Why Turkey's Food Good to Lose Weight?

The warm climate of the Turkish state with a variety of fresh food products and confectionery minimal preserved in cans to make the Turks are very fond of what they called the Mediterranean diet. With a simple content but have a pretty good function. That is why the Turks have always had a brilliant idea when talking about food. When you try to lose weight, the best thing you can do in Turkey is enjoying a healthy and fresh food. These include fruits vegetables, grains and healthy fats. Without having to be added to processed foods commonly eaten by people in Indonesia. In fact, the Turks tend to be able to eat more food but could still have a slim body. So why do people love Turkish food? Because they are capable of making sense of vision feel good before a stopover in your mouth. Consider just as Turkey prepares women friends with rice beans and covered with a dish briyani baklava. And most importantly, all food is made by using materials that really fresh. So it is suitable cooked and slightly modified to support the weight reduction process you are doing. Oh yes, do not ever hesitate to try yogurt when you stop in Turkey. Therefore, this drink is believed to be found by the Huns tribes, the ancestors of the Turks when they roam travel hundreds of miles to find a better place to live. Name yogurt itself is taken from an appeal of a man Huns, "Yogurtmak" which means shuffling.

Behavior Modification Support Your Diet

You do not ever lose the appetite to eat every meal a tempting view. But tastes can suddenly vanished after seeing belly began to bulge and thigh that extends in front of the glass. Obesity is a scourge. Overweight or obesity is a reflection of the imbalance in consumption with energy expenditure. A person can only be said to suffer from overweight or obese if the person is overweight by more than 20% of ideal body weight. Add 10% more, and you need extra chairs at the dinner table. So how about it? Proper diet must be followed with behavior modification. Begin by changing your lifestyle. You should not put off eating until the belly is really kroncongan, because self- control could run aground. If memamng must entertain a relation in the night, cut the portion of lunch. Live with the principle of balanced and moderate. Discipline yourself to keep eating food with a balanced and complete nutrition to your diet program with regular exercise. Then you will get the ideal body weight and shape according to what you want.

Healthy Diet For cyclists

Indeed, the stamina of a cyclist is not only determined by heating a good and practicing regularly. Many things can determine the increase in stamina. One of them is on a diet. Then, whether the best diet in order to obtain a qualified cycling performance? Well, first we need to define the word diet. Diets are we talking about here is about the food you put into your body everyday. We're also not talking about limiting yourself to lose weight that will impact on fitness in most cases. There's nothing difficult about choosing the right foods to maximize your performance while cycling. Here are some simple guidelines for a healthy diet that apply to everyone. Just learn some basic principles, apply some common sense, and you will eat well and reap the benefits. Healthy dietary guidelines listed here can be followed by everyone, especially cyclists. They will benefit from improved performance while cycling, rapid recovery after exercise, and fitness levels are better balanced overall. A healthy diet emphasizes fruits and vegetables, grains, and low-fat dairy products including lean meat, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts. Saturated fats and trans fats, cholesterol, sodium, and sugar should be minimized or avoided. Guidelines following a healthy diet is a diet around 2000 calories per day. As cyclists, we actually may need to 4000 calories, depending on training load. Calories should come from the following sources: 30% fruits and vegetables 30% bread, potatoes, rice and pasta 15% meat and fish 15% milk and other dairy products 10% fat and sugary foods Most of your diet should consist of fruits and vegetables. Most people, including athletes and cyclists do not eat fruit and vegetables in sufficient quantities. You must have a minimum intake of 2.5 cups of vegetables every day from various sources such as dark green vegetables, dried beans, and peas. 2 bowls of fruit are also needed every day. Try to eat whole fruit instead of juice that may contain added sugar. Grains, including bread, cereal, crackers, rice, and pasta. You should eat at least 6 ounces of grains per day, half of which come from grain sources such as wheat, brown rice, wheat, and corn. Meat and fish are the main source of protein is important for recovery. Fish contain omega-3 fatty acids are very useful and should be consumed at least twice a week. Meat and poultry are also good sources, but watch the fat contained therein. And do not forget to eat beans, peas, nuts, and seeds for additional proteins. Milk and other dairy products to produce a good dose of calcium needed for strong bones and healthy. Choose low-fat dairy sources such as fat-free milk or low-fat yogurt or cheese. Healthy dietary guidelines say to eat 3 cups of milk and milk products daily. 10% of your daily calories should come from fat. Try to get it from the source of monounsaturated fats such as fish, nuts, and vegetable oil. Limit saturated fat consumption of less than 10% of total calories and keep your cholesterol intake of less than 300mg per day. Sugar is a common form of carbohydrate and must come primarily from fruits, vegetables, and wheat. Notice the ingredients for many foods have added sugar and artificial sweeteners that contribute to the increase in calories with almost no nutrients.

Women with migraine Risk Fat?

London: Women with migraines since childhood tend to gain excess weight in the future. A new study shows, four out of 10 women with migraine since childhood has gained at least 22 pounds since rolling into the age of 18. The scientists believe, this relationship can be caused by pain in the head. Feelings of nausea and vomiting associated with migraine can also make women change their diet and exercise. The research reported by Reuters and reported by AolHeath on Monday (28 / 2), mention these headaches are also common in obese women. One in four obese women reported having migraines compared with one in six normal weight women. "The higher the weight, the more common occurrence of headaches," says researcher "Women who are overweight has more than doubled the possibility of developing migraine," said Michelle A. Williams, of the University of Washington in Seattle, who led the study.

A study in 2009 found that obese children who lost weight while being treated for migraine, began to experience fewer symptoms of migraine compared with their counterparts who are obese or her weight continues to grow. William said there was still need for further research on this subject. "I will support the suggestions offered by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention is promoting a lifestyle that includes healthy diet, regular physical activity, and avoid getting more weight gain in adulthood,"

Supporting Food Diet

A healthy diet is not by way of instant, but it should be done gradually. In addition to physical activity, diet regulation is a must if you want to stay fit and trim. Here are five foods that are believed to improve the body's ability to process energy and create a healthy weight loss. Grain Choose whole grains rather than processed grains like white rice and pasta. According to Drs. Mao, slim secret Chinese and Korean people are millet or Cereal (grain), a small seed that became the staple food in South Asia. Asparagus These vegetables are the best sources of folic acid, very low in calories, and contain no fat or cholesterol. Another specialty of this vegetable is inulinnya content, which is very good for the proliferation of good bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. Pomegranate Do not forget the fresh fruits to support your diet. Pomegranate fruit is a healthy alternative because it is rich in antioxidants, compounds "miracle" cancer prevention. Pine Nut Pine nut is a type of bean that contains oil. Chinese medicine uses pine nuts to improve the health of the digestive organs. Peanut oil is often used to suppress appetite. Green tea Research shows that consuming caffeinated beverages can increase appetite. Green tea is a good alternative for coffee lovers because it contains very little caffeine and rich in antioxidants.

Still Experiencing Frequent Yo-Yo Diets?

You wonder why the weight goes up and down easily? You now have an answer. According to researchers, this is because you have certain types of protein in your blood. Angiotensin converting enzyme protein is closely related to female body weight, and how she maintains her form after dieting.With a simple blood test, you can find out if you include people who are easy to raise the weight when the diet is stopped. "Unlike people think, we were actually not difficult to lose weight. The difficulty is to maintain it," said Susan Jebb, from the Medical Research Council nutrition center in Cambridge. "Yo-yo diet is psychologically confusing people, and is a recurring cycle, which makes us feel like a failure and less confident."

Researchers from eight countries in Europe, including Britain, has analyzed the blood of 96 people who had successfully dieting to lose weight. Half of these managed to maintain weight, or even hold it down. But the other half of his weight was rising again. Well, they are able to maintain that ideal weight tend to decrease levels of enzymes in large quantities. It's unclear how proteins that affect people on a diet, but this protein is believed to have upset the hormones that control how satisfied we are, and makes the body store extra fat and water. For James Stubbs, doctors obesity in Slimming World, keep the weight down is still important to the success of diet programs.

Diet Program With 3 Apples a day. Miraculously, In 12 Sunday, down 8 Kg.

Ever hear the expression "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." This expression was proven to be true you know .. Apples are loaded with vitamin C, which served to increase immunity and phenols that can reduce cholesterol. Eating apples may reduce tooth decay because each bite of the apple that you can chew clean teeth and needed the bacteria that cause tooth decay. Another benefit of eating apples is to accelerate the process of weight reduction. A study conducted by Tammi Flynn (a registered dietitian and Group Training instructor at Gold's Gym) in Washington - The United States has proven this fact. Flynn found that her clients are eating an apple (not processed) before meals can reduce weight. Flynn then experimented with 3 apples, he found the results extraordinary. Only in the 12 weeks of her clients lost weight 17 pounds (equivalent to 8 kg).

Facts experiments conducted Flynn. The secret behind the benefits that can accelerate the process of weight loss is penurunkan apples provide a sense of satiety after menkonsumsinya. Eating apples provide low carbohydrate intake and reduce saturated fat. In addition to eating three- day apple diet is recommended to include six servings of fruits and other vegetables. This will allow you to reduce your calorie intake without experiencing hunger. Flynn also suggested that eating healthy foods, containing protein and low in fat. Because this can reduce appetite and accelerate weight loss.

