5 Destroyer Positive Energy

Everything we
do definitely have an effect
on the amount of positive
energy we have. Although
we eat a healthy diet,
regular exercise and habits,
but if you are bad, then
the energy will decrease
and make the body is
always feeling tired.
That's because the mind is
often filled with something
negative. You certainly
curious about anything
that draining the positive
energy and negative impact
on psychological and
physical condition.
1. Delay the work. Much
of the work or things can
be done as soon as possible
but you would prefer to
postpone it. It is highly
energy-consuming because
any time if the job or it
should be resolved
immediately, your time and
your mind will surely
drained the maximum to
complete. If There is
unfinished and delayed
definitely a lump and seize
your mind, it also makes
concentration and reduced
2. Complain. Naturally, if
you occasionally complain
about a thing but if every
day is filled complaint,
then you do not aakan get
nothing. Complaining
means throw away the
positive energy. Do not let
every day complaining
because it will only make
you tired. Moreover,
nothing will change just
because a complaint
without action.
3. Adjacent to the person
who is always negative.
Adjacent to the people
who see things from a
negative side also greatly
affects energy and your
thoughts. By listening to
stories and statements that
are always negative for sure
you will feel tired. Your
thoughts could be
negatively affected.
4. Always compare
yourself and others.
Everyone has advantages
and disadvantages of each.
As badly as anyone would
have a good side. By always
comparing yourself with
others will only waste
energy in vain.
5. Diet carelessly. A diet
that is not good to make
the body feel
uncomfortable, which
indirectly could create
unstable emotions. When
conditions are not good
mood, you need to intake
of specific nutrients. Do
diet by eating foods that
can make you feel more

Deviate diet Can Disturb Heart

Many women are obsessed to have a slim body. They performed a strict diet in order to maintain the buildup of fat in the body. Only, they often do so without the rules that eventually it triggers serious health problems. Studies Utrecht University, quoted by the daily The Telegraph, said that young women who diet excessively regardless of nutritional balance it has the highest risk of heart disease up to threefold in the future. The study of 8,000 young women showed that those who are undernourished at a young age have an increased risk of heart disease than those who met their nutritional needs. Ideally, women mengasup 2,000 calories per day to maintain health in the future. But in fact, many are unable to comply because they prefer the 'hunger' rather than be fat. "The core of our study is the large role of one's childhood on health in the future," says Annet van Abeelen. For the sake of fighting fear of fat, some women do not even hesitate on a strict diet during pregnancy. Call it Victoria Beckham who only consume only 600 calories a day. Personnel Former 'Spice Girl' it seems difficult to eliminate the habits of chewing some strawberries and drinking mineral water while pregnant third child. For the sake of the fight against unhealthy diets that often lead to anorexia, a number of communities formed to scrutinize the images in the media that can damage a young child's diet. They oppose all sorts of visual forms that trigger eating disorders. "These days young people are surrounded by images and impressions of public figures in the media that could reflect badly on one's diet," said a spokesman for Beat, a charity for sufferers of eating disorders. "Eating disorders early can result in long-term health and lead to organ damage." Outbreaks of Hunger A research study the effects of malnutrition on the 7845 women when famine in the Netherlands in 1944 to 1945. The study began when the respondents were aged under 21 years old and just got the intake of 400-800 calories per day. The European Heart journal, the researchers said the events of famine is a natural experiment in history that allows them to examine the long-term effects of malnutrition suffered by the victims. Participants were divided into three groups: those affected by exceptional outbreaks of famine, they are hardly felt, and those in between the two conditions. Research shows that those affected by famine in childhood and adolescence have an increased risk of coronary heart disease 27 percent larger. This percentage rose to 38 percent in adolescents aged 10-17 years. Professor Kausik Ray and colleagues at the University of St George, London, conducted a study that supports such research by examining separately about the outbreak in China and Russia. The result is a consistent data on nutrient levels in childhood result in clear on chronic diseases later in life. (Rudy Bun)

Diet Personality Match

Personality influence on
many things, like the clothes we
wear, friends and men who
coveted. Not only that, personality
also affects the success or failure of
diet do. If diets do not tailored to the
personality, it tends to not work.
From now try to select the type of
diet that suits your personality. Do
not let the diet that has been done
for months is not successful just
because it does not fit with your
personality. Here are four
personality types and the type of
diet that should be done.
- Diet Planner
If you include people always plan
everything carefully and in detail the
diet then you are a planner. Try to
make healthy low-fat menu for one
week, if necessary, write down the
agenda. It will be easier for you to
be consistent on a healthy diet and
diet became more effective.
- Diet Player
If you're the type who easily
adaptable, flexible and not think too
much about when there is a
problem then you are dieting player.
Do not try to do a strict diet,
because it will not succeed. Rigid
diet will not last long on you,
because it feels like a burden. No
need to abstain from eating certain
foods. But when determining food
or snack, choose a lot of fiber and
low in calories. Get used to always
eat healthy foods.
- Diet feeler
If you are sensitive and always need
other people to motivate themselves
separately diet then you are a feeler.
You always involves feelings in
many ways, including in choosing
food. So when the mood is sad or
happy you can overeat. To fix this
try to overcome feelings of emotion
that you experienced in other ways,
such as, writing blogs, playing
computer games, sports or vent
with friends. This is to avoid
excessive appetite when you're
- Diet Thinker
Thinker diet suitable for someone
who likes the challenge of thinking
and new things. Information on
ingredients in foods such as
calories, fat, carbohydrates can be
something of interest to you.
Trying a variety of diets are also
often you do. But try to be
consistent on one type of diet and
analyze to what extent weight loss,
then know also sugar and
cholesterol levels in the blood.
Knowing the medical facts of the
body can make you more
consistent diet.

Maintain Weight During Pregnancy

Maintain Weight During Pregnancy The increasing age of the fetus, your body weight will tend to increase. If body weight increased in the normal size, you certainly do not need to worry. But if the doctor thinks you jump excessive increase in body weight, you should immediately gains control. Excessive body weight during pregnancy is not only a negative effect on your health, but also the health of the fetus. To overcome this you can go on a diet and exercise, and certainly should consult with your doctor before doing so. There are several diet and exercise are safe for pregnant women and is quite effective in controlling weight gain. Mild exercise You can do a little exercise during pregnancy. Streets during the evening and morning, yoga, swimming are a few choices of sports you can do. Do exercise safely and not too heavy. Try to exercise every day, besides the weight can be controlled, the condition of the fetus can become healthier. Consumption of food with balanced nutrition Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals. For protein consumption, you can eat fish or lean meat. Try not to process it by frying. We recommend that you cook with little oil as possible. The greater the pregnancy will make you feel hungry often. For that, the better you eat many times in small portions rather than eating a few times but in large portions. Flexibility exercises Practicing flexibility is very good for pregnant women, but do not do it excessively. In addition to preparing the muscles for childbirth, flexibility exercises can make you relax. If flexibility exercises carried out effectively, can burn many calories. Avoid sugary foods, instant and fatty Do not consume too many soft drinks, instant foods and eat sweet. Not only makes your body weight increases, but also the weight of your fetus. Choose a healthy snack and meet your nutritional needs

Scrape off fat with Having Sex

"Want to burn calories? Try regular sex!" That's the theory contained in the book "The Ultimate Sex Diet" by Kerry McCloskey. Making love can indeed be an activity to burn calories and toning muscles, especially if done regularly. Here are facts that can support that sex could be your favorite sport: Burn Fat calories = Kikis To lose weight, you must burn more calories than eating the food. The best way to burn calories is by exercising. If you have experienced sweaty body after sex, you may have wasted several calories. In fact, having sex for 30 minutes can burn 150-350 calories. This activity can be equated with doing sprinting, lifting weights or jogging in the same time. One hour of active lovemaking, calories can be equated with calories contained in a cheeseburger (about 400 calories). So, snacking desire that you feel could be transferred by the action of 'rogue' You and your partner in bed. Provide time All you need to know, timing is everything. To lose weight, you need to make love longer. Foreplay long enough to burn more fat. Begin with a kiss Foreplay with kissing can also burn calories. You can burn about 18 calories if kissing every 15 minutes. So, doing this action for 30 minutes before sex to burn calories about 36 calories. Variations in style of sex Making love can also be equated with weight lifting activities. Rivet partner's body, and lift your body with the hands and feet can help tighten muscles. More toned muscles can make the body burn calories more easily. More creative you try sex positions, more fat is eroded. Dampen the desire to snack According to the results of interviews conducted with Dr. Fox News. Robert Friar of Ferris State University, Michigan, USA, sex can not only make the weight go down, due to the reduced calories, but also because this activity can increase the production of serotonin. This hormone can make you full faster, making it faster to stop eating and snacking. The more hormone in the body, the easier you dampen the desire to snack.

Consumption of Peanut Butter For Health

Peanut butter is the perfect complement to bread to taste more savory and delicious. But, if you consider the weight, we tend to eat only bread she offered without spread it with peanut butter or replace it with another jam. Although fairly high in calories, peanut butter has a huge benefit for your health, while not consumed in excess. Facts about the high calorie content in peanut butter, though high levels, but still healthy and very beneficial for the body. Calories are found in peanut butter is mostly unsaturated fat that is safe for the body. Peanut butter also contains 30 different vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. Kandugan protein, magnesium, phosphorus, fiber, and vitamin E on the peanut butter is also very good to meet the needs of our bodies. Studies show a person who likes to eat peanut butter, will be exposed to the risk of obesity and weight gain is smaller compared to someone who never eat them. That's because eating peanut butter make you full longer and reduce the desire to snack. Eat peanut butter on a regular basis can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. You also can diet by reducing carbohydrate intake and increase consumption of protein derived from the peanut butter. Protein will make sense of satiety for longer and you can get through a healthy protein is vegetable protein from peanut butter. Balance your food menu as well with fruit and vegetables. Just remember, eating peanut butter can actually improve health for the proper dosage and not excessive.

