Women When Stress Like To Eat fatty foods

We're in a state of mind of stress and load increases, women will eat
more fatty food. This is the result of research conducted by a team of
researchers from the University of California, San Francisco, USA. The
study also shows, when women are under stress, your appetite will
increase and difficult to control. As a result, new problems arise
that is gaining weight to obesity. The conclusion is obtained from the
survey results in 600 women. According to the study, chronic stress
experienced by women tend to lead to consumption of fatty foods and
unhealthy. It shows that emotional state affects eating habits. It
will be seen also that emotional problems in women can cause a
negative impact on physical health. "Stress often makes a person can
not control his appetite. That's because the food is very easily done
anywhere and anytime," said Elissa Epel, a psychologist and also one
of the researcher, as quoted from Shine, 9 November 2009. Stress can
happen anytime and repeatedly. In order to stress not create more and
more body weight and become unhealthy, we should have a good stress
management. Do not let stress control your life instead. Find ways
other than eating, to cope with stress, because eating when stressed
will be devastating in the long term.

Twitter Make Slim Body

No doubt many of you have ever tried various diet programs and not
succeeded. If so maybe you could try the latest diet trend that is
using social networking sites, Twitter. This diet program called Tweet
What You Eat (TWYE). TWYE not like diets in general that require and
prohibit you from eating certain foods. TWYE programs such as diaries
form your menu at any time. That is to publish on Twitter foods and
beverages you eat and calorie content. If you have too many calories
to consume, then the TWYE-ers (the follower TWYE) will warn you. They
will also support by giving them knowledge about the diet to you via
Twitter. Through this way, it turns out one may be more motivated to
be consistent in the diet. Research also shows groups like TWYE diet,
can make the diet more effective. That's because women will eat less
when he was considered a lot of people. If you follow this TWYE also
be prepared to face the harsh words from some followers, if the number
of calories is excessive. Certainly the reaction of people on Twitter
will vary, there is support, give advice and there are also annoying.
Actually, the key to a successful diet is consistent with the program
is doing and always keep your diet, although weight loss has
decreased. So, try to go on a diet with a consistent and disciplined.

Best Time To Burn Calories

Is there a best day to lose weight? Of course! However, when the best
day for you, it depends on your lifestyle. If you want to know the
best day to streamline the waist and shrink the stomach, you need to
look at your daily activities. To optimize your free time, Stephanie
Vitorino, fitness trainers from Equinox Woodland Hills, USA, suggested
that berolahrada your best day is when you can burn more calories.
Namely, on the day after you have rested enough, which in general is
Monday. Why Monday could be the best day you exercise? "Today it's the
beginning you start the activity again," said Stephanie. "After
enjoying the holiday weekend and rest enough, you'll be pumped to
exercise maximally, because you still have energy reserves. Normally,
the body does not easily feel tired. Automatic You can exercise in a
long time, and burn more calories." Stephanie also explained that the
sport on Monday could be the start of a good week for the next
exercise program. For example, you can break on Tuesday, and started
working out again on Wednesday. And, the next exercise schedule on
Friday. That way, you can rest on a holiday weekend and again began to
burn calories on Monday. If you are quite busy, doing simple and cheap
exercise, like jogging for 30 minutes a day, swimming for 30-45
minutes per session, lifting weights or gym floor. "Importantly, after
exercise you need to rest the body for at least 24 hours, before
exercising again," says Stephanie. However, if your work schedule is
very solid, and feel very tired on Monday, try to rest on Tuesday, and
begin to burn calories on Wednesday. In essence, find out your best
time to exercise tailored to your activities!

Tips to Burn 500 calories per day

Burn 500 calories per day Your metabolism can immerse approximately 200 calories every day since
the age of 20. If the jeans worn began tightening, you do not need to
panic. Begin to try a more intelligent approach to build muscle while
eliminating fat to maintain weight and stay fit. Here are seven tips
that can help your metabolism better, even while sleeping, and can
burn up to 500 calories per day. As quoted from the Prevention, 26
September 2009, the amount was enough to reduce your weight up to
twice this month.

Sport or activity outside (especially during windy weather) A study
finds that a person can burn up to 10 percent more calories when they
walk or run outside instead of a treadmill in air- conditioned room.
In addition to the more energy is used to push yourself off the
ground, more or less windy weather also helped. Because, with a little
against the wind or other elements in the air, it also helps you burn
more calories.

Always warm up Maybe you always want to miss this one step to save
time. But, in fact you have been through one moment of burning
calories. In fact, according to physiologist at Pennsylvania State
University, heating need to increase your core body temperature and
increase fat- burning enzymes. For each degree of body temperature
goes up, then the level of metabolism in your cells increases by about
13 percent. Heating for at least five minutes necessary to gradually
increase heart rate, blood distribution into your working muscles,
improving your breathing, and get the maximum boost in metabolism as
well as burn calories.

take time of 12 minutes to workout hard To really lose weight, at
least you have to seize 12 minutes (excluding warm up) regularly
perform high- intensity activity (where you are breathing somewhat
hard) for at least four days a week. That is the time it takes to get
the effect of exercise, which can increase your body's ability to
optimize the oxygen and produce more fat-burning enzymes

Exercise intervals Calories and more fat will burn when someone does a
workout with intervals, or has a time lag, rather than hard workout
occasionally. A study conducted by the College of New Jersey against
48 men and women, found that those who ride a bike with a certain
intensity, such as pedaling a little harder just for five minutes and
then a little more relaxed for five minutes about half an hour of
practice, capable of burning about 15 percent more calories than their
counterparts who are constantly pedaling for 30 minutes.

Set aside 1 hour once a week According to one small study done by
researchers at the University of Victoria in British Columbia, found
that people who practiced for 60 minutes can burn nearly five times
more calories than those people who only took 30 minutes of activity.

Lift the dumbbells (weights) weight For example, for those who are
accustomed to carrying over 5 pounds for 10 times, try to lift it
twice, because it is able to burn calories, about 25 percent more.
Because the heavier weight will make the protein in your muscles
destroyed, so that your body requires more energy to recover it.
That's roughly your muscle tissue is built.

Move more throughout the day You can burn up to 350 calories per day,
which is enough to "throw" more than 35 pounds or 15 pounds this year,
just by walking. This you can do while chatting on the phone, while
chatting with your coworkers in the office, or walking an assignment
location not too far away.

Vitamin E Fattening?

Actually, the main cause of obesity is too much intake of calories
into the body, which is not matched with calories out. Meanwhile,
vitamin E alone did not cause obesity or increased appetite. Due to
the nature of the antioxidants in it, then vitamin E efficacious slow
the aging process and smooth the skin. However, that does not mean you
should as much or drinking too much vitamin E. Doses that are too high
can cause a variety of complaints, such as nausea, headaches, and
impaired blood clotting. Vitamin E did not always have to be taken in
supplement form. You can meet the need for vitamin E from the daily
diet, for example from beans, vegetables, and fruits. If you want to
consume high doses of vitamin E, should consult with a specialist

Slim Healthy

Ayurveda is a traditional system of health and healing that comes from
India. Ayurveda has been practiced since thousands of years ago in the
eastern states and is now expanding its application in Western
countries. In Ayurveda, the body's balance system depends on the
balance of the three Dosha (vital force) in man, namely Vata (air),
Kapha (water) and Pitta (fire). Based on physical characteristics,
including class Vata if you are slender and difficult to gain weight.
This type of fruit should you eat is apple, avocado, banana, coconut,
kiwi, mango, melon, pineapple and strawberries. You do not advisable
to eat pears, dried grapes (raisins), watermelon. Types of vegetables
should be consumed is asparagus, cabbage, carrots, cucumber, sprouts
and pumpkins. Reduce consumption of broccoli, celery, mushrooms,
potatoes, sweet corn and tomatoes. Meanwhile, sources of animal foods
that are good for you is to beef, poultry, eggs, and seafood. Avoid
meat goats, pigs and rabbits. Pitta if you have a tendency to have a
medium-sized body with a balanced muscle indentation. You are
relatively easy to raise and lower the weight. For diet, encouraged to
consume a sweet apple, mango, melon, sweet orange, papaya and pear.
You should avoid sour apples, bananas, green grapes, kiwi, oranges and
pineapples are sour. Choose green leafy vegetables such as asparagus,
lettuce, celery, and cucumber. You are not advised to consume garlic,
green peppers, tomatoes and sweet corn. For the source of animal
protein, buffalo meat, chicken, eggs and fresh water fish, could be an
option. Do not enter beef, duck, egg yolks, sea water fish and goat
meat into your diet. Your physical Kapha dominant if wide-bodied and
hard to lose weight. For the daily menu, you are advised to eat
apples, grapes, lemons, pears and strawberries. Avoid avocados,
pineapple, banana, coconut, kiwi, mango, orange, papaya and
watermelon. Expand the consumption of green leafy vegetables, carrots,
garlic, green peppers, green beans, mushrooms and sweet corn. Reduce
consumption of cucumbers, potatoes and tomatoes raw. As for the source
of animal protein, should you choose chicken, eggs and freshwater
fish, rather than eating beef, buffalo, duck, goat, and seafood.

Best Exercise Burn Calories Swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercise to burn calories. Round relaxing
in the pool alone can burn 476 calories per hour. However, do not be
satisfied with the outcome. Because, the head of the national team
pool United States (U.S.) Mark Schubert gives five tips to optimize
water sports as quoted page

1. Keep your heart rate at about 80 percent maximum rate when you
exercise This target can be identified by a count of 220 minus your
age then multiply by 0.8. For example if you are aged 25 years, the
maximum target workout rate is 220-25 x 0.8 = 156 beats per minute. To
keep your heart rate, stopping every ten or 15 rounds and check your
pulse for six seconds. In this way, women with weight 74 pounds can
burn 680 calories per hour.
2. Play Use while swimming toys such as board, hand pedal, or buoy
which is placed between two fit your feet. Most of the swimming pool
provides a tool, or you can purchase the equipment at sporting goods
stores. Besides burning calories, exercise can also form the arm and
leg muscles.
3. Set the pool stages For your rounds into several segments which
consist of one round, two rounds, four rounds, six rounds, four
rounds, two rounds, and one round. Give a rest pause for 15 to 30
seconds in between each segment.
4. Swimming fast Nothing can work better than a quick swim. However,
you do not need to drag along the exercise, do the criss-cross: one
fast lap pool and a relaxing round, two rounds quickly, then the next
two rounds of pool relaxing. You can also divide the workout into four
to six parts with a single quick lap at the end of the segment.
5. A little break Do not spend ten percent of your pool time to rest.
Cut in half the time relaxing until you can just rest for ten seconds
in between each round.

