Night Sleep Can Lose Weight

Washington: Mad because your diet program never showed the results? Maybe you should check the schedule of sleep a night. A study conducted by experts from Kaiser Permanente, Washington, United States, found a night's sleep more than six hours every day diet can help. The study involving 500 participants this, found those who slept more than six hours on a regular basis can lose weight up to 10 pounds (4.5 kilograms). Researchers believe sleep can lower stress levels will be very useful for the diet program. Because stress tends to activate the various factors that may promote weight loss. "We advise those who are dieting to review their schedules and go to bed earlier than usual. Mild exercise and meditation can reduce stress levels and help you to get quality sleep," said study leader, Charles Elder.

Breakfast Ideal For Slim Body

Breakfast Ideal For Slim Body There is a similarity between the oatmeal, banana and low fat milk. Everything is an ideal choice breakfast menu.

Not only to meet the energy intake but also maintain a stable body weight, can even help you lose weight.

Is unlawful for those who want to slim but skip breakfast. Research also shows someone who did not eat breakfast tend not managed to keep his weight to remain stable compared to someone who eat breakfast regularly.

"Breakfast is its function as the beginning of the body's fuel. When I woke the morning, the body lacks the energy like a car that ran out of gas.

Breakfast is providing capital for the body to be energized and live a more maximal activity," says Kathleen Zelman, MPH, RD, LD, expert nutrients from WebMD, as quoted from

He also revealed that skipping breakfast would make a person overeating at lunch and at night. If you're in a diet program or want to lose weight, it is very important to eat breakfast quality.

"Breakfast is the ideal based on carbohydrates and proteins," said G. Harvey Anderson, PhD, professor of nutritional sciences department at the University of Toronto.

Anderson theorizes that a satisfying breakfast will provide a quick injection of energy, by raising blood sugar levels quickly.

Then, in the long term can increase the energy if you eat breakfast have high fiber, complex carbohydrates, and protein because it slows the digestive process.

Following a healthy breakfast menu that can boost energy while helping to maintain and lose weight - Cereals that contain high fiber, low fat milk and fresh fruit - Wheat bread with peanut butter

- Crackers with poached egg - Low-fat yogurt with cereal grain - Bananas large size and a handful of almonds

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6 Ways Keeping remain slim tummy

6 Ways Keeping remain slim tummy Body condition of women would change with age. Age above 30-an anatomical body begins to show the changes. Become more tummy fat. To overcome a lot of some people
who do various kinds of exercise and dieting furiously to restore the body to remain an ideal. By using some of the following alternatives you can reduce
abdominal circumference in the not too long, origin diet and exercise regularly.

1.keep away foods containing carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits, cakes high salt content foods such as soft food which are found in place of food, or
supermarket. breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly. Keep your distance as 6 hours can also be interspersed with fruit and yogurt.

3.drink at least 8 glasses a day. Consumption is also 200 ml of skim milk per day, or 4 cups of tea or coffee mild. salad vegetables in unlimited quantities. But if you feel your stomach bloating when eating it. Can also be boiled before eating.

5.chewing food slowly. Especially vegetables, dried fruits and grains.
This can reduce flatulence.

6.doing exercise every day routine. Exercise will burn calories and will
make your stomach look flat.

order for a flat stomach and try
doing sit ups at least 8
times a day for 2 consecutive
So start today do exercise and diet programs as recommended above.
This diet will also help your digestive
system work, where can reduce
flatulence and keep the body ever fit
every time. So hopefully the above
tips useful for you ...:)