5 Easy Steps get slim

diet programs do not always have to disangkut pautkan with food combining. Planning and motivation from within oneself, is also very important. Arrange Strategy Develop a plan regarding the daily menus, exercise and coping strategies that are difficult things. In that sense, you must have a plan in regulating dietary intake of food (not to be goaded to overeat) when invited to dinner with friends or attending a party. Set the strategy as effectively as possible. Those who successfully lose weight are those who have the strategies and tricks to stay on the right track. In short you must be creative and anticipatory response to situations that may be detrimental to your diet. Define Motivation What motivates you to slim? Due to parental demand, in order to impress a girlfriend, or so admired friends? If the reasons you just for the sake of pleasing others, it means you are still not ready to go on a diet. Strong intention is to come from within, not because of factors beyond your own self. Create Notes Other tips to be successful losing weight is getting used to monitor and record every progress and setbacks. Especially in the first few weeks you do the diet program. Keep a daily record of food, ranging from foods you eat, how much and where you eat it. Make a note also weekly ranging from physical activity or exercise you do every day (including the duration and results of the exercise) ssampai your weight loss. Also take note of how long you sit or lie down. When it was too long, you can make this as motivation to immediately exercise better. Better to write down immediately any information as soon as you eat or do physical activity. Write down the details of all the foods you eat, ranging from heavy meals, snacks, drinks until a pack of gum though. Avoid Processed Foods Avoid foods that have been processed form such as fried, and sugary foods berpengawet. For it is precisely these types of foods that will add calories. For example, a boiled potato which contains only 50 calories that are rich in fiber and vitamins, can-can tersulap to 200 calories when processed into french fries and loss of vitamin C. Do Pessimistic Avoid all the pessimism and negative thoughts like "I'm doomed to fail, I could not possibly be slim again". Things like this will actually make you give up and return to overeating. Immediately change these thoughts into positive things that can evoke such passion, "I have to try even more strongly, pokonya I have to be slim".

Apparently, Men Can Also Suffer Anorexia

Disease bulimia, anorexia and also cases of disturbances in eating patterns is identical to the woman. However, the disease it can also strike men. Unfortunately, men who suffer from anorexia or bulimia feel embarrassed to talk and come to an expert to resolve the issue. According to the results of research conducted by the Robert Koch Institute in 2008, every five of European citizens aged between 11 to 17 years showed symptoms of eating disorders they occur. Not much different with women, men become anorexic because they are very eager to always control their body and weight. Dieticians believe one of the causes of anorexia because they want to change their body shape in order to impress beautiful. A body like David Beckham is considered the men as the standard of a healthy body and sexy. Plus, the current trend in fashion is very attached to the image of skinny men.

Varicose veins arising Due to Obesity?

Varicose veins arising Due to Obesity? Question: I am 24 years old, overweight (150cm/57kg). First I became active in the martial arts group. After several months of inactivity, the shape of my body continues to expand. Especially in the abdomen, calves, and buttocks. Oddly enough, lately, in the thighs
and the back of my knee varicose veins appear. Is this due to obesity? In addition, to reduce body weight, Iet and
exercise what is right for me?

Actually, the appearance of varicose veins has nothing to do with obesity. State of
varicose veins can be triggered by several conditions, including prolonged standing. Varicose veins around the thigh can be prevented by putting a foot
higher than the head while sleeping. If unsuccessful, consult a physician surgeon
vascular (blood vessel). When viewed from the weight and height are specified, you are classified as overweight. To reduce excess weight, you can try a 1500 calorie diet. This diet is good enough for
you, and do not cause side effects, such as falling levels of hemoglobin (Hb) or
endurance. However, try not drastically drop weight, just 2-4 kg per month. With
reduced weight, the automatic calf and buttocks will shrink. Reduce fat intake as well (oil, coconut milk, and food is tasty) and sugar (sweets, soft
drinks, syrup, sweet tea). Eat small meals regularly. Breakfast absolute
implemented. When you feel weak in the diet, do light physical activity, such as
walking around your home or office.
Instead, make an easy but effective exercise to lose weight such as walking in the
morning, interspersed with jogging. Lower the intensity of jogging when you start gasping. Then continue with the 10-minute walk away, until
the total amount you exercise 45-60 minutes.

- Before eating, drink a glass
of water, then vegetables,
then rice and side dishes.
- Try to fall asleep 2 hours
after eating.
- Reduce the use of salt,
remove fat from meat,
drinking water was restricted.

Slim in 5 Week Reese Witherspoon

Appearance star of 'Legally Blonde' Reese Witherspoon looks more and more spectacular every year. Body slender mother of two daughters is indeed often make many women jealous. But, you know when she divorced last year from Ryan Phillipe, Reese was depressed because her weight soared, and appeared cellulite on her body? But, now with pride, Reese could tell the media that she has found the solution of the problem. Her body was slim and cellulite-free return. What's the secret? "The key is kominten. If you want to have slim and cellulite-free skin, we should not diet program a half-half. It must be consistent!" she said. SHe hired a personal fitness trainer to 'juggle' body into what she wanted. Diet and exercise program she lived, known as '5 Factor Diet '. This popular diet was deliberately designed to Hollywood celebrity fitness trainer Harley Pasternak by. Jessica Simpson, Halle Berry, Eva Mendes and other Hollywood actresses also undergo this diet. This diet program is quite loved by women, because they do not need to cut your favorite foods. '5 Factor diet 'is the program for five-week diet consisting of 5 types of exercise performed for five minutes per session per day. And, 5 types of food in small portions to be consumed five times per day. Five types of food must be consumed consisted of five food components, namely, protein (fish, chicken, eggs), complex carbohydrates (rice, potatoes, corn, cassava, sweet potatoes, pasta, bread), fiber (vegetables and fruits) , good fats (olive oil, nuts and avocados), and drinks without the sugar content (water or fruit juice without added sugar). "This menu if consumed in small portions and consumed five times a day to make sense of satiety for longer and keep blood sugar levels remain stable," says Pasternak, the inventor of this diet. During five weeks, you are allowed 'off' the diet for 5 days. But, should not be five consecutive days. So today 'free'diet done once a week (interspersed day diet). "Diet is very simple and effective. Just do not drop out in the middle of the road when we follow this diet," said Reese. While this type of exercise undertaken Reese is pilates, yoga and running. "I exercise five days alternately. And, I just need to do it for 5 minutes at a time. As a result, I gain weight I wanted in five weeks!" she smiled with satisfaction.

Favorite Food Based Dietary Zodiac

Everyone has a favorite
food. And, usually when it's dealing
with favorite foods will be difficult to
control yourself. No amount of food
could you spend.
If you are like this of course will
have an effect on body weight. To
know how to control themselves
when confronted with a favorite
food was, horoscope you can rely
Aries: Aries star For you are very
happy with the bread. Any kind of
bread would devour. Bread is not
just for breakfast, but sometimes
used as a snack. If you are like this
could certainly make you gain
weight. To fix this, while eating
Do not take a big cut, but small
Taurus: snacks that are favored
Taurus is crunchy and tasty food.
Can be a cracker, pop corn, potato
chips, crackers or biscuits. If you've
been dealing with food
The taurus tend not stop eating it.
To fix this, choose packaging that is
small or grab a tasty snack in hand.
Gemini: Gemini love with fast food.
If you've been dealing with fries,
burgers or chicken fried flour would
be hard to stop eating. High calorie
fast food on the course is not good
for health. For that, it's better just
cook your own burgers, potato or
chicken who wants to be
consumed. Expand vegetables and
remove from stuffing cheese
Cancer: Cancer is like sweet foods.
Such as pudding, tiramisu or
pastry. It was a sweet and gentle
indeed make the tongue addicted.
But, be careful not too much
consuming because it can be a bad
effect on blood sugar levels. Make
your own pudding that uses low-
calorie sugar. To print, use a small
pudding molds. Consume one or
two servings is enough.
Leo: People tend to like meat leo
star. Although good to meet the
body's protein needs, but not good
if consumed in excess. Try to
occasionally replace meat with fish
menu. Protein content and high
omega 3 for health and memory
Virgo: dry cake is tasty and sweet
is a favorite food Virgo. One jar of
cookies can be spent in no time. It
certainly can make the calories in the
body is increasing. When buying a
cake, you should select are packed
in small packs. Do not buy a large
cake in a jar because it can lead you
to spend it.

Diet For Baby Gender Planning

Food consumed the
parents also affect the sex of
the fetus in the womb.
Research shows parents who
have a son, eat lots of sodium
and potassium, whereas
parents of girls consume lots
of calcium and magnesium.
If you're planning to have
children with certain sex try to
adjust your diet before
pregnancy. Researchers
suggest some foods that you
and your partner can consume
so that the fetal sex as
If you and your spouse want a
boy multiply the consumption
of potatoes, mushrooms,
sweet cherry fruit, bananas,
oranges, peaches and berries.
Reduce consumption of
lettuce, cabbage, broccoli,
and peas.
If you and your spouse want a
girl multiply the consumption
of eggplant, carrots,
cucumbers, green peas,
peppers, onions and beans.
Reduce consumption also
bananas, oranges, grapes and
The researchers suggested
that the diet is discussed with
a physician. Intake of other
foods was necessary and
should not be overlooked such
as proteins and
carbohydrates. Lest they
follow a diet when pregnant
fetal development problems.