Healthy Foods Suggested Apple, cottage cheese, low fat, low-fat yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, turkey (there are selling turkey?), Lean beef, salmon, oatmeal, brown rice, broccoli, lettuce.

Conclusion: Eat 3 apples a day (an apple before breakfast, an apple before lunch, and an apple before dinner). Dining menu that you will consume must be healthy and low fat. How, slimming body ready?

Chilli Can Lose Weight

Chilli eating habits cans help you lose weight, Accelerate metabolism and burn fat, According to WHO scientists said the Daily Mail. Some researchers claim that the heat generated due to spicy foods can oxidize the layer of fat and speed up metabolism. For those who have a mild taste also can utilize without having to bear the taste of pepper spicy sting. Equivalent to the main ingredient, capsaicin, has been found also in non-spicy food varieties. Scientists at the University of California, are interested in researching the effects of chili to the diet therapy, after watching people always sweat after eating the spicy fruit. They give low-calorie diet to 34 male and female, both equipped with various types of spicy pepper and a placebo pill.

They found that the level of energy expended on those who were given capsaicin nearly two-fold higher compared to those given placebo.

Green Tea Diet

By drinking just two cups of green tea every day, will be able to help you burn about 70 calories more a day. Of course this is very helpful in the success of your diet program. In addition, the content of antioxidants, namely katein, and its flavonoids are believed to increase the metabolism. And even worse, green tea also has the potential to reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease. So, what are you waiting? Start from now. Because prevention is better than cure.

Sleep Deprivation Obesity Risk In Children

New York: Children aged four years and under who receive less than 10 hours of sleep each night has a tendency to be overweight (obese) in five years later. Researchers from the University of California and University of Washington in Seattle to see the link between sleep and weight in 1930 children aged 0-13 years who participated in the survey in 1997 and returned the survey five years later in 2002, according to Reuters Health.

For children four years old or younger at the time of the first survey, less than 10 hours of sleep per night associated with a nearly two-fold increased risk of becoming overweight or obese at the time of the second survey. In older children, sleep on the first survey did not related with weight status in both surveys but the latest research linking short sleep with the increasing possibility of a change from normal weight to overweight or from overweight to obesity. According to the National Sleep Foundation, infants aged from one to three years should sleep for 12-14 hours, kindergarten children aged 3-5 years should sleep 11-13 hours, and aged 50-10 years should sleep during the 8.5 to 9.25 hours per night.

Some studies have linked short sleep with obesity in children and adolescents, Dr. Bell and research partners. Frederick Zimmerman of the University of California has noted in their report. However, most of these studies only look at one time, cause it is difficult to determine adequate sleep causes children to become obese or vice versa. The findings, say the researchers, indicate that there is a critical time before the age of five years when enough sleep per night probably important in the context of healthy weight in the future. Bell said the study, according to a report in the journal "Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine" in the September issue, can not show why short sleep at an early age could be at risk of increased body weight but there are several theories. "It may be that children who sleep less are too tired to do a number of activities that they need," said Bell. No longer sleep means more opportunities to eat. Finally, there is that proves that adults who sleep less have a different appetite and hormones associated with hunger, such as leptin and ghrelin, may occur in children as well, said Bell. (Reutr / Ant)

Extend Mr P With Lose Weight

Though not to be the benchmark of satisfaction in sex, small penis often make a man desperate and insecure. Of the many ways, doctors most often encourage patients to extend the penis by losing weight. Lose weight by exercising and eating healthy regulate not only to eliminate the fat in the body and away from the risk of disease is dangerous, but also the fat that covers the penis. This makes the fat man's penis appear smaller. Actual weight did not change the size of the penis become smaller or larger. By losing weight means to reduce the amount of fat in the whole body, such as the abdomen, chest, back, arm and including also the fat in the pubic area.

Launched Betterbodyjournal, Saturday (01/22/2011), men have pockets of fat in the pelvic area around the penis. In the circumstances however, this fat will be seen hanging. But if a man has a body fat, total fat in the area around the penis would be more and more. So by losing weight, you also will reduce the size of fat around the genitals that can cover the penis. When the fat is getting smaller, then the penis will look longer. If you have fat around the penis, the penis will usually look smaller. Physically, the penis is not smaller, but functionally become smaller, because the more fat that covers the area around the penis then it is likely to penetrate deeper into the penis will be smaller. This can easily be imagined by comparison, that is by trimming the pubic hair. When you trim the hair around the genitals, then the shaft of the penis will appear larger. This is the same as the fat around the pubic area that covers the penis. What is the length of the penis that can be obtained by weight loss varies for each person. Clearly, losing weight is easy and inexpensive way to make the penis look longer.

Watermelon Diet

Watermelon Diet Old books do not always bad, it turns out that is where a lot of important information obtained. Like the time last night, when I re-open the magazine jebot years, 4 years ago. Magazine approximately cool ... now there is not ya? Well ... there is one interesting section, these tips are Okz have. Its contents? Sure wrote about healthy living tips. There, tell us about the utility of the new watermelon I know (squirt really time yes?) Previewed ... check it out! Watermelon diet was able to rescue us know. Two cups of watermelon fruit (300 grams) contains only 80 calories, 2 grams of fiber and fat free. In addition, because a lot of watermelon water content, this fruit filling. "Watermelon is a source of potassium, vitamin A and vitamin C are very good, except that watermelon is also high in lycopene content of her", said Barbara Levine, a co-diector at the Human Nutrition Program at Rockefeller University. What is lycopene tu? Licopene is a phytochemical that helps reduce the risk of cancer. So ... for those who diet, can really eat sweets, not really ideal for maintaining health plus the weight of her body?

Radish Good For Diet

Vegetables white with crowing crunchy texture that is usually used in soups. Some people sometimes do not like it because the smell and also taste a little bitter.

Though its benefits are very much you know! If you like to eat soto Bandung or Korean food, vegetables are often times become one of the contents.

Radish, is a white vegetable that has a hard texture with a distinctive unpleasant smell. When cooked, it feels so crisp .. So crowing like Bangkuang. Although radish is very good, but not everyone liked him.

The reason is that slightly unpleasant smell, urine and slightly bitter taste that makes some people reluctant to eat it. In fact, the radishes are very many benefits for health.

Nutrition of this type tubers ranging from vitamins A, B1, B2, niacin, essential oils, choline, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and oxalic acid. The content of vitamins A and C as many as 30-40%.

In addition, radish also contains an antibiotic that keeps the body from bacteria. This plant was first discovered in China, and then cultured in Indonesia and surrounding Asian countries. Radish easily grown in fertile soil and cool climate.

Already long ago, horseradish is used to cure various kinds of diseases in China and Korea.

Call it overcome flatulence, dysentery, constipation, inflammation of the respiratory tract, influenza, high blood pressure, heart and also fever.

Usually processed in a way made radish soup or used as a salad mix. However, radishes also can be used outside of medicine to deal with burns, eczema, skin irritations and disorders.

Simply grate horseradish to taste and add the white rice vinegar and rub on the sores or other skin disorders. In addition to overcoming some type of illness earlier, for a diet program can enter the radish in the daily menu.

Because the fiber content is also high, will give a sense of fullness for longer. If not happy with aroam and taste, stir and knead cut radish with salt to taste to taste bitter and unpleasant aroma is lost. Rinse and drain. Radish ready to be processed.

Fibre Nuts Good For Diet

beans is one good source of protein because it is not too much of a risk for someone who eat it. in addition to protein, beans also contain minerals, B vitamins, complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Compared with today's fiber foods are available in the form of food supplements, nuts are also no less quality when compared with the fiber in fruits and vegetables, specialty such as the price is cheaper, high-protein and good fat content for healt. to diet by using nuts on the portions will reduce daily fat intake and increase consumption of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. if viewed in terms of nutrition, nuts have many advantages, including:

1. A cheap source of protein
2. Rich in amino acid lysine. If mixed with grains, such as rice, wheat, maize, which lack the amino acid lysine, will form a balanced amino acid composition.
3. Low fat and contain no cholesterol.
4. A good source of B vitamins.
5. Source of calcium, iron, zinc, copper and magnesium are good.

Lemon Detox Diet

Lemon detox is one way to lose weight badang popular. That said, the content of nutrients in lemons can stimulate the liver to mengekresi accumulation of toxins, and become involved in cleaning the digestive organs aka detoxification. Dieters are just drinking lemon juice is added maple syrup and dissolved water use.

Sometimes ceyenne pepper and peppermint tea is also consumed to stimulate the movement of waste in the intestines. Let no constipation so lah. If combined with eating less fatty foods and increase the consumption of fruits, it is said this method cepet really falling. Can be about 1-3 pounds in 3 days. Some celebrities also follow this model diet, including Mariah Carey:

Chocolate and Diet

Seduced by chocolate while dieting program? Relax, do not have to worry about not be able to enjoy this tasty snack. Simply choose dark chocolate then we will stay flat stomach. According to the University of Copenhagen, when we enjoy dark chocolate in the morning, at lunch time we would eat less. Why so? The raw material that is in the dark chocolate will slowly digested by our stomachs and help feeling full longer. And a piece of chocolate (about the size of a business card) is quite effective to resist the urge us to enjoy salty foods, sweet and fatty foods.