Healthy Diet Tips Carbohydrates

Healthy Diet Tips Carbohydrates Everyone must have felt when her weight up or down. Most people are thrilled when he lost weight, especially girls, because most of them want to get a slim body. Various ways they go to get the
maximum results, most of them do not pay attention to body condition, they usually take a very strict diet regardless of the doctor's instructions. For example, they do not eat carbs. Food menu only juice and bread. Lunch only fruit and
juice. Nights just to eat vegetables - vegetables. Many fear with respect to rice,
basically there are nutrients in rice that can raise the weight is carbohydrates that tend to be high. There are still many high
carbohydrate foods such as fruit juices and fruit. And the key to maintaining weight loss carbohydrate diet . it not avoid eating foods that suit your needs. The ratio should ideally include 50% carbohydrates, protein 20% and
30% fat. Most people say fitting break ya want to eat what? That's great, because it's healthy eating begins with planning. You should make a weekly or
monthly schedule. Because easier for you to buy groceries - today. You also do not eat the same menu in a few days. More importantly you serve a healthy
menu for your family
. Make sure there is always a variety of food nutrients in your
plate, the more colors in the dish you eat the more nutrients you
will get. For example, slice steak with steamed potatoes or brown
rice, plus vegetables, salad, and fruit - fruit. All you have to remember is
always present in the portion that is proportional, if presented in the portion of a lot of us tend to eat more. A few of my articles, may be useful
to readers ....

Banish Cellulite Diet

Cellulite is the enemy of most women. The usual white streaks appear on the buttocks, abdomen, and calves, it is considered something that could reduce the beauty. Cellulite is a collection of fat that develops and encourages the skin connective tissue, so the appearance of the skin looks like a layer of scar. Although there is no permanent cure for cellulite, at least there are tips that help fight cellulite, as quoted from the pages of The Sun. Amanda Ursel and Nicki Waterman, nutritionists and fitness, recommends a healthy diet to combat cellulite. "Based on our experience, if you are overweight, then lost weight, did not help fight cellulite. But, if you want an invisible cellulite should always be assisted by burning fat," they said. Amanda and Nicki also gives tips to fight cellulite:

1. Keep your salt intake
Avoid consumption of more than 3
grams of salt per day. Excess salt
causes the cellulite appear more
obvious because the sodium
content will make the body
vulnerable to retain fluid. To that
end, minimizing the consumption of
processed foods to reduce salt
intake. Therefore, about 75 percent
of salt intake comes from processed
2. Consumption of fruits and
Try eating fruits and vegetables at
least five times a day. Fruits and
vegetables rich in potassium, which
helps the kidneys remove excess
water from the body and reduce
fluid retention.
3. Intake of protein rich
Make sure you eat protein-rich
foods such as eggs, fish, chicken,
turkey, lean red meat, tofu, milk,
soy milk at each meal. Protein is
essential for strengthening
connective tissues and improve skin
health. If the lack of protein, cellulite
is lurking beneath the surface of the
skin become more visible.
4. Foods rich in omega 3
Do not forget the consumption of
fish such as salmon, mackerel and
sardines on a regular basis,
including omega-3 rich foods such
as eggs. Of omega 3 essential fats
can increase blood flow throughout
the body. Intake of omega 3 can
improve the quality of the
connective tissue and skin so that it
can disguise cellulite.
5. Creams containing caffeine
Some creams and lotions are also
effective in helping to reduce
cellulite, especially those containing
caffeine. Top Model Cindy Crawford
and even the coffee is always
rubbing his leg and most of his
lower body to ward off cellulite.

Fatty foods trigger Male Birth Baby

Missouri: Want to have a baby boy? We recommend that you start eating a full breakfast and fatty foods during early pregnancy. According to a study from researchers at the University of Missouri, USA, Saturday (23 / 7). According to the researchers, as quoted by The Telegraph, what women eat while they are in the early stages of pregnancy influences the gender and health of the baby. Women who eat a full breakfast and high fat foods at conception is likely to have boys. And, for women who ate low-fat is more biased toward girls. Cheryl Rosenfeld of the University of Missouri said: "Eating high-calorie foods are generally supportive of the birth of men than women, whereas low-calorie foods tend to give birth to girls than boys." In humans and mice, dietary restrictions and a suboptimal diet during the period around conception and early pregnancy also led to the birth of a daughter. It is most likely due to selective loss of male fetuses, which are considered most vulnerable sex in the womb.