Many Cholesterol Not Good For Health

The human body
naturally produces cholesterol, but
the amount produced in accordance
with genetics. Too much cholesterol
content is also not good for health.
American Heart Association as
reported by
stated, content criteria intake of
cholesterol in the body when less
than 200 mg / dl is considered
healthy. While the 200-239 mg / dl
cholesterol was borderline high, and
240 mg / dl and above is the
healthy cholesterol levels.
Many of the favorite foods also have
high cholesterol. But there are some
foods that can lower these levels.
Here are five foods to lower
1. Oatmeal and Oat Bran: The fiber
content is essential to help combat
high cholesterol. Oatmel contain
fiber that can solve cholesterol.
2. Walnuts and Almonds. These
types of nuts contain
polyunsaturated fatty acids that can
help destroy cholesterol.
3. Fish and Omega 3 Fatty Acids.
These types of fish contain among
them salmon, mackerel, and tuna
contain omega three which can
nourish the liver and lowers the
cholesterol levels.
4. Olive Oil. This Mediterranean diet
that provides a low antioxidant LDL
cholesterol. Olive oil consumption is
recommended every day.
5. Foods that contain sterols and
stanols are substances that exist in
plants that help block the absorption
of cholesterol. Foods that are
included in the type that include
margarine, orange juice, and
yogurt. Additionally, other foods
that are good for lowering
cholesterol levels are fruits,
vegetables, nuts, seeds, and nuts.
These are some examples of foods
that can reduce cholesterol levels in
the body that you can eat.
Making these foods part of an
overall balanced diet and you'll
enjoy foods such as eggs and beef
without fear of error or damage

The Best Diet After Childbirth

Three months ago, I recently gave birth to second child. Currently I'm trying to streamline the body, but without affecting milk production. Is it safe if I use creams and herbal slimming pill shrinkage or stomach? Answer: Although no studies about the side effects dangers of slimming drugs that you mentioned, you should not carelessly consume these products. Fear, not only harmful to your health, but also can threaten the health of your tiny baby. The best way to streamline the body is fixed by reducing calorie intake, by reducing food portions and increase activity. During breastfeeding, the actual extra energy you spend is not too large, which is about 500 calories. Such energy can be obtained by adding 200 grams of rice and a boiled egg from your everyday needs before pregnancy. The best step you can do, start exercising and less snacks. Drinking enough water (eight glasses per day), without added sugar. You can drink nonfat milk plus sugar only minimally. You can also eat the daily menu as usual, by eating vegetables first, then rice and side-pauknya. Every meal, simply take two or three pieces a side dish (with a total weight of about 100 grams). Rice should still be eaten, but the portions are equated with such needs during pregnancy.

Fiber Drink Can Replaces Vegetables

Vegetables are the best
source of fiber. Unfortunately, for
busy women, eating a healthy diet
is often forgotten. So the body
became less fiber, and cause
digestive tract is not smooth.
Therefore, as a vegetable substitute,
this time some fiber drinks brands
offered to meet the needs of fiber
body. But, really healthy
replacement drinks that are
considered completely safe for your
health and your diet? Consider the
questions and answers below!
Question: Is it true slimming?
Answer: According to the Food and
Drug Monitoring Agency (BPOM),
natural fiber products (drinks
fibrous) circulating in Indonesia are
mostly containing Psyllium husk,
which is water soluble fiber which is
also known by the name of
Plantago ovata husk or Isphagula.
Soluble fiber is easily digested and
readily soluble in water. For example
pectin, musilase, and gum, which is
widely available in lemon, apples,
oranges, strawberries, beans,
broccoli, and onions. Gum is
expanding in the intestine, thus
providing a sense of satiety. Fibrous
drinks could have made weight
down, because you are so reluctant
to eat the other. However, weight
loss in this way is not healthy.
Question: Can be a substitute
for fruits or vegetables?
Answer: Within a day, your body
requires 30 grams of fiber. If the
fiber in the daily menu was
provided for (of rice, vegetables,
fruits, etc.), beverages do not
actually need to be consumed.
Because, unreliable as sources of
fiber. Additionally, fibers derived no
physiological or not in accordance
with normal body functions. In fact,
if consumed in the long run,
especially if the fiber content in it too
much, over time can interfere with
Question: Is it safe to eat when
Answer: No. Fibrous drinks also
contain calories, because there is
added sugar or artificial sweeteners.
're Dieting or not, can not be any
fibrous drinks consumed. POM had
issued a special announcement
about this product.
It contained, among others:
- The product should not be taken
without water (eaten in powder
form). Consumption of drinking
water must be accompanied by at
least 8 glasses per day.
- The product should not be
consumed together with the drug.
- Not recommended consumed by
patients with disorders of pancreatic
enzymes (as it can inhibit the action
of the enzyme lipase), patients with
large bowel obstruction, patients
with pathological narrowing of the
gastrointestinal tract, and diabetes

This recipe Pamela Anderson To Stay sexy

At the age of four heads, Pamela Anderson still beautiful and has a sexy body. Pamela claimed to have a special recipe in maintaining the body beautiful. When some artists on a diet and exercise diligent in maintaining the beauty of her body, Pamela Anderson just different. Sexy-lipped artist who is claiming the secret beauty of the body is because of sex. 'To keep the body beautiful for me is to love. I never go to the Gym aasu on a diet, "Pamela said as quoted from Hollywood Gossip, Tuesday, August 11, 2009. Former star of 'Baywatch' says sex makes it youthful and healthy. Pamela is known as an artist who openly discuss her personal life including her sex life. SHe did not hesitate to share stories about their sex lives to others. Pamela holds the status of widows. Reportedly, this 42-year-old artist returned intimate with ex-husband Tommy Lee. Both were seen together at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. However, it was denied by Pamela. The artist admits she wants to marry again. And she was waiting for the right guy for her. "I want to marry again, but who would want with me? Mother of two children and has a slightly mad ex-husband was never far from me," she complained.

Beyonce Sexy Body Secrets

Beyonce Sexy Body Secrets Beyonce Knowles always look stunning with a beautiful body and sexy. Her style on the stage of the exotic always makes the audience spellbound and breathless. With the body count contains dense, Beyonce has always struggled to maintain her shape. Body type like hers is solid containing prone to obesity. Few forget to keep eating, big body. As an entertainer, Jay-Z's wife was prosecuted should always look sexy. But Beyonce did not regard it as a burden. Instead, she did as a form of self-pleasing. What makes a diet and fitness program it fun? Check out the tips. At work, during exercise Drinking water while diving. That's what made Beyonce in her daily life. SHe makes the moments of choreography as a time for fitness training. Her appearance on stage is very attractive requires high stamina. For that reason in every practice choreography, she had to do various exercises with exercise capacity. Exercise choreography that includes running, squad movements 100 times, and so on. Sports = Recreation Motion exercise to train the upper body often feels boring. But not for Beyonce. SHe could make it a workout that feels exciting. "I play my favorite songs and then do weight training during that song," says Beyonce. Can motivate yourself Sometimes the biggest obstacle during exercise is not a heavy training load, but rather the motivation of ourselves. When lack of motivation, exercise too exhausting. Beyonce had a unique way to motivate herself. When put through threadmil, she put a picture of an Oscar or a Grammy. SHe then ran as if pursuing a second cup. Consistent Ahead of the concert, every day, Beyonce practicing choreography for nine hours. And it did seven full days for a week without holidays. And all the exercises she does with high heels. Despite claims tortured, Beyonce did not complain. SHe fully understands the sacrifices that must be done to achieve that dream.

Healthy Diet Tips

The diet is usually performed by
women especially for Wanta who
had just given birth, would be
bothered by a diet program that
takes a long time and it is very
difficult. But now not only among
women who want a beautiful body,
men also have their own way to
The problem is precisely Men are
even easier to fall bert body, it's
because of different eating patterns
and activity, but why men are even
faster in his diet, whereas men
more so than women.?
That's because the activity is
balanced by the input, and most
men do not snack / meal snacks,
versus the opposite with women
who mostly snack, let alone pick the
less healthy snacks, which contain
Tips to avoid when Diet
Avoid naps, better used for the
Avoid sleeping too late, in the diet,
the body will not keep him strong.
Reduce the portion of excessive
eating, because it can make a
person exposed to "mag".
Avoid dinner over at 18:00 pm.
Avoid energy drinks.
Stay away from instant food,
because many contain
preservatives, as it will stay longer
in the body, is also not good for
Many people who diet to reduce
food portions, even too much, it's
not good for the body, because a
person can be exposed to "mag",
even though we are good anti-
body, still not too excessive, which
usually eat two scoops of rice to be
half spoon rice, it is usually people
do not know.
Do exercise routine every day
morning and afternoon, with yoga
or other breathing much better, also
avoid evening exercise, because it is
not very good for our lungs, and
consumption of foods high in
cholesterol and low proteini,
multiply the drinking water ,
because they're good for the body
of impurities.
One thing that is most important in
the diet is to have a "Motivation" or
is your aim to go on a diet, it will
make you more energetic and
persevering, because the diet takes
two to three months.

the threat Behind of High Protein Diet

High-protein diet done by cutting out carbohydrates, and eat more meat. This diet can indeed reduce body weight quickly. This is caused by the reduction of energy reserves that should come from carbohydrates, as well as the onset of dehydration due to high protein intake. However, if inappropriately undertaken this diet can threaten health. Because high protein intake could incriminate the function of the stomach, liver and kidneys. Therefore, the three organs of the body must work hard to neutralize these proteins. The danger, the balance of vitamins and minerals so disturbed. In addition, this diet can also cause the body does not get the required calories in a day (less than 1500 calories). As a result, the metabolism was diminishing, which impact even facilitate your weight go up quickly. In fact, can be more severe than the original. Thus, when the body feels weak, should stop the diet. If you stay on a diet rich in these proteins in a long time, consequently you can be quickly tired, dizziness, sleeplessness, dry skin and constipation. To be able to feel the positive impact of low-calorie diet without being exposed to negative impacts, it is necessary modifications in the diet. Some examples of high-protein diet modification is as follows: 1. Eat fish, soya beans and their processed products, nuts, and olive oil as a source of protein and monounsaturated fat and doubles. 2. Avoid saturated fats (satured fat). Replace the intake of meat, cream, and butter with nuts, fish and olive oil. 3. Increase your intake of fruits as a source of carbohydrates such as apples, bananas, mangoes, oranges, pears and guava in the daily menu. 4. If necessary (as directed) can increase the intake to avoid deficiency of certain nutrients such as fiber, minerals, and vitamins that are needed.