High Calcium Diet Weight Loss Stabilize

Forget heavy exercise that takes energy to lose weight. There are
other ways that do not have to make you miserable. That is, with a
diet high in calcium. According to health experts, high calcium intake
is more than enough to lose weight in those who are obese rather than
vigorous exercise, which was torturing the body. High Calcium?
However, high calcium foods such as milk and other dairy products such
as cheese, etc. But many women avoided because too high in fat and
calories. But research conducted by Angelo Tremblay of the Universite
Laval's Faculty of Medicine and his team proved the benefits of
high-calcium diet to lose weight. But diet is only successful in those
who consume less calcium in their daily life. The team conducted
experiments on several women who are obese. Before the research done,
the people who are obese is only taking 600 milligrams of calcium a
day. Far below the recommended intake of calcium is 1,000 milligrams
every day a day. For 15 weeks, respondents were asked to consume 1200
milligrams of calcium. And the result, respondents who eat the
recommended calcium lost weight about 6 pounds in 15 weeks. "According
to our hypothesis, the brain can detect the lack of calcium in the
body and seek compensation by encouraging the desire to eat. That's
what causes weight gain, "said Tremblay who is also the Head of the
Canada Research Chair in Environment and Energy Balance. "Calcium
intake is sufficient to maintain the stability of an appetite," he
said. In addition to helping overcome the weight problems, high
calcium intake or as directed may also help reduce levels of bad
cholesterol in the body. Items are not only high calcium milk or
cheese, but many other prosuk that need to be consumed in a balanced
way. For example, beans, avocad, and broccoli. In the study conducted
earlier Tremblay, revealed that women who consume low-calcium more
have a weight problem, waist circumference, even the level of bad
cholesterol in the body. Other research also proves, those that reduce
the intake of milk or dairy products for more than six years will have
increased body weight and waist circumference.

Body detoxification with Fruit Diet

Get slim and healthy body need not actually too complicated business.
By eating fruit every two hours, you can lose weight up to five pounds
in three days. Diet fruit called the Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox is also
well as a detoxification tool to remove toxins in your body. "For
three days eat the fruit, the digestive system a rest from the heavy
burden of digesting a variety of foods. Fruits and vegetables also
will rid the body of toxins, "said Jay Robb, nutritionist and author
of Fruit Flush 3 Day Detox. In a book written by Robb, the water
content and fiber in the fruit will expel toxins in the digestive
organs and blood. The toxin, says Robb, is an accumulation due to
consumption of unhealthy foods such as fried foods, fatty meats and
other foods high in cholesterol. What makes the diet Fruit Flush 3 Day
Detox is different is the intake of high protein ingredient that
increases muscle mass. This will help the process of burning fat
faster. "When you eat fruit, vegetables, and high-protein without fat
ingredients for 36 hours, you burn fat and increase muscle mass," said
Robb. American Dietetic Association spokeswoman, Elisa Zied, say, this
diet is quite safe and effective. "When you combine the protein with
fruit, fiber and protein will work together to stabilize blood sugar,"
he said.

How to run this diet? The first day On the first day, you have not
started eating lots of fruit. On this first day you need to consume
lots of protein drinks to increase muscle mass. Every two hours
starting at 08.00-16.00, you should consume protein drinks. For
dinner, the consumption of 3-6 cups raw vegetable salad with two
tablespoons of olive oil. Can also eat half avocado fruit.

The second and third day Every two hours, during at 08.00-16.00, eat
fresh fruit salad and drinking eight glasses of mineral water. For
dinner, the same as the first day menu, but make a variety of fruit so
as not boring.

13 Minute Diet

Who says your diet should not be snacking? Currently undergoing
weight-loss program as you still can eat snacks in between meals. Even
in the diet of 13 minutes, you are advised to snack every 13 minutes.
But of course you have to forget the fries or potato chips from your
snack list. For a snack that can be eaten only fruit, raw vegetables
and protein sources. Diet 13 minutes was created by Norah Lane,
founder of Vitaline Slimming Clubs. He designed the 14-day diet plan
is to increase the body's metabolism so that it can burn calories
faster. People who undergo the diet is usually only eat at mealtimes
so that the lag time, metabolism of the body does not take place
because there was no supply of food. During that time, will be felt
rumbling stomach. But this diet will not make you hungry. Eat a snack
during the intervals of food supplies to keep your metabolism remains
stable and even increased. According to Lane, this diet can also help
increase fertility. For diasup nutrition is indispensable for the
improvement of fertility. On average, those who undergo this diet can
lose weight 3.5 kilos in two weeks. By eating low-fat snacks on a
regular basis, you can defeat hunger. Raw vegetables you eat as a
snack can mengasup essential nutrients in the form of vitamins and
antioxidants which help boost immunity. You can also eat protein food
ingredient to what makes you feel full longer. For two weeks, you
select menu breakfast, lunch, and dinner following.

- A bowl of whole-grain cereal or
oatmeal with a glass of milk
- Two pieces of wheat bread with a
smear of butter or lettuce and
- One fruit poached eggs and toast
- One banana and one cup of fruit
yogurt without sugar

Serve the soup vegetables, such as
spinach, carrots, tomatoes. Then for
the intake of protein, carbohydrate
and other nutrients, eat:
- Tuna salad, cottage cheese, and
- Sandwiches of two pieces of
wheat bread with tuna, grilled
salmon, egg, and cheese
- Boiled Potatoes with cheese, tuna,
- Slice of lean grilled chicken breast
and steamed broccoli.
- Grilled chicken breast with
mushroom sauce, add asparagus,
sweet corn, and snow peas
- Meat roast with carrots, peas,
broccoli, and sauce. Add a bowl of
fresh fruit slices
- Steak of salmon with lemon sauce.
Serve with steamed vegetables
- Rice with carrots and tomato saute
and dinner from the following list:
- Snacks can you eat raw vegetables
or a salad. Choice of vegetables
such as carrots, celery, cabbage,
asparagus, broccoli, and
- For the intake of protein,
consumption of chicken, meat, fish,
eggs, tofu, and cottage cheese.
- You can add a little sauce,
mayonnaise, or olive oil for flavor
- Do not drink calories during the
diet. Expand water and tea.

Maple Syrup Diet Like Beyonce

Beyonce Diet Want to know what the secret of Mrs. Jay-Z could have a sexy body? The
secret turned out to be maple syrup, water, fresh orange juice and
cayenne pepper (a type of pepper is very spicy). If you want to try
this Beyonce favorite diet, consumption of any such materials to
your dinner menu. In other words, this beyonce diet makes you only eat two
times a day, ie breakfast and lunch. Origin of low-calorie snacks are
allowed to maintain your weight loss. And, when night came just consumption
of these materials. According to Beyonce and a few people who done
this diet, fat in the body can be reduced and also give off toxic or
detoxification. Famous maple syrup since 1995, when one company in the
Swiss health as recommend a new method to lose weight. And, in the
not too long, the weight can come down. Many people recommend the
maple syrup diet is distributed in the UK by Pure Natural Products in
Lincolnshire. Because, the results are effective for the body. In
addition, the diet with maple syrup is very safe. But, of course if
youve got the ideal weight, you must defend it with exercise and diet
regulation. To do this diet, you should make sure to consume a
maximum of 1,500 calories per day. And, make sure you eat the natural
foods instead of processed. Prepare yourself if at any time hunger
comes. I live with water, pepper cayenne pepper and maple syrup for
14 days. And, it is indeed very heavy, when seeing another
person with a delicious dinner, says Beyonce. However, when compared
with diet maple, Azmina Govindji of the British Dietetic Association
recommends a diet to regulate food intake. "There is no evidence that
the detoxification will make us a more balanced meal. Hunger at night,
whether drinking or not will lose a lot of calories and producing an
agency to be down. It describes the body's need for protein, calories
and carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals has not been fulfilled.
Better to just run in a balanced diet and do not make your stomach
hunger, "said Govindji.

Weight Control with Fish Oil

Fish oil supplements help patients with Alzheimer's disease was
controlling her weight. Similarly, shown in a study in the Journal of
the American Geriatrics Society. Alzheimer's disease is one form of
dementia due to degeneration of the brain that can impair one's
ability to think, memory, and language function. Patients with
Alzheimer's began losing weight at an early stage of disease and then
become increasingly thin. Several factors are in the body burn
calories quickly, including inflammation, difficulty of taste and
smell food, and disease characteristics that cause feelings of
anxiety. Alzheimer's sufferers have a tendency to detect low levels of
omega-3 unsaturated acids and increasingly decline as gnawing disease.
Based on research on 204 men and women with mild Alzheimer's disease,
was 0.7 grams of docosahexaenoic (DHA) and 0.6 grams of
eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) which is a given fish oil supplements for
six months to increase the weight gain of 0.7 kilogram. Apparently,
weight gain coincided with the injection of DHA supplementation on
blood pressure. Saturated acid supplement omega-3 DHA laden positively
affect weight and appetite mild Alzheimer's.

Try the New Diet Pattern: Wine and Chocolate!

Who does not want to enjoy chocolate and a glass of wine every day.
Moreover, it turns out to consume wine and chocolate can make weight
shrink, as well as create a healthier heart. It also can reduce the
risk of developing dementia (a disease associated with memory
capabilities), and diabetes. It sounds "too good to be true", but
that's the result of research by Professor Roger Corder, a health
expert from nggris. Corder research has been done for 25 years, for
found an association between consumption of wine or drink wine and
heart health. "I am doing this research for many years, to discover
the health benefits of wine," said Corder. "For optimal results, I
recommend to take a glass of red wine every day," Corder added. Red
wine contains a chemical that is procyanidin, which can also be found
on the type of dark chocolate. Procynidin can help to help facilitate
the circulation of blood. Then, to reduce levels of bad cholesterol
(LDL) and increase good cholesterol (EC) in the body. Some foods that
also have these chemicals are Berri fruit, nuts, apples, and cinnamon.
If you are interested to follow the "Wine Diet", Prof. Corder provide
some clues. Red Wine: Try drinking red wine with a rate of 125 ml /
glass every day. However, no more than 2 glasses per day. Choose the
type of red wine instead of a mild type. Because red wine of mild type
procyanidin which does not contain enough to kesahatan body. In his
book, Prof. Corder advised to choose a red wine with tannin levels,
acidity, and a sense that more kuat.Sebagai example, choose a type of
red wine, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, or Merlot. Dark Chocolate: Try
to eat two or three pieces of dark chocolate every day (if you're not
drinking red wine you can replace it by eating dark chocolate). Diet:
Eat three meals a day, if you want to snack try; an apple, 4 walnuts.
Do not forget to eat green vegetables to increase antioxidants that
can counteract free radicals in the body.