Diet Helps with the Faithful on theMenu

Eating the same menu every day diet can help. Thus the results of research conducted by experts from the University of Buffalo, New York, United States. The study involved 32 female participants. All participants were asked to eat macaroni and cheese three times a day for a week. Found that those who eat the same food every day will become bored and start eating smaller portions. "This study found an exciting new part of the puzzle of obesity by suggesting to eat monotonous to reduce calorie intake. This trick will be to balance the concept with a combination of various nutrients," said a spokesman for the American Society for Nutrition, Shelley McGuire.

Health Benefits of Milk For Body

Not only played healthy bones, vitamin D also claimed to be able to protect the body from the dangers of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, hypertension, and heart disease. White drinks are also beneficial boost immunity. Relying on the morning sun rays alone are not sufficient to meet the requirement of vitamin D daily. For that we need additional supplements or foods that contain lots of vitamin D. Milk is one food product containing high content of vitamin D. As quoted from the pages of the Times of India, milk is part of a healthy diet and is believed to be the main source of vitamin D. Not only that, but milk also contains nearly half of all the vitamins that is needed by the body. A new study says, there is no other foods that contain vitamin D is more than milk. Using the data of national consumption is more than 16,000 Americans from the age of two years, the researchers investigated the contribution of each food group with vitamin D intake overall. The result stated, there is no food with vitamin D contributes more than milk. In fact, for children aged two to 18 years, milk provides almost two-thirds requirement of vitamin D in foods. Keith Ayoob, a registered dietitian and nutritionist pediatric stated, "Without the milk in the diet, it is difficult to meet a number of nutrients, especially vitamin D requirement," he added. Besides known role maintaining strong bones, vitamin D is now being praised because it contains many other benefits including increased immunity. The experts from the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) recommends 400 IU of vitamin D every day, equivalent to four cups of fat-free milk or low fat is needed by the body. The findings presented at Experimental Biology in Anaheim, California is expected to encourage people to consume more milk.

why still distended stomach

It's still
dieting but bloated stomach? Do not
direct it wrong if your abdominal fat
despite diet remains bloated like hell.
Apparently there are common
mistakes that are often forgotten
when someone on the diet. Any
a. Home from work immediately
'hanging out' in front of the
When I got home, we immediately
take food or snacks and spend it in
front of the television. Without
realizing it, the portion that should
be a little dinner became almost
equal portions for lunch.
A study conducted the University of
Oulu to mention, people who make
a habit it will quickly accumulate 10
percent fat in the abdomen. Even 10
percent of fat increases, it stacked
just within 2 hours. While the
people who do not spend the food
in front of the television at night or
do light exercise when television
advertising was in progress,
managed to wear off belly fat.
b. Can not be separated from
refined flour.
For those of us who always have
breakfast with bread, it might be a
little difficult if you have to replace
with other breakfast menu. Actually
we need to change is to replace the
bread from wheat flour from whole
grains into hats. With this raw
material change, we can reduce
abdominal fat 85 grams per day.
And surveys have shown, people
who eat refined wheat will easily cut
total calories into the body. The
research was published in the
American Journal of Clinical
c. Too long immersed in the stress.
Panic, anxiety, fear, or stress
hormone cortisol will increase. This
hormone will give a negative
domino effect on the body, for we
will be easy once hungry and your
metabolism works more slowly. As
a result, more and more distended
abdomen and waist circumference
were widened.
Let's dispose of stress. The trick, sit
quietly, close both eyes, and inhale
deeply slowly. After that, we are
exhaled from the mouth of the 8
count. Continue until you feel
d. Midnight snack.
When we have difficulty sleeping or
forced to stay out late, usually
hunger would come over when the
clock is showing after midnight. We
also walk to the kitchen and opened
the pantry or refrigerator. Without
thinking, we let her choose foods
such as chocolate, chips, or even
noodles. If this happens, ya do not
be surprised if stomach trouble
without fat deposits.
Actually, there is no ban on
snacking in the evening. It's just that
we should choose foods that are
'safe' for the stomach and waist
circumference. Eg almonds, low-fat
milk, or low-fat yogurt. Snack-snack
will make the stomach full longer
and belly fat away from the pile.
But keep in mind also, preferably 2
hours before sleep, we should stop
chewing. After that, turn off the
lights and close your eyes.