In addition to dark chocolate, there are many other foods that can make a stay full. A recent survey in Australia include orange to number 38 for a filling meal. Why, oranges are rich in fiber with a fresh taste that people liked. And if you talk about fiber, it is the active ingredient which can destroy fat perfectly. Similarly, cheese and skim milk. In cheese per 28 grams contains 76 calories. Fresh cheese also contains linoleic acid (CLA), which will help the body burn fat and make us full. While in milk, has a protein that will make us early satiety than other sugary beverages. Plus milk CLA also has a function to burn fat in the body. ( PreventionIndonesia / MEL)

Right Diet Overcome Illness Head

Automatic all our work will interfere when dizziness or headache attack. Actually what is the ringleader of a disturbing sense of this? The causes can vary, either because we ourselves are suffering from another illness, can also suffer from stress or lack of sleep. You also need to know that the potential triggers to be reckoned with is the food we eat! Well, did you eat the right foods and avoiding foods that can trigger these headaches? Check out this article continues! Improve your diet by not consuming foods that could potentially trigger headaches such as preserved meats, chocolate, red wine, caffeine, MSG, aspartame, alcohol and ice cream. Try to keep a list of these foods for a week and feel if your headaches can be reduced by it. Research shows that Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish oil may ward off migraine. So eating fish is very advisable to reduce the frequency of occurrence of dizziness. Caffeine contained in coffee, tea, cola, chocolate and some medications that contain substances such as Anacin, Excedrin and Actifed (You can read the label before buying) the potential to make the headache worse. Fill your morning breakfast with fruit juice (try apple, pear or peach), low-fat milk, soy milk, the herb, wheat bread, melon, scrambled eggs (choose the type of eggs high in Omega 3 fatty acid content of it) So sick head start attacking, immediately take 1 / 3 teaspoon ginger which has been crushed and dissolved in warm water, stir the drink. According to the National Headache Foundation, ginger contains some antihistamine (pain relievers) and classified as anti- inflammatory (anti-inflammatory). Inadequate sleep. Although there is no reason why tidurdianggap important factor in reducing the feeling of dizziness, research shows lack of sleep can cause headaches. Take a multivitamin that contains B vitamins and anti oxidants. Terebut vitamin deficiency will lead to the emergence of migraine When buying packaged foods, read the content in it in order to avoid triggering the emergence of pain kepala.Hindari element of stress is a culprit''''''''Do not let the headaches stomach was filled with food or less drinking in the long term. Low blood sugar and dehydration can trigger headaches. Avoid additives and preservatives such as MSG, sulfur and nitrate. Wine in general, dried fruit and preserved fruit contain sulfur. Canned foods contain MSG, especially Chinese food. Do not eat food that has been processed, choose fresh foods and natural. Also avoid preserved meats such as corned beef, sausage, smoked beef or fish that contain nitrates. Do not eat foods that contain artificial sweetener Aspartame, especially the type often found in health drinks or candy. More cautious in the food labeled''''diet''food''or''light''food''''. Do not eat nuts Do not eat pickled or marinated foods Do not eat certain fruits such as papaya, date palm, jackfruit. Limit banana 1 fruit a day. Limit the tomatoes (if already in the juice) is only 1 / 2 cups a day. Avoid vinegar (except white vinegar and apple vinegar), mustard, and ketchup-sausan mayonnaises.

Importance of Water in diet

Many people take for granted the water intake is not it? Water is a major component of their diets in which dietary nutrition experts say that water holds a key role in most of the weight reduction program. Let us look at the role of water helps your body to lose fat by following benefits: - » Water can decrease appetite and reduce hunger. » Assisting the body in fat burning process which coagulates. Heart will have difficulty in carrying out its functions when the kidneys are not getting enough water. » Reducing excess body fat. » Solve problems during the stoppage of water bodies that hold water in it so as not to run out. » Reduce the sodium in the body piles. » Help maintain muscle health and flexibility. » Dirt-dirt and toxic substances in the body. » Overcome the difficulty defecating. Therefore, it is recommended to drink 1-5 liters of water a day, coupled with a 250ml a day when we increased the weight 10kg.

Mediterranean Diet, Control Blood Sugar Levels

VIVAnews - low-carbohydrate Mediterranean diet is very effective for people with diabetes. In addition to reducing levels of sugar in the body, the Mediterranean diet can also control the fat and calories in the body. With a Mediterranean-style diet, drug consumption sugar control in diabetics can also be reduced. That's according to research by a team of researchers from the University of Naples, Italy. The study, headed by Dr. Dario Giugliano study involved 215 patients with type 2 diabetes. The patients are required to make the Mediterranean diet for four years. The result, after 4 years of blood sugar levels of 44% of patients decreased significantly. Then, as much as 70% of patients also reduced their fat content. In the first year state of the patients in the control by nutrition experts every month. In the second to fourth, the controls carried out by two months. The medical examination of the patients showed increased levels of HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. Mediterranean diet is synonymous with a lot of eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains and reduce intake of red meat. Ripening process was minimized, fat intake is obtained only from olive oil and nuts. Then, as much as possible avoid instant foods.

Calculating Ideal Body Weight

History of how to calculate ideal body weight

If you want to know how to calculate ideal body weight, how easy. from ancient times until today the most widely used formula to calculate the ideal weight is to use the formula Broca, an expert of his time in the field of anthropometry of science related to measuring human, including how to calculate ideal body weight.

The formula to calculate ideal body weight
You can use the formula below to calculate your ideal weight:

Ideal Body Weight formula = (Height - 100) X 90%
For example: If you have height 150 cm body, then your ideal weight is (150-100) X 90% = 45 kg. From the above, you can compare the results with reference to the following:
* Excess Weight / Overweight = The result of 10% to 20% larger * Overweight / Obesity / Obesity = result more than 20% of which should * Obese = result 10% less than they should

So let's us calculate our ideal weight,

The Fiber Diet For Children

Many children suffer constipation and bowel movements are less than perfect. Why? Think about their diet, whether your children foods that contain fiber or fiber-sufficient. How do I add more fiber in the diet of children are growing?

1. Introduce mixed diet, such as soup, cooked vegetables or vegetable fats which are very popular in most children. Serve fresh fruit as well and also involve them in meal preparation.
2. Prepare biscuits or cakes resipinya modified to reduce fat and sugar, add flour and full of beans. Do not forget to involve the children in the making. That way you can train them in the provision of healthy food and they will also be encouraged to enjoy it.
3. If you want to provide snacks or side, provide a nutritious and are in addition to their daily nutrient needs. For example, pieces of fruits like papaya, watermelon, jampul, apples, oranges and so forth. You can also prepare a salad using low- fat yogurt than mayonnaise, trickling, pick-pick, bread or biscuits are made with full grain flour.
4. Make sure the fruit is supplied is of a nature which is not easy as sour or rotten bananas. You can also give them dried fruits mixed with unsweetened banana chips, tapioca or beans.
5. When eating out, like the fast food restaurant, do not just order the fried foods only, select high-fiber foods as well as that of vegetables, fruits or whole grain meal. Food Chinese, Indian and Western cuisine offers a high-fiber, for example, chapatti and dal, soup or spaghetti noodles made from wheat.

If your child has an overweight problem, improve the content of fiber in their diet. This is because the fiber will make you feel full. Foods high in fiber will also be longer in the intestines and absorb water and prevent constipation. Whatever you need to know, foods high in fiber are often low in calories and lead to a feeling of fullness of time. While children need a lot of energy supplied from the food they eat. So the calorie intake must be balanced against the high-fiber foods. High-fiber breakfast for your child:

1. Dalca compared with chapatti roti canai.
2. Cereal with skim milk
3. Boiled noodles with vegetables
4. Filled with porridge with vegetables or without anchovies thrown a bone.
5. Full grain bread, prepared sandwiches with vegetables or baked and served with fresh fruit juices without sugar.

Want To Wear Bikinis Paris Hilton Strict Diet

Socialite Paris Hilton was fond indulgence slim body with a bikini . But who would have thought, to show off her body shape, the luxury Hilton hotel heir must be willing to abandon his love of eating a strict diet of fast food and vigorous exercise. "I really had to work hard. I do not eat fast food anymore," said the Legal quoted from Femalefirst, Friday (14/05/2010). "No McDonalds again, inside and outside. I want to get my bikini body. So today I tried to realize all of that," she added.

Female 29 years has reason to worry about bikini-clad body when will spend most of their time sunning themselves on a luxury yacht. He told Us Weekly magazine, "I'm just going to be on a cruise ship this summer, so I have to have a bikini body. With the yacht I would go to St. Tropez, Monaco. I will work as well, but much more relaxed." Although Paris has vowed to stay away from junk food, last year she expressed "never" diet. "I do not think I could go for 40 days without any thing. If I do, I'll probably give up on chocolate and McDonald's. I've never tried to give anything before. I do not like diet. Weakness is cotton candy and French fries .