Increase Metabolism

a slow metabolism can lead to excessive weight. Accumulate calories
into fat, a variety of targeted diseases. There's no other way,
immediately push your metabolism to work faster. Metabolism, such as
homeopathy expert explained Melanie J. Grimes in,
is the physical and chemical processes in the body to produce energy.
Chemical processes take place within the cell, converting food and
oxygen into energy your body needs. "Increasing your metabolism will
increase energy and make weight shrink," said Grimes. Metabolism every
person is different, mainly determined by heredity. Metabolism is also
affected age, continued to decline 5 percent in the past ten years
after age 40. Well, lifestyle and choice makana also affect
metabolism. Train your metabolism through regular exercise. The
muscles deviated adenosine triphosphates (ATP) which will be burned
when the muscles move. The body always provide the ATP to size, so
that when exercising, your body automatically increases the ATP needs
to convert from eating. Clearly, according to Grimes, the best way to
increase metabolism is through exercise and develop muscle mass. Then
prioritize healthy diet rich in protein and fat. Here are tips to
increase metabolism Grimes:

- Increase muscle mass: More muscular build more calories burned;
- Eat more protein;
- Sports after it because it would double the calorie burn;
- Eat regularly: Skipping breakfast and an empty stomach will lower
your metabolism because it makes the body trying to save. Eat a little
breakfast makes your metabolism continues to work;
- Eat small meals: new research on athletes found to eat 250 calories
worth of snacks three times a day will increase energy expenditure;
- Drink cold water: Cold water requires more energy to digest than warm water;
- Vitamins: Thiamine, or vitamin B1, to the function of muscle and
shed the carbohydrate and vitamin C helps cartilage canal blood.
Adding Food Fat-burner:
1. Protein: All the food is actually burning fat, because when
digested, your metabolism increases. But there are some foods that
require more energy to digest. Protein spend 25 percent more. A
hundred calories of protein using thirty calories to digest;
2. Spices: A study of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, found
the red pepper (cayenne pepper) are added to carbohydrate foods
increase metabolism disposal and turn on for 30 minutes after a meal;
3. Green tea: active composition is an antioxidant called
epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which acts like a red pepper;
4. Healthy Fats: The body needs fat to function and healthy fats
increase calorie burning. Healthy fats found in olives, avocados, nuts
and some fish such as salmon and tuna. However, Grimes said, the best
way to increase metabolism remains the sport and increase muscle mass.

Quick Weight Down If Twin with Fat People

Ann Arbor, No need to fear the contaminated fat if living room with
fat people. According to research, the student who shared a room with
a fat friend was more successful in preserving a healthy weight. This
conclusion is the result of research at the University of Michigan of
144 freshman. All the participants are girls' dormitory residents,
with a capacity of 2 people in 1 room. Student who shared a room with
a friend who has a body mass index (BMI) above the average catch was
not fat. In fact, tend to experience greater weight loss than the
student who shared a room with friends who are equally slim. In 1-year
observation period, weight loss in obese roommate student who averaged
1.13 kg. Precisely on the students that his roommates are equally
slim, body weight fell an average of only 0.23 kg. "This conclusion is
briefly sounds ridiculous, but there is a reasonable explanation about
it," said Kandice Kapinos, assistant researcher who acted as spokesman
as quoted by FoxNews, Thursday (23/09/2010). According to Kapinos, a
fat female students and aware of the condition are usually motivated
to more stringent diet, exercise more diligent and may consume herbal
slimming. This lifestyle is more easily transmitted in a roommate,
rather than obesity itself. The results of this study will be
presented at the regular meeting of the American Society of Health
Economists, held in the summer.

Effective the Vegetarian Diet

Many people reduce intake of fatty foods, like meat, for the sake of
having a slim body ideal weight. Quite often they are forced to become
a vegetarian. But effective? Nutritional consultant, Dr. Luciana B.
Sutanto, said the vegetarian diet is less appropriate if associated
with weight loss goals. Losing weight is more influenced by the intake
of calories from food and output of calories from physical activity.
Vegetarian diet does not mean calorie content of food consumed is low.
It all depends the type of food, how to cultivate and the amount
consumed. Noteworthy is the protein intake of various nutrients and
adequacy must be fulfilled. He said that a vegetarian diet can not be
done haphazardly. In addition to ensuring that consumed pesticide-
free vegetables, a vegetarian should also be clever set menu
variations such as legumes, fruits, vegetables and fiber. Both also
add soy products in your menu. People who reduce animal protein intake
and increase vegetable protein levels do tend to have low fat and
cholesterol in the body. To be effective vegetarian diet for health,
choose protein sources selectively.

Diet Make a full stomach

Diets that could make you satisfied and not feel hungry, it sounds
like a dream. However, according to new research diet will become
apparent in the future. This is based on evidence gathered by
investigators about the level of satisfaction in the food or satiety.
Professor Peter Rogers from the University BristoI, England, expressed
a sense of satiety to food is a sign of satisfaction on the food
facts. "The sense of satiety is very important if you want to control
weight. So you also need to know what foods can make full." According
to market research by Mintel Global Consumer, satiety at meals is a
very important factor for everyone. While the study conducted by
researchers at the University of California, USA, suggested to meet
mediteria satiety diet is recommended. Use olive oil in Mediterranean
cuisine is very healthy and filling. Olive oil contains oleic acid
which can help reduce hunger. In addition, foods that can make sense
of satiety lasted longer was that contains protein. That's because the
protein stimulates a hormone that makes your stomach feel 'full' and
send it to the brain. Protein also increases the metabolism in the
body. So, in your body is burning calories faster. And, you need to
know is animal protein such as meat and fish, increase metabolism more
than vegetable protein found in vegetables and nuts. For other foods,
you can eat potatoes in order to feel full longer. Potatoes contain
complex carbohydrates. That's what makes you full longer. Besides
potato-type bread that is white rotian can also make your stomach last
longer against hunger. But, avoid potato chips, snack because it just
sends a little signal satiety to the brain. You better eat boiled
potatoes, in addition to not contain oil, will keep you full longer.
To select a snack of crackers or foods you should avoid small, easily
chewed. That's because the snacks are just sending satiety signals to
the brain a little, and you will always want to eat it again and
again. Sweet foods that contain lots of sugar also does not make you
full. In fact, it will just make your blood sugar increases the hazard
to health. For that, you should be more selective in choosing a sweet

The Diet of Children Make Slim

As adults we do have a duty to teach the children a good education.
But, do not close the possibility for us to reap a positive lesson
from children. Like the diet of children.Here are some things that
could be imitated by the way kids eat.

Eat when hungry Naturally, the baby can feel the hunger and regulate
how much food needed for the body. They generally communicate by
crying. Unlike adults who often difficult to control eating. The
reason for eating is no longer limited to hunger, but affected other
things like stress, there was free food, or food ad tempted. Learn to
eat only when hunger comes like a baby with a reasonable dose.

Stop when full Babies and toddlers will refuse to eat if it had been
filled. But adults often can not control myself when eating. With a
variety of reasons, they could easily gobble food even though the
stomach is full. The ability to control themselves to food would be
beneficial for those who were undergoing a diet program. So eat when
hungry and stop when full. Learn to resist the desire to eat when
stomach is full.

Snacks are good Naturally the kids like a snack when hungry between
meals big. This diet maintain their metabolism throughout the day.
Adults who want to keep your metabolic rate needs to try it.

Playing with food Most kids like to examine, smell, and touch their
food. Eating is a total sensory experience, and they enjoy each
process. Such an approach will help your child enjoy the meal

Voter Children will not be easy to eat something they did not like. As
with children, the food is not tasty food will make us lazy. Diligent
search for a healthy food menu and varied to induce appetite. Learning
to like new foods Children learn to like foods that they think they do
not like the game 'once-bite'. If you do not like, do not have to eat
it and should try another time.

Angelina Jolie Sexy Body Secrets

image by photobucket

image by photobucket

As a top actress who already has three children of Brad Pitt, nothing has changed on Angelina Jolie's body. The body beautiful artist still looks sexy and sleek. Want to know the secret angelina jolie body slim? Artist born June 4, 1975 was admitted to not having a special recipe to maintain the beauty of her envy of women around the world.

Jolie confessed that she get slim body naturally. "I do have a naturally slim body is a gene, do not ever make a special effort for the body look slimmer," said Jolie was quoted as saying VIVAnews from page Femalefirst, Sunday, July 11, 2010. Despite the slim body felt it was because offspring does not necessarily make partner Brad Pitt are complacent.

She's still keeping her body to remain healthy and beautiful with running sports. Therefore, it is not difficult to Jolie that portray characters who need extra activities such as running and jumping. Not infrequently a super strict diet willing Jolie for her role in a particular film. When the star in the first film, 'Tomb Raider', she shouldchange the diet to match the appearance of the role of Lara Croft.

Her beauty makes her often considered one of the many women in the world's most beautiful and slim bodied. So no wonder millions of women around the world make the body Jolie as their idol.