Slim body with Method Brainwave

no unsightly addition, overweight or obese can cause various health problems. In fact, many ways you can do to slim, though not everything can be applied safely. Brainwave technology in this case can help to reduce excess fat in your body. Experts have observed that the human brain has four categories of brain waves, known as brainwave. When we think hard, the brain condition to beta waves. In this condition the heart or the feeling of many plays. Second, alpha waves, which is when the brain and liver collaborate or cooperate. Third, theta waves, that is when you do not think, but still conscious, for example when the meditation Fourth, delta waves, ie, the condition while you are sleeping. Proven most effective diet program when your brain is in alpha waves. There are many ways into the alpha state. One of them through the senses of hearing, through brainwave audio technology. With the latest brainwave audio technology, is able to stimulate the body trim and a sound diet and unheard by the ears, but it was clear by the subconscious that is inserted when the brain is in alpha. Hormone stimulates the alpha waves that are suitable for balancing the body's system so you can easily burn the excess fat in the body naturally control appetite and enthusiasm for exercise. To be able to lose weight, many methods that can now be applied. One common practice is, the diet is done consistently. Trouble is, most obese people can not consistently do this program. Though they know exactly what kind of food is either consumed or not, or portion of a good exercise to lose weight. So what is blocking it? Some practitioners and doctors of nutrition reveals "what's in your heart determines your behavior more than what's in your head". So, when the head or mind but the heart want to trim or feeling like eating fatty foods and lazy to exercise, do you feel was the one who wins. Wherever possible, remove the sense of resistance, negative feelings or dislike of exercise and diet. How, by aligning the mind, heart and your goals for dieting.

Successful Diet Without Tortured

If during this diet that you live is always failure may yet involve your brain and your mind. Because the brain is key pentinda in determining success or failure of your diet. Judith S. Beck, PhD, a psychiatrist from the University of Pennsylvania and author of The Beck Diet Solution to say try to change your mindset. If you always think like someone who is overweight, now think if you have a skinny body and have to eat healthy. Healthy food such as fruit and vegetables, as well as set a balanced diet. Then while reducing weight, focus on the target numbers that are not too large. For example targeting could lose two pounds in two weeks, do not need to target a high rate. Focus on lowering the target range in these figures. If you've reached the target figures do not obsess to celebrate by eating foods high in fat or careless no longer exercise. Cultivate in yourself if you want a healthy slimmer and more energetic still have to be disciplined in dietary patterns that have been undertaken. When the diet is not going well, do not rush to give up. Starting was from the beginning and do not leave the diet program in the middle with no results. Do not just rely on diet but also exercise. Because the diet without exercise will be futile.

Beyonce Diet Motivation

Beyonce Diet Motivation Who would not want to have a sexy body like the singer Beyonce Knowles? Body plump wife of Jay Z is, of course, is not acquired with ease. SHe must undergo a rigorous exercise and dietary adjustments. To live it all, certainly needed a strong motivation. So what makes Beyonce could undergo a strict diet with a passion? It turns out that motivated her to get a slim body is by shopping. Surely shoping style different from usual. Beyonce always buy a shirt or pants that smaller body size. It's that she has reasonable cause to immediately lose weight. "I often buy clothes a size smaller than the size of my body, so I have reason to diet, which is to be able to wear it," said Beyonce is a case quoted by In addition, this 27-year-old singer revealed that her dream of getting an Oscar is one motivation for her to keep her fitness and form. Although he has managed to lose 6 kg body weight, for her role as Deena Jones in the movie Dreamgirls, Beyonce was uncomfortable. "I'm not too comfortable when they have a body like a model, because it does not look natural. I also do not feel sexy, because she felt that was not not me," says Beyonce.

Falling often, Hughes Lose Weight

Because of her lush, Hughes admitted presenters often fall in the bathroom. Do not want that to happen again, Hughes was determined to lose weight. SHe was successful. "My weight had dropped from 130 kg to 104 kg. Not a bad fall," Hughes said when met at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jlaan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Hughes said the weight loss come not because of her strict diet. Roy's wife Emmanuelle are just doing cardio exercise for 5 to 6 hours per day. "Cardio every day. So if I go out of town I will find the hotel that there was Gym.'ll Be cardio continue," said presenter bloody Bali. Artist who is very concerned with this social problem have high spirits to keep her weight forward as it gets support from her husband. 'Mas Roy is very concerned with me. That's why he continues to support and attention at me, "she says. Although his body has gone down drastically, Hughes is not complacent. Women who always look fashionable is determined to continue to reduce her weight. SHe has the weight of its own targets for them. "Hell wish I weighed 80 kg. I think that's enough for me," she said with a laugh.

Falling often, Hughes Lose Weight

Because of her lush, Hughes admitted presenters often fall in the bathroom. Do not want that to happen again, Hughes was determined to lose weight. SHe was successful. "My weight had dropped from 130 kg to 104 kg. Not a bad fall," Hughes said when met at the Hotel Indonesia Kempinski, Jlaan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta, Tuesday, April 21, 2009. Hughes said the weight loss come not because of her strict diet. Roy's wife Emmanuelle are just doing cardio exercise for 5 to 6 hours per day. "Cardio every day. So if I go out of town I will find the hotel that there was Gym.'ll Be cardio continue," said presenter bloody Bali. Artist who is very concerned with this social problem have high spirits to keep her weight forward as it gets support from her husband. 'Mas Roy is very concerned with me. That's why he continues to support and attention at me, "she says. Although his body has gone down drastically, Hughes is not complacent. Women who always look fashionable is determined to continue to reduce her weight. SHe has the weight of its own targets for them. "Hell wish I weighed 80 kg. I think that's enough for me," she said with a laugh.

Combination Foods Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley is currently gearing-jealous look for information about healthy food, exercise, and look attractive. Beautiful artist's hard work to get the dream body. Elizabeth struggles to do what exactly? British actress was practicing food combination diet (food combining). Diet food combining is done by eating some particular food ingredients at the same time. Meanwhile, other foodstuffs consumed separately, or in a different time. The reason, each food group or take a different tract. Certain food types need different enzymes. The enzyme's function is to assist the digestive process, some of which are acidic and alkaline. When the acid and alkaline substances meet, they neutralize each other, and it can inhibit digestion. Elizabeth comply with the diet plan below, as much as herself. But, of course, a diet that involves rules pretty hard. Do not mix foods that have starch and protein while eating. Consumption of foods containing carbohydrates and proteins separately. Foods that contain proteins require acid medium for digestion. Separate foods containing starch and protein. Substance capable of neutralizing the acid alkaline substances, which are needed to digest food made from starch. When eating, preferably there is only one type of protein on your plate. Foods that contain protein and acid are separated as much as possible. Acid in the diet to prevent acid deposition that has been digested, which is needed to digest protein. Eat foods that contain protein and fat separately. Some foods, especially nuts containing 50% fat, which took many hours to digest. Protein, sugar, and fruit should not be consumed together. Do not eat melons with other fruits. Melons are not suitable in combination with other fruits. Do not eat, eat dessert after a big meal. Chew all food until liquid. Initially, follow the food combining diet will be difficult. But the gift that you can be worth it. Not only lose weight, but also you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Elizabeth is not only applying food combining diet, but also routinely practiced in the gym.

Get the style of Eva Mendes Body Dent

Eva Mendez curves the envy of many women. But, thanks to sheer hard work of Eva. Eva follow diet and exercise routines that hard. Check out how the hard work of Eva form a slim body. 1. Rent a coach Gymnastics coach will guide you to know the right moves. A friend suggested Eva hire renowned trainer, Harley Pasternak. But, if your pockets are not enough to hire a personal trainer, try another alternative. Join a gym. There was a physical trainer who will guide you. Like, what kind of movement that is safe, and effective for you, and how often you should do it. 2. Know your body Boost your body part you most proud of. Many say ass Eva Mendez is the greatest asset the Latin artist. Eva knew it. SHe also worked hard to form more solid bottom. Enjoy feel with your body type! You just need to work hard to refine. 3. Make routine Make your exercise as a form of routine. If you are able to apply it regularly, slowly you can feel a change. The body is getting stronger and get used to the pattern of exercise routines. Coach Eva start with mild exercise, then the weight gradually. Each week personal trainer Eva added a repetition exercises. You will not get bored that way. The body was getting stronger. 4. Combine exercise Do a combination of cardio and strength training. Eva Mendes warmed up with a treadmill and elliptical exercise machine for five minutes. Furthermore, in combination with weight training, cardio exercise interspersed, such as jumping rope every one set. After that, lay your back in balance with the ball resting on the heel. 5. Eat healthy foods Consumption of healthy menus, as listed in the book 5-Factor Diet is applied Eva. Egg whites, fat-free cheese, salmon, and brown rice. Adjust the intake of food with calories your body. So, you can still enjoy the food while forming the body. 6. Healthy snacks Choose healthy snacks, so that you are satisfied throughout the day. Eva including women are fond of eating the snacks. But she was careful to choose healthy snacks, such as cereals.

Groggy When Filming, Drew Barrymore Thin

Because of the stress while filming the movie, Drew Barrymore's body weight dropped drastically. Drew's body which was originally contained, now look slim. Drew Barrymore was involved in a new film titled 'Grey Gardens'. SHe was very nervous shooting the film. That makes her no appetite, so she had lost weight. "I'm skinny because I was very nervous. I am very nervous that I would not eat anything," Drew said as quoted by Showbizspy, Wednesday, April 29, 2009. Nerves that make Drew stress and not eating any food. As a result, her weight dropped as much as 10 pounds. Cute-faced star was very amazed with the weight reduction.

"I am very hard to lose weight as much as 10 pounds," she said pleased. Drew is very happy because her body was emaciated, but she could not linger to enjoy the thin body. SHe asked the film director "Grey Gardens" to immediately raise her weight to the original. "The director asked me to raise the weight as much as 10 pounds. But it's hard because I'm always nervous," she said.

Drew admitted in maintaining her weight, she never harsh diet. He ate as usual but the food portions are reduced. SHe felt comfortable running the diet. In addition, she is also diligent exercise in order to keep her fresh throughout the day. SHe did not want to look tired even though filming throughout the day.