Residents of Okinawa Rainbow Diet Offer

Okinawa - Long Age is the most ancient dreams of mankind. Three
communities in this remote town seems to have the answer to that
dream. What's their recipe? The three communities live in a remote
area on the island of Okinawa, Japan, Ovadda mountain town in
Sardinia, and Loma Linda in California, United States (U.S.). The
people there have a longer life than other regions in the world. If in
the UK the average life expectancy of a man about 77 years and women
81 years, in the three regions was even longer age. Okinawa has 1
million residents and more than 900 people have more than 100 years of
age. The amount is four times more than the UK or U.S. residents with
age over 100 years. More remarkable in Ovodda. There, the men and
women have the age of 100 years and over. The fact was clearly against
the global trend, ie age males are generally shorter than the age of
women. This fact gave birth to a variety of theories to explain why
long- age population. Researchers also tried to uncover the secret of
longevity is in three communities. In Okinawa, the researchers found,
aging occurs more slowly than other regions in the world. "Calendar
may say they are aged 70 years, but the condition of their bodies are
still like 50 years old. The most amazing, most of them remained
healthy until death," says Bradley Willcox, a researcher who
discovered the remarkable phenomenon. Experts also highlighted the
fact that Okinawa residents not only eat fish and soy in number than
the population of the world's most lots are lain.Mereka also consume a
variety of vegetables and fruits rich in antioxidants. Experts call it
the "rainbow diet." While residents Ovodda not take into account the
number of calories or the types of foods they eat. However, of every
1700 residents there are five people who have over 100 years of age.
Amazingly, the number of men and women over the age of 100 years in
balance. For hundreds of years, families living in isolated Ovodda.
They got married with another family member. In fact, most people
there are descended from only a few native people. While in Loma
Linda, California, longevity secrets because they are not genetic
factors. The secret lies in a healthy and balanced lifestyle which
they apply. Most of them followers of Seventh Day Adventist Church
which forbids drinking alcohol and smoking as well as implement a
vegetarian lifestyle. (Sindo /) (pie)

Healthy Diet

Many people think that he will never be a healthy diet in any way. Some argue for descent, because the bones are large, can not be disciplined in your diet or who do not want to join a diet program for fear of taking the drug, which results are not good in the future. Meanwhile, their weight did not come down, but continues to rise, far from ideal.

Others had diets with the way they think is healthy and effective, including by not eating rice, regular exercise, counting calories in the body, using diet pills, or had tried everything, with the final result FAILED, why? because of the ways it is very difficult to do most of the people, but it when it does not implement this method, the weight back up over time starting a diet program. Well, if you include as mentioned above, you are in the right website.

I will give you tips on how a healthy diet to lose weight without drugs, without a strict diet and without feeling hungry. In fact, the weight will drop 4-5 kg per month, and the results are permanent.

Apples For Weight Loss

You must know the name of apples, but did you know that the apples
contained many benefits for health, good apples are used as a favorite
fruit for a diet to lose weight. Apples have a low fat content but the
fiber contained in apples is very high, this fiber will help you feel
full faster. There are many other benefits of the apple for health.
When we are hungry is actually happening is the emergence of
stimulation of the stomach. Brain diperintahkah to seek immediate food
and filling the empty stomach by the stomach earlier. If the hull has
been filled then naturally we will experience a feeling of satiety and
will immediately stop the intake of food. Foods rich in fiber and high
water levels. Choose foods with fiber content like fruits, vegetables,
cereals, wheat. Apples along with pears, citrus fruits are among the
high-yield fibers. Fruits with high water content of Judah could
membuak gastric stretch. Melon and watermelon with its high water
content, although low in fiber can easily create a stomach filled, and
filling. Apple when eaten with the skin will make blood glucose levels
in the slow ride. Glicemic skinned apple has a low index. The speed of
rising blood sugar levels can be reduced with a diet of low-yield
index glicemic. In addition to these skinned apples, vegetables also
have an average index glicemic low levels indicated by the number of
fibers on the leaves and stems.

Another benefit of the apple

Apples contain high antioxidant, anti-oxidants may also help lower bad
cholesterol, lower bad cholesterol will melindungin you from heart
disease. In addition, there are many benefits of apple juice, among
others, as follows.
1.Relieves diarrhea
2.Aid digestion and reduce weight
3.Apple juice can fend off viralinfections
4.Helps treat asthma
5.Preventing tooth decay and gum disease
6.Strengthen kidney
7.Lowering blood pressure
8.Fighting arthritis
9. Stabilizing blood sugar
10.As an anticancer agent

Diet For Children

The number of children who are obese has increased. Statistics show
that 1 in 10 school-age children are obese or overweight 1. If left
unchecked, they will remain obese into adulthood. Though obesity is
associated with increased risk of diseases such as diabetes,
hypertension, to heart disease 2. Not to mention stigma as a chubby
child's confidence can hurt the baby 3. As a parent, you certainly do
not want this happen to your baby, right? Diet = Solution? With the
increasing concerns over obesity levels of children, some parents
began to control her weight. Even some parents apply strict diet
programs and provides slimming drug to the baby. In fact, a strict
diet and slimming drug is not the best solution. Children who are
overweight should still eat three meals a day plus snacks in between
meals. This is because the children need adequate nutrition and
balanced to optimize the growth process. When children are forced
strict diet, growth and health of children may be disturbed.

1. Adjust your calorie intake Calorie needs may vary depending on the
child's activity. The more active the baby, caloric needs will
increase. However, keep in mind that your child is not eating as much
as eating adults. Because of that, give him smaller portions. Give it
a small portion or about ½ or 2 / 3 portion of an adult when you take
him eat out
2. 3B diet: Balanced, Diverse, Nutritious The objective of the eat not
only to provide a sense of satiety, but also to meet nutritional
needs. Children who are growing requires the input of nutrients that
may range from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, to vitamins and
minerals, especially calcium, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin
B and vitamin D. To meet the diverse nutritional needs are, try to
combine different types of foods that include vegetables, fruit,
carbohydrate sources, meat, seafood, vegetable and milk proteins. In
addition to diverse, given any nutrients should be balanced.
Carbohydrates and fats are necessary, but not to both types of
nutrient intake is excessive, so replace your intake of nutritious
food like milk, vegetables, and fruits. Reduce intake of sweet foods
and high fat is a wise choice to prevent excess calories that have an
impact on obesity
3. Vote for Better Option Adjust your diet does not mean necessarily
negate the consumption of certain nutrients at all. Key settings diet
is to replace the existing diet with more healthy choices. For
example, if your child used to eat fried chicken, try to substitute
with grilled chicken or chicken soup less fat content. French fries or
french fries may be replaced with mashed potatoes, red meat
consumption can be replaced with fish, and so forth. Stay prepared
foods preferred by children, but with a healthier choice.
4. Sport and Physical Activity Encourage your child to exercise 4.5!
Playing badminton, badminton, or swimming together is a fun activity
and also healthy. If the baby likes to play games, siasati to give
games that stimulate physical activity such as Nintendo Wii, dance
simulation, and so on 6.7. Physical activity will increase the use of
calories into energy that helps improve the balance of calories.
Research also shows that children who regularly exercise less
frequently and less frequently affected by obesity and ill health
disorder than children who did not exercise regularly 4.5.
5. Sort-Select Beverages Quite often, we simply select the foods we
eat, but do not control what we drink. In fact, obesity can be caused
by a high-calorie sweet drinks. Research shows that children who
consume sweet drinks or soft drinks tend to be more overweight than
children who did not consume these beverages 8. Do not want this
happen to your baby? Always teach them to drink water! Water is the
best drink to replace fluids and do not cause health risks. Therefore,
always make sure your baby to drink 8 glasses of water per day to
maintain body fluid balance

Obesity in children can be overcome by setting dietary and physical
activity is good. This method would be more effective if the parents
participate and be a role model. Immediately apply a healthy lifestyle
for the sake of your family and your baby. Give HiLo School for your
baby that has been aged> 5 years for ideal growth. HiLo Milk School is
a natural mineral with the lowest fat content. HiLo School, ideal
present, ideal later. References: 1. Agency for Health Research and
Development. 2008. Report on Health Research Association (Riskesdas)
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Low Cholesterol Diet

YOU want to follow a low cholesterol diet? You must already know that
butter, ice cream and meat can raise cholesterol. But, do you know
which foods can lower cholesterol? You can find them here. There is
good news. To lower cholesterol, you can eat more of certain foods. A
handful of "functional food" has shown a great impact in reducing
cholesterol. In addition it, it's certainly much better than sipping a
pill with a glass of water. "This is not a magic food, but it can be
said is close to miraculous," says Ruth Frechman, RD, a spokeswoman
for the American Dietetic Association, told WebMD site. Researchers
have found a few foods that can control cholesterol. Such foods
include fat-containing fish such as salmon and tuna, walnuts, oatmeal
and oat bran, and foods fortified with plant sterols and stanols from
plants. Several studies have found that a diet that combines "super
food is" as effective as cholesterol-lowering drugs in lowering bad
LDL cholesterol levels. How well? FDA has reviewed studies related to
these foods. As a result, the FDA issued a claim that these foods are
"healthy foods" to regulate cholesterol levels. That way, you have to
find healthy food choices to improve your health. However, spending on
food is definitely more enjoyable than spending money at the pharmacy.
In addition, you do not need to feel the side effects of drugs that
are often unpleasant. With a focus on diet, you have more choices.

