Tired of diets that never showed the results? Try eating journal that will help your diet program.
Journal of food is the result of research experts from Greenwich Hospital. With food journal, then you can control the calories that go into your body. As reported by Zee News, Sunday (26/12), according to experts by writing down everything you eat into the food journal will make you aware of your diet. To create a journal to eat it, you just need to write down all the food that you consume.
"Writing a journal meal works like a sport. This will really help you to lose weight if you do it consistently. Write down everything you eat even though only a piece of biscuit, it will help You to realize your calorie intake from the food you eat every day, "said Specialist Weight Management and Diabetes at Greenwich Hospital, Dr. Christopher J. Mosunic. Musonic advised to keep a journal in a way that traditional meals and write down all the food you eat in detail to be a reminder when you consume excess food.
Called reminder system that will help to control your appetite. (DSC / MEL)