Halle Berry, New and Fresh Shown

It's hard not to feel jealous of Halle Berry. Although she was already entering the number 42, black actresses still remains one of the sexiest women with a beautiful body. Still remember the movie Catwoman starring in 2004? Halle looks very sensual in her cat costume that shows belly mean. Likewise, when appearing as a character Storm in X-Men movies. Halle looks perfect curves in a sexy black jumpsuit. Her appearance on the outside of the movie was almost always a compliment for the right fashion choice. No wonder she has always been a target photographer if appearing on the red carpet. Early last year, Oscar-winner for the film Monster's Ball gave birth to daughter Nahla Ariela Aubry. The fruit of her love with her partner, supermodel Gabriel Aubry, ten years younger than her. As with other women, Halle is also having problems with her weight swelled. But now she is back with a fresh appearance and no less sexy than before to have a baby. SHe also was asked to be a cover of famous fashion magazines. One of Harper's Bazaar. At the photo shoot, Halle reveals that she is just a normal woman like other women. In an interview, as quoted from, Halle tells her new life. How do you keep up appearances after giving birth? Having a child is consuming a lot of things from you. It was a very extraordinary experience happy, but afterwards of course a lot of things to do. So, now I have a lot of exercise, choose a healthy diet, and eat lots of vitamins to maintain health. Do you restrict certain foods? I am a normal ordinary people. I also eat regular snacks are eaten by other people. I like Doritos (corn chips). I often watch the show The Biggest Loser while snacking Doritos. How about your outfit? I am not a woman who adores fashion too because I do not have a remarkable body. But if I want to look stylish for a particular event, I choose Roberto Cavalli. I also like the design of Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, and Calvin Klein. About your love life? I have a 33-year-old partner. It makes our passion alive. How now you stare at a career and family life? I used to work hard to pursue a dream because it's just my life. But what I learned today with the experience of having children, we can no longer carry it home affairs. I used to live filming of living alone, now things were different.

Kylie Minogue Favourite Diet Dangers

Grapefruit Diet has long been a favorite dietary patterns of many Hollywood celebrities. One of them, Kylie Minogue. So that her body is always sexy, singer of the song 'Spinning Around' is regularly consumed this fruit at every meal schedule. So Kylie has never forgotten to bring this fruit wherever she went. The problem is, lately many dieters get these bad effects. Reports from the Daily Sun, the content in these fruits can interact with medications. One of them, birth control pills. The effect can clog blood vessels that trigger heart attack or stroke. In addition, can also cause damage to organs. This warning stems from an article published in The Lancet medical journal, which interviewed a woman who almost lost her leg due to damaged blood vessels. Once traced, the conditions associated with the grapefruit diet lived. Slimming technique is indeed efficacious to burn fat quickly. But, according to the study, the content of the substance in grapefruit can inhibit the production of enzymes, which function to parse the drug. When drugs can not decompose resulting blockage of the arteries. The woman who almost lost her leg turned out regularly taking birth control pills, and just three days on a diet of grapefruit. Whereas, before, she rarely eat grapefruit. In the UK, consultant haematologis (blood specialist) Trevor Baglin, this case seems to reveal of grapefruit increased thrombotic effects of birth control pills. The message, extreme diets should be avoided, because there is always the possibility of unpredictable consequences. Then, if after learning the dangers of this diet, Kylie will change the pattern of her diet?

Healthy Diet for office workers

The office workers tend to have a poor diet. In addition to food choices that are far from healthy menu, office workers are also often violate the rules of eating right. For example snacking between meals. Work activities in an office that requires you to linger sitting at the computer is also not good for health. Too much sitting will make you at risk of experiencing low back pain and back. In addition, you are also less mobile so that over time, increased weight. So that employment activity in the office more effective, you should follow the diet below. Do not leave the breakfast Breakfast is very important for energy menyupali body and the brain at work. If no breakfast, you will be more difficult to concentrate and hunger would interfere with work. If no time for breakfast, bring fruit or fruit juice. Choose fruit that can supply blood to the brain so that sugar inhibits hunger comes more quickly. Such as oranges, apples, and strawberries. Reduce the habit of eating out At lunch, you are with friends work together to find the hawker food stalls. Food choices in a variety of roadside stalls can also make you forget about healthy nutrition. When you choose a menu that meets all nutritional needs, no problem. Try to choose a balanced diet, no carbs, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and so on. But most of the snacks on the roadside levels of cleanliness and health in doubt. Such as eating fried chicken, which used oil is not necessarily healthy. The oil is usually used to fry many times, so that could endanger health. Forget unhealthy snacks In between meals, your stomach to keep working so that sometimes arise hunger. Surely you're tempted to snack. Fries or potato chips was a wonderful break in between meals. But there's no such food nutrition and high cholesterol. Prepare the fruit for a snack Try to eat fruit at least five times a day. When cravings come, eat fruit. Healthy nutrition in the fruit undisputedly. High-fiber and vitamins can help improve body immunity and facilitate digestion. Choose yellow fruits such as oranges, mangoes, apricots to meet the needs of beta carotene. Fruits high berantioksidan such as strawberries, blueberries or grapefruit can also be an option. You can also eat in the form of fruit salad, salad, or fruit juice, or smoothies. In addition to fruit, you can also prepare vegetables for snacks, such as broccoli, spinach, or carrots. Do not ignore the thirst Office employee spent much time in the refrigerated chamber (AC). This makes the body more quickly dehydrated. Sometimes you delaying drinking because of busy work. But it's dangerous to kidney function. Recommendation of good drinking water of at least eight glasses a day. But for you, you should drink more servings. If you are lazy to go back and forth to take a drink in the dispenser, provide a pot on your desk. Expand the menu of fish Working 8-10 hours a day makes you a lot of brain drain. So you need a high protein mengasup. Health research revealed that people who ate fish at least three times a week had a lower risk of developing the disease. Omega-3 fatty acid content is very high in fish helps protect body cells from damage. In addition, high protein fish also help repair brain cells and nervous system. Thus, the brain work better and your concentration.

No Need Fat After Party

Have plans to
attend the wedding tonight?
As always, of course, there
will be a tempting buffet to
eat. Be careful, if you do not
carefully select the food,
might damage the diet
programs that are running.
Because the feast loaded with
fat, high cholesterol, and
calorie-rich. Like, fried rice,
rolade meat, or sweet and
sour snapper. Not to mention
fine dining huts, such as
various tempura, chicken
satay, lamb roll, syomai,
pempek, soup, even ice cream
was delicious and very
tempting. So, you can imagine
how many calories that go
along the party.
Indeed, in a state of
temptation is difficult to stand
on principle. So,
consciousness, are urgently
needed. Be smart set caloric
intake. Preferably, no more
than 700 calories. Meals are
served at the party of course
could not you know instantly
its nutrient content. To avoid
'accidents' are not desirable,
under this strategy:
1. Avoid standing near the
Busy yourself by talking with
other guests. But also vigilant.
It often happens, and talk,
hands and mouth are also
busy 'working' with snacks.
2. Choose foods low in calories
Although not directly
calculate, you can guess that
the high-calorie foods are
fatty foods and contain lots of
sugar. So, avoid or limit foods
that are rich in fats, such as
chicken satay, lamb roll, and
so on. Better to choose fruits
and vegetables are available,
such as salad vegetables or
pickles bride.
3. Think of meals as snacking
Do not assume the event
invitation as a main meal.
Better to take food in small
portions and enjoy the meal
slowly. It took 20 minutes to
feel full stomach. Eating
slowly will help you get the
signal that you are full.
4. Do not take any type of
Before you automatically
reach out to a bowl of plain
soup, ask yourself, "Is this
special food for me?" If not,
do not take. Take foods that
you really enjoy it. If it's a lot
of your favorite food,
everything tasted okay, but
not a lot.

Paris Hilton's hard Avoid Junk Food

Paris Hilton's health awareness was still low. UNCLE HUSSAIN woman is still difficult to separate from food wastes aka junk food. Her love of these foods makes it not stand to run fast the usual pre- Easter Christians have lived for 40 days. "I do not think I can go 40 days without anything. If I did, I might just bring the chocolate and McDonald. Aya never done before. I do not like diet. My weakness is cotton candy and french fries," says Paris like Femalefirst quoted from the magazine. Meanwhile, to celebrate Mother's Day, Paris regard as a day of celebration is very important because she is very close to her mother. Paris has always made it a special day for a woman who has given birth. "We usually Bergi to The Ivy Hollywood for dinner, it's her favorite restaurant, "said the heir to the Hilton Hotel this network. Women 28 years as plan it was preparing to celebrate Mother's Day, because she was always doing special things for her mother Kathy Hilton. Mother's Day in America was celebrated in the second week in May. "Mother's Day a few weeks, I plan what I would do. My mother likes of Chanel, I usually reward my mother," she said.

Layout Affect Food Diet

New York: The changing composition of the location of food, like chocolate and crisps in the refrigerator is replaced with healthy foods, can help dieters. Because, unconsciously, you will take only foods that are easily visible and distinct when the food was covered. Another way to healthy living. Exactly, maintaining disciplined diet. "Actually we only eat what's in front of us, hungry or not," said Brian Wansink and from the American Psychological Association, as reported by the Telegraph pages. "So, do not provide a lot of unhealthy foods, like chips, candy, chocolate, and similar foods, when you're relaxing or working. Have fruit or juice for a replacement." However, Wansink said, if you still want to eat them, then try a small size. Serving food on smaller plates and eat in the kitchen or dining room, also can help reduce the amount of food consumed. Compare if the situation were reversed, eating at the plate is larger and located in front of the television. "Most of us have too much clutter. That's what set the emotion when you're eating. The focus on each bite. Then stop eating and ask yourself, would begin to feel full? So taste when eating. That's the key to healthy living," explains Wansink .

Section wobble, Carmen Electra Sport

Bored with the sports movement that's it? You can try to shake 'hot' as it is done sexy actress Carmen Electra. Many Hollywood celebrities choose yoga or cardio exercise to maintain weight and body shape. But the sexy star Carmen Electra chose such hot rocking the stripper. According to the TV series Baywatch star, the rocker-style striptease dancers are very good for heart health. In addition, exercise more fun is guaranteed. "This is the most exciting way to exercise. We'll never be bored," says Carmen. SHe even launched a striptease aerobics DVD gymnastics that combines movement and style of striptease aerobics are 'hot'. "Dancing has become part of my life since I was five years old. It's not good when your body does not sway when I heard the music exciting," said movie stars, models, as well as 37-year-old singer. Her ability to dance is also increasingly honed when she joined the music group Pussycat Dolls. "I love the times we learn the sexy choreography. It makes me excited," she said. Carmen admitted, she had also found it difficult to maintain ideal body weight. Form a solid body has a tendency easily contain fat. "I often feel insecure when the mirror. My stomach looks very fatty. I do not even let my husband touches my stomach," she said. Although the profession demands a perfect appearance, Carmen did not want to be too strict a diet and exercise hard. "Do not be too hard on yourself. No need is too tight through sport. I could have drained us physically," said Carmen. According to her, the most important is the sense of enjoy while doing sports. Whatever the choice of the most effective exercise, if not done will enjoy the results useless.

