Kate Middleton has officially become the wife of Prince William looked beautiful and slim while wearing a wedding dress to suit her body. Kate the title Duchess of Cambridge reportedly lost a lot of weight to be able to perform perfectly. However, some health experts said the Princess Catherine was too skinny. A British tabloid reported, Kate Middleton lose weight since the announcement of her engagement to Prince William in November. "Basically, this could mean that she is losing weight about 5 to 6 pounds or more, and not just body fat," says Leslie Bonci, an expert on sports nutrition at the University of Pittsburgh, as reported Zimbio News. Bonci also said that the ratio between height and weight she did not fit. There are different voices on this subject. "If within a period of 5 months she lost weight 10 kilograms, it means that he was losing a pound every 7.5 days. The recommendation is safe to lose weight no more than half a pound per week. So, lose 20 pounds or 9 kg in 5 months still appropriate for the health, "said Carla Wolper, obesity researcher at St. Luke's Hospital. Observers of the royal family believe that stress is a cause of weight loss Kate. "Recently, at each successive appearance since she got engaged, she looks increasingly slim. I thought maybe he was reluctant to eat," said Duncan Larcombe. However, for some experts, susutnya considered normal weight because she is part of the pre-marriage ritual.