Women are always thinking of something to do with weight. They also will strive to eliminate fat deposits in their bodies. However, why do women still fat faster than the Adam? Beauty Geniua proclaim, Tuesday (10 / 5), weight gain women faster than men because women's brains are designed effectively to always think about your appetite. Thus the results of research in the United States. According to statistics in the journal Science, the number of women with excess body weight is 25 percent higher than men. The scientists believe, the reason for this is because the Eve is more often stress when thinking about a diet. However, they are more quickly exhausted and discouraged when faced with a grueling diet and weight training. In a study involving the Adam and Eve, they were asked to starve for 17 hours. They also must deal with different jobs and physical exercise. Once completed, they were asked to sit down with all sorts of dishes in front of them, but they are not allowed to eat. Instead, they were asked to think of something foreign. At the same time, the volunteers underwent magnetic resonance tomography to see how their brains react to food. As a result, most of the male correspondents are able to overcome temptation. On the other hand, all women, without exception, can not concentrate on anything except think of food. Their brain activity peaked at a time like that.