Three Ways to Reduce Calories

Reducing calories for those of you who are dieting can be done with simple things. Here are three ways to succeed in your diet and reduced calories in the body.

1. decrease portion of your Most restaurants try to attract customers by offering lower-priced food menu with large portions, such as potatoes and bread. Standard dish at the restaurant, steak served with a basket of bread, baked potatoes and 16-ounce steak with vegetables. The portion was sufficient to feed two or even three people. If you remember that do not have to eat it all in one meal, you can begin to eat less and cut the calories you consume. When you order a steak, ask for food boxes to wrap half of your servings to be eaten later. You also can ask the waiter not to bring the bread basket and dessert to your table. It would be easier to avoid temptation when no food was not in front of you, even if it's just a picture menu.

2.Open your food Sauce is applied to look like a small portion compared to whole food, but the calorie content can be many. For example a serving of sauce for the salad that consists of two cups consisting of 15 calories, while two tablespoons of Italian dressing in the supermarket contains 110 calories. In this case, almost all food calories come from as little spoon sauce. Same also for sandwiches, pasta, and even your coffee in the morning. Cut calories by choosing a sauce or mustard, mayonnaise and choose the sauce over pasta marinara instead of alfredo sauce a criminalist, and sauces made from vodka. Creamer in your morning coffee contains 40 calories, butter is smeared on the bread contains 70 calories. Make conscious decisions about the food taste food that will differentiate you choose.

3. Replace high-calorie beverages with low-fat choices People who like to drink wine or cocktails during dinner, do not like hearing this fact, but alcohol contains a lot of calories. Over 140 calories per bottle of beer. Mayo Clinic confirms that not only alcohol that contains lots of calories, calories are also only have little or no nutritional benefit at all. If you limit the consumption of 1400 calories per day, one beer will spend one-tenth of your daily calorie allotment. When your body takes nutrients from food, you will continue to feel hungry until those needs are met. Replace high-calorie beer, wine and mixed drinks with ice tea, diet soda, or sparkling water, which has no calories at all. Use calorie-free sweetener in the ice you than sugar, which contains 16 calories per teaspoon.

Hillary Abstinence Drinking Coffee

In which she has reached 61 years, Hillary Clinton started her duties as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States. Office makes it must be ready to travel far in the state visit. Earlier, while participating as a candidate for the U.S. presidential campaign, Bill Clinton's wife must be traveled throughout the state. For a woman her age, it is not easy to always maintain physical endurance. "I was fortunate to have good stamina," Clinton said. "I tried to maintain my lifestyle very well." Because of her work, former U.S. First Lady is no longer claimed to be active as ever. But she was still keeping the habit of exercise walking to maintain cardiovascular health. SHe also tried to better maintain her diet. Clinton said, it is very difficult to maintain a healthy diet, especially when I had to make a visit. "Too much junk food when I had to make a visit," she said. In an interview, Clinton claimed the main secret of staying healthy is diligent in drinking water. "I drink water as much as I can. I also prefer tea, no longer much coffee. But really I stopped the diet drinks. Because I realized, that diet drinks can indeed give effect to the spirit, but not good if taken long term. " Chelsea Clinton's mother is also good personal hygiene by washing hands. "As much as possible I always wash your hands to stay clean," he said. With hand washing, at least the germs that can cause disease is reduced.

Detoxification Diet Gwyneth Paltrow

Vacation is over. Gwyneth Paltro also feel what is commonly experienced by women after a good meal during the holidays. Body weight increases, Gwyneth fatten. Blonde actress was admitted to reduce excess weight. Detoxification so one option Gwyneth. In 2009, he wanted to do it several times. Spring 2008, the mother of Apple and Moses was already tried detox. Quoted from People, Tuesday, January 6, 2009, Gwyneth said, the process is not easy. He should consult with a physician, and specialist detox diet. Gwyneth do seven-day diet that helps detoxify the body. Usually they are diving this diet drink lemon juice. But Gwyneth intend to replace it. Wife vocalists 'Coldplay' Chris Martin was also consult with their doctor. Stars 'Iron Man' could be the solution. According to doctors, detoxification can be done easily and effectively. Start by reducing food portions and other materials that could interfere with the detoxification process. Types of food and beverage intake should be reduced include, milk, biki-grain, meat, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, pepper as well. In addition, confectionery, alcohol, caffeine or soda expressly forbidden. As a result, Gwyneth can only eat salads, fruit smoothies, chicken, and soup. Smoothie and juice serves as a liquid diet that helps increase the digestive system. Gwyneth wrote, "We're going to suffer for doing the diet. But welcoming the new year, let's do this together. Good luck!"

Tips for Choosing Healthy Foods for Brain

Having a slender body
is craving, but make no mistake
though you have to diet, health of
organs should still be maintained.
The brain for example, it is a vital
organ in which nutrient intake is
nutritious and healthy is always
needed. Therefore, the model of diet
that you do not carelessly.
Here are some tips you need to
know to stay healthy diet and the
brain can always intelligent:
1. Choose a powered
The brain that weighs a mere two
percent of the total weight of the
body consumes at least 20 percent
of calories your body needs.
Choosing foods that powered it
These types of foods that contain
carbohydrates such as high as
fruits, vegetables, grains and others.
In this type of food such as glucose
levels are high and sufficient to meet
the nutrition of the brain. Insufficient
supply of glucose to the brain can
cause a significant thing in the
process of memory.
Glucose is needed especially in the
forebrain (frontal cortex) which is
the motor for all orders and organ
activity. Frontal cortex is also known
as CEO of his brain.
This section is according to British
researchers, Leigh Gibson of
Roehampton University, is the most
sensitive to the presence of glucose.
"If the levels glukosamu down in
parts of the brain, it's just like you
who do not breathe," he said.
When you are short of glucose is
not advisable to drink lots of soda
(trigger force) to maintain optimum
brain to work. Because this will be a
contraction between the needs
glucose to function in the brain and
At glucose levels down and keep the
muscles triggered it works, this
could result in damage to muscle
cells throughout the body.
According to Marc Montminy, Salk
Institute of Biological Sciences Field
in California, the damage can also
occur including the section of the
brain itself.
2. Diligent eat
With a diet that does not mean you
should not eat. The brain requires
adequate food portions. The rule
should not be too much and also
not too little.
To optimize this way of eating, a
British scientist, Michael Green of
Aston University suggest one tactic
that is "more often but only a small
This idea, he says, can make our
brains work better. Proportion is
only by keeping glucose levels in the
blood can be 25 grams. "This
amount is equal to satubuah eating
bananas," says Gibson.
3. Eat foods low in GI
(Glycemic Index)
GI indicates the levels of glucose in
the blood. Pretzels or salty types of
cookies that can cause blood sugar
levels rise quickly so is said to have
a high GI index levels. Try to avoid.
JM Bourre from the French National
Medicine Academy in September
2006 wrote in The Journal of
Nutrition, Health and Aging that low-
GI foods are the best food. Type of
carbohydrate foods with high fiber
is including a low GI.
Combine these foods with fat or
protein type that will make it slow
absorbed by the body. For example,
bread wheat has a low GI index.
When mixed with meat or other
protein foods, it can slow the
absorption of glucose into the body.
This way is a key balance between
the incorporation of dietary
macronutrients such as
carbohydrates, fats and proteins in
order to be healthy eating.
4. Measure Your Fat
Although the ability to absorb low
levels of body fat, not all fats
sama.Trans fats or fats from
prepared foods remain categorized
as poor. For that choice away from
fatty foods are better for maintaining
good health.
Gibson reminded the increase of
stroke is one example of why fat
becomes an important note on the
diet program. Fat is also blamed as
the cause of damage to the
hippocampus (part of the brain that
play a role in memory process).

Peek Jennifer Aniston Diet Secrets

After a love affair with the singer, John Meyer, appetite series Friends star is soaring. No wonder, if her weight rises. "When happy, eat my hobby. John is a friend and a nice meal, "says Aniston, who admitted several months related to the severity Meyer jumped almost 7 kg. But Aniston was never worried about the waist and hips will be stretched. SHe had a prescription weight loss that has been practiced in recent years. Brad Pitt's ex-wife is doing a diet program called The Zone. This diet program was developed by dr. Barry Sears. The core of this diet program is the pattern of food to 40 percent carbohydrates, 30 percent protein and 30 percent unsaturated fat each sajinya. According to Aniston, the composition of these foods, other than the body can store it as energy, insulin levels in the blood was still controlled. When she did this regularly diet, weight can be decreased up to 3 kg for a week. However, Aniston also warned, so you're not too obsessive counting and cutting back on food. Importantly, just follow the dietary rules of this zone.

Restoring Energy After Childbirth

When the tiny baby in a sling, the feeling of happiness mixed with anxiety began creeping your heart. You are very happy that your little baby is born safely and healthy. But, panic no less than whack. What should he do about it? What if she cries? Should it be directly in the feed? What if milk does not come out? Finally, all the energy out to devote any attention to these tiny babies. Energy is depleted because of the birthing process needs to be collected again, because you need to nurture and care for your child. Try the following: - When your baby is sleeping, try to go to sleep, or at least relax so that you do not lack time to rest. Nor should you use to leave the house. - You are not a supermom. So find someone who can help you, at least to the problem of washing, ironing clothes, cooking and keeping the baby while you're doing other things. - Do not be obsessed with perfect conditions like clean the house before you had children. You may see a messy diapers, or coffee you have not yet appointed former husband. Biarkalah to occasionally, do not force yourself to always clean. - If you plan on dieting, wait at least two or three months after giving birth. Because these two months are needed to restore your body after childbirth, and that milk production is not disrupted. In addition, losing weight is also not be drastic. For again will disturb the smooth production of your milk. You are only allowed to lose weight 0.5 kg per week or no more than 2 kg per month. - When you feel bothered by the housekeeping and child, not just grumbling. Communicate the inconvenience to the husband. Because it is uncertain that your husband realize hassles. Disclose the specific, avoid words that are unclear or yan g be wished. For that, it helps make a list of chores to be done. So that the husband is committed to the task his part, let him choose the appropriate job interests. Another compromise is to schedule the task. For example if you are forced overtime, he may be asked to come faster.