Diet Heart Disease and Cancer Risk

Many people, especially women crave slender body ideal. They were willing to go on a diet like hell to get their body shape coveted. But you need to know, that a diet without the correct programs are very dangerous at high risk could even lead to dangerous diseases. This can occur because dietary patterns produce the stress hormone cortisol levels higher. Based on a study, a diet without good programs can increase your risk of deadly conditions like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. The study found that those who control the calorie intake was higher than the stress hormone cortisol is very dangerous for health. The researchers also warned, had a body without any diet will only make people feel better, and keep in mind that diet can actually be damaging their mental health. Many people with psychological stress increased when they were constantly forced to count calories and monitor what they eat. Doctors also have to think twice before giving advice to their patients to a strict diet because of ill health effects can occur in the long term future. "Regardless of success or failure of weight loss, in the long term according to the study showed that the diet increased stress and cortisol, the doctor may need to rethink recommend to their patients to improve health," the researchers said as quoted from page Dailymail

Should the Diet for Teens?

If we watch television, watch a movie, or read newspapers and magazines, lots of ads for weight loss. Many are part of it. But keep in baseball do we go on a diet? We can see that talks about this diet is everywhere. There is a diet high in protein, low-fat diet, vegetable diet, diets do not eat rice, and many more, which sometimes makes us wonder: Where's a suitable diet for teenagers like us? In fact, many of us to feel depressed because of trying hard to lose weight by trying various diets. Instead of losing weight, eh even many who enter the hospital and be treated for the wrong diet. The reason people go on a diet variety. Most of us are dieting because it was too fat and should be more attention to diet and exercise for the portion of the body more fit and healthy. Meanwhile, some other people feel better and look more attractive if their weight is reduced a few pounds. Some are dieting because they feel must keep up appearances for slim like a model. As we know, the model and indeed all artists tend to lean slender body, and fashion clothes today largely exhibited by a very thin models. Clothing that is fashionable even though the new look good when worn by people who are thin. This is what makes us tempted to look like them. But verily, style verythin the model is not realistic for most teenagers like us, especially the girls. During his youth, the girl's body shape changes (such as hip and breast growth) is a natural thing, although we are no longer made to look like the models on television who was flat as a board. A strict diet to make up our bodies like them, may actually be harmful to ourselves. One-one, we even got sick and had to be hospitalized! On a diet means restricting calorie consumption carefully or certain foods. During done proportionally with respect to the needs of our body, diet can make our weight is reduced and body healthy. However, if done carelessly can be fatal, especially for us who are in a period of growth due to nutritional deficiencies in the type and amount of the right to interfere with the growth and overall body health. What kind of diet that is harmful to teens? First, we recommend eating a diet far less calories than we need every day. On average, boys aged 11-14 years require 2500 calories per day and increased to 2800 calories at the age of 15-18 years. As for girls aged 11-18 years require 2200 calories per day. The more active, we will need more calories. Second, a diet that does not allow us to consume fat at all. Our bodies also still need fat. Low-fat diet is much better than the diet without fat altogether. Third, a diet that limits us to eat a certain food groups. Diets that encourage us not to eat carbohydrates (rice, noodles, bread or pasta) altogether and just eat fruit and vegetables are also not healthy because of our need for vitamins and minerals would not be provided only by eating fruits and vegetables only. Eat healthy foods and exercise regularly in a reasonable portion will help us lose weight and still grow normally. For most adolescents, more activity will help us lose weight without changing diet. But if we really feel too fat and want to go on a diet to manage weight, consult your doctor or nutritionist first. If they think we do need to lose weight, they will be able to help us to achieve a healthy weight the right way. To help us, here are some tips for maintaining weight loss as well as fitness:

1.Exercise regularly. In addition to maintaining body weight, exercise is also good for growing strong bones.
2.Drink milk. Milk does not make us fatter. A glass of low fat milk contains only 80 calories and also contain protein and calcium needed for bone growth during adolescence us (compared with 120 calories from soft drinks contain only sugar, without calcium and protein).
3.Eat a varied diet, including lots of vegetables and fruit. This is important for our body needs for various nutrients are met.
4.Drink lots of water, at least 8 glasses a day and drinking less sweets such as syrup, bottled tea, and soda / softdrink.
5.Eat a low-fat meat and high in protein, such as lean meat, chicken without skin, fish, and nuts.
6.Eat foods that contain iron, fiber, and vitamin B.
7.Allow the breakfast. Research shows that eating breakfast can make us learn better in school and eat less all day. In contrast, no breakfast can actually increase body weight due to lower metabolism to save energy.
8.Do not use medicines for diet unless we are in a doctor's supervision.
9.The girl lost a lot of iron during the menstrual period. Therefore, at this period we should be more careful in regulating the content of the nutrients we consume.
10. Boys do not need a diet high in protein (such as eating 20 eggs per day) to build muscle. By maintaining a healthy diet and balanced, we already get the protein we need for our bodies. Excess protein is no longer stored as protein in the future, but as fat.

In conclusion, a diet that's fine by teenagers, as long as for healthy reasons and done in a healthy and safe, that is by maintaining a healthy diet and balanced. We need to diet if your diet was excessive, which is hazardous for health. In some cases, the diet not only makes us look better, but also makes us feel better. However, the most important for us is to treat our bodies with the fair. Do not let us hate our own bodies because only a few pounds overweight. By accepting our bodies and make healthy choices, we will be able to maintain weight within reasonable limits and still enjoy life. In addition, rather than just fixated on body shape alone, we better focus our attention on the pursuit of intellectual quality and our personality. Although television and magazines are full of those who are thin and dress as if fashion is only created for those who are skinny, just calm, we need to feel inferior baseball. If only business clothing, we can creatively make the most appropriate model for us. Remember, pretty or handsome is coming from within us. If we feel happy with ourselves, let alone we are clever, good-hearted, jaunty, and strong personality, naturally we will look nice. Okay! To enjoy life should not underweight, straight hair, and white.

Three Fat Slim Making

The word fat is identical to the source causes of body fat. But make no mistake, there are several types of oils or fats that actually makes the body thinner and leaner. It's some kind of fat that is friendly to your waist circumference.

Coconut oil Most oils, including corn and olive oil, will break down into fatty acids that enter the body and absorb fat. Palm oil is rich in a type of fat that is rarely present in other foods that middle chain triglycerides (MCTs). At dinner MCTs, instead of going in digestion, fat will go to the liver and function as energy. Plus, the body needs extra energy to digest MCTs. "Intake of coconut oil to burn 45 calories," said Marie-Pierre St-Onge, assistant professor of nutrition at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The best way to use coconut oil is sauteing vegetables. However, use this oil over medium heat, because coconut oil is damaged at high temperature. We suggest using virgin coconut oil. Do not use coconut oil instead of saturated improve cholesterol.

Enova Oil Traditional oils generally contain three fatty acids, but only Enova oil contains two fatty acids that are beneficial to the body. Similar to coconut oil, enova straight to the heart and serves as energy. Diets that include 15 percent of daily calories from Enova or about 3-8 tablespoons, body fat will shrink three percent more than the diet with vegetable oil. Enova oil with neutral taste and aroma is suitable for salad dressings, or used for baking and and sautéing. But do not use it for frying because of changing tastes and colors in hot conditions. In addition, the price is also more expensive than vegetable oils.

Peanut butter From the study, people who ate peanut butter has a lower weight than those who avoid this food. The combination of protein, fat and fiber in peanut butter to make energy remains fully charged and make people eat less. Purdue University researchers uncover all kinds of beans affective maintain weight. People who add nuts in their diet for 19 weeks are able to burn more calories at rest than the 11 percent that does not include peanut butter. Therefore, unsaturated fats in nuts and peanut butter to burn fat faster. Use mashed beans to add flavor noodles or satay. Breakfast muffins can also be interspersed with peanut butter. Fiber-rich chunky peanut better than the bean liquid. Nutritionist Bonnie Taub-Dix of New York suggested that the ideal amount of peanut butter consumption is between one to two tablespoons. Good fats turn bad for your health if eaten did not fit the needs of the body. All fats generally contain nine calories per gram. In order to get the ideal body weight, preferably alternating / create fat to obtain the best benefits. to fat already in your diet, not their tactics to what's on your plate.

Ideal body without a Diet = Eat all you like

Who does not want a fantastic slim body Like catwalk model. But for the bs get such a distinguished body that is not easy. Especially for you- you who once ate a hobby and culinary tours here and there. The models have to be patient to hold foods who they want. Where stand-ice cream with chocolate-cake who lined up in a shop window. ... tempting ONCE! After trying a long time, this is my style tips to get the ideal body. Without dieting, you can eat whenever you want.

1. Eat regular Regular here means do not be put off eating. Try stp-day breakfast, lunch and dinner on time. By eating regular meals, the portion would not be excessive.
2. Get plenty of rest 6-8hour/day distinguished body needs. Try to meet ya.
3. Tea Here it is the key. Do not forget to drink tea yes. For you who like to drink green tea, go 3x a day. If I am, drinking my tea which is tea TEAK CHINA. Apart from good to release the fat so smooth bowel movements. Teak tea is also good for lowering cholesterol levels. Before drinking the tea teak, very difficult to lower the weight. 3 weeks I dropped 3kg. My neighbor down 6kg in a month.

ideal weight with adequate fiber

fiber intake is often overlooked. Whereas it is essential nutritional needs to maintain body condition remains healthy. Fill your daily fiber needs to get the maximum benefit. Fiber needs of men and women differently. Men need 38 grams of fiber per day, while women 25 grams per day. By meeting the needs of fiber, you will get many benefits. Foods that contain lots of fiber keep you full longer. This prevents you eat too much and could dampen the desire to snack. To you who are in the diet, eat high- fiber vegetables mengadung first, before eating other foods, like rice or side dishes. Fiber also helps you control your calorie intake to the body so as not to overdo it. Thus, body weight became more balanced and controlled. In choosing the best fiber derived from natural materials such as fruits and vegetables. Currently, there are many fibrous instant beverage products. However, these products do not contain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients found in natural fibers. Not to mention, the high sugar content can improve blood sugar levels. The signs of the body lacks the weight of fiber is increased dramatically, high cholesterol and sugar levels are not balanced. From now on, always input fiber in your diet. Consumption of vegetables such as spinach, beans, broccoli because it contains lots of fiber. Risk of diabetes, heart disease and colon cancer can also be reduced by eating enough fiber.

Sushi For Diet?

