Some people try to shrink the stomach with a variety of ways, from diet to exercise extreme. However, often never to shrink abdominal circumference. James Duigan, author of 'Clean & Lean Flat Tummy Fast! " mentioned, the success depends on the type of belly fat burn belly fat you have. If someone is successful dieting or exercise, may not work for others. Thus, it helps identify the type of stomach that you have. There are several types of stomach and how to effectively remove fat as quoted by the Daily Mail: 1. The Spare Tyre Tummy People with stomach this kind were not engaged in everyday activities. Their activities are usually just in front of a computer desk all day. They also have an emotional attachment with sweet foods like biscuits, bread, chocolate, and other carbohydrates. Fortunately, the shape of the abdomen is the easiest type of understated because generally cause only a lack of exercise and consumption of food is wrong. Solution: reduce the alcoholic beverages that contain refined sugar because it will go directly to the lumbar region. Refined sugar also stop the burning process was correct Anda.Setelah food intake. Avoid foods or low-fat diet because these foods usually contain preservatives, salt and chemicals are high. We recommend the consumption of fresh foods such as fish, eggs, meat and organic vegetables in accordance with the dose. Do not be afraid to eat good fats like avocados, nuts and fish oil because it will encourage more belly fat burning process. Would not be complete if you do not exercise. You just do mild exercise such as walking, or yoga. 2. The Stress Tummy This type of stomach is owned by the owner of a successful career and a perfectionist personality. They are usually prone to digestive conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome that can cause abdominal bloating and make them bigger. Stomach type is more easily recognized because of severe abdominal centered on the front of the abdomen and navel area. When stressed, the person will produce more cortisol, a hormone that encourages the body that binds to fat around the abdomen. Typically, owners have a bad habit of frequently skipping meals, eating too much coffee and junk food. Solution: Sleep faster is a powerful way to relieve stress because when stressed, people will be difficult to sleep and eat more. It is caused by a disturbance in the production of leptin that regulates appetite and metabolism. Do a meditation, or bathing for longer before bedtime can promote sleep. Limit your coffee consumption is not more than two cups a day. Do yoga and walk to shrink your stomach. Do not do excessive cardio exercise. Consumption of foods that contain lots of magnesium such as green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds to help calm the stomach. 3. The Little pooch Stomach is owned by a busy woman. They include sports addict, but stuck in the same drills and routines in the gym so slim belly up while the lower abdomen is not. This is due to too often excessive and do sit ups using exercise equipment that puts the burden on your hips and lower back muscles so that the protruding belly. Solution: Eat foods with good nutrition and contain lots of fiber to improve digestion which is often inflammation, bloating, and constipation. For variety sports, sit on the mat, and then try to kiss your knees. Perform ranging from ten seconds to one minute. 4. The Mummy Tummy Stomach is owned by a woman who had given birth and have a little time to themselves. Normally, after delivery, the uterus will drop, and much heavier than before pregnancy. Flat stomach will return after six weeks after giving birth. However, you still need to train the muscles of the pelvis and abdomen to increase blood flow and strengthens the muscles are loose because they're pregnant. This is due to exercising too soon after giving birth. You need to wait about two to three months to exercise. Depressed because of changes in shape post-baby body will actually make the body more difficult form is returned. Solution: Eat fish oil supplements to activate fat burning hormones. Consumption is also good fats like nuts, olive oil and fruit every day to help burn fat, absorb vitamins, and prevents fatigue. Massage the muscles of the pelvis by 15 to 20 times in five sessions per day. Do not do sit ups because after giving birth, the muscles will be separated into the abdominal midline. Sit ups will only force the muscles are farther apart. Instead, do deep breathing with the fours. 5. The Bloated Tummy This type of flat stomach in the morning, but swell throughout the day equipped with gas and indigestion. Bloating can affect both women slim or overweight. This happens because of food allergies, intestinal infections due to diet is influenced buruk.Perut bad habits to consume the same food and do it in a long time without knowing that your stomach can not accept the food. The fix: There are some foods that cause digestive allergy such as wheat, bread, pasta, pizza, cereal, alcohol, yeast, dairy products like cheese and butter. Avoid these foods, eat meat, fish, fresh vegetables, and chicken. This condition often occurs because eating the wrong foods the wrong way. Make breakfast your biggest meal because the digestion is at its peak. Chew food well and drink plenty of water to keep your digestive system continues to work. Consumption of prebiotic and probiotic drinks are also to clean the intestines from the bad bacteria.