The process of cholesterol reduction

1. Oats Oatmeal is rich in fiber, which can lower LDL levels. When you
digest fiber, these fibers become sticky. According to the
researchers, when in the small intestine, fiber will stick to the
cholesterol so that the intestine can not absorb them. That way, the
fiber will not enter into the system but thrown into the garbage.
2. Walnuts Walnuts are very good because it is rich in omega-3.
Omega-3 works to reduce levels of triglycerides, a type of fat in the
bloodstream. Experts have not been too sure how the process. However,
omega-3 can also slow the formation of plaque in arteries that prevent
blood coagulation. There are also studies that found that walnuts can
lower cholesterol.
3. Sterol and stanols In molecular level, plant sterols and stanols
look like cholesterol. So, they blend in as it passes through the
digestive tract. That way, both these substances can prevent the
absorption of cholesterol into the blood vessel. Cholesterol will be
issued into the garbage.
4. Fish Omega-3 in fish can lower triglyceride levels. Omega-3 this
will slow the formation of plaque in the arteries and reduce
inflammation throughout body.

Start a diet
Choosing a low-cholesterol diet might not be that easy. You can
consult with a physician. Although changing your diet can help many
people, but there are also people who still need the drug to reduce
the risk of heart disease. In addition, you must remember that the
food can not cure everything. Should still be combined with low-fat
foods, pay attention to weight loss and exercise. "A healthy diet not
only includes a few specific foods," says Suzanne Farrell, MS, RD,
spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association. "There is a wider
picture. You have to consume in moderation, adds a varied diet, and

Diabetes Diet

1. Eat 3 main meals and 2-3 times per day interlude
2. Eating a low calorie distraction, such as to and fro, grass jelly, jelly etc.
3. Avoid drinking excess fruit juice,especially in the morning and replace them with fibrous like blender drinks cucumbers, melons, and watermelon (white part included)
4. Include boiled beans or other vegetables can lower blood sugar levels in the menu of vegetables, at least 2 times a week
5. Get used to high-fiber breakfast cereals, like oatmeal, green beans, corn sebus, or bran bread every day
6. Avoid adding sugar to drinks or food
7. Get used to walking at least 3 times a week for> 30 minutes

GI Diet

you are probably familiar with the term Glicemic Index (GI). And with
understanding, the diet will be more easily executed. Glicemic Index
(GI) is a measure of the impact of carbohydrates on blood sugar
levels. With the low GI of a carbohydrate, then the food will be much
longer processed by the body so that glucose levels in the blood can
be maintained within normal limits. Conversely, a high GI foods will
make glucose in the blood rise sharply and fell sharply as well. In
short, low GI foods will make the stomach feel full longer. This is
certainly very good to avoid overeating. So how do I apply a low GI
diet? In the event brunch with Soy Joy, Rina Poerwadi, founder of Mom
Can Cook explained that the breakfast and snack has an important role
in this diet. Rina recommend not to leave the breakfast even though
you're busy. Choose a diet containing low GI breakfast such as
spaghetti, macaroni, vegetables, full cream milk, apple or cherry.
During this time many people who make the snack as a scapegoat for
weight gain. In fact, according to Rina, a good snack will help you
lose weight by reducing calorie intake.

Snacks are best done on the sidelines of a breakfast with lunch and
lunch with dinner. Snack time is usually at 10.00 and 15.00. Well, to
snack, you should also consume snacks with low GI. This will be very
useful when the time comes a big meal. "If you want to snack (snack)
do not wait for hungry first. By intuition, if famine, it will
carelessly (choose foods) and tend to choose (food), a high GI," said
Rina Poerwadi. One option is a low GI snack with Soy Joy. With GI
levels 23 to 28 (depending on flavor) and calories as many as 140 kcal
per one bar (30 grams), fruit soy bar on this one could be the right
choice in addition to eating fruits.

Low Calorie Diet

The study addressed that reduces the total number of calories per day
in consumption may prolong it also maintains the health and appearance
are still young. Overeating is one of the worst factors that
accelerate aging becouse will couses setres on all body systems,
resulting in digestion burn extra energy that could be used for
functions which it ate meal Excessive lead to another.besides the
weight of excess fat are implicated in many seranga accompany age,
such as heart disease, and he betes.all it comes down to one
conclusion when you eat less, you will live long lebi, change their
high-calorie foods with fresh foods like salads can extend your life

Balanced Diet

EVERY person would envision the design of the slim, handsome and charming. This is because such a shape, allowing us free for bolstering diverse collection of stylish clothes available in the market. For those who are fortunate to have the desired shape may be no problem for you melaram with new and beautiful clothes. But what of the larger entity? They not only have to choose appropriate clothes but sometimes do not have the opportunity to choose. Although people always praise and high regard the body shape, but did you know that not all thin people, have good health. Sometimes to look skinny and keep in shape, they are willing to starve and just enjoy the food in small quantities. For example, just take an apple, a few pieces of biscuits and drinking water every day. This situation can be seen among the celebrities and international models, such as Tara Reid, Nicole Richie, Mary Kate Olsen, Kate Moss and Victoria Beckham.

Staralicious website has reported on the health and anekrosia faced by Nicole Richie when he attended the MTV Awards. Nicole looks so thin because of eating problems. When there are problems getting the body weight of control, Nicole decided to undergo treatment at a rehabilitation center. The aim is to get the proper care and nutrition. Meanwhile, Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Southwestern Medical Center, United States, Dr. Margo Denke explained, balanced diet should include sources such as carbohydrates, calories, protein and fat. "The combination of primary sources to provide a balanced diet at the same time ensuring that individuals get the nutrients that are nutritious," he said. There is nothing wrong for someone trying to lose weight, but it should follow the right system. website, advises that people should not be too drastic diet and exercise are severe. For example, if you previously did not work out in the long term, do not keep running away or doing strenuous exercise on a treadmill. This is because it can lead to injury and decrease the level of your intelligence in the future. Supposedly, you opened the 'menu diet' by adopting a few tips. Among them, walking exercise for 20 minutes a day. Maybe you can do these activities at break times or after returning from office or college. Do not sip a drink containing alcohol. Switch to enjoy fresh fruit and water to drink plenty of water. Also, avoid sugary foods and snacks such as chocolate and cake. Instead choose healthy foods (fruits, vegetables, chicken or fish). Similarly, reduced spreads butter or mayonnaise that contain excess fat.

Diet Soup Recipes

According to the sender, Martina Zainal, this soup can make a drastic
weight loss. She herself was down 12 pounds! Condition ya can only eat
just this soup (be as much too!), The added fruits, vegetables, brown
rice or a baked potato once a week, chicken / fish / meat grilled,
drink lots of water, and not allowed to drink alcohol. But, if weight
loss is more than 8 pounds in a week, stop the diet for 2 days and
after that could start again.

Material 1 large cabbage, cut into small pieces 2 cloves onion, diced
2 cloves red onion, diced 8 cloves garlic, thinly sliced 2 green bell
pepper, diced Tomatoes to taste, diced 1 stalk celery, sliced into
small pieces Salt to taste Pepper to taste Seasonings little

How to Make - Saute red bw and bw onions over low heat, not too ripe -
Add white bw slices and fry until aromatic - Add sliced peppers and
fry for 5 minutes - Add tomatoes and fry for 5 minutes - Add the
celery and fry for 5 minutes - Enter the Irian cabbage, add water
until full pot - Add salt, pepper and seasonings to taste - After
boiling, reduce heat and cook until vegetables are mature enough -
Chill in the refrigerator and warm enough to be enjoyed Really easy
right? A little-bit can not believe but ... I have to prove herself

Goodbye Distended Stomach

Goodbye Distended Stomach Once when he was young athletic body may ........ but now after a
family ....... stomach so distended. For most men and women
distended stomach is definitely a nuisance, be it appearance or
clothing. Not to mention the condition of too much fat will be
susceptible to disease. There is nothing wrong we try these tips to
eliminate / reduce the above conditions.

1. Drink plenty of water, ................ minimum of 2 liters a day.
This is useful for reducing the concentration of sodium in the body.

2. Correct way of eating, ......................... chew food slowly,
do not swallow too quickly, try bite food 32 times.

3. Avoid consuming too much salt, .................... because it can
add extra sodium that inhibits the release of fluid in the body.

4. Adding fiber in the diet, multiply consuming apple / pear, so that
does not happen in intestinal gas.

5. Gymnastics regularly, at least 3 times a week, may begin with a
sit-up 10 times every morning and the next day plus 1 set up to every
day used 10 sets (100 times).

6. Avoid constipation, normal bowel movement was 1 time a day. When
only 3 times a week as a result stomach getting bigger.

7. consume vegetables, ....... To conditions of the stomach to stay
clean and healthy.

Diet Soda & Sodium Runway Kidneys Work

DIET has become part of lifestyle today's urban society. One way is to
reduce consumption of sugar. In addition to want to stay slim, health
reasons also become one of the reasons. Artificial sweeteners or
sodium was usually chosen to replace sugar cane. Indeed, the
artificial sugar mungkn powerful enough to ward off fat deposits. But
you should be aware, the article reveals findings of a study that risk
for triggering artificial sugar kidneys work harder. The study was
revealed by the research team from Brigham and Women's Hospital,
Boston, USA. "Our study found that consumption of sodium and
artificial sweeteners in soda affect the kidneys work," said
researchers from the Women's Hospital, Boston, United States, Dr.
Julie Lin as quoted in WebMD. This is actually not the first study the
influence of sodium by the kidneys work. Previously, the Nurses'
Health Study has conducted the research. The result, in women with
good renal function, after eating more sodium is found that impaired
kidney function. These findings are similar results with a study of
guinea pigs.