No stranger to the food of the Interior named Sakura Sushi instead. The food is very famous all over the world because it is a typical food of the Japanese state was found to have excess to your current diet program. Food is never referred to as less healthy food in America is indeed a much-debated because in more than 20 restaurants in the United States found the fish in sushi contain much mercury. As we know that the substance mercury is not good for growing babies and children. Actually a lot of events was the discovery of mercury because the fish is served uncooked fish used and the type of tuna. Though the fish in sushi is best derived from species of salmon and cooked first. Raw fish in sushi does not mean the fish meat is processed directly from the sea without the slightest. But the fish was still processed in a way more minimal than cook other food. Why is it important in helping you who are on a diet? Processed products have perfect sushi nori content that we can see from sushi wrappers. Nori has the potential to reduce the retention of body fat is 75%. Apart from these foods, we can also add a natural fiber in the foods we eat everyday so that three quarters of the fat in foods can be reduced from our bodies.You also have to be careful in choosing a snack. Many of us find a snack in the form of snacks at the supermarket which will condition the high calorie content.

Food Diet After Childbirth

Entering of pregnancy, the woman should ideally gain weight between 10-18 pounds. However, they often find it hard to restore the body size postpartum. They argued there was no time to the gym to recover the body size. And streamline your postpartum body can be easily done at home. Here are her tips.

Step 1 Consumption of high nutritious foods and low in calories. Avoid processed meats, grilled meats, fried foods, white bread, chips and candy. Expand the consumption of foods rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats such as chicken breast, eggs, lean meat, grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables and vegetable oils.

Step 2 Water consumption. Leave the soft drinks, bottled fruit juices, alcoholic drinks and sweet tea because it offers high calorie and nutrient poor. Beverage packaging of this kind is also not good for the baby to feed growth. Ideal dose, drink 8-10 glasses of water or fresh fruit juice a day.

Step 3 Consumption of high nutritious snacks every 2-3 hours to maintain the body's metabolism. Carrot and cheese are examples of healthy snacks. Make sure each portion of fiber-rich foods have complex carbohydrates and protein. This makes you feel full and prevent overeating. Perform three steps that alone is not enough. Consumption of healthy food needs to be balanced with physical exercises that support the process of burning body fat after giving birth.

The Healthy Breast Diet

Breast women not only have preserved its beauty but also her health. The nutritionist said that nutrition is very important for breast health. There are some foods and drinks are very good for the breast. For that, multiply the following food consumption for the sake of your breast health.

- Vegetables and fruit All women must often consume vegetables and fruits that are yellow, like oranges, bananas, and carrots. The content of vitamins A, E, C and a high antioxidant, may reduce the risk of degenerative disease and breast cancer. Consumption of broccoli and Chinese cabbage also to protect the breast from the tumor or cancer.

- Wheat Oatmeal mixed with legumes such as beans, peas and legumes, contain a very high fiber. Mixture of both serves to stabilize the hormone in women. Consumption of at least one time for your breast health.

- Selenium Consumption of foods also contain selenium. Foods that contain high protein such as nuts, meat and milk. Selenium is very good for the breast because it increases skin elasticity.

- Tea and wine A slightly sweet wine is also good for the breast, but make sure that their consumption is not excessive. In addition, you can also drink green tea and white tea. Nutritionists recommend drinking green tea or white 3 to 5 cups per day, due to very high antioxidant content. Not only good for the breast but also other diseases.

Cereals Make You Fat?

a plate of corn flakes breakfast cereal made from corn before going to school or office has become the habit of some people. The reason for this low-calorie dish of corn flakes at a time provides energy. However, Italian diet experts reject the myth that corn is one of the low-calorie foods. They found that consumption of corn flakes on a regular basis to encourage weight gain. The research team from the University of Florence examine children aged between five to ten years with a diagnosis of early obesity. From the observation of excessive body weight have been found in children who ate corn flakes for breakfast for at least a year every day. Head of research, Luigi Barbaliani, explains that foods made with high quality corn flour is actually healthy. Because of corn to be part of a weight loss diet. However, she added most of the cereal products made from corn in the market cooked using vegetable oil, and contain sugar and additives. Food like that is not healthy because it impairs the functioning of stomach secretions.

The Viking Diet

The Viking Diet Eating habits Viking tribe in Scandinavia, are remarkably healthy and able to control body weight. This made Professor Arne Astrup from Copenhagen University, Denmark, highly recommend this viking diet for those who want to lose weight. Viking Diet have the concept of eating like a Viking tribe, namely by relying on a combination of bread and food menu. Viking Diet can be anyone and benefits are not much different from the Mediterranean diet. The focus of this diet is to consume local products, and intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat balance. Viking Diet is quite simple that is by combining a menu that consists of grains such as wheat and beans, vegetables, fish, poultry and meat.

Meat consumption also must contain a high omega 3, such as marine fish. To select the red meat and eat lean meat with fresh vegetables rich in antioxidants like carrots. Viking diet effects have been examined by Professor Arne Astrup, who is Head of the Department of Nutrition, Copenhagen University, late last year. She found cases of obesity in Scandinavia only half of cases of obesity in England. The key was located on a high protein intake Viking tribe. "Consumption of high protein on the Viking tribe is the key to their healthy eating habits. The protein was making a person full longer," said Professor Arne Astrup, as quoted by the Daily Mail, 21 January 2010.

Tricks Covering Distended Stomach

Many women who have problems in the form of a distended abdomen. To eliminate them would be on a diet and exercise. If you include women who have a problem with belly fat while on a diet and exercise, overcome also using the right clothes.Some forms of clothing have the effect of illusion and can cover a distended abdomen. Just follow the five steps in choosing the next outfit, so that your belly can be covered perfectly.

1. Use a corset or other body shaper before using the clothes. The effect not only makes the stomach look smaller, your body tends to be in good posture.
2. Make a camouflage color with the game. Do not use colors like light brown or pale gray and bright colors as the boss, because it will make your belly become the focus of vision. Pick a dark color or a pattern of small size as superior to disguise the shape stomach.
3. Avoid tight tops, and choose a little loose. Bosses are tight it will make visible protruding belly. But, be careful in selecting superior materials, choose one that is not too thick. Any size must fit not too big.
4. If not using a corset, use a pair of intersecting "high-waist" to hold your stomach. With these pants inevitably you will keep your stomach and also in the upright posture.
5. Select the top-shaped "high-waist who focus their vision on the chest area. Thus, the shape of a distended abdomen became less visible.

Really Sleep Can Make Slim?

To have a healthy weight, many women are willing to do dieting furiously. But it turns out, maintaining ideal body weight need not be bothered and not as difficult as you imagine. By getting enough sleep portion, also can lose excess weight. During this time many people underestimate the ideal bed for 7-8 hours. In fact, the duration of adequate sleep can help the body perform metabolic processes properly. As quoted from page maintain ideal weight based on the study of University of Chicago, USA, recently discovered, reducing the portion of an ideal sleep can ruin your diet plan program. Although a diet, someone still must get adequate rest time. When on a diet you get enough rest at night, according to the study, this practice can erode fat twice as many compared with a diet without enough sleep time. Adequate sleep also can drive out hunger. Based on research, for those who get enough sleep, it's easier to plan a healthy diet. In addition, many other studies began to show a clear relationship between weight and lack of sleep. Earlier this year of study in Australia found the cause and effect between sleep patterns and obesity among adolescents. And in 2004, a study conducted at Columbia University in New York was also very interesting. There, the researchers studied the sleep habits of more than 18,000 people and found those who slept less than four hours each night, 73 percent more likely to become obese than those who slept for 7-9 hours per night. However, sleep time should not be excessive as well. The study also revealed that more than 10 hours of sleep may make weight soared.

Personality Affect Weight Loss

Does your personality could be a factor for weight loss? A new study says, yes! This study was conducted Hitomi Saito from Doshisha University, Japan. He examines the patients who are obese. The study was conducted through nutritional counseling and exercise therapy for six months at Kansai Medical University Hospital Obesity Clinic. The study says, patients can improve self-awareness through counseling were more likely to lose weight than those who do not do it. In fact, patients who started the program with less optimistic characteristics also tend to lose weight faster. The results of this study support previous findings which revealed, some negative emotions have a positive effect on behavior change because the patient is more concerned about the disease. They better keep eating, so they will avoid obesity, says a researcher from BioMed. "The problem, to maintain ideal body weight, the patient must be able to control themselves to issue a negative emotion. Reduce psychological stress could well maintain weight.

Three Diet For Ageless

Many ways can be taken to realize the appearance of youth. Not just with sex or routine to beauty salons, food intake can also affect your appearance. Proper diet, in addition to make a healthy body, but also can prevent premature aging. If you want to always look younger, practice the following diets:

Calorie restriction diet One of the latest diet trend is to limit your calorie intake. With the reduction in calories, dieters eat only about 25 percent of calories less than your body needs. You can practice this diet by avoiding fatty foods, sweets made from flour, chocolate and ice cream. Although in small portions, high- calorie foods. Also, if there is hunger and not the time to eat, overcome by consuming fruit or vegetables because these foods are rich in fiber which will provide satiety longer. Also avoid simplex carbohydrate source such as sugar, candy and syrup. Consumption of complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, bread and corn, the type of carbohydrate is more slowly absorbed by the body. This diet can extend life by reducing the risk of age-related diseases, increase blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure. This diet also can maintain an ideal weight, and help beautify the skin.

Diet Genes This diet recommends that you control the size of the meal, balanced with regular exercise. These types of foods should be consumed that contains polyphenols, omega fatty acids, and fiber. Among other things, salmon, crab, shrimp, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. This diet ensures your body receives all the nutrients needed to work optimally. That way the body's immune diseases, and ageless.

Blue Zone Diet Dan Buettner, author of 'The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer' opinion, 90 percent of how long we are determined to live the lifestyle and the other 10 percent is based on genetics. In recent years, many scientists concluded, genetics can be relied upon to estimate the age of a person based on family history. Buettner research over the past decade reveals, the people who live in the Blue Zone areas around the world have a more healthy lifestyle, so that residents can age up to 100 years. Five areas are expressed as the Blue Zone by Buettner, among others: the island of Sardinia, Italy; Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica; Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan, and Loma Linda, California, USA. However, although not live in the Blue Zone, we can still practice the dietary pattern of the Blue Zone. Diets that focus on drinking lots of water, eating vegetables, eating less animal protein and fat, and limit eating foods rich in sugar. Doing this diet consistently added always think positively, and diligent exercise can make the body healthy and glowing skin.