Easy Ways to Limit Calories

Easy Ways to Limit Calories Hearing the word "calories is indeed a frightening specter for those who are on a diet, and afraid of fat. Despite the fact that calories are very necessary for the body and is very useful for energy in the body. Despite the fact that excessive caloric intake will cause fat to the body. And without us knowing a lot of little things but we can do to lose weight more quickly without having to keep away of calories. Some tricks below can make you slim ideal without fear of consuming excess calories: Boiling Broccoli Vegetables of this one was known to be rich in nutrients such as fiber, minerals and antioxidants it contains. However, the nutritional content can be lost if we cook it too long. The best way to cook broccoli is to boil no more than 3 minutes.

The most effective way if your home has a microwave, place the broccoli in a covered container, and cook for 3-4 minutes. Tea Black tea is rich in flavonoids (antioxidants) are efficacious to maintain immunity against heart disease, cancer and slow the onset of wrinkles on the skin. Black tea also helps eliminate excess calories if taken regularly. Eat black tea without sugar at least three cups a day. Drink before you eat Consuming water as an appetizer? Drink two glasses of water before you eat. This will keep you hydrated and reduce hunger. That way, you will learn to control food intake and reduce weight. Consumption of virgin olive oil Zaitu oils are known to have many benefits, the nutrients contained therein nutritious for health. Today we see the market banyk olive oil that has been given a mixture of materials, so that their benefits are no longer essential. Pure olive oil has anti-oxidants that help fight cancer. When selecting olive oil, try to pick olives miyak that reads 'virgin olive oil' on the packaging label.

If you still are not sure of authenticity, breathe and taste a little. Pure olive oil has a flavor somewhat spicy, fruity, slightly bitter and leaves a little sensation of 'bite' in the throat. Combine the olive oil on salads, pasta sauce or as an oil for sauteing. Fill with vegetables When you are trying to diet, for those of you who like to eat vegetables, try to fulfill one serving of your food with vegetables. That way, you'll reduce your intake of carbohydrates and at the same time, benefit from the fiber. Fiber helps accelerate satiety and avoid you add a meal.

Coffee Diet - Diet For The Coffee Lover

Talking about diet is to have no end. There's always new information about diet. Although information on diet has been popping up a lot, but in practice not many diets are successful. Especially with the rise of one-food diet (eat once a day) and extreme dieting (not eating at all) which was hazardous to health and our bodies as well. When dieting, it is important to exercise with adequate portions. Do not overdo the exercise because it is believed will reduce the effects of the diet. Also to note is the sincere feeling of doing the diet. Do not feel burdened by your diet. Dieting with feelings of joy are believed to increase the benefits of the diet. Well, for those of you who like to drink coffee, there seems to be a suitable diet for your hobby is. This diet is called DIET COFFEE. The advantages of this diet include: 1. Caffeine contained in coffee, with effect diuretiknya assist in reducing the amount of water. 2. Decomposition may help (reduce) the fat 3. Increases the body's basal metabolic rate. 4. Caffeine increases the body's energy consumption by 10% so as to reduce the likelihood of obesity. 5. Drinking coffee before a meal can avoid the risk of overeating Side Effects of Diet Coffee Despite its many advantages as above, this coffee diet also has some weaknesses that must be considered for those of you who want to try it. 1. Due to the caffeine content of existing dalamkopi, the sympathetic nervous system in the body become active so that it can cause us trouble sleeping at night. The lack of sleep affects weight gain. 2. In addition to an excess, diuretic effect of caffeine can be a drawback of this diet because it can cause dehydration. Tips for success in a diet of coffee. 1. Drink coffee with water and coffee dose 2: 1. 2. Flavor and aroma of coffee made from coffee beans directly have a higher success rate in the diet. 3. Enjoy the aroma of coffee. This is because the aroma of coffee gives a sense of relaxation and reduce stress from people who were on a diet. The smell of coffee has the effect of calming the mind and feelings. 4. When it began to think of snacking, you can work around this by drinking coffee. The benefits of his diet would be more pronounced. How? Interested in trying? Another tip: When dieting, it could still eat three meals a day (breakfast is compulsory), drink water and try eating bland foods.

