Tea is nearly everyone's favorite beverage. In addition to a refreshing taste, tea is also useful for health. A research result published by the Daily Mail found that drinking tea regularly, can prevent weight gain due to a less healthy diet. As reported by Zee News, the research that takes these mice as an experimental attempt to measure the effectiveness of tea to prevent weight gain, or other adverse effects caused by eating fatty foods. The results of this study indicate that two types of tea used in this research that green tea and black tea, had the same great benefit to the stability of body weight and prevention of fat accumulation. Black tea also can minimize the negative impacts that occur in the blood due to a strict diet which is usually done to lose weight. Tea prevents rise in cholesterol levels, high blood glucose and insulin resistance (commonly occurs in people with type 2 diabetes where the body no longer effectively use the insulin it produces) Tea can also reduce the risk of heart attack, cancer, Parkinson's disease as well. Other studies also found that drinking tea regularly for the past 10 years or more can improve bone density. So really many benefits of drinking tea.
(Zeenews / DSC / MLA)