Save and Diet, Top Resolution 2011

The year 2010 ends soon. So, it's time to make resolutions that will be achieved in 2011. There
are interesting from the fact the rampant manufacture of resolution. Next year, many people incorporate elements of "frugal" and "diet" in the list of their resolutions. "Summer vacation is located at the end of the main factors that encourage dietary elements and frugality into the resolution of most people. In the
holiday season, not only appetite but also rose to finance travel expenses or the cost of the party," said Jessica Bartfield from Loyola University Health System. "For this reason, those who have been spending a lot of money or food to eat many swear, to do the two things." Especially about dieting, Bartfield has a number of
tips you can start next year. Ii predictably simple tips, you have practiced on its own intentions "frugal" and
"diet" as the top your resolution. The following tips are presented Bartfield:
1. Do not forget breakfast. Breakfast can increase metabolism by 20% and keep you active throughout the day.
2. Weigh in weekly, not daily. No need to go back and forth you weigh every day and complain that the needle has not moved. All need a process. Needle scale will not show drastic results, if you check it every day. Live it with consistent, patient, and weigh every week.
3. Exercise regularly. Most of those who want to lean to think that the more exercise the better. In fact, to start a weight loss program, exercise that will end with too many lazy to exercise at all. Just 30 minutes a day,
but the constant and never absent.
4. Set realistic goals. Do not target the impossible to achieve. Ordain your targets are realistic and determine the steps to reach your target. Setting targets that are too high will only make you discouraged.
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Avoiding distended Stomach

Your body is fit or even proportional, but there are disturbing in the  abdomen. Really lazy right when weight is okay but your stomach bloated. So difficult choose any outfit. Intention to diet but the result is exactly the
stomach becomes distended. There are some things you may think you can support the diet, but the effect it
makes the stomach distended. To that end, avoid the following four things, for current diet and stay slim stomach. Past the hour to eat this tactic always backfire. Past the hour to eat, then you will be very hungry that will make you eat larger portions. Fat also will find its way into the belly for storage.

We recommend
that you eat in small portions every three to four hours. Instead, eat only once but in large portions, because it will just make the stomach look big. Only eat vegetables Women often avoid the consumption of meat, dairy products or fish, because of the high fat content. Then, preferring only vegetables or fruits for consumption.

Although vegetables and fruits are healthy foods, but keep in mind meat, fish and dairy products contain high protein. Proteins can enhance the metabolic process and avoid accumulation of fat in the abdomen. choose
more healthy proteins, such as low-fat milk or marine fish. Avoiding bread You really should avoid white bread (white bread). However, for wheat bread, you should consume on a regular basis. This is because the
content in the wheat allowing insulin levels rise gradually rather than directly, thereby reducing the possibility
of increased abdominal fat.

No cardio exercise is sit-up exercises can tighten the abdominal muscles, but do not burn belly fat. You can only do 50 or 100 sit-ups per day, but will not shrink belly fat. Exercise the right to erode the belly fat is to walk or run around the house, or on a treadmill for about 20 minutes per day on a regular basis.

Brief Exercise Reduce Distended Stomach

Want to shrink the stomach? It's easy. You only need to do the downsizing exercise your abdominal muscles
(transversus abdominis) in the program Tennessee Valley authority (TVA). TVA exercise serves to accelerate fat burning. Try it, then your fat will decrease up to a pound a week, and without dieting! According to research at Auburn University in Alabama, United States, the more effective measures, such as aerobics. Exercise will reduce more than one inch from your stomach in just four days. TVA program works
horizontally, to suck the fat deposits in the middle of the abdomen. This program can improve posture, to make it look more slender.
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Diet? Milk solution

Milk diet was to help the process. A study conducted by researchers from Ben- Gurion University in Israel found that people who consume milk or other dairy products managed to lose more weight than the contrary. The study involved 300 respondents aged 40-65 years and overweight. The researchers record the weight and monitor consumption of milk on the respondent for two years. At the end of the year was found, on
average, participants experienced a depreciation of as much as six pounds of body weight. Vitamin D and
calcium contained in milk are the main factors that can affect weight depreciation. Levels of vitamin D in the blood increased slowly proven to help lose weight.
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Potatoes like Chris Voight Diet Lower Cholesterol

Chris Voight only eat potatoes every day for two months to convince the U.S. government that the potatoes must be part of the school lunch program. As written by the Telegraph, Tuesday (30/11), for 60 days in a row Chris admitted only use pepper and salt to flavor the potatoes.