Increase Your Appetite Exercise Intention

New York: Sport is a powerful way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. However, do you know if the intention to exercise alone can increase your appetite? Results of research conducted by experts at Cornell University to prove it. In this study the participants were divided into two groups. The first group was asked to imagine walking for 30 minutes accompanied by the strains of their favorite music. Meanwhile, a second group was asked to focus imagine walking in the same period of time without music. While the third group was asked to do neither. Found them in the first group of up to 701 calories to consume calories, the second group and third group of 601 calories 361 calories. Experts believe the theory of the unconscious plays an important role in this case. When someone is imagining her fatigue after exercise, then she will automatically want to consume more food. "Just imagine the exercise, participants are led to serve themselves more food," said lead researcher Brian Wansink. The researchers also suggest those who want to lose weight for a healthy diet. Because the exercise will not solve the problem of excess weight.

Menstrual Cycle Affect Weight Loss

menstrual cycle in women tend to be closely related to the increase or decrease in body weight. Not only while menstruating, this was also happening before and after menstruation. As reported by the SELF, Christine Gerbstadt, MD, a registered dietitian and spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association, explains the change in weight associated with the menstrual phase. Recognize the four-phase!
1. Menstruation When the body begins to undergo a monthly cycle, you probably will feel cramping, bloating, fatigue, and mood of uncertainty. On the positive side is when the body is actively bleeding, then akanmeluruhkan entire uterine lining and prepare for fresh blood cycle. Over time, appetite and desire to eat, and the bloating will disappear. In fact, you are at the lowest weight for a month right after the cycle stops. So enjoy!
2. Follicular phase Follicular phase is the process of egg maturation. In this phase, the body will work hard to naturally choose the perfect egg. This is what causes the hormone estrogen increases. Unfortunately, the increase in the hormone estrogen with increasing body weight. Moreover, the uterine lining will thicken welcome to be fertilized embryos. Your body may rise slightly up to 1 kg.
3. Ovulation Towards the ovulation phase, you will feel more energized, as well as body. You will often feel bloated, breast began to tighten. It also will have an impact on weight gain. Some women in this phase are also experiencing excessive water demand as a response to the hormone.
4. Luteal phase Referred to as the luteal phase after ovulation. That is the time when ovulation occurs until the first day of menstruation. In this phase, bloating nor will you feel in a few days. But a few days later, you feel what is commonly referred to as pre-menstrual syndrome. Not only feel a surging appetite because your body is preparing for potential pregnancy, you will also feel eager to eat salty, sweet, and greasy. This can lead you to rise 1-1.5 kg. But, keep in mind that every woman will experience different cycles. If you are taking hormonal contraceptives, weight gain may be even greater come on jump!

Dangerous Diet Trends

Dangerous Diet Trends Diet seems to now become a trend today, especially for women to get the ideal body and nice. In addition, diet can be used to make us stay healthy. But the trend concerning diet in the present there are still many people who do not understand his point.

