6 Ways Keeping remain slim tummy Body condition of women would change with age. Age above 30-an anatomical body begins to show the changes. Become more tummy fat. To overcome a lot of some people
who do various kinds of exercise and dieting furiously to restore the body to remain an ideal. By using some of the following alternatives you can reduce
abdominal circumference in the not too long, origin diet and exercise regularly.

1.keep away foods containing carbohydrates such as bread, biscuits, cakes high salt content foods such as soft food which are found in place of food, or

2.do breakfast, lunch and dinner regularly. Keep your distance as 6 hours can also be interspersed with fruit and yogurt.

3.drink at least 8 glasses a day. Consumption is also 200 ml of skim milk per day, or 4 cups of tea or coffee mild.

4.eat salad vegetables in unlimited quantities. But if you feel your stomach bloating when eating it. Can also be boiled before eating.

5.chewing food slowly. Especially vegetables, dried fruits and grains.
This can reduce flatulence.

6.doing exercise every day routine. Exercise will burn calories and will
make your stomach look flat.

order for a flat stomach and try
doing sit ups at least 8
times a day for 2 consecutive
So start today do exercise and diet programs as recommended above.
This diet will also help your digestive
system work, where can reduce
flatulence and keep the body ever fit
every time. So hopefully the above
tips useful for you ...:)