Is weight gain associated with your satisfaction during sexual activity? A study in Durham, United States, involving 134 women and 91 men to prove the majority owner of overweight complain because no satisfaction when having sex. The researchers are not surprised. "Our findings contribute to the growing body of research showing obesity associated with reduced sexual function and quality of sexual life," said a professor at Duke University Medical Center. In the study, researchers proposed questionnaire contains a number of questions directly. Do you feel the orgasm? Do you fantasize about power, sexuality? Answer participants asserted that overweight women so vulnerable to dissatisfaction. Researchers also compared the answers with cancer in 2006 and the general public. New Faktu found. Obese men were more satisfied sexual activity, compared to men with cancer. Sad to hear how health problems can affect your sex life. David Sarwer, a professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Pennysylvania, told USA Today that the study will encourage physicians to help overweight patients with sexual problems. Because the psychological stress caused by the sex life can hinder your overall health. Sarwer also warns that sex involves more than sexual intercourse. Then you also can enhance intimacy with a kiss, hug, hold hands, or any activity that smells romantic. So, whether your weight affect your sex life?