YouTube - Wrinkles can appear more quickly, especially if your nutritional intake is not properly fulfilled. Not just in the hands or face, but the wrinkles in the knee area is also very disturbing appearance. Especially for those of you who like to wear shorts or miniskirts. Wrinkled knees, or so-called 'ninkles' is the skin loosens and visible lines around the knee in women aged mid-30s. Loosening of the skin in this area is most difficult to overcome. According to Drs. Cecilia Tregear, from London Wimpole Skin Clinic, ninkles occurs because the skin loses elasticity and collagen caused by many factors. "Poor nutrition, exposure to sunlight, hormonal imbalances due to stress and menopause and consumption of foods with high sugar content, can all create the wrinkles away," he said. Many famous celebrities are seen experiencing ninkles. Such as Nicole Kidman, Elle Macpherson, Jerry Hall and Kate Moss. "The fact that skinny celebrities for years to undergo a strict diet also experienced a knee wrinkles faster. That's because their bodies lack the nutrients essential for the skin, including protein and fat," said dr. Tregear. Unlike other body parts are easily created by exercising, it is difficult knee wrinkles 'improved'. Demi Moore and even do surgery to remove wrinkles knee with a total cost of £ 3,000 or Rp41 million. But Dr. Tregear not recommend to perform this operation. That's because the surgery does not solve the problem because the wrinkles will reappear. He was advised to eat meals low in sugar, nuts, avocados and sports that make up your leg muscles every day. Drink water as much as two liters per day also helps create firmer legs and reduce wrinkles. "The knee is also like a face. It must be kept moisture, massaged and given protection from the sun," says Dr Tregear. Many women ignore the knee treatment area. And to make the skin tight knee is easy enough. Ie ensure adequate intake of healthy protein that helps the body produce the hormone estrogen, testosterone, growth hormone and other highly influential on the suppleness and beauty of skin. (Eh)