Diet still have to eat-healthy foods and vitamin, which is four of five perfectly healthy. Is not a little to eat or only eat fruit. Even many diet trends that can actually make the risk to the body and our health. Diet trends, among others, are as follows: Paleo diet era to follow diet As the name implies, this diet trend following the way of human eating time alias Paleolithic era antiquity.

At that time, early humans who eat the food they could find, like the flesh of their prey, plants, fruits and vegetables. So the trend now is to follow diets like this pattern a lot we find around us. People on the eating of meat, vegetables and fruit, without eating rice or the like, because they can make the body fat. Though this would pose a risk to our health, diet trend like this would make the body become less healthy due to lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients needed by our bodies.

Consuming apple cider vinegar Now there is another trend by taking apple cider vinegar diet. They believe if they eat this apple vinegar, he said could reduce the appetite. How to consume a drink is moved at three teaspoons of apple vinegar drink before eating, but I also do not know more about this trend. What I know from the book Diet Trend Biology is such a risky, because it was sour apple vinegar is very high, so it can make us sick digestive tract, especially stomach ulcers. It is more risky for the health and diet is a error in the present trend.

Consumes tapeworms Diets that this trend is more strange and less plausible to me really, but the fact is all around us of people who use alternative The diet tapeworms as he. Those who follow this trend is to consume alias eat meat that is the tape worm eggs, he does have cleaning beforehand. Some say the trend of this diet can lose weight by drastically and quickly, if it is dropped in accordance with what we, we must eat for antibiotic drugs to kill the tapeworm. Unfortunately, that already we know that the tapeworm can make us upset stomach, diarrhea and other diseases in our bodies.

Although already in the know the risk, still wrote there that do like this diet trend, but this is one mistake Diet. Above are three examples of the diverse trends of today's diets may pose a risk to the health of our bodies. So if you want a healthy diet, you can try to eat regular and diligent exercise. Because exercise is one effective method is good and healthy for our diets. Hopefully these tips and useful information for you and all ...

California: There are mangatakan Previous studies that have excess weight can endanger survival. However, this latest research dismissed the fact and say that people who weigh large can actually live longer. Why? Research from the University of California, which is based on analysis of 350,000 people in the U.S., showed that obese people can become more dangerous when they try to slim. According to the researchers, people who are obsessed with dieting is considered ineffective and often cause people were getting fatter because their appetite increases and uncontrollable. As quoted from the Journal of Nutrition, it also recommends people should eat a varied and balanced diet, enjoying regular exercise, although ultimately still weigh more, on Thursday (30 / 6). Researcher Linda Bacon said that while health professionals recommend that people lose weight, the analysis we show that researchers have long interpreted the research data through the lens of bias. The study also claims the evidence weighs more people to live longer than normal people. Those who are obese in old age also tend to live longer than their parents are thin. They are also likely to survive in certain health conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and kidney failure. Although obesity is known to put people at high risk of heart disease and other diseases, the researchers deny it and say it is not the cause of obesity. Instead, researchers blame poor diet and lack of exercise, which always leads to obesity.

There is a Javanese proverb that says 'mangan ora mangan origin collector' with the intention that the family ate together at the dinner table. In addition to providing good etiquette lessons, this maxim was also a positive impact on child health. One study found that adolescents who take the time to eat together at the dinner table to reduce the risk of eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. The food served will also tend to run out. In addition, parents also will slowly reduce smoking. "Children who adulthood will likely feel uncomfortable being close to their parents. When it comes to eating together, they will occupy themselves on their food," said researcher Barbara Fiese, quoted by the Daily Mail. Child health will be maintained, if parents can bring their children to eat together at the table three times a week. This was stated after a team of researchers reviewed 17 studies of diet and nutrition that involves 200 thousand children and adolescents. Written in the Journal of Pediatrics, Barbara Fiese found that the risk of eating disorders will be reduced as much as 35 percent in adolescents who eat at least five times a week with their parents. Eating disorders include regurgitate food that is eaten or bulimia, diet pills or laxatives, skipping meals, eating less, smoking to lose weight. Even three meals with the family helps reduce the risk of adolescent overweight by 12 percent than those who rarely eat together. They also tend to consume 24 percent more intake of nutritious and have good eating habits than those who do not. A professor from the University of Illinois said the families who eat together are more connected in a communication including the communication of poor diet and dangerous. "Children and adolescents who have eating disorders will be easily detected by parents so that they will take steps to health to their children, "he said. Eating together is also a great time for families to exchange ideas from parents did not force or control flow conversation. This can make a good interaction between members family. Previously, American researchers found that children who do not follow the meal with the family are more likely to be a naughty child and vulnerable to promiscuity.

