Diet? Try To Walking

A new study that had recently launched site found that walking has the effect of body shed fat. The effect works even better than exercising at the gym or better known as fitness. Cheap sport can also tighten the calf and arm, and shed fat nasty cellulite that "comfortable" living in the inner arm. Simply swing the hand in every step of the foot to get the arm toning effect. Not only that, walking can also be healthful condition of the lungs, improve blood circulation, stabilize blood pressure, increase brain performance and preventing various diseases. No wonder that Hippocrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, once said: "Walking is the best medicine for the human body."

This is the reason for Faster Fat Women

Women are always thinking of something to do with weight. They also will strive to eliminate fat deposits in their bodies. However, why do women still fat faster than the Adam? Beauty Geniua proclaim, Tuesday (10 / 5), weight gain women faster than men because women's brains are designed effectively to always think about your appetite. Thus the results of research in the United States. According to statistics in the journal Science, the number of women with excess body weight is 25 percent higher than men. The scientists believe, the reason for this is because the Eve is more often stress when thinking about a diet. However, they are more quickly exhausted and discouraged when faced with a grueling diet and weight training. In a study involving the Adam and Eve, they were asked to starve for 17 hours. They also must deal with different jobs and physical exercise. Once completed, they were asked to sit down with all sorts of dishes in front of them, but they are not allowed to eat. Instead, they were asked to think of something foreign. At the same time, the volunteers underwent magnetic resonance tomography to see how their brains react to food. As a result, most of the male correspondents are able to overcome temptation. On the other hand, all women, without exception, can not concentrate on anything except think of food. Their brain activity peaked at a time like that.

Diet, Lose Weight Main Key

Sport is not the best way to lose weight. Research at the University of Aberdeen found that diet is the best way to lose weight. According to the researchers, obesity is not because someone is less active or rarely exercise, but because too much food into the body. The authors refute the notion that sophisticated lifestyle as it is now affecting the people to lazy to move. Notes to the researchers, the physical activity of children today are not much different than the pattern of children's activities on 20 years ago. "In 1950, nobody would buy a bike workout and sit in their garage. But now people will do it," said research leader, John Speakman. Even so, the researchers emphasize physical activity is good for the body needs to be done routinely. In fact, should be part of a healthy lifestyle and balanced.

Slim Secret Penelope Cruz

Actress Penelope Cruz likes to dance in order to maintain her figure. SHe did ballet as well as various types of dance for four hours each day. Star of The Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides is indeed just given birth to her first child, Leo. Recognized Cruz, dancing helped her restore her body weight after the birth of her son. "I love ballet and various dance. Going to the gym for exercise is a boring activity for me. Dancing has made me stay healthy in a fun," said Cruz. To maximize the program, she also keeps the intake into the body. Mediterranean cuisine is a choice. "Because I come from Spain so I chose the Mediterranean diet is very loved. I did a lot of eating, but I keep the right food that goes into my body," she added.

Sleep Deprivation, Can Add Weight Loss

New York: Do you often have difficulty sleeping? Take care, lack of sleep it can cause obesity. Lack of sleep causes the day was getting longer. Not only that, even a slow metabolism so the body uses less energy. Journal of Clinical Nutrition American and European studies says that lack of sleep can cause weight gain. Not only increase hunger, but also reduce the speed of the rhythm of burning calories. Christian Benedict, one of the researchers from the University of Uppsala in Sweden revealed that sleep a lot can prevent weight gain. "Our findings indicate that lack of sleep a night can acutely reduce energy expenditure in healthy men, which suggests sleep contributes in regulating the human energy expenditure during the day," he wrote. Previous research linking sleep deprivation with weight gain and also showed that disrupted sleep is also disturbing levels of stress and hormones associated with hunger during the wake. To help identify the exact mechanism of why lack of sleep can cause these effects, Benedict and several university colleagues examined 14 students in a series of "conditioning" sleep - no sleep, sleep is limited, and normal sleep - in a few days, then measured changes the amount of food consumed, blood sugar, hormonal levels and measure the level of metabolism. The scientists found, with only one night of missed sleep the next morning your metabolism slows, reducing the energy expenditure for a number of jobs such as breathing and digesting of five to 20 percent, compared to those with adequate sleep. A group of young men also have high blood sugar levels, such as hunger-regulating hormone ghrelin, and stress hormones such as cortisol are high after a troubled sleep. However, lack of sleep does not increase the amount of food consumed by the men. Numerous studies have watched that people who slept five hours or less per day to be more susceptible to weight gain and weight-related diseases such as type-2 diabetes. But these studies do not prove that lack of sleep as a cause of weight gain. Some experts say several factors such as lifestyle and diet likely increase the risk of obesity and it's not clear whether lack of sleep causes obesity. Sanford Auerbach, head of the Sleep Disorders Center at Boston Medical Center, responded that lack of sleep is a complex problem, with drugs as well as some things that affect sleep, and urged that the findings should be further clarified. "They found that we adjust ourselves from lack of sleep and some of these adjustments could theoretically lead to obesity," he said, adding that it was not clear how a chronic lack of sleep can affect hormone levels. National Sleep Foundation, a foundation that examines sleep, suggesting that adults should sleep as much as seven - nine hours of sleep per night.