Error When dieting

Do you rarely weigh loss? For some women, the scales are one of the few tools at home are covered in dust, because rarely used. In fact, you know, if you're trying to lose weight, you should consider custom entity, you have to do more regularly. Doctors said she fears seeing numbers on the scale as the scale- phobia. Usually women think, "If not sure if my weight goes up, maybe it does not rise." After that you may not weigh the goods within a few days, weeks, even months. Well, if she feels her weight does not rise, they tend to eat anything. That's where the weight can easily soar. "For some people, weigh loss diet can help," said Kelly Brownell, PhD, Director of the Center for Eating and Weight Disorders at Yale Center Agency, USA. "Scales could be a motivation for you. If you intend to lose weight or maintain ideal weight, you may need feedback from these scales," said Brownell. If you consider the body regularly, you can see the changes in body weight when the more easily reduced than 7 kg 1.5 kg. But, it is important also that you are not obsessed with the numbers so that you feel the need to weigh 1-2 times a day. Your weight can fluctuate daily and even hourly. Doctors advice: If you want to lose weight, do body weight once a month. Do it after waking up, naked, and when you're not menstruating. If you maintain a successful weight loss is reduced, weigh your weight once a week. Do not immediately panic if it is your body weight increased less than 2 kg. It was still quite normal, because the body's weight fluctuate at certain moments. but, if body weight increased more than 2 kg, the time for you to undergo a diet program.

Secret Body Beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt

Secret Body Beautiful Jennifer Love Hewitt Who does not know Jennifer Love Hewitt? Actress Julie in the movie I Know What You Did Last Summer is indeed time to shine in the era of the late 1990s. Beautiful physique not only seized the attention of Adam on the screen, but also the Eve of 'envy' with a sexy posture. However, she remains a woman, a woman who has the same anxiety that other woman, who always want the ideal body posture. "For the most part, yes, I'm happy with my body. But, there are days where I felt, 'huh? why these jeans suddenly tight? " That's when I said to myself, 'This is as it should'. If every day seems the same, we will look boring, "says Jen. Keeping the body stay fit, this time Jen share her secret strategy in SHAPE Magazine, which cited VIVAnews, Saturday, September 26, 2009, in order to stay slim and confident.

Place the refrigerator diet To maintain a healthy intake of food and fresh, always Jen shopping once every two days. "To heap of food in the refrigerator that kept saying 'Come eat me!" No need every day, just a few days on a regular basis, "said the actress was born February 21, 1979. "And, I'm forced to not be tempted with foods that make fat at night," she said.

Always lunch It was no secret, the last few years, many young actresses who are obsessed with super thin body. Yes, Jennifer found a trend that is really disturbing. "But now times have changed. Not long ago, I went to a celebrity luncheon, and there only am I the only person in the dining room. Other women looked at me like I did not get a memo, but I'm very hungry! " Jen story. "The women were worried that if a woman ate, it would be a disaster. It does not make sense," she added.

Often praise yourself Since the age of 30 years ago in February, Jen practicing the art of positive thinking. Each night, she always mentions five things sexy about her body. "I always feel beautiful when asleep," she said. "The next morning, before leaving the house, did I mention five things I love most of my body, like 'oh, I have beautiful eyes,' That way, when I go out, I feel much more fit and confident," says actor Del Blaine in cinema The Tuxedo with Jackie Chan in 2002.Do not be so easily carried away the environment When observed, we are indeed difficult to see Jennifer hang out or party with other Hollywood stars. "I do not really like a big party," said Jen. "Working all day and ended at a club with 150 people drunk and sweaty it felt that the worst idea ever. In the closing days, I'd rather walk with my girlfriend (Kamie Kennedy, actor Ghost Whisperer), or with family," said Jen .

Orange Citrus Diet For People with Diabetes

Orange citrus has always made fresh drinks, is known to have efficacy for weight loss. Not only that, the efficacy of citrus was able to prevent diabetes. According to a recent study, citrus has a high content of flavonoids called naringenin. The substance has a very good influence on the function of organs. Naringenin could prevent the deposition of fat in the liver. With naringenin, the fat that is obtained through the food will burn and reduce levels of blood fats (triglycerides) and bad cholesterol. As well, the metabolic processes in the body also occur more quickly and naturally. Naringenin is a substance that can lose weight effectively and can be obtained in a natural way. That is by eating citrus juice each day on a regular basis. For patients with type 2 diabetes, naringenin has a substantial benefit of stabilizing the glucose levels in the body. Substances such as antioxidants whose function is similar to the hormone insulin. Metabolism in the body becomes more smoothly in the presence of naringenin and reduce insulin resistance in the body. In addition to the citrus, the high content of naringenin can also be obtained from the grapefruit. Besides good for diabetics, citrus is also good for people with cardiovascular disease. But, because it's the same, for those who also suffer from heartburn should consult a doctor before taking them.

Diet For Beautiful Breasts

Having beautiful breasts and sexy are every woman's desires. However, to maintain its beauty, need care from the outside and inside. Sure enough, it is not just the body alone that needs nutrients to stay fit, even breast nutritional needs. Here are some foods and beverages to keep the breast still beautiful and healthy:

Consumption of citrus fruit Eating citrus and vegetables as well as a healthy food that should be a staple of women's consumption of day-to-day.besides oranges, fresh fruits and dried fruits such as apricots, orange citrus, bananas and carrots were also well taken to maintain breast health. Fruits are rich in vitamin A, E and C and antioxidants, which can make breast tissue constantly dah skin youthful.

Cabbage Preventing cancer White cabbage and Chinese cabbage, cauliflower, and broccoli is a food that is needed to protect against breast malignant diseases such as cancer. Therefore, start this routine eat vegetables.

Bread wheat for the production of hormones Variety of foods prepared from wheat ingredients were added with water, nuts and foods containing fiber are very well taken because it can give a good effect for female hormones. These foods should always be present in your daily menu.

Selenium for healthy skin A woman's breasts will not look beautiful and healthy without selenium. The content of selenium can be obtained from Brazil nuts and brewer's yeast as a source of vitamin B1 which could make your breasts and skin more elastic.
3 cups of green tea a day Sweet wine or sweet wine flavor is also well taken for breast health. In addition to sweet wine, green tea and white can also be an alternative that can provide benefits to the breast. Nutritionists recommend that women drink tea 3-5 cups each day to protect the body, including breast, from various diseases and premature aging.

Raw Food Diet

Have you heard about the diet by eating raw foods? Raw food diet is a diet that uses uncooked foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables, bamboo shoots, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, or seaweed. A diet raw diet similar to a vegetarian diet. The difference is, when the adherents of vegetarians do not eat meat and fish, raw foods diet still allows you to eat less red meat, poultry, or fish. Proponents of this diet lifestyle believe that eating natural fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other raw foods with little or no meat, in a raw state, providing more vitamins and nutrients for the body. In addition, raw foods also helps expenditure toxins from the body naturally. Basic rules to implement the raw food diet is, ate fruit, nuts, vegetables, and grains, with a complementary supplement to replace meat. Throughout these foods are not cooked, then you already run a raw food lifestyle. Means, tofu and tempeh fried, stir-fry broccoli, baked potatoes, should be kept away. So what are the benefits of this diet menjalanakan? Here it is: clean skin, a vitality that is always energetic, healthy hair, a more slender abdomen, and the body more healthy and fit. This diet is actually a caveman eating habits of millions years ago. You will also obtain foods rich in nutrients because the nutrients contained in foods was not vaporized by the cooking process, or shrink due to dyes and other chemicals. However, there are advantages there are also disadvantages. This diet could actually pose a risk that is not profitable. Raw food could still keep the bacteria or germs that cause disease. Even though you've washed the food was as clean as possible, no guarantee that food free of bacteria. Applying a raw food diet is very good for losing weight. But it also must be redeemed by the risks posed as above. So, before you try, you should consult your doctor or nutritionist first. The reason it is very important to see your body resistance against animal nutrition will be reduced and immunity to disease.

Healthy Diet South Africa

South African diet is to follow a healthy diet population villages in South Africa. This diet is very healthy at the same time give priority to food processing a healthy manner. According to the Medical Research Council study, their diets of rural people in South Africa are considered more healthy than the population in large cities. Therefore, these villagers eat more foods with a more complete nutrition. Food consumed is a wild plant in the form of vegetables and tubers such as yams, pumpkin leaves, morogo (a kind of spinach), and so forth. How to cook it any more healthy for example boiled, steamed, or baked. What should be considered when a diet of South Africa this?

Enjoy a variety of foods South Africans love the variety of food in their daily menu. They are also always looking for innovative new healthy food. Raw foods are more variable will give a more varied results. Besides not boring when eaten, you also can feel a lot of nutritional intake.

Variation of carbohydrate So far, we rely too much white rice as a source of carbohydrate. In fact, many other sources of carbohydrates are better than white rice. For example, brown rice, wheat cereals, wheat bread, pasta, and so forth. Replace carbohydrates in your daily menu with ingredients that contain more fiber. Perform variety of brown rice or whole-grain cereal.

Reduce seasoning Diet of rural communities in South Africa are not much use of spices. They better enjoy the original taste of food in accordance with boiled or steamed. Reduce sugar, salt and other seasonings such as soy sauce and sweet or sauce. Better to replace with olive oil or vegetable oil.

Drink plenty of water This diet requires that you prefer to drink water than other drinks. Reduce soft drinks or coffee high in calories and not good for heart health

Increase fruits and vegetables as snacks In between meals, get used to eating fruits and vegetables instead of snacks are not nutritious. Avoid heavy snacks that actually makes your weight soaring mosalnya fries, potato chips, and so forth. Fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and antioxidants will be better for your body's endurance. Consumption of fruits and vegetables at least five times a day.