Although boredom sometimes come, Chris said this potato diet has helped him to save money and reduce cholesterol levels. "I hope this action can alert people that potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates.

After starting this diet, I really feel very healthy. I slept more soundly than usual, and it is fabulous," said Chris. As much help to be healthy, Chris also said that doing so was doing quite harmful to health. Many elements of
food and vitamins the body needs can not be met simply by eating potatoes.

"The only reason I have to stop this diet after the specified deadline is the amount the body needs that can not be met simply by eating potatoes. I'm not worried because I will indulge myself by eating beef tacos and baked potatoes after time arrived." (Vin)

Six Foods Energy Retaining Hungry

To get long-lasting energy, consumption of foods containing protein along with carbohydrates can slow your metabolism rate. Foods that contain small amounts of healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate create long- lasting energy.Here are six foods rich in nutrients that can help you stay

1. Nuts
Nuts such as almonds, pistachios and peanuts contain protein and fiber, which helps you feel full.
2. Low-fat milk
Low-fat milk, such as a cup of yogurt or kefir smoothie, a good mix of protein and carbohydrates, plus calcium, vitamin B and potassium.
3. Olive oil
Olive oil (or one tablespoon of olive oil), which contain unsaturated fats can help you feel full for a long time. According to a study published in The Journal of Cell Metabolism, after oleic acid reaches the intestine is converted into a hormone that helps fend off hunger.
4. Green leafy vegetables
Green vegetables contain lots of protein and fiber.
5. Grains Replace your snacks with crackers and chips are made from grains. Grains contain fiber, which makes your body digests more slowly than carbohydrates, plus vitamin B that your body needs every day to convert food into energy.
6. Avoid soft drinks Fatigue is one of the early signs of dehydration. Soft drinks can make you feel thirsty, you should replace them with non- caffeine drinks and carbonate.

Light at Night Affect Weight Loss?

By examining a number of mice, researchers found that the beam of light at night can lead to weight gain, even
without changing the physical activity or even eat more. In this research found that mice that were exposed to
dim light at night for eight weeks his weight was 50 percent more than rats with light and dark cycle. "Although there was no difference in activity level or daily food consumption, rats who live with light as the
night grows more fat than other mice," said Laura Fonken, the student "neuroscience" at Ohio State University
who did the research. This study also showed that rats who live with light at night, eating at
an unusual time. "Something in the evening light made the rats want to eat at the wrong time," said Randy Nelson, co-investigators. In this study, mice were placed in three different rooms: namely in the room with light exposure for 24 hours continuously, the standard light and dark cycle (light exposure for 16 hours, 8
hours dark), and the cycle of 16 hours of light on during the day and 8 hours of light. The results
show that mice with low light moment evening body mass increased more than those living in standard
light and dark cycles. Their weight continued to increase since the first week of the study. At the
end of the study, mice who live with the evening light weight approximately 12 grams. Rats who live with the
standard cycle of dark and light weight body only 8 grams. According to Randy, this research can also be analogous to the daily cycle of human beings in general and to establish other causes of the obesity epidemic in the U.S.. The study is published in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, this week.
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Want Stable Weight, Drinking Tea

Tea is nearly everyone's favorite beverage. In addition to a refreshing taste, tea is also useful for health. A research result published by the Daily Mail found that drinking tea regularly, can prevent weight gain due to a less healthy diet. As reported by Zee News, the research that takes these mice as an experimental attempt to measure the effectiveness of tea to prevent weight gain, or other adverse effects caused by eating fatty foods. The results of this study indicate that two types of tea used in this research that green tea and black tea, had the same great benefit to the stability of body weight and prevention of fat accumulation. Black tea also can minimize the negative impacts that occur in the blood due to a strict diet which is usually done to lose weight. Tea prevents rise in cholesterol levels, high blood glucose and insulin resistance (commonly occurs in people with type 2 diabetes where the body no longer effectively use the insulin it produces) Tea can also reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer, Parkinson's disease as well. Other studies also found that drinking tea regularly for the past 10 years or more can improve bone density. So really many benefits of drinking tea.
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Beware of sugary foods

Whether you're on a diet? Well, do not underestimate sugary foods. Consuming excessive sugar diet can aggravate you are living. Supplies of sugar and nutrients to the body of each person is different. Excess sugar levels of the needs of every body that can cause problems. Media AsiaOne, Friday (17/12), reported that generally the sugar can be part of your healthy diet when consumed in moderation or moderation in accordance with the needs of the body. However, you should be aware of the amount of sugar intake are arriving daily. One way to control yourself, is get used to read the content of the food that you consume.