Threatened Your Cholesterol? Try This Recipe!

everyday diet is not
healthy to make the body into fat
and cholesterol. You are slim free
cholesterol was not necessarily that
invites disease.
Apply a healthy diet is not easy. You
certainly busy workers who have
little time to prepare healthy meals
and prefer to eat lunch outside. The
temptation to eat high-calorie snacks
were so great.
If it were so, you need to cleanse
the body with a detox diet. Detox
diet is very important to cleanse the
blood and all body systems from
the toxins that cause disease. The
result, circulation, organ of the body
work was going better. In addition,
the detox can boost immunity.
No need to detox diet is a hassle. In
just seven days, you can do it. If
you've been eating unhealthy food,
within a week you should only eat
fruits, vegetables, and low-calorie
When done correctly, you can drive
out the fat and cholesterol from the
body. Body felt fitter and lighter. Diet
is also no need to do forever.
Simply do 3-4 times a year. Want to
Day 1: 600 calories
Start a detox diet is definitely very
heavy. But you have to strengthen
the mental if you want to get
healthy body.
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner: 1 cup
vegetable juice without sugar and
salt, 1 serving of fat-free plain
yogurt, drink mineral water or
herbal tea.
Day 2: 1200 calories
Breakfast: 1 portion of fresh sliced ​​
fruit (apples, pears, mangoes,
grapes, pineapple), 2 slices whole
wheat bread with fat-free fresh
cheese, 1 serving of fat-free yogurt,
1 small glass of skim milk, 1 cup of
herbal tea without sugar or milk.
Lunch: 1 kiwi fruit, 1 serving of salad
vegetables (lettuce, carrots, celery,
olive oil), 150 grams of steamed
vegetables (add a slice of pickled
garlic and olive oil), 1 cup of herbal
Dinner: 50 gramberi black 1 cup
orange juice, 1 prosi yogurt, 1 cup
of herbal tea.
Day-3: 1100 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 1 large mango, 150 grams of
salad vegetables (spinach, sprouts,
tomatoes, onions, mint leaves,
lemon juice, pepper, and olive oil,
vegetable juice.
Dinner: 1 serving fat-free yogurt
(mix with sliced ​​black raspberries
and a scoop of pure honey), wheat
bread and fat-free cheese, 1 cup of
herbal tea.
Day 4: 800 calories
Breakfast: 75 grams of rice, 125
grams of stew apples with honey,
eucalyptus and lemon juice.
Lunch: 75 grams of rice, steamed
vegetables (carrots, tomatoes,
spinach, broccoli, cabbage, and
Dinner: 75 grams of rice, steamed
Day-5: 1100 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2.
Lunch: 1 apple, 1 pear, salad
vegetables (broccoli, carrots, red
lettuce, sauces, vinegar, olive oil),
herbal tea.
Dinner: yogurt, fruit salad (kiwi,
pineapple, oranges, grapes, black
raspberries, apples), herbal tea.
Day-6: 1300 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 1 banana, 150 grams of salad
vegetables (lettuce, tomato, olives,
carrots, cucumbers, garlic, pepper),
1 large potato, steamed with 75
grams of peas, serve with butter
sauce sunflower and olive oil ,
herbal teas.
Dinner: 75 grams of cereal with
lemon juice, one tablespoon of pure
honey, apple slices, 1 portion bebeas
fat yogurt, 1 slice whole wheat
bread with fat-free cheese or honey,
1 cup of herbal tea.
Day 7: 1200 calories
Breakfast: As day-to-2
Lunch: 150 grams of mixed salad
vegetables (spinach, lettuce, celery,
garlic, basil, tomatoes, Dijon
mustard, sunflower butter), 75
grams of roasted potatoes with
tomatoes, almonds, onion, olive oil
and sunflower butter.
Dinner: 1 grapefruit, 2 boiled eggs, 1
slice whole wheat bread, herbal tea.

Angelina Jolie Play Game To Slim Again

Angelina Jolie, beautiful actress 33 years, have special tips to shrink a stretched stomach, after giving birth. Rather than with surgery, liposuction, or a special diet that exhausting. But rather by playing children's games. Yes. According to one source, Angelina's kids who avidly play games on the Nintendo Wii console, turned out to pass on his love to his mother. "They managed to convince Angelina, that the Nintendo Wii is not just for fun, but also useful for learning math, even for sport," said the source, as quoted by OK! magazine. The source said that Angelina played a Wii game called "Let's Pilates!". Angelina plays the game every week, as many as three times; even with setting the highest difficulty level! Angelina Jolie was recently given birth two twins, named Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline, last July. Prior to that, Angelina and her partner, Brad Pitt, has been caring for six stepchildren. After birth, her body reportedly stretched and sagged. Although it has been trying to breastfeed twins, Angelina never singset body. Angelina then try again shrinkage, through training programs 'ala' Nintendo Wii. Wii is the latest console from Japanese gaming company Nintendo. To play the game, one must move her body. So playing the Wii almost the same as doing physical exercise in the real world.

White Water Help Burn Fat

chaotic diet program because it is difficult to control appetite? Try to increase the consumption of water. One study revealed that consumption of at least eight glasses of water a day can help reduce weight. As quoted from the pages of the Times of India, author of "The Snowbird Diet ', Professor Donald S Roberston, saying that water helps erode the fat in the body naturally. Roberston presents the results of research that revealed that the fat in the body will increase when consuming less water. Instead, drink lots of water can reduce levels of fat in the body. All were related to the adequacy of water for the kidneys. Water intake in the body that less would make the kidneys do not function properly. As a result, some charge in the kidney will migrate to the liver in charge of processing the fat reserves into energy for the body. But, when the liver must also cultivate the charge of the kidney, its function becomes maximal. It definitely helped create a disturbed fat metabolism. Fat will accumulate and lead to weight gain. Z Mara Vitolins, a nutritionist from Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center also agree with studies that call water is a natural appetite reliever. "Sometimes it is difficult to distinguish between thirst and hunger, so try to drink first and wait 20-30 minutes to read the body if it's really hungry," he said in Science Daily.

Do not be hostile Fat

Just like carbohydrates,
proteins, vitamins and minerals, fats
also contribute substantially in the
performance of the body.
According to the journal Fats &
Cholesterol: Nutrition Source,
Harvard School of Public Health,
describes fats or lipids are the
nutrients, which serves as the main
source of energy for the body's
metabolic processes.
Fat also serves to dissolve the
vitamins A, D, E and K to be readily
absorbed through the intestinal wall,
thereby, help maintain a healthy
immune system, slows aging, and
prevent osteoporosis. Therefore,
vitamin D is capable of storing fat in
the body, so that it can bind calcium
Fat obtained from food, divided into
two, namely unsaturated fats
(unsaturated), and saturated fat
(saturated). Unsaturated fats are fats
that are friends with the blood and
heart. Get rid of this fat is
cholesterol-destructive and
undesirable from the blood vessels.
Unsaturated fats, are subdivided into
monounsaturated /
monounsaturated, which can be
obtained from olive oil, nuts
(walnuts and almonds), and
avocado. Meanwhile,
polyunsaturated fats /
polyunsaturated fats, including
omega 3 and omega 6 can be
obtained from fish oil, vegetable oil,
soy, salmon, and sesame oil.
While saturated fats, can be
regarded as the bad fats. These fats
can block arteries, which can lead to
hypertension, stroke, or heart
disease. However, because a lot of
saturated fats come from foods rich
in nutrients, such as seafood, eggs,
beef, and milk, are advised to keep
eating these foods. Only, the
amount of intake is restricted, so it
does not increase the risk of heart
Well, after knowing the types of
foods that can produce good fats
and bad fats, meaning you just set
the proper portion of fat intake per
day. The American Heart
Association recommends limits the
intake of unsaturated fat each
person, and it ranged 10-15% of
total daily calories. While the intake
of saturated fat, sebaikanya not
more than 10% of total daily
Facts About Fat
1. Myth: The age increases, the
harder it is to burn body fat
Fact: False. Hormonal changes with
age, generally can indeed lead to
changes in body shape (more fat at
the waist). However, if still active,
and do not overeat, you can still
burn fat, although it has reached the
age of menopause.
2. Myth: In a diet, you should
completely get rid of fat-containing
Fact: Not that easy. Most women
simply replacing fat with foods high
in sugar, which will actually make it
easier to feel hungry. Research
shows, the program is done by
eating a diet of fat within reasonable
limits, the result is more successful,
than the diets without fat.
3. Myth: Walking is the best exercise
to burn fat
Fact: Not necessarily. Walking is
good exercise for the heart.
However, for the body to burn fat,
so the weight can come down, you
should intersperse walking exercise
with weight training. This exercise,
in addition to toning muscles, can
also increase your metabolism,
leading to more calories burned.

