YouTube - Megan Fox Who does not know. The actress is not only one to have acting talent but also has a beautiful body and sexy. Beautiful body to dream every woman around the world. Many of the judge's body belongs to Fox's sexy because of the artists who subscribed to received the title as the world's sexiest artists because Fox underwent a strict diet. But Fox denies it. SHe admitted she was not a woman Do not want to make the fans and the public guessing slim secret, Fox finally willing to reveal the recipe to maintain the beauty of her body. SHe admitted she really likes to eat. SHe can eat five times a day. However, the food did not make it stretchy because she consumes a healthy diet . "I eat healthy and I eat  raw foods and vegetables," Fox said as quoted by Metro, Saturday, July 9, 2011. The 25-year-old star added that adoption was the pattern of food did not always work when she travels. But, she did not give up. SHe always tried to keep trying because she was satisfied with the results. In addition to consuming raw foods and vegetables, a former star of 'Transformers' is never forget to take vitamins. Fox went on vitamin that helps keep to keep it beautiful. "I take supplements like fish oils and silica," she added.