A new study says a diet like fish, fruits and nuts, it can reduce the chances of developing Alzheimer's. The study, published in the online edition or online journal Archives of Neurology, found that people who eat the nutrients chosen specifically for brain health has a 40 percent lower risk of Alzheimer's affected compared to those without. In the study, researchers from Columbia University Medical Center in New York, United States, studied 2148 adults aged over 65 who are not stricken with Alzheimer's. The participants provided information about their diet and assessed for the development of dementia during an average of four years. Results showed that foods associated with Alzheimer's risk sauce made from olive oil-based salad, beans, fish, tomatoes, poultry, and fruits. As well, dark green leafy vegetables and less red meat intake, organ meat or dairy products high in fat. Alzheimer's disease is a type of nerve function impairment is a complex and progressive brain caused by reduced nutrient in the brain. More than 26 million people in the world, is now suffering from the disease. Treatment at this time can only help to alleviate some symptoms of Alzheimer's, but can not reverse its course. Since there is no cure, prevention is key, especially as the population ages. As stated by Yian Gu, a researcher of Alzheimer's disease, as quoted by Xinhua, recently. "Diet is probably the easiest way to change the risk of disease," he added.