signs of excessive exercise dose

Successful weight loss with exercise? That's fair. But, if the day does not work out, you immediately feel anxious and guilty, for fear of fat, it is not fair. Could be, you are obsessed with exercise, not wanting his weight soared again! If you are not yet aware of the portion that you live too much exercise, these signs of excessive exercise dose. - The duration of exercise more than one hour per session (time), doing some kind of physical exercise a day (multiple exercise) For example, in one day, morning: jogging, afternoon: weight training, night: aerobics (intensity), and also underwent exercise for more than 5 days a week (frequency). - Panting breath when sport, it's hard to say. This test is called the talk test. If you are unable to speak clearly when undergoing physical exercise, it can signal you breathless. Dizziness, nausea, and pounding heart when doing physical exercise, can also be an indication of overtraining. Preferably, this condition should not be trivialized. Recognize the impact: Muscle injury. Muscles used during exercise, sometimes suffered minor injuries, which are not visible, and sometimes it is not felt. Well, these conditions need recovery time (recovery time), so that the muscles of minor injuries that are the remnants of oxidation can be transported back and neutralized, so that the next exercise, the muscles of the body is not susceptible to injury. Muscle injury that may occur, such as sprains, torn muscles, until fracture. Lowering the body's metabolism. Moreover, if excessive exercise is undertaken in conjunction with a diet program that indiscriminate, automated increasingly disturbed metabolism. Consequently, this condition will lead to insomnia, easily depressed, prolonged fatigue, and decreased appetite, until endurance is reduced. Making an irregular menstrual cycle. If exercise intensity is too high, causing a lot of fat in the body burned. In fact, fat in the body to function to produce estrogen. Thus, women who have too little fat, the body can not ovulate regularly, which would cause menstruation stops (amenorrhea). These conditions also lead to infertility. If ovulation does not occur in the reproductive organs, pregnancy will also be difficult. So, get rid of the concept is also pretty and slim misleading your mind. Exercise should be enjoyable and healthy! Thus, like diet, exercise must also acted in the proper portions. Normally, the frequency of exercise 3-4 times a week, who lived not in consecutive days. In terms of intensity, do one type of exercise a day. For example, if Monday, you do cardiovascular exercise such as jogging or aerobics, perhaps on the day Rabunya, you are undergoing weight training. Meanwhile, for the duration, within reasonable limits exercise performed for 20-60 minutes each session.

Preparing Diet Planning

how burn 2000 calories per day Consult a physician People who are obese or overweight usually have a lot of the risk of disease, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or diabetes. Before you go on a diet and exercise, consult with your doctor. Check your blood pressure, blood cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels, so the doctor can give you some hints and diabetes management. If you have a history of heart disease among family or other problems, be sure to ask the doctor. Determine the target achievement Determine the target-based diet tips below: -Write the target of achieving a specific diet and concrete. For example you target for dropped two pounds in two weeks -Do it gradually. Setting targets to little so that it can be easier to do -Focus on health. Each target weight reduction must remain a focus for medical attention. For example by observing the consumption of healthier foods, which can lower the cholesterol the body, or by adding a daily exercise activity. -Be aware of the setback. When undergoing the program, be alert to activities that could lead you to achievement setbacks diet, such as a banquet or feast. Continue to motivate to remain obedient to the rules of diet Determine the activity of a diet based on the following tips: -Schedule a sports activity. As with other activities, time must be set aside to run this activity. While you're busy with work, remains on the commitment to exercise, such as training with cardio, about 10-15 minutes. -Use a pedometer. Note how many achievements have been obtained, and the projected increase in the weeks that followed. -Sports outside the gym. Olahrga activity can also be done outside the gym, for example in the office. Walking distance to the location of the printer for example, or park the car farther from the location of the office, and others. Determine the consumption of healthy foods based on tips below: -Consumption in high-density foods, but low calorie. Mass by filling half of a lunch plate with vegetables, seperempatdengan proteins, carbohydrates and a quarter again. -Ignore the list of taboos. Instead of completely stopping to eat your favorite foods, try to negotiate. If you like hamburgers and fries, try to switch to turkey burgers or grilled sweet potato.

How to Healthy Fasting

The month of Ramadan arrives. Time to prepare physically and mentally to focus on worship. To maintain physical health, site has some clever ways. Let us consider the tips below. 1. Approaching dawn meal. It's tough to undergo a ritual meal in the morning. However, the meal will help you to stay energized. Meal approach the dawn of time will also prevent you through the morning salat. Advised to consume foods rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, as well as various vitamins. 2. Eat in moderation when breaking. Eat enough when breaking. Follow the Sunnah to break the fast with sweet dates and a cup of warm drinks. You can continue breaking event by eating foods low in calories after performing Maghrib prayer worship. Eating gradually will help your stomach, to adapt to digesting food again as usual after a day of hunger. 3. Reduce the consumption of coffee and tea. Avoid drinking beverages like coffee, tea, or soda, which can increase urine production and release of substances in the body the necessary minerals. 4. Perform light exercise. Despite the impression of weight, mild exercise during fasting can dispel the feeling lethargic, lazy, and sleepy. Exercise can change or energy reserves of fat in the body to become glucose. The result, the body will be fresh. To feel the effect, it is advisable to do a little exercise in the afternoon before sunset.

Unique Diet Lady Gaga, Drink Whisky

Lady Gaga, 24, known for its eccentric style and stage action, proved to have a lifestyle that is not less unique. SHe was on a diet to maintain the slimness of her body. However, diet methods including bizarre and unusual, that is by consuming liquor, whiskey, and then proceed with a fitness to the gym regularly. Chanter 'Born This Way' is indeed known as rummy. Because for Gaga, by drinking lots of alcohol, creativity and the power she thought increased and honed. SHe admitted, are often exposed to negative effects from drinking too much alcohol. However Gaga always neutralize it with exercise. "I've been dieting with whiskey. Especially while at work, to spur creativity. But to make it healthier, I compensate by practicing body work every day. Yoga is one of them," she said when interviewed Sirius XM Radio, as quoted by Contact Music. However, extreme diet methods are reaping the controversy and protests from other dieters. Gaga Moreover, it is known was under the influence of alcohol while attending the Grammy Awards. According to the tour manager, David Ciemny, Lady Gaga is obsessed with destroying fats in the body. "sHe sometimes only eat once a week. I think she was very depressed for slim body. SHe had little experience of mental disorders are psychological and mental," he said.

Diet Experts Think of Megan Fox's Diet Misleading

Megan Fox once boasted when the secret beauty of the body is by way of a diet with vinegar. Apparently, it gets attention from dieticians. Experts consider it misleading Megan diet. Megan had said that if during this she had no special tips in maintaining the beauty of her body in order to always look sexy. Stars 'Transformers' was chosen to mengosumsi vinegar. However, a diet that made the artist who was named the sexiest artist in 2009 and then was questioned by a dietitian. "Pills, lotions or any particular drug is not a quick way to lose weight. The body will be good when done but not with vinegar detox though it's cider vinegar, organic," said Lucy Jones, as quoted from Aceshowbiz, Friday, January 8, 2010. According to Lucy the best way to lose weight is by exercising regularly and maintaining a good diet. SHe considered mengosumsi vinegar to the diet she has not seen her usefulness. SHe hopes people will not follow a diet that made Megan.

Smooth Skin With Bath Salts

Sea salt has long been
known to be beneficial for skin
beauty and body. Even Cleopatra,
the famous Egyptian queen beauty
was often a ritual bath salts, other
than milk and honey bath. So, what
are you waiting? Immediately a
shower of salt and feel your skin
smooth again.
High mineral content that makes
grain sea salt widely used for body
care products. Evaporated seawater
that has the scientific name of
sodium chloride (NaCl) contains
calcium, potassium, magnesium,
sulfate, and iodine.
These minerals have the ability to
detoxify or get rid of toxins. Salt that
seeped through the pores of the
skin will dissolve fats and toxins in
the body. Blood flow even more
Grain of salt that is used to scrub
will shed a layer of dead skin,
making skin feel soft and supple. If
the routine is done, bath salts can
prevent wrinkles and premature
In addition to smoothing the skin
nutritious, salt crystals can flex the
muscles are tense after a weary
move. No wonder, after bath salts,
you will feel more relaxed and
But the salt bath treatment is not
recommended for people with heart
disease, hypertension, and diabetes
because it can increase blood
Tips bath salts:
• Enter to taste sea salt crystals, then
dissolve it in a tub of warm water.
Stir until the salt dissolves evenly.
• Soak about 20-30 minutes. While
soaking, rub the salt granules to
erode the dead skin, especially on
the elbows, knees, ankles, and
heels. When rubbed salt could use a
hand or a loofah.
• In order to feel more comfortable
bath salts, mix the olive oil or
scented essential oils such as
jasmine, lavender, and so on.
Choose your favorite scent to the
calming effect of mood.
• We have also supplied products
colorful bath salts that are mixed
with essential oils.
• After soaking the body wash with
warm water.

Come on, jump!

A lot of practical ways
to exercise. Apart from walking,
jumping rope can also be an option
of daily exercise. Just need a
skipping rope and a flat spot, you
can do it anywhere.
The benefits are very good for
fitness, heart, and can burn fat easily
and quickly. Jump rope increases
the agility and coordination ability
foot limbs. By practicing jump rope,
as well as train your calf muscles,
thighs, abdominal, back, chest, and
- Wear clothing that absorbs sweat,
because the movement is able to
make you sweat quickly. Wear
comfortable shoes as well as
jumping. You need a shoe with
cushioning that is thick and supple.
Wear sturdy sports bras that
support your breasts while
- Before starting this exercise, you
should adjust the length of rope
with a high body. To measure, hold
both ends of the rope and foot rope.
Both ends of the rope must be
between the armpit and elbow. If
the length is more, conclude the
rope, then measure again, until the
appropriate length.
How to jump right
- Begin with stretching and
warming. Stretch from top to
bottom, so the muscle relaxes.
Stretch is more intensive at the
ankle, because this part is to be an
important foothold on landing. Then
do the running in place or jumping
small, for 10-15 minutes.
- Grasp the handle end of the rope
in both hands. Keep elbows meeting
with both sides of the waist and
wrists were approximately 20-35
cm from the body. The view
straight ahead.
- Swing the rope up and down,
while you do the jump when the
rope under you. To avoid injury, do
not jump too high. Distance feet
with enough floor 5-10 cm. Keep
your knees when jumping
meetings, and slightly bent slightly
when landing.
- Mendaratlah to toe, in a position
menjinjit. Do not be landed with the
heel, because it can overload the
bone and cause cracks.
- Perform leap forward gradually.
Begin with 50 jumps to the
beginning. If you've used, you can
increase the number of jumps.