food is commonly used as a salad mix in some Middle East countries. Many believe that one of these wheat types could help diet because fiber content. Not only the fiber alone, bulghur can satiate you know! If you stop by the typical Middle Eastern restaurant, sometimes you can see this type of wheat. Bulghur or durum wheat is one type that is quite popular in some countries such as Greek, Arabic, and also Egypt. Pellets bulghur small, pale yellow. Cooking process usually by steaming or boiling in water. In fiber and carbohydrates are also quite high, bulghur often used as the main meal. But not a bit too which makes bulghur as mixed salad, like a typical Lebanese Tabouleh salad. In Middle Eastern countries, bulghur made diet for thousands of years. As stated in the literature of the Old Testament that says the Romans and Egyptians consume bulgur in early 1000 BC. Bulghur more easily processed compared to other types of wheat. In Jakarta, bulghur not sold in most supermarkets, only a few in big supermarkets like Ranch Market and also Kemchick.