syndrome Mummyrexia Attack Victoria Beckham - Almost all women are afraid of getting fat. Not surprisingly, a number of women desperate to limit food intake, even when pregnant. Obsession with maintaining ideal body weight during pregnancy is known by the name Mummyrexia syndrome. Victoria Beckham may suffer from the syndrome. SHe remains on a strict diet while on the two entities. SHe seemed not to care about the needs balanced nutrition necessary for fetal growth and long-term health. "This issue could threaten the growth of the fetus and the mother's health long term," said Amanda, a British nutritionist, was quoted as saying the pages of The Sun. Amanda is quite concerned with the behavior of a number of pregnant celebrities like Victoria. Because, the bad behavior starts to become a phenomenon after a number of young women in Britain who are pregnant to emulate. According to her the British Dietetic Association recommends at least nine pounds of weight increase during the nine months pregnant. Weight gain is important because pregnant women will usually experience an increase in the amount of blood, body fluids, tissue weight of the breast, uterus, and body fat. "Just having a weight gain of three pounds can be a sign that pregnant women have mummyrexia syndrome, which means that they may not eat enough food during pregnancy," says Amanda. In fulfilling balanced nutrition, she also suggested that pregnant women do not make a vegetarian diet. Limiting your intake of meat will make the body zinc deficiency that affects the brain development of infants and central nervous system. However, it does not mean pregnant women should not restrict food intake. Control remains to be done for pregnant women only need about 200-300 extra calories per day, especially in the last three months of pregnancy. Remember, excess food consumption during pregnancy can also harm the mother and fetus.