Diet According Biological Clock

The body has 'alarm' when feeling hungry. 'Alarm' body is meant here is the body's biological clock or clock. By eating certain foods according to meal time, you can control hunger. Here's a guide to eat according to the velocity of a biological clock for a day. At 07:00 to 09:00 Breakfast is as important as lunch. Only, the number or not as much need for breakfast lunch. Breakfast fruit indeed practical. But, you should also eat foods that contain fibrous carbohydrates such as wholemeal bread and cereals. Also, select yogurt for breakfast. The content of amino acid tyrosine, tryptophan, and phenylalanine in it can make you feel full longer. At 09:00 to 12:00 Be careful, at this hour, the desire to snack is high enough. If you are snacking chocolate and other sweet foods, for energy during the day can be sucked. The best way for the brain can continue to work, vast drinking water. Dehydration can decrease the performance of several organs, especially the brain, kidney, and skin. Additional fluids to the body, apart from white water, also from fruit juices, tea, coffee, or milk. At 12:00 to 18:00 To conquer drowsiness, you should not eat too many carbohydrates at lunch. This could boost seretonin, which can make the body weak .. Instead, protein-rich foods, such as red meat, chicken, and fish such as sardines, plus peas, a choice of lunch. Logo by drinking fruit juice. To be drained of energy after work can terdongkrak again, hot chocolate can be a stimulant for the body refreshed. At 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. At night, the power of gastric slow. So, should you eat foods with less fat. For example, salmon is combined with vegetables and fruits. Number of servings of food also do not overdo it. Because, when a glut in the evening, the food can cause digestive tract to work hard, and the stomach feel full as well as bloating. 21.00 - until early morning At this hour, our bodies are resting, but the cells in the body it is busy making food that is digested to be circulated throughout the body. If you have difficulty sleeping, a glass of warm milk can increase serotonin. That is, the substance in the brain associated with the nerve, which can make you more relaxed. If you want to snack, eat fruit that is easy dicerma body, so as not to interfere with metabolic processes.

Diet to Awaken the Spirit

When the mood is not good, you need special nutritional intake. Do diet by eating foods that can make you feel more comfortable. According to nutrition experts from the United States Monica Grenfell, while psychological condition was not comfortable, take the intake of certain foods. For example, during cloudy or hot weather conditions that make the body tired and uncomfortable. "When the erratic weather conditions, you can easily carry emotions. For that you need a diet that can evoke the spirit," said Grenfell. We're emotional, we tend to eat at random which makes it convenient. And it triggered a sharp increase body weight. What are some foods that can make our mood better without having to make weight soared? Here are some types of foods that are recommended Grenfell.

1 Breakfast cereals Cereals contain folic acid which helps the body absorb iron. This mineral is needed for the body to overcome fatigue.
2 Wheat Eating oatmeal that contains nutrients alkaloids and flavonoids. These antioxidants vitamin B will help to work so they can make our mood better.
3 Potatoes or pasta Choose a high carbohydrate diet and low protein for dinner. For such a menu at night will help the body prepare itself to be more relaxed and ready for sleep.
4 Turkey, bananas, dates, yogurt, tuna These foods contain tryptophan, an amino acid which release the hormone serotonin which makes the feeling more comfortable and happy.
5 Lettuce These vegetables contain lactucarium a calming effect.
6 Cottage cheese In addition to a very high protein, cottage cheese types also contain tryptophan.
7 Milk Drinking milk before bedtime will make you more soundly and wake up with more spirit. Add pure honey to give effect more comfortable.
8 Bean sprouts, broccoli, cabbage These vegetables contain lots of folic acid se [erties of wheat.
9 Meat You need vitamin B6 in the flesh. According to studies, people who are not in a good mood condition vitamin B6 in the body is very low. vitamins.
10 Bananas The fruit is high in carbohydrates and natural fruit sugar. Eating bananas enough to make you satisfied and comfortable so there is no desire to snack.

Diet Like Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is always occupy a row of Arctic beautiful and sexy. Her body is sleek and taut show concern will exercise and diet. During pregnancy and after childbirth, Fantastic Four star is lost because of the beautiful body shape weight increases. But just two months after giving birth, Jessica began to restore the body shape and look sexy again. Together with her personal trainer,Ramona Braganza, Jessica diligent exercise to lose weight. Braganza implementing diet and exercise are extremely tight. Thanks to the high discipline, Jessica can wear sexy dresses and bikinis again. Want to try diet Jessica Alba? Follow the diet and exercise program!

Keeping your diet Jessica's diet is made is to limit your calorie intake and low carbohydrate diet. Every day she just ate 1700-2000 calories. She avoids red meat, eating only bread or cereal grain, low-fat cheese, and multiply the fruits and vegetables. For breakfast, she ate oatmeal with sliced fresh fruit and scrambled eggs. Lunch menu is the salad greens with a piece of chicken breast or grilled salmon. She also did not leave the dinner. Jessica still doing dinner with a menu or sashimi fish fillet with vegetables. As for snacks, Jessica just eating almonds or walnuts.

Burn calories Jessica always follow the schedule of fitness training for an hour, 5-6 days a week. With a variety of fitness equipment, Jessica practicing until calories burned. She is also doing cardio exercises to strengthen the heart, swim, lift weights, and treadmills. Sports that do burn 550 calories per day. While breast-feeding naturally burns 500 calories per day.

Vegetarian Diet To Get Pregnant

The majority of causes of difficult pregnancy is a lack of ovulation cycle disorder. This is caused by hormonal disorders or diseases such as endometriosis, and cysts. One reason, according to Neal Barnard, MD, nutrition researcher at Washington DC, foods that tend fatty animal products can dramatically increase the levels of estrogen into the blood. Answer to this problem turned out to related closely with a vegetarian diet. According to Barnard, a vegetarian almost all women ovulate regularly. It turned out that vegetables and fruit can stabilize the hormones. By choosing plant-based foods means you avoid the hormonal swings that can make a mess of the menstrual cycle. More than 5 million women in North America suffer from endometriosis, a condition in which diseased cells that should grow in the uterus spreads to other body parts. Tues wrong this place continues to pile up, swell and can cause sores that interfere with conception and pregnancy. Advantages vegetarian diet is to avoid major source of organochlorines. That is, chemicals that are formed in animal fat and trigger endometriosis in a way weaken the resistance of cells such misplaced. In short, with a stable estrogen, menstrual cycle will be more organized, then this will make the cells that grow in the wrong place will shrink and die. Adherents of a high-fiber vegetarian diet has a sufficient supply of fiber that serves to displace the excess estrogen from the body safely. Soybeans are excellent sources of vegetable protein and estrogen, which is also known as phytoestrogens. This shape is different and has different effects. Some functions similar to estrogen in the body, although only a very weak effect compared to real estrogen. Much more action to reduce the activity of estrogen. The evidence indicates that phytoestrogens may help reduce symptoms of menopause that interfere with and limit the growth of cancer cells. Another food source that serves food to maintain a balance of hormones:

• Wheat: wheat chocolate, pasta, rice, seral,
• Vegetables: w ortel, sweet potatoes,
spinach, kale, broccoli
• Legumes: peas, soybeans, black soybeans.
• Fruits: apple, mango, banana, peach, pear.

Improving fertility Two belle of the nutrients needed to repair fertility and healthy pregnancy, are:
- Folic acid, found in dark green vegetables, kale, citrus type fruits (including citrus, grapes, lemons), legumes, whole grains, and bread with folic acid additives and cereals. Consumption of folic acid supplement of 0.4 milligrams or often written as 400 micrograms (mcg) per day.
- Calcium. Recommended dosage is 1000 mg per day. The best sources of calcium are low-fat milk (414 mg per cup) and yogurt (a small pot containing 302 mg).

Diet on Weekends

Diet on Weekends .What is your plan to face this long weekend? Attending parties here and there or lounging at home after a tired working all week? Whatever your plans, do not forget diet and exercise. The problem is, the habit on weekends, such as sleeping, being lazy, and snacking can add weight to about 4.5 kg per year. At least, this is a published researcher in the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis in the journal Obesity. The team found that people were disciplined with diet and exercise throughout the workday. As the weekend approached, all forgotten. Then on the following Monday, pants feel tighter and the scale needle move more to the right. "There is no way to avoid it, the additional weight on the weekends to be consistent," said James Hill, founder of the National Weight Control Registry. Here are some tips to avoid additional weight at the weekend: Always monitor weight We recommend that you weigh the body every day, or at least every Friday and Monday. When the weight crept up, that's a sign you should reduce lazy on weekends. Considering the body is best done after a bowel movement in the morning. Junk food, no way! You may have more time on the weekends, so why eat fast food? Take time to prepare and enjoy whole foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, fiber, meat, and low-fat dairy products. Serve a bowl of soup or vegetables into pieces as a snack. Eating solid food fiber and protein will keep you satisfied for hours. Do not be lazy to move Rather than just being lazy, use your weekend time for cycling, mountain ride, play tennis, or take a walk with the family. Even go shopping to the mall can be categorized exercise. Use a pedometer (step counter) and stop if the display already shows the number 10,000. Healthy Breakfast At the weekend, you've got all the time in the world to enjoy breakfast. Avoid breakfast a la agriculture rich in fat, sodium, and calories. Enough with the one or two eggs, bread wheat, and fruits. Or choose a bowl of high fiber cereal with low-fat yogurt and fruit. Healthy breakfast is to increase enthusiasm for the day. Those who are successful with her diet had never left home before breakfast. Think: Slim, slim, slim! Instill a desire to lose weight in your mind all weekend, so work hard all week was not in vain. A little spoiled-spoiled still tolerable, but do not get used to. While hanging out, give more attention to people and what was discussed, and only a little on food.

Really Snoring Can Burn Many Calories

Various studies have shown that snoring is an indication of health problems in the body. As opposed, a study published in the Archives of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery recently actually see the benefits of snoring. "The more severe snoring, more and more calories burned," according to a study led by Eric J Kezirian, MD, MPH from the University of California, as quoted by the Times of India pages. Kezirian did a study of 212 adults who experience breathing problems during sleep with varying severity. He wanted to see the connection between energy release during sleep and severity of respiratory disturbance during sleep. To calculate the energy that comes out, Kezirian ask participants to do a series of physical tests and sleep patterns by polysomnography and the calorimeter. He calculates oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production related to the combustion energy. As a result, participants spend an average of 1763 calories per day. However, those with severe breathing problems during sleep out 1999 calories. While those with the lowest severity burn only 1626 calories per day. Kezirian said, the response due to respiratory disorders affect the nervous energy burning. In people who have a bad habit of snoring, there is increased energy release. However, respiratory distress may not be able to lose weight. "This research expands our knowledge of respiratory and metabolic disorders, but this does not explain the relationship between these disorders with weight," he said. Weight loss depends on the balance between the entrance and exit of energy or calories. And, the energy released during sleep is one of total energy expended each day. However, it remains unclear whether the weight loss that affects the appearance of respiratory distress. Or would that cause respiratory problems weight gain due to changes in energy metabolism. To continue to explore the body systems work, this study will be followed by research that leads to interference effects pernapasaan in his sleep on the weight of the impact of the incoming and outgoing energy. Related results of the study, Kezirian refused stating that disordered breathing during sleep influence the hormone or the mechanism of energy production. He also declined to say that snoring is a healthy habit. In fact, snoring actually makes the body more quickly tired that limit physical activity.

