Talking about diet is to have no end. There's always new information about diet. Although information on diet has been popping up a lot, but in practice not many diets are successful. Especially with the rise of one-food diet (eat once a day) and extreme dieting (not eating at all) which was hazardous to health and our bodies as well. When dieting, it is important to exercise with adequate portions. Do not overdo the exercise because it is believed will reduce the effects of the diet. Also to note is the sincere feeling of doing the diet. Do not feel burdened by your diet. Dieting with feelings of joy are believed to increase the benefits of the diet. Well, for those of you who like to drink coffee, there seems to be a suitable diet for your hobby is. This diet is called DIET COFFEE. The advantages of this diet include: 1. Caffeine contained in coffee, with effect diuretiknya assist in reducing the amount of water. 2. Decomposition may help (reduce) the fat 3. Increases the body's basal metabolic rate. 4. Caffeine increases the body's energy consumption by 10% so as to reduce the likelihood of obesity. 5. Drinking coffee before a meal can avoid the risk of overeating Side Effects of Diet Coffee Despite its many advantages as above, this coffee diet also has some weaknesses that must be considered for those of you who want to try it. 1. Due to the caffeine content of existing dalamkopi, the sympathetic nervous system in the body become active so that it can cause us trouble sleeping at night. The lack of sleep affects weight gain. 2. In addition to an excess, diuretic effect of caffeine can be a drawback of this diet because it can cause dehydration. Tips for success in a diet of coffee. 1. Drink coffee with water and coffee dose 2: 1. 2. Flavor and aroma of coffee made from coffee beans directly have a higher success rate in the diet. 3. Enjoy the aroma of coffee. This is because the aroma of coffee gives a sense of relaxation and reduce stress from people who were on a diet. The smell of coffee has the effect of calming the mind and feelings. 4. When it began to think of snacking, you can work around this by drinking coffee. The benefits of his diet would be more pronounced. How? Interested in trying? Another tip: When dieting, it could still eat three meals a day (breakfast is compulsory), drink water and try eating bland foods.