Food ingredients that contain sugar such as sucrose, fructose, dextrose, corn syrup, honey, and fruit juice concentrates should be limited. High intake of sugar but contains no nutrients can cause obesity. Ronald Choong, the director of a company said that consumer should be more careful in determining the intake of sugar is consumed. Consumers should choose products that contain less sugar for the sake of health.

Tired Diet, Food Journal Create course

Tired of diets that never showed the results? Try eating journal that will help your diet program.
Journal of food is the result of research experts from Greenwich Hospital. With food journal, then you can control the calories that go into your body. As reported by Zee News, Sunday (26/12), according to experts by writing down everything you eat into the food journal will make you aware of your diet. To create a journal to eat it, you just need to write down all the food that you consume.
"Writing a journal meal works like a sport. This will really help you to lose weight if you do it consistently. Write down everything you eat even though only a piece of biscuit, it will help You to realize your calorie intake from the food you eat every day, "said Specialist Weight Management and Diabetes at Greenwich Hospital, Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic. Musonic advised to keep a journal in a way that traditional meals and write down all the food you eat in detail to be a reminder when you consume excess food.
Called reminder system that will help to control your appetite. (DSC / MEL)

Beware of Diet Drug Use

You are hoping to lose weight instantly by way of taking certain drugs should be more vigilant.
French Health Ministry has given a warning related to fall victims of eating a diet drug. As reported by the Telegraph, Wednesday (17/11), about 500 people died and 3,500 others hospitalized due to taking diet drugs, which has been used millions of French people to lose weight.
"Drugs that can cause thickening of the heart valves," said Health Minister Xavier Bertrand, without mentioning the brand drug in question Parties pharmaceutical companies argue that the drug specifically fr people with obesity and diabetes as an appetite suppressant. The drug was launched in 1976 it has withdrawn its circulation by the Agency for Health Pengawasa France (AFSSAPS). (SHA)

Eight Benefits of Vegetables Diet

Adjust your diet with emphasis on eating vegetables is known as a healthy way of life. Even though only consumed once a week. Here are some benefits of eating vegetables as reported by The Times of India: 1. Detoxification Vegetables such as pumpkin, spinach, or cabbage contain fiber that can remove toxins from the body. 2. Stronger bones for eating too much meat can lead to excessive levels of a protein that can interfere with the kidney. As a result,impaired calcium absorption and forcing the body takes calcium from bones. But in the vegetarians, this rarely happens. 3. Self-carbohydrate diet can lead to nonvegetarian we lack source of carbohydrate. Lack of carbohydrates can lead to ketosis, in which the body starts using by (not carbohydrates) as energy source. 4. Facilitate the digestion of complex carbohydrates in vegetarian foods are digested gradually and regularly, so providing a source of glucose remained. Conversely,the meat rich in fat and protein difficult to digest. 5. Eating healthy skin from the root crop vegetables such as carrots and turnips, tomatoes, and pumpkins can clean the stain on the face. In addition, klutuk guava, apples, pears, and peaches are eaten with the skin, can produce a glowing skin. 6. Avoiding meat regulate body weight is the simplest way to reduce fat intake. Instead, eat whole grains, legumes (beans), vegetables,nuts, and fruits can lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and obesity. 7. Protecting our molar teeth are more suitable chewing grains and vegetables than meat. Digestion begins from saliva, which can only digest the complex carbohydrates found infoods from plants. 8. Source phytonutrient Diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, stroke, and bone loss can be prevented with phytonutient or nutrient intake that serves to activate the fat burning process in the body, slows the aging process, and contains antioxidants. These materials are only contained in vegetables. (DIO)