Many women do the diet for the sake of a slim body. Starting from a healthy diet to extreme slimming, and tend to endanger health. Take a look at supermodel Tyra Banks. He deliberately makes his 'worms'. Tyra did tapeworm diet for the sake of securing the fat on his body. "By maintaining the parasite in your body, you can eat as they please without fear of fat," said Tyra in every campaign. He added, a tapeworm in the digestive tract can reduce body weight one to two pounds per week. "Do not be afraid to eat high- calorie foods," says celebrity who market tapeworm to diet on the market. Tyra seems to not care about warnings from the Agency for Food and Drug Administration in the United States (Food and Drug Administration / FDA) on the diet danger. There are creepy facts about worms. The worm can grow to 25 feet, which can cause seizures, meningitis or dementia. In essence, this tapeworm diet is not recommended. Because you have to swallow the tapeworm parasite, which you can find in animal feces, undercooked meat cooked, or infected. Doing this diet can indeed affect your digestive system, because the worms will absorb the nutrients in the gut. Diet is also very dangerous because it can aggravate your medical condition. "This is the idea crazy, dangerous tapeworms are parasites that can cause serious health problems. The diet is not the best way to lose weight. Even in the U.S., illegally traded tapeworm," said nutrition expert, Joy Bauer.