Macrobiotic Diet

Initially, this macrobiotic-style dining setting inspired by the
teachings of Japanese Zen. Sources of regulation comes from the theory
of balance between yin and yang that considers the effect of eating on
the physical, mental, and emotional every individual. Then, in the
modern era dining arrangement was developed again by Sakurazawa Nyoiti
or more in the know with Oshawa (1893-1966). Macrobiotic diet is In
Buddhist philosophy, yin and yang are opposing force that covers all
aspects of life. Yin is: cold, wet, slow, passive, salty and dark.
While that is, hot, dry, fast, aggressive, sweet and light. Now, to
get a healthy life, the yin and yang must be balanced. So, the
macrobiotic diet is a diet that is used for health as well as to
achieve harmony of body and soul. Terms and macrobiotic diet rules The
key to the macrobiotic diet is a healthy food, simple and natural. So
it was no wonder that this diet of fresh food without the process
priority to processing or preservation so as to prevent food allergies
or are sensitive to chemicals. The rules of this diet is to multiply
the fibrous foods, like whole grains, beans, legumes, fruits, grains,
vegetables, and certain fish. Red meat, poultry meat, and alcohol is
the food taboos. Drinks are allowed only water and tea. The following
meal arrangements;

1. The group considered food grains with the yin and the most
balanced. Among these are white rice, brown rice, corn, bulgur (a type
of whole wheat but with a more coarse grains). In the daily food
groups-grains padia This amount should be 50-60 percent of other
foods. Occasionally pasta and bread without yeast is still allowed to
2. Fresh vegetables should be consumed amount is 25-30 percent.
Vegetables element The highly recommended to be consumed each day.
Among them are cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, bok coy, radishes,
onions, and pumpkins. Meanwhile, celery, lettuce, mushrooms, peas, and
beans is eaten 2-3 times a week. Vegetables may be steamed or
pan-fried with a little corn or sesame oil.
3. Grains, beans and seaweed is food that element Yang. The amount
that may be consumed is 5-10 percent. Type of food is lentils and
tofu, and seaweed such as wakame, hijiki, konbu, nori (Japanese
traditional food), and gelatin (can be processed all kinds)
4. Fresh fish should be consumed once a week. While the fruits may be
consumed is a fruit that originated the local plant.
5. Drink only when thirsty, and just plain water. Meanwhile, soda,
coffee, flavored tea, alcohol, everything is prohibited. 6. Notice
also how to cook food. Because the goal is to macrobiotic living
harmony with nature, then the use of electricity or a microwave is not
recommended. This makes the food a lot to lose nutrients. It is
recommended to cook with wood or gas. 7. Foods that element of Yin and
Yang are too extreme to be avoided. Among them are eggs, milk, cheese,
and butter. Full of health hazards According to the American Cancer
Society, this diet is too low in protein, and calorie levels are not
sufficient to help cancer patients recover after undergoing surgery or
chemotherapy. Although able to lose weight, but this diet can not cure
any disease. So, should consult with your doctor if you are interested
in trying this diet.

Avoid Low Fat Diet For Body Slim?

Moderate weight loss with dieting? If yes, you should be picky about a healthy diet program. For example, avoid low-fat diet that did not give the results it delivered maksimal.Saran renowned celebrity trainer James Duigan, where one of his clients is the model Elle Macpherson. Seeing a lot of people trying to lose weight to get their body slim, but they do not understand the causes of body fat. Of course, the cause is not fat, but sugar and carbohydrates. You need a healthy and balanced diet, because low-fat diets will never work. You have to find ways to manage your diet that allows you happy and healthy throughout life. James had just launched a second book titled "Clean & Lean: Flat Tummy Fast!" Suggests some simple steps for belly was flat and slim.

1. You should not be too long to cook the food for nutrition is not wasted. Just be sure to process food in which 50 percent are still raw. Or if possible, direct all eat raw vegetables.
2. Choose organic meat. In addition to cleaner than toxic, organic meats contain antibiotics.
3. Do not eat foods that can weaken your abdominal wall, foods that contain gluten. 4. Avoid sugar in any form. Sugar will add to the circumference of the abdomen.
5. Make sure you eat enough fiber. Lack of fiber will make the inflammation of the intestine. Eat vegetables and drink lots of at least 2 liters of room temperature water every day.
6. If you feel hungry, choose a snack in the form of brownies, with so instead you will be easier to trim. "Feed your soul, because you can not live with all the disclaimers (that you need a good meal). Precisely this is able to assist the process of burning fat, increase metabolism, and make you more slim. The key, the consumption of a snack, "said James. "Another factor for a healthy lifestyle is to reduce stress," concludes James.

Low Carb Diet Lowers Intelligence

United States (17 December '08). Eliminating carbohydrates in daily
diet is to lose weight, but its side effects is surprising, namely
declining memory. This is proven by experiments conducted Holly A.
Taylor, PhD, and colleagues. They studied 19 women aged between 22-55
years who were ordered to do low-carb diet or low calorie diet (lots
of fruits, vegetables, and grains). Before the diet, participants
experiment tested whether short-term memory or long term. This test is
repeated one, two, and three weeks after the diet begins. In a memory
test unity week, participants low-carb diet showed poorer outcome
compared with the results achieved low-calorie diet participants.
Participants low-carb diets have slower reactions and visual-spatial
memory is worse. But they showed better results on tests of attention
and the ability to stay in a given task. Memory ability of
participants low- carbohydrate diet showed improvement after the first
week when they were asked to eat foods that contain limited amounts of
carbohydrates. The results of this experiment showed that the diet not
only affects the weight. The brain requires glucose (obtained from the
breakdown of carbohydrates) for energy, therefore the low-carb diet
can lower learning ability, memory, and thinking. As stated by Taylor.
But this experiment proved only short-term effect of low- carbohydrate
diet, for that other studies should be conducted to see long-term
effect of diet on memory.

Cabbage Soup Diet

We must already know, the best way to make you lose weight or keep it
stable is to regular diet, which must still maintain an adequate
supply of nutrients for our bodies. Do not go on a diet that does not
irregular, dangerous! This is one diet program that you can possibly
try, because it is "in- audit" by nutrition experts, and
already there are a lot of work.

Cabbage Soup Diet with

Essentially, a soup diet should contain calories that are not absorbed
by the body and capable of supporting combustion of fat in the body.
Diet is a combination (pattern) of food that will make you feel
hungry, you're still allowed to drink water as much as you want and
cabbage soup, but you have to be really strict with other foods! Okey,
this will be a 7 days diet program, which aims to decrease body weight
of 4.5 to 6.5 kg. Which includes low calorie foods are cabbage,
onions, and tomatoes. (creat with a little spice to be able to make
sense) Every day there will be certain foods, such as potatoes, fruit
juices, vegetables, and may in the
end of the program "meets" meat.

The first day,
you can only eat fruit, all fruit except bananas! May only drink
beverages that fresh, fresh tea, black coffee, and water,
and cabbage soup. Weight?

The second day,
you should avoid foods packaged / canned or prepared food, including
vegetables in containers, such as peas, corn, and so forth. But it may
if it is fresh vegetables, and cooked by boiling in water (can be
mixed into the cabbage soup.) For dinner, bake one large potato, may
be added butter to add flavor. Coupled with unlimited cabbage soup,
but without the fruit! Still .. plus cabbage
soup can?

The third day,
combine the first and second day of the program, but no baked potato.
On the fourth day, after going

through three days
of very heavy early, on this fourth day you may meet a sweet foods,
consumption of 8 (eight bananas and drink milk you may be low in
calories as many as you like. But still, do not forget
his cabbage soup!
On the fifth day,
you should eat 300-500 grams of meat and 6 pieces of fresh tomato.
However, if you want, the meat may be replaced with poached fish or
grilled chicken. It is recommended to drink 6-8 glasses of water to
get rid of uric acid out of your body. Eat cabbage soup at least once
on this

On the sixth day,
eat meat (such as portions yesterday) with fresh vegetables. Or you
can eat salad, but without potatoes. Eat cabbage
soup at least once.

On the last day,
you can eat rice (from a low-calorie rice, maybe a lot of people call
with Indian rice), fruit juices without sugar, and fresh vegetables,
and of course cabbage soup one time. Do not eat bread, alcohol or soft
drinks, did not even drink "diet soda" during the

Paleo Diet

old Stone Age man is often seen as undermined carnivorous meat near the fire. However, recent research shows this cave man diet. They have been eating bread at least 30 thousand years ago. Creatures hunters in prehistoric times was not only rely on animals as objects of food, but also plant foods that are processed. These results obtained from observations using a microscope is very strong from the traces of starch in white grinding stone from archaeological sites in Italy, Russia and the Czech Republic. Scientists previously estimated that the grain Stone Age humans have been ignored because of difficult

In fact, humans Paleolitikum in Europe to manage your diet by mixing in fat and animal protein with vegetable consumption element. Dr Revedin from the Italian Institute
of Prehistory and Early History, Florence, said "The discovery of wheat and vegetable residues on milling stones at three locations showed fibrous food processing, flour products, for example. It seems common and widespread throughout Europe about 30 thousand years ago. " Food processing these primitive people assert that the diet be one
common thing for them.