Do not Enter This Fruit in a Refrigerator

Enjoying the fruit cool in hot weather is very fitting. Fresh fruit flavors can let thirst immediately. But you need to know that there are pieces that should not be allowed to cool in the refrigerator. That's because it will be more delicious and nutritionally maintained at room temperature. Know the four pieces that should not be put into the refrigerator, as reported from the following 1. Watermelon This fruit contains more than 40 percent of the working substance lycopene inhibits cancer cell growth. However, the levels of these substances will be maintained if stored at room temperature than if kept in the refrigerator. Watermelon also contains the amino acid arginine. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the substance can help you lose weight. So, enter a watermelon in your diet. 2. Tomatoes Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature and eaten after ripe for best flavor. Tomatoes also contain lycopene and vitamins A, C and K. In order to maintain nutritional store tomatoes in the refrigerator. 3. Peach Let the peaches at room temperature to prevent rot. Delicious fruits high in fiber and vitamins A and C, can also increase good cholesterol in the blood. 4. Mango You can enjoy the fresh blend of sweet and sour mango natural if not eaten in a cold state. Mangoes should be consumed immediately after cooked. Enjoy it as a cover dinner is also very fitting. According to research from the University of Arizona mango contains natural digestive enzymes that can help make the stomach feel more stable and comfortable.

Enjoying the fruit cool in hot weather is very fitting. Fresh fruit flavors can let thirst immediately. But you need to know that there are pieces that should not be allowed to cool in the refrigerator. That's because it will be more delicious and nutritionally maintained at room temperature. Know the four pieces that should not be put into the refrigerator, as reported from the following 1. Watermelon This fruit contains more than 40 percent of the working substance lycopene inhibits cancer cell growth. However, the levels of these substances will be maintained if stored at room temperature than if kept in the refrigerator. Watermelon also contains the amino acid arginine. According to a study published in the Journal of Nutrition, the substance can help you lose weight. So, enter a watermelon in your diet. 2. Tomatoes Tomatoes should be stored at room temperature and eaten after ripe for best flavor. Tomatoes also contain lycopene and vitamins A, C and K. In order to maintain nutritional store tomatoes in the refrigerator. 3. Peach Let the peaches at room temperature to prevent rot. Delicious fruits high in fiber and vitamins A and C, can also increase good cholesterol in the blood. 4. Mango You can enjoy the fresh blend of sweet and sour mango natural if not eaten in a cold state. Mangoes should be consumed immediately after cooked. Enjoy it as a cover dinner is also very fitting. According to research from the University of Arizona mango contains natural digestive enzymes that can help make the stomach feel more stable and comfortable.

