Many ways done to get a slim body ideal. One of them with diet. Different from the usual diet methods, such as carbohydrate or fat diets, slimming diets that tend to offer a qualitative contrast to the general diet. Do slimming qualitative methods? According to the therapist and author of 'Slim and Recover with Qualitative Methods', Iping S, being overweight is not because the intake of certain foods. Obesity is caused by the amount of food consumed exceeds the capacity of digestion. "All kinds of food can be fattening if consumed exceeds the capacity of the stomach," he said at the launch and book at the Tee Box Cafe, Thursday, December 16, 2010. The main principle is to consume slimming qualitative essence of the food in smaller amounts than normal size. Point to minimize digestive capacity such as the stomach, including effective digestive enzymes. Iping advised to stay mengomsumsi fat and sugar. In a qualitative diet, consumption of fruit or drinking water should not be excessive. "Carbohydrates can be removed from the menu if you want quick trim. But it must remain sugar intake of tea or coffee and milk. In order for a diet of blood sugar does not go down drastically. Thus, the qualitative diet will not make a listless, body limp, and pale." Iping divides foods into four types. Type 1A such as beef, lamb, liver and eggs. Food type 1B, namely chicken, duck, fish and seafood. Food type 2 is a full cream milk, tofu, mushrooms, soy and dairy, and vegetable bits. While the food type 3 consists of bread and dairy, wheat, noodles, vermicelli, rice, fruit and vegetables. Food type 1 is an important food to keep vitality, lose weight fast fibers accelerate healing. 1B is used as a substitute food food food 1A while type 2 and 3 are complementary. An important step qualitative method is a consistent set meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. "Do not ever neglect breakfast. The body is lack of energy can not work optimally and quickly hungry. Every day, eat appropriate portion of normal or less than that." It is better than eating one time but big numbers. " Iping who had begun researching the diet for 11 years was added, during a qualitative diet, eating certain foods like ice cream, meatballs, and pizza, is permitted only during lunch or dinner. Condition, the portion reduced lunch. The prohibition in this diet is the method should not be eating spicy foods and acid, fruit was consumed on the day or night and should not be snacking on fruit between meals. Besides, should not drink water or fruit juice excessive. During the diet, drinking when thirsty, only one or two sips just to wet my throat. Finally, strenuous exercise is not recommended to harden the muscles, but the body must move in a day.