"This is like bread without feeling that was formed only with water and flour," said Laura Longo, a member of the research team. The presence of food other than meat in the past consumption pattern of society is admirable .This is related to human evolution involves complex engineering and manipulation processes that they do

Scientists say, "Population in Europe in general Paleolitikum carnivores dominated by a very limited number of plants. However, we found evidence of food processing. It was amazing." Flour processing involves a process of stripping bulbs, drying and pulverization with a special tool.Furthermore, the flour is cooked to get food that is easily digested. "Studies of their diet shows that there are the cooking process because of poor understanding about raw foods is not providing enough calories." The findings were published in the Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences.

Drink Diet Soda Causes Stroke?

Los Angeles: Glad to soft drinks? A recent study shows a diet soda
drinks pose a risk to health. Someone who drink diet soda every day
are at higher risk of stroke and heart attack than those who did not
consume drink
soda, diet, and so forth.

This finding is based on the federally funded study of 2,500 adults in
New York City, told CBS on Thursday (10 / 2). The study also discussed
the American Stroke Association conference in Los Angele Why is diet
soda at risk? Doctors do not yet have an explanation. Could be a lot
of soft drinks people rarely exercise, obesity or other risk factors
like high blood pressure and smokers. But researchers include
these factors to get the latest results.

Grapefruit Diet can It works !

If we were undergoing weight-loss program, the wine could be oneoption
to consider. Recent research shows, wine consumption may shrink
weight. Scripps Clinic in San Diego, doing research on 100 people
suffering from obesity. Respondents consisted of men and women,
divided into two groups. The group who consumed a glass of wine or
grape juice every day, after 12 weeks decreased body weight to 1.5
pounds. The intensity of the wine consumption is carried out three
times a day.

While the group does not consume the wine during the program, only
anaged to lose weight as much as ½ pounds. This weight loss, not
equipped with any sport. That is, both groups only on-treatment with

Until recently, Scripps Clinic, still figuring out the content of what
makes wine so potent block- forming enzyme in fat and carbohydrates.
But this study also suggest to consult a doctor first, before applying
this diet. Because in certain circumstances, wine contrary to the
cholesterol-lowering drugs, lowering blood pressure,
sedatives, and antihistamines.

Diet Solution with Crystal Magic Powder

Is imagined when he heard the word of course crystal glass objects on display with unique shapes. But it was crystal not only for display, special crystal results of recent studies could even be used to a diet because it makes people eat less and early satiety.Researchers in the United States has successfully developed a new form crystals which are very helpful in avoiding the extra food portions by convincing the brain that the body does not need food.

Magical crystals known as Sensa Tastant, can be sprinkled into food that will then be issued a scent. This scent will give signals to the brain which states that the stomach is full of food, although the new eating less food. "Scientific principle behind Sensa is very simple. When you eat, smell and taste receptors will send a message to the brain to release hormones that tell the body that it is time to stop eating," said Dr.Alan Hirsch, neurologist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation , Chicago, as reported by Dailymail.

Diet Food

If you have the problem of obesity and make you feel uncomfortable with your own body shape. Perhaps this is because you are wrong in eating food. Food affects your physique. Too much eating fatty foods will lead to accumulate fat in your body and if you rarely moved, the fat will become increasingly accumulate mainly in the abdomen, thighs and arms. One way to cope is by eating healthy foods, such as foods acai berries , which are pupuler foods to your diet and also a good food for diet. Food is very important for people who want to diet withhealthy. This fruit can you make it as a juice.

Powerful Fruit Diet

A good diet using vegetable and fruit for consumption because it
contains fiber and other substances that are good for the body. 10
fruits that are good for your diet program

1. Apples.
In addition to fiber, apples contain anti-inflammatory and anticancer compounds.

2. Strawberries.
Strawberries contain antioxidant and antitumor and antibacterial compounds.

3. Banana.
Bananas contain vitamins that are useful to make substances that
reduce pain, decrease appetite, and reduce tension. Also bananas are
used to cure stomach ulcers.

4. Melon.
Melon containing anticancer compounds.

5. Oranges.
Oranges contain antioxidant compounds and lowers blood pressure.

6. Mango.
Mangoes contain antioxidant compounds and protects the body from cancer.

7. Kiwi.
Kiwi substances can bind to cancer.

8. Plum.
The fruit is rich in fiber and contain a colon cancer-preventing compounds.

9. Wine.
Grape skin contains antioxidant compounds, anticancer, antibacterial,
and improve heart health.

10. Pineapple.
This fruit helps digestion, prevent sinusitis, and prevent urinary
tract infections.
So hopefully useful.

Banana Diet

by photobucket
by photobucket

The latest diet technique is said to lose weight naturally and have not brought the stress is called "Time Morning Banana Diet," according to the newspaper reported the Sydney Morning Herald. The trick is simple: Eat grain banana (may be more) at breakfast, then eat whatever you like at lunch or dinner (before 8 pm). Snacks at three in the afternoon is fine, but do not have dessert after a main meal, and you have to sleep before midnight. These tips could be the easiest way to follow in the world. In fact, the popularity of the diet is causing a problem arise again, the banana shortages faced by the country's Sunrise. Consequently, banana prices rise, but demand for the fruit shows no signs of decline and over 600 thousand copies of the book is selling well on a diet like hotcakes. This madness reached a new stage last month when a television station in the Tokyo show television programs that show the former Japanese opera singers who are obese, Kumiko Mori, lost seven kilograms of weight after the diet is followed. Diet was triggered SumikoWatanabe, a pharmaceutical expert from Osaka, who was so interested with Chinese herbal medicine. Sumiko, who is also a lecturer at the University of Tokyo, at first wanted to find an effective way for Hitoshi diet, her husband. After six months of eating a banana in the morning, Hitoshi getting slimmer by 59 pounds of body weight than ever before that reached 72 kilograms.

9 Tips Detox Diet Program

healthy living programs emerging discussed. Not to forget the diet
programs healthy and not too bad also so
coveted. But be careful with any diet foods are eaten, consider every
abortion. See full info here!
The new year is certainly a new resolution that you want. Especially
for women who still
want to look pretty and definitely healthy. Consider the food you eat,
whether the
content in it is safe for health or not. Well, try to note the
following nine tips for your diet
program still running well and safely byreducing substances that are
not needed by
the body.

1. Reduce consumption of animal fats Foods derived from animals sometimes
contain synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or other chemicals that
settle in the animal fat.
The material was not necessarily lost during the cooking process, and
additives will be
moving into our bodies when we eat it. When buying meat, chicken, or milk fat
content search a little, fat by the body's needs should be replaced
with vegetable fats such
as walnuts. Even if the chicken should
consume should eliminate the skin where the fat and a variety of drug
injection beneath it.
2. Jelly Choosing Seafood
Eating seafood, we are exposed to methylmercury, a neurotoxin similar
potential. Increasing pollution caused this possible. International
Agency for Research
on Cancer and the Environmental Protection Agency has found
carcinogenic in several
species of fish, so the news that was launched from WeebMD. This is because the
fish are contaminated by PCBs, a type of cancer-causing substances.

3. Consumption of Organic Materials Use of pesticides on vegetables
and fruits did
not cause direct damage to body functions, but this will be seen next
few years. To
prevent it, begin to consume vegetables and fruits are organic. Such
as apples, peaches,
spinach, mustard greens, kale, broccoli, potatoes, until the rice is organic.

4. Prepare Food Properly
To be assured their health, make sure the vegetables and fruit that
you consume is clean and free from chemicals. Always wash fruit and
vegetables in running water before it
is processed or eaten. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, also
to eliminate the chemicals that may still stick to the vegetables and
fruit. In fact there is no harm in washing
the fruit peeled for these substances do not stick to the cutter knife.
5. Avoid Canned Food and Beverage
Canned food and drinks usually contain bisphenol-A, a chemical that
can disrupt our body system even our environment. This
does not happen immediately, but should avoid as much as possible. It
is better to
consume foods that are fresh, dried, or even if packaged or tetra
packs should choose glass packaging because it is much safer.

6. The Healthy Cook and True
If you like grilling meat, this would increase the risk of esophageal
cancer. Roasting process that emit smoke contains
carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAHs are known by the
term. This substance is attached to the surface of whatever you cook
baked manner.
When meat, poultry, and fish cooked at high temperatures and long
periods of time or
well-done, it creates a carcinogenic
heterocyclic amines, or HCAs.

7. Note label Listed on Food Packaging
Always pay attention to the label marked on the back of food
packaging. Whether it's the
materials used or the manufacturing process. Sometimes we neglect and
forget to read that
description. Though this is very important as the information for us
to know what has
been entered into the body.

8. Avoid Beverage Plastic Packaging
In America, the number of beverage containers such as soda, sports drinks,
energy drinks, juices and so is also numerous. The biggest problem is these
drinks contain sweeteners, flavorings, and artificial coloring. In
addition, the packaging
used is plastic packaging so that the chemicals contained in plastic
can be eroded
and mixed into a drink. If this continues will possibly not interfere
with our systems.