Middle Eastern Food Diet

food is commonly used as a salad mix in some Middle East countries. Many believe that one of these wheat types could help diet because fiber content. Not only the fiber alone, bulghur can satiate you know! If you stop by the typical Middle Eastern restaurant, sometimes you can see this type of wheat. Bulghur or durum wheat is one type that is quite popular in some countries such as Greek, Arabic, and also Egypt. Pellets bulghur small, pale yellow. Cooking process usually by steaming or boiling in water. In fiber and carbohydrates are also quite high, bulghur often used as the main meal. But not a bit too which makes bulghur as mixed salad, like a typical Lebanese Tabouleh salad. In Middle Eastern countries, bulghur made diet for thousands of years. As stated in the literature of the Old Testament that says the Romans and Egyptians consume bulgur in early 1000 BC. Bulghur more easily processed compared to other types of wheat. In Jakarta, bulghur not sold in most supermarkets, only a few in big supermarkets like Ranch Market and also Kemchick.

Obesity Not Satisfied At Sex

Is weight gain associated with your satisfaction during sexual activity? A study in Durham, United States, involving 134 women and 91 men to prove the majority owner of overweight complain because no satisfaction when having sex. The researchers are not surprised. "Our findings contribute to the growing body of research showing obesity associated with reduced sexual function and quality of sexual life," said a professor at Duke University Medical Center. In the study, researchers proposed questionnaire contains a number of questions directly. Do you feel the orgasm? Do you fantasize about power, sexuality? Answer participants asserted that overweight women so vulnerable to dissatisfaction. Researchers also compared the answers with cancer in 2006 and the general public. New Faktu found. Obese men were more satisfied sexual activity, compared to men with cancer. Sad to hear how health problems can affect your sex life. David Sarwer, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pennysylvania, told USA Today that the study will encourage physicians to help overweight patients with sexual problems. Because the psychological stress caused by the sex life can hinder your overall health. Sarwer also warns that sex involves more than sexual intercourse. Then you also can enhance intimacy with a kiss, hug, hold hands, or any activity that smells romantic. So, whether your weight affect your sex life?

Kate Middleton Considered Too Thin

Kate Middleton has officially become the wife of Prince William looked beautiful and slim while wearing a wedding dress to suit her body. Kate the title Duchess of Cambridge reportedly lost a lot of weight to be able to perform perfectly. However, some health experts said the Princess Catherine was too skinny. A British tabloid reported, Kate Middleton lose weight since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in November. "Basically, this could mean that she is losing weight about 5 to 6 pounds or more, and not just body fat," says Leslie Bonci, an expert on sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh, as reported Zimbio News. Bonci also said that the ratio between height and weight she did not fit. There are different voices on this subject. "If within a period of 5 months she lost weight 10 kilograms, it means that he was losing a pound every 7.5 days. The recommendation is safe to lose weight no more than half a pound per week. So, lose 20 pounds or 9 kg in 5 months still appropriate for the health, "said Carla Wolper, obesity researcher at St. Luke's Hospital. Observers of the royal family believe that stress is a cause of weight loss Kate. "Recently, at each successive appearance since she got engaged, she looks increasingly slim. I thought maybe he was reluctant to eat," said Duncan Larcombe. However, for some experts, susutnya considered normal weight because she is part of the pre-marriage ritual.

Worms For Slim Body Diet

Many women do the diet for the sake of a slim body. Starting from a healthy diet to extreme slimming, and tend to endanger health. Take a look at supermodel Tyra Banks. He deliberately makes his 'worms'. Tyra did tapeworm diet for the sake of securing the fat on his body. "By maintaining the parasite in your body, you can eat as they please without fear of fat," said Tyra in every campaign. He added, a tapeworm in the digestive tract can reduce body weight one to two pounds per week. "Do not be afraid to eat high- calorie foods," says celebrity who market tapeworm to diet on the market. Tyra seems to not care about warnings from the Agency for Food and Drug Administration in the United States (Food and Drug Administration / FDA) on the diet danger. There are creepy facts about worms. The worm can grow to 25 feet, which can cause seizures, meningitis or dementia. In essence, this tapeworm diet is not recommended. Because you have to swallow the tapeworm parasite, which you can find in animal feces, undercooked meat cooked, or infected. Doing this diet can indeed affect your digestive system, because the worms will absorb the nutrients in the gut. Diet is also very dangerous because it can aggravate your medical condition. "This is the idea crazy, dangerous tapeworms are parasites that can cause serious health problems. The diet is not the best way to lose weight. Even in the U.S., illegally traded tapeworm," said nutrition expert, Joy Bauer.