syndrome Mummyrexia Attack Victoria Beckham

syndrome Mummyrexia Attack Victoria Beckham - Almost all women are afraid of getting fat. Not surprisingly, a number of women desperate to limit food intake, even when pregnant. Obsession with maintaining ideal body weight during pregnancy is known by the name Mummyrexia syndrome. Victoria Beckham may suffer from the syndrome. SHe remains on a strict diet while on the two entities. SHe seemed not to care about the needs balanced nutrition necessary for fetal growth and long-term health. "This issue could threaten the growth of the fetus and the mother's health long term," said Amanda, a British nutritionist, was quoted as saying the pages of The Sun. Amanda is quite concerned with the behavior of a number of pregnant celebrities like Victoria. Because, the bad behavior starts to become a phenomenon after a number of young women in Britain who are pregnant to emulate. According to her the British Dietetic Association recommends at least nine pounds of weight increase during the nine months pregnant. Weight gain is important because pregnant women will usually experience an increase in the amount of blood, body fluids, tissue weight of the breast, uterus, and body fat. "Just having a weight gain of three pounds can be a sign that pregnant women have mummyrexia syndrome, which means that they may not eat enough food during pregnancy," says Amanda. In fulfilling balanced nutrition, she also suggested that pregnant women do not make a vegetarian diet. Limiting your intake of meat will make the body zinc deficiency that affects the brain development of infants and central nervous system. However, it does not mean pregnant women should not restrict food intake. Control remains to be done for pregnant women only need about 200-300 extra calories per day, especially in the last three months of pregnancy. Remember, excess food consumption during pregnancy can also harm the mother and fetus.

Sexy Knee shape and Firmness

YouTube - Wrinkles can appear more quickly, especially if your nutritional intake is not properly fulfilled. Not just in the hands or face, but the wrinkles in the knee area is also very disturbing appearance. Especially for those of you who like to wear shorts or miniskirts. Wrinkled knees, or so-called 'ninkles' is the skin loosens and visible lines around the knee in women aged mid-30s. Loosening of the skin in this area is most difficult to overcome. According to Drs. Cecilia Tregear, from London Wimpole Skin Clinic, ninkles occurs because the skin loses elasticity and collagen caused by many factors. "Poor nutrition, exposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalances due to stress and menopause and consumption of foods with high sugar content, can all create the wrinkles away," he said. Many famous celebrities are seen experiencing ninkles. Such as Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson, Jerry Hall and Kate Moss. "The fact that skinny celebrities for years to undergo a strict diet also experienced a knee wrinkles faster. That's because their bodies lack the nutrients essential for the skin, including protein and fat," said dr. Tregear. Unlike other body parts are easily created by exercising, it is difficult knee wrinkles 'improved'. Demi Moore and even do surgery to remove wrinkles knee with a total cost of £ 3,000 or Rp41 million. But Dr. Tregear not recommend to perform this operation. That's because the surgery does not solve the problem because the wrinkles will reappear. He was advised to eat meals low in sugar, nuts, avocados and sports that make up your leg muscles every day. Drink water as much as two liters per day also helps create firmer legs and reduce wrinkles. "The knee is also like a face. It must be kept moisture, massaged and given protection from the sun," says Dr Tregear. Many women ignore the knee treatment area. And to make the skin tight knee is easy enough. Ie ensure adequate intake of healthy protein that helps the body produce the hormone estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone and other highly influential on the suppleness and beauty of skin. (Eh)

Peek Megan Fox's Sexy Body Secrets

YouTube - Megan Fox Who does not know. The actress is not only one to have acting talent but also has a beautiful body and sexy. Beautiful body to dream every woman around the world. Many of the judge's body belongs to Fox's sexy because of the artists who subscribed to received the title as the world's sexiest artists because Fox underwent a strict diet. But Fox denies it. SHe admitted she was not a woman Do not want to make the fans and the public guessing slim secret, Fox finally willing to reveal the recipe to maintain the beauty of her body. SHe admitted she really likes to eat. SHe can eat five times a day. However, the food did not make it stretchy because she consumes a healthy diet . "I eat healthy and I eat  raw foods and vegetables," Fox said as quoted by Metro, Saturday, July 9, 2011. The 25-year-old star added that adoption was the pattern of food did not always work when she travels. But, she did not give up. SHe always tried to keep trying because she was satisfied with the results. In addition to consuming raw foods and vegetables, a former star of 'Transformers' is never forget to take vitamins. Fox went on vitamin that helps keep to keep it beautiful. "I take supplements like fish oils and silica," she added.