9. Get used to Eat Food Home While at the restaurant or cafe, usually we
often forget ourselves dam ordering various types of food by sight
than it looks tempting.
Though we do not yet know exactly how to ripening and also the
materials used by these
restaurants. Better to eat at home, but can save you even can control
the use of food
and chose a far more healthy.

Mediterranean Diet Extends Age

NEW YORK - Want to live longer? Mediterranean diet may be the answer.
According to latest research results,Mediterranean-style diet can help to prolong
life among the population of the United States.

In the study revealed, men who undergo a diet closer to the ideal Mediterranean diet, the
risk to death during the next five years decreased to 21 percent, than men that their
diets away from Mediterranean diets. The same results were also seen in women's groups.

"The study provides strong evidence of the benefits of a Mediterranean-style diet, in
particular against the risk of death from a variety of factors, including disease-related
degan cardiac and cancer, in the midst of American society," explained Dr Panagiota N
Mitrou and colleagues from the University of Cambridge, England.

A number of other studies related to the Mediterranean diet showed health benefits.
Diet or a Mediterranean diet is much mengasup fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and
some livestock processed foods such as milk, cheese, butter, red meat is also very
small amount.

According to the researchers in the Archives of Internal Medicine, conducted research on diet and death rates of 380,296 men and
women aged 50-71 years who participated in the research program of diet and health of
AARP National Institutes of Health.Of the two groups, both men and women,
researchers found the risk of death due to various factors over the past five years
showed low numbers in the group who followed the diet closest to the ideal pattern
Mediterranean. The death rate from heart disease or cancer was also lower among this

The benefits seem very real to the group of smokers who are not overweight. This method successfully reduced the risk of
death by 50 percent after they were obeying a Mediterranean-style diet.
"The smokers are the most benefit from a diet rich in antioxidant elements. Also, have a
lower impact levels of fat in the blood through the Mediterranean way of eating,"
says Mitrou.

6 Formulas Smart Diet Helps Children

IF your child is overweight? If so, be careful! Because the children who are overweight are vulnerable to disease and inadequate social skills. This is when you as parents help baby to lose weight. As soon as Legal quote from Sheknows. Talk to your Child Show the child that you are very fond of her. Body weight will not reduce the levels of your affection. However, you must remain honest with children about possible health
problems they experienced when he was too fat.
Limit time watching television Watching television for long hours is not very effective. Besides wasting time, children usually watch television while snacking. It certainly has the potential to increase the deposition of fat on his body.
For that, you must restrict the hours of watching television. For example, from three hours, just one hour. Or if you want to watch television for longer, have the children watch as he ran on a treadmill or pedal a
bicycle. Create a family sports day You must move all the family to exercise together. Each can do the activities he likes sports, like cycling, hiking, or just simply walk away. Reduce the supply of sweet foods
Check the refrigerator and pantry. Did a lot of stock ice cream, cake, candy, and chocolate? If yes, get rid! Replace food with a healthier earlier. For example, fruit-flavored drinks or fruit juices. Update your diet
You do not want children are overweight, as well as can fatten your pocket? Here it is how. Review your daily food menus suguhkan for children. From now on, the contents of a breakfast menu with more healthy. For example, fruit juice and a stack of bread wheat dioles peanut butter. For lunch and dinner, teach
children to reduce the portion of rice and increase the consumption of vegetables and fruit. Support the child reaches the goal Help your child make the goal to be achieved by more realistic. For example, girls wanting to lose weight 40 kg in 2 weeks, change it to 40 kg in 10 weeks. Later, the child's motivation to exercise for 30 minutes a day or only eat vegetables at dinner hour.

Raw fish, Menu Diet Victoria Beckham

Raw fish, Menu Diet Victoria Beckham BY become a model for every design, Victoria Beckham is willing to lower the body weight with a strict diet. Reportedly, Posh Spice is only eating raw fish and fruit. As reported by DailyStar on Hollyscoop, former Spice Girls turned out to undergo a strict diet by eating only fruits and raw fish. In fact, when hungry at night, Vic just drink a glass of wine only. "Every night, Victoria is only drinking a glass of wine without dinner. He thought, he was the best ambassadors for any clothing designed. So Vic wanted to continue to be a skinny model," said one source close. Not only want to have a thin body, but the owner of this clothing line DVB has another obsession of her performance interesting.she wants to satisfy his fans with her body shape is sexy and seductive. "I'm fine, happy and healthy. It's like a responsibility that must be my waistband when people are obsessed with the size and shape of my body," said David Beckham's wife. "I am very appreciative of the young girls and women who see myself as a role model and very easy to say what is true that I do not eat and I was not healthy," he continued. Although limiting the intake of food, fashion icon is asserted himself keep the positive energy that could help him move. "I made a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle. I still have energy for my three children and also taking care of business around the world of fashion which I struggled," he concluded. Strict diet by young designers is evident when she only ate one apple on a flight for 5 hours from Boston to Los Angeles City. Although located in a first class flight, but Vic still keeping his body in order to remain an ideal. She did not touch any food. This also makes a lot of people forget when Vic is a mother of three sons. Interested in following the strict diet like Victoria?

Tight Diet make People So Lazy and senile

LONDON - We've often heard that a strict diet without the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist will have long term adverse impact on the health of the body. So what about short-term adverse effects? The study conducted on rats showed, with a strict diet for 10 consecutive days can cause the nature of senile, hard exercise and lazy berkegiatan. Meanwhile, different conditions occur in mice that are included in the low diet
group. When compared with mice group strict diet, they are known can not utilize oxygen as an energy source
when they move. Their bodies were weak and showed symptoms of a daze. The experts later concluded that a strict diet will make someone being strict dieting tend to be lazy and stupid. "The Europeans are generally much that on a strict diet. Long-term impact on a strict diet, among other complications illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, and heart failure," said University of Cambridge researcher Andrew Murray, as quoted from Live Science, on Thursday (13 / 8 / 2009). "As for short- term effect, a strict diet will make a person easy to dementia, loss of concentration and lazy," he added. Murray hopes that this discovery could
open the eyes of every person to be more careful when deciding to diet. So that they can get health benefits from diet the right way. (Srn)

Diet trends from period to period

Healthy diet makes us avoid the various diseases and is the secret of longevity. A healthy diet also helps optimize the body's  energy levels are useful for dealing with stress.
But did you know that a lot of unhealthy diet that can bring in new diseases, or have negative side effects for the body? If not, you should look at reviews Flirty about diet trends that have loved women.
Trends in diet 1920-1940 era In 1920-1930, a campaign has been criticized in cigarette advertising. Lucky Strike cigarette brand using the tagline reads "Reach for a Lucky Instead of a Sweet." Ad model is well-
known celebrity slim body, giving rise to the misconception that smoking causes the body to keep slim. In fact, the dangers of smoking have been known together, of which cause infertility, heart disease, and lung cancer.                                                                                                                                                          However, the danger was not enough to make women aware of the era. Entering the year 1930-1940, the diet method that is loved is changing. Women in that era to find quicker ways to lower body weight, with diet lemonade or known as the Master Cleanse. The method developed by Stanley Burroughs. This diet recommends eating the culprit for the lemon juice, red pepper, and maple syrup in everyday life. Today, more than 70 years later, Beyonce Knowles reportedly uses the same program to lose a few pounds of body weight in the context of its role in the film Dreamgirls in 2006. Trends in the 1960s diet In the 1960s, various things about sharing and love is a concept that applies to diet.
Dieters start to form various groups to support an organization that was formed Overeaters Anonymous Overeaters. In 1961, Jean Nidetch invite friends in his native New York to talk about weight loss. Two years later, having lost 72 pounds, she launched Weight Watchers (a diet).
But there was a negative side contained therein. Diet with cabbage soup main menu is promised the perpetrators would weight down 17 pounds. In fact, dieters even claimed to feel other effects, namely the effect of high gas in their stomachs. Trends in diet 1970 In this era, a miracle pill so flattered. Even some brands of pills, pretending to have a function to stop the body in the workforce to absorb carbohydrates we consume. In essence, a variety of diet pills in this era promises to make your body slim, even if you still eat pizza and bread hobby.
The pills are claiming that there will be no adverse effects felt by consumers. However, after reporting abdominal pain and vomiting from consumers, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) United States pulled the pills that circulated in 1983 in order to do long-term investigation of side effects. As a result, the researchers found that the starch (a polysaccharide containing amylose and amylopectin) are not digested, and will immediately be brought to the intestines. Dexatrim pills, that appetite-suppressing drugs containing PPA (phenylpropanolamine) in the 2000s had also popular. Although some medical experts are still not sure about
the side effects for health.

Detecting Diabetes Through the Eyes Retina

Melbourne: Australia's
health researchers find method to detect early
diabetes by diagnosing the retina. The
method was announced in Melbourne,
Australia, recently. They hope the new ways
can help mankind in the future.
According to experts, a person's health can
be seen from the retina. In addition to
symptoms of diabetes can be found from the
retina can be seen other diseases such as
obesity. If the retina of the smaller size then
the strong suspicion that patients stricken
with diabetes. Later changes in retinal blood
can also detect people were exposed to heart
or stroke.
The researchers then intends to build the
imaging center to retrieve detailed retinal
images to be diagnosed more clearly. If
materialized, the thousands of people who
potentially suffer from diabetes or other
serious diseases can be cured. (KEN / Ijx)