchiladas, lasagna, sweet and sour pork. NASA requires that food for the astronauts should be easy to prepare and easy to eat, have a low fat, low calorie, contains very little salt. Here's the menu for a Chinese astronaut in space (2009): Day One: Porridge Lotus root, tofu crispy flour, dengandaun onions, yellow fish, boiled pork ribs with seaweed, and spinach saute with chopped garlic. Day Two: spicy pork skin, boiled duck's neck, hairy crab cooked with ginger, spicy chicken hearts, pine nuts with sweet corn, and three-flavor soup. Day Three: poached egg in a sauce of sake rice, sausage Harbin, dog Huajiang, casserole baby squid, eel with green peppers, soy spicy dried tofu. Fruits such as apples, pears and oranges are served in every menu. Also rice, noodles, and sweet potatoes.

Drastic Weight Losses, Megan Fox Stop Diet

Los Angeles: For some people, being vegetarian is the best way to have a healthy body. However, this is not true for Megan Fox diet. As a result of applying a vegetarian lifestyle, the weight of this sexy actress shrunk to an alarming extent.

Previously, Fox only non- animal foods. Now she decided to stop as a vegetarian, and free to enjoy your favorite foods, including bread and coffee which has been a big taboo. "After a year and a half, I actually run a vegetarian lifestyle. But I've lost a lot of my weight. So, I eat whatever I want to eat," said Fox.

Four Unique Ways To Stay Slim

Surely you
already know that to get a
slim body the key is a
balanced diet and regular
. If you are
currently difficult to do so,
there are other ways that
can be taken.
This makes it fairly easy to
do and can help you
control your desire to eat
and maintain body weight
to remain stable. Want to
know how? Just follow the
four following trick, as
reported from
1. Use a small plate
Choose a smaller plate can
help you shrink the waist.
That's because people tend
to automatically comply
with a plate of food based
on their size. The bigger the
dish you use, then it could
be the more food you
Try to get used to eating
with a smaller plate. Select
is also a shallow bowl and
not the inside. You may be
eating less food, without
even trying and knowing it.
2. 'Show off' fresh fruit
Research shows we tend to
eat something if we visually
'reminded' and look
attractive. So 'show off'
fresh fruit in a fruit platter
beautiful design.
Put in place regular area to
relax, so you better take it
easy. Choose fruits that are
attractive colors such as
bananas, mangoes, apples
or oranges. This trick makes
you eat more fruit, which
was instrumental to
maintaining weight loss.
3. Create a spice rack
looks interesting
Boredom and a sense of a
bad diet is the reason
people do not consistently
eat healthy foods. One way
around this is to add spice
in each dish.
So you do not forget to
always add it, make it look
more attractive spice rack.
Place in containers and
place in the beautiful area
that are easy to reach.
4. Paint soft
The study revealed that the
paint color kitchen or
dining room can help you
eat less. Why?
Research shows that the
brightly colored space, such
as red and yellow, can
stimulate you to eat faster.
While the soft can help you
slow down. In fact, chewing
food more slowly can help
you eat less and relieve
digestive system works.

Adverse Effects Diet Program

Diet or weight loss
programs are either health.
But, there are also negative
impacts, especially
psychologically and
physiologically. Here I try to
summarize the article in
mid-August and Fitsugar:
1. Hunger
Certainly! When dieting,
fasting or other weight loss
programs, levels of the
hormone Ghrelin (hunger)
will increase. Relax, this is
an automatic survival
mechanism your body. Just
how clever we deal with a
set schedule of regular
meals and portions to
2. Sensitive
The point? Yes, those who
are dieting are more
emotional and irritable.
This can sometimes
undermine the purpose.
Good intentions are pure
temptation can be
defeated. Condition:
Teguhkan Establishment!
Because like the proverb
says: Bringing Passion
3. 4L
What tuh 4L? Weak, weary,
Weary and Tired. Diet
program is run it will make
the weak and lethargic and
easily tired and fatigued.
For that accompanied the
diet with fruits and
vegetables that are rich in
anti oxidants as well as the
body needs multivitamins.
Congratulations to lose
weight, yes, hopefully able
to face the terrible effects
and success!

Five Movements Fitness Exercise For Sex

Sex is a physical
activity that requires a lot
of energy. To that end, for
those who want to have a
satisfying sex life, need to
increase stamina by diligent
Some of the sports
movement can evoke girah
sex with your partner.
These exercises not only
form the body healthy and
beautiful, but also able to
improve the quality of sex
Here are some of the
sports movement that will
help you to hone your
skills in bed, as quoted by
the Times of India:
Movement of push-ups
help to strengthen the
arms, shoulders and
abdominal muscles. This
sport gives a big change in
life seks.Membentuk a sexy
stomach and make you
look more physically
attractive. Have a strong
stomach is very useful to
men, especially when doing
a sex position on top.
When doing squats, a lot of
muscles that move and
produce large amounts of
hormones. Squats improve
one's physical strength and
stamina of the gluteus
muscles and upper leg so it
helps to enhance sexual
Bench press
Perform movements such
as bench press, helping to
strengthen the chest
muscles and shoulders. This
movement could form the
muscles of the chest to
gain a more unbiased and
tight. For men, this
movement can increase the
power so they will not
quickly tired when having
sex with a partner.
Cardio exercises that can be
done ie aerobics, running
or swimming. Doing cardio-
vascular exercise helps
improve blood circulation
in the body.
Blood flow and circulation
of good help to build
excitement, which is
especially important for
men. Doing cardio is also
helps release endorphins in
the brain, known as the
happy hormone.
Doing Kegel exercises can
help make a tremendous
difference in your sex life.
Pubococcygeal muscle is
also known as the PC
muscle is the muscle that is
used to resist the urge to
urinate, or pee in the
middle holding.
If done regularly by men,
Kegel exercises will help
them to control the
muscles that contract
during ejaculation and the
effect can prolong
ejaculation. While women,
doing Kegel exercises will
help gain control of the
muscles of the vagina, so
they can get greater sexual

Best For Body Fat

Fat is always considered 'the enemy' for a diet that is running the program. But the fact is, you can not live without fat. That's because along with protein and carbohydrates, fat is a source of energy. Indeed, there is a type of fat consumption should be restricted because it can increase the risk of heart disease. To that end, it is important to know the three categories of body fat, as reported from 1. Saturated Fat Saturated fats are fats that arguably was not too bad. Meat is the main source of saturated fat, which is also found in dairy products. Too much saturated fat levels in the body, can trigger constriction of blood vessels, increasing blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels. 2. Unsaturated fats Unsaturated fats are best for body fat, and you must consume. Unsaturated fats are generally divided into two categories, namely monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Fish, corn oil, olive oil, sesame seeds and hazelnuts are the foodstuffs that contain a high unsaturated fat. While fatty fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, and sardines are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. Fat is not like the type of fat found in meat. Always include fish in your diet. That's because omega-3 fatty acids can lower blood pressure, bad cholesterol and also slows the growth of plaque in arteries throughout the body and inflammation in the body. 3. Trans fats This is the type of fat that should be avoided, that is also called trans fat. Is the result of the hydrogenation process of vegetable oils. Take it in excess can increase bad cholesterol and lowers good cholesterol in the blood. Thus, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.