More Beautiful Buttocks With Cycling

cycling for buttocks Want to have a sexy buttock like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian? bicycle regularly. Sports that are into this trend, can make your butt look more toned and sexy. According to Leena Mogra, the actress Bolllywood fitness trainer, weight proportional, fitness exercise and cycling is the most appropriate combination to get a perfect posture, including the buttocks are tight and contain. "To make the body more fit form and is always very important to pay attention to nutritional intake. Then on a regular basis, doing weight training, squats and cardio exercises," said Leena, as quoted by the Times of India. Cycling is a type of cardio exercise is very good for heart health. The advantages of this exercise for women is to make the posture legs and buttocks become more established. "A lot of the gains women with cycling. Not only can tighten the buttocks, biking for an hour can burn 35 calories. It is very good for weight control in order to remain stable," said Leena. To be more fun cycling activities, you can do together with friends on weekends. It would be better if you cycling outdoors, although using the bicycle equipment at the gym can be an alternative. To form the butt more leverage, Leena also suggested that women doing weight training that focuses on lower body.cycling for buttocks

Diet For Skin Health

In principle, the diet is a dietary pattern into the body. Not only to get the ideal body weight, diet is also done to shore up the healing process of the disease, even for beauty care. Facial skin is a reflection of your nutritional intake. Right food choices can make you look more beautiful. Interested to do this? Known, there are certain types of diet that can be applied to facial skin look more shiny and fresh.

1.Diet for smooth skin Eat fruits and vegetables, orange, red or dark green, such as pumpkin, carrots, sweet potatoes, tomatoes and spinach - every day. This colored food, known contain beta carotene, an antioxidant that can counteract free radicals cause cell activity wrinkled skin. Beta carotene is also able to 'wake up' DNA that served to produce new skin cells and stimulate the release of dead skin cells. Both processes running this line will make the skin appear more smooth and fresh

2.Diet to prevent skin damage For healthy skin, nutrition experts recommend eating dark chocolate, sunflower seeds, and green tea. Sunflower seeds are known to contain vitamin E, which not only overcome the potent free radical reactions, but also serve to protect the skin from external destructive molecules, originating from air pollution. Dark chocolate and green tea contain polyphenols, natural compounds capable of controlling substances trigger inflammation. In addition, polyphenols also mel ancarkan blood flow in the skin. According to the calculations of experts on nutrition, 1.5-ounce bar of dark chocolate contains 800 mg of antioxidants. This amount is almost equal levels of antioxidants contained in a cup of black tea. However, consuming the ideal amount of antioxidants for healthy skin is 10 grams per day. Meanwhile, if you want to consume green tea, it is suggested that at least drink a cup every day. Include all the sunflower seeds as part of your daily snacks.

3.Diet to tighten & brighten skin Strawberries, various citrus, peppers (especially red peppers) and broccoli, is a type of fruit and vegetables that contain vitamin C is very high. In the body, vitamin C could activate fibroblasts, collagen- making cells. The better the quality of collagen in the body, the skin more taut and bright. The number of fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C can be consumed as much as you want every day.

Maquiberry, Exotic Fruit Fat Destroyer

Good news for those who dream of the ideal body. Exotic fruit from South America are named 'Maquiberry' became the latest food trends scraping excess fat and weight. Clinically, the fruit from Chile is proven to reduce weight in an instant. Dr. Manny Alvarez as loaded Fox News called, Maquiberry 12.6 times faster weight loss than the Acai Berry fruit. The fruit is a product weight of the most wanted in the United States. Based on the research the University of Texas, purple fruit is likely to have remarkable properties to reduce weight quickly. The study involved 500 respondents of women and men who want to lose weight 4-18 pounds. They were then divided into groups by using Acaiberry diet and Maquiberry for six months. At the end of the experiment, the researchers found that the respondents succeeded in losing weight higher than 400 percent of respondents who consumed a diet Acai Berry. In a matter of weeks, eating Maquiberry, body weight is reduced to a dozen pounds. Quoted from Aol Heath, Japanese scientists study conducted in late February and also reveal something similar. Maquiberry antocyanin contain the highest, up to 10 times that of other foods. Antocyanin efficacious burn calories and compounds referred to as 'anti- obesity'. For centuries, Maquiberry used as a diet food in their home country, Chile. Bright purple berries only grow in the Patagonian forests of Chile. Maquiberry or also known as Chilean Wine Berry Acai Berry is now replacing that had been used as a fat-burning foods with the highest antocyanin.

Red Meat Consumption Can Cause Early Death

In a journal published in the Archives of Internal Medicine shows that consumption of red meat and its derivatives can cause premature death. This research was conducted with data obtained from the volunteers as much as 545,653 people at the age of 50-71 years. in 1995 who then fill quitionary participants about their diet, including red meat konsumi. After 10 years found to be 47,976 men and 23,276 women died. After analyzing other factors that might influence, such as smoking and other physical activity, researchers found that people who consumed red meat at most, about a quarter pound per day tend to die with a variety of reasons, especially because heart disease and cancer compared with people who consumed red meat the least, about some pieces of ham every day.

Women who consumed red meat at most 36% exposed risk of premature death for various reasons, 20% were cancer deaths, 50% of deaths due to heart disease. Meanwhile, men who consumed red meat at most 31% tekena risk of premature death for various reasons, 22% were cancer deaths, 27% of deaths due to heart disease. This risk is also increased in people who are online drugs Without Prescription consume processed meats, including sausage, hot dogs. Women who consumed the most processed meat (about 1 ounce per day) had a 25% tekena risk of premature death for various reasons, 11% were cancer deaths, 38% of deaths due to heart disease than those consuming the least. Men who consumed the most processed meat (about 1 ounce per day) had a 16% tekena risk of premature death for various reasons, 12% were cancer deaths, 9% of deaths due to heart disease than those consuming the least. In the same period those who ate the most white meat have an increased risk of death 8% lower than the consumption of white meat at least.

Healthy & Slim In 3 weeks

Many people are frustrated because it always failed after trying various methods of dieting. Been tortured should not eat, but the weight still does not go down. Even if successful down, the longest lasted only a month ago back body fat. This is one reason that motivated Dr. Josh (a doctor of Indian descent who practice in the Hale Clinic, London) to design a holistic detoxification (HD). He does not want people intentionally starve themselves or unable to enjoy life after slimming. This method is rich in philosophy and practice of healing as rooted in the tradition of healthy eating from India, Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Western diet. Dr. Josh found the right formula to keep people stuck on a yo-yo effect during the diet. Some of the celebrity world that has become Josh's current patients, among others: the late Lady Di, Kate Moss, Cate Blanchett and Gwyneth Paltrow - who can quickly re-slim after giving birth.

Total Detox It says 'holistic detox' because the word 'holistic' means include individual as a whole; body, mind and soul. While detox is done to improve the lifestyle, diet, emotional needs, home and work environments, and the level of activity and stress. The purpose of this method is to change unhealthy eating patterns with reprogram the body to make it more powerful. Through detox, not only the body remove toxins, but also "poison" mental and emotional. We are invited to view the body as a bank account. If we 'excessive spending' (shopping spree) - the body's source of excessive wear without return - then eventually your savings account will continue to decrease and finally minus.

Only 21 days Holistic Detox 21 day program is made for a healthier life without the hassle of counting calories. The principle is to avoid acidic foods (acidic), toxic, processed (refined), such as: wheat, potatoes, red meat, alcohol, and dairy products. Not just change the pH balance of the body from acid to alkaline, HD is also focusing on eating fresh ingredients, return energy and weight loss. Most Western-style diet is too big lead in acidic foods that contain chemicals that can cause inflammation in the joints, dermatitis, muscle tension and spasm. Therefore the first step in this program is to balance the acid levels in the body by avoiding some foods. Sense of taste (palate), we will automatically re- programmed so that did not like the taste of food that is not good (such as salty foods, candy or chocolate) which make us 'hooked'. In addition to slim post-delivery, detox program is very beneficial for your active and busy with work and household affairs.

Resistor Diet

If some time ago, a study says that artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes can help natural weight loss program. But now quite the contrary, a recent research conducted at Harvard University reveals precisely the opposite. The researchers found that the current human body is considered a replacement of sugar and some addictive substances that are often used in food as carbohydrates.

Addictive substances consist of:

Glutamates is artificial amino acid that is used to add flavor to food. Currently on the market has been sold glutamates in various forms with different names. One type is Monosodium glutamates or MSG. Experts say, within 3 minutes after you eat foods containing glutamates, your body releases insulin to high levels. Then on the senses of taste receptors will send signals to the brain so that you have the desire to eat more. Currently glutamates contained in many foods, it is expected that you are more careful when determining the food to be consumed. As a solution, just check the labels on every packaged food. If the list of components contained autolyzed yeast, gelatin, glutamic acid, hydrolyzed or textured protein, sodium or calcium caseinate or yeast extract or food is better avoided only.

Sugar substitutes made to deceive the senses of taste to think that you have been eating real sugar. But the problem is the artificial sweetener will deceive the pancreas that produce insulin the same as when you are eating pure sugar. As a solution, try to eat foods containing protein before you eat artificial sugar. Protein can slow the absorption of food molecules of food through the intestinal wall so that these artificial sweeteners do not increase blood sugar levels. Avoid artificial sweeteners that contain neurotoxins that can cause irritation to the eye nerve.

Saturated fats make insulin in the body increased dramatically in just 1 minute after the food containing the body digest fat. Because the body does not know how to digest it. As a result, the body will recognize saturated fat as a refined carbohydrate. How to avoid it, instead of cooking oil that you use with the oil, monounsaturated fats, like olive oil, peanut oil.