Chris Voight only eat potatoes every day for two months to convince the U.S. government that the potatoes must be part of the school lunch program. As written by the Telegraph, Tuesday (30/11), for 60 days in a row Chris admitted only use pepper and salt to flavor the potatoes.

Although boredom sometimes come, Chris said this potato diet has helped him to save money and reduce cholesterol levels. "I hope this action can alert people that potatoes are a healthy source of carbohydrates.

After starting this diet, I really feel very healthy. I slept more soundly than usual, and it is fabulous," said Chris. As much help to be healthy, Chris also said that doing so was doing quite harmful to health. Many elements of
food and vitamins the body needs can not be met simply by eating potatoes.

"The only reason I have to stop this diet after the specified deadline is the amount the body needs that can not be met simply by eating potatoes. I'm not worried because I will indulge myself by eating beef tacos and baked potatoes after time arrived." (Vin)