It's still
dieting but bloated stomach? Do not
direct it wrong if your abdominal fat
despite diet remains bloated like hell.
Apparently there are common
mistakes that are often forgotten
when someone on the diet. Any
a. Home from work immediately
'hanging out' in front of the
When I got home, we immediately
take food or snacks and spend it in
front of the television. Without
realizing it, the portion that should
be a little dinner became almost
equal portions for lunch.
A study conducted the University of
Oulu to mention, people who make
a habit it will quickly accumulate 10
percent fat in the abdomen. Even 10
percent of fat increases, it stacked
just within 2 hours. While the
people who do not spend the food
in front of the television at night or
do light exercise when television
advertising was in progress,
managed to wear off belly fat.
b. Can not be separated from
refined flour.
For those of us who always have
breakfast with bread, it might be a
little difficult if you have to replace
with other breakfast menu. Actually
we need to change is to replace the
bread from wheat flour from whole
grains into hats. With this raw
material change, we can reduce
abdominal fat 85 grams per day.
And surveys have shown, people
who eat refined wheat will easily cut
total calories into the body. The
research was published in the
American Journal of Clinical
c. Too long immersed in the stress.
Panic, anxiety, fear, or stress
hormone cortisol will increase. This
hormone will give a negative
domino effect on the body, for we
will be easy once hungry and your
metabolism works more slowly. As
a result, more and more distended
abdomen and waist circumference
were widened.
Let's dispose of stress. The trick, sit
quietly, close both eyes, and inhale
deeply slowly. After that, we are
exhaled from the mouth of the 8
count. Continue until you feel
d. Midnight snack.
When we have difficulty sleeping or
forced to stay out late, usually
hunger would come over when the
clock is showing after midnight. We
also walk to the kitchen and opened
the pantry or refrigerator. Without
thinking, we let her choose foods
such as chocolate, chips, or even
noodles. If this happens, ya do not
be surprised if stomach trouble
without fat deposits.
Actually, there is no ban on
snacking in the evening. It's just that
we should choose foods that are
'safe' for the stomach and waist
circumference. Eg almonds, low-fat
milk, or low-fat yogurt. Snack-snack
will make the stomach full longer
and belly fat away from the pile.
But keep in mind also, preferably 2
hours before sleep, we should stop
chewing. After that, turn off the
lights and close your eyes.