Dangerous Diet Trends Diet seems to now become a trend today, especially for women to get the ideal body and nice. In addition, diet can be used to make us stay healthy. But the trend concerning diet in the present there are still many people who do not understand his point.

Diet still have to eat-healthy foods and vitamin, which is four of five perfectly healthy. Is not a little to eat or only eat fruit. Even many diet trends that can actually make the risk to the body and our health. Diet trends, among others, are as follows: Paleo diet era to follow diet As the name implies, this diet trend following the way of human eating time alias Paleolithic era antiquity.

At that time, early humans who eat the food they could find, like the flesh of their prey, plants, fruits and vegetables. So the trend now is to follow diets like this pattern a lot we find around us. People on the eating of meat, vegetables and fruit, without eating rice or the like, because they can make the body fat. Though this would pose a risk to our health, diet trend like this would make the body become less healthy due to lack of carbohydrates and other nutrients needed by our bodies.

Consuming apple cider vinegar Now there is another trend by taking apple cider vinegar diet. They believe if they eat this apple vinegar, he said could reduce the appetite. How to consume a drink is moved at three teaspoons of apple vinegar drink before eating, but I also do not know more about this trend. What I know from the book Diet Trend Biology is such a risky, because it was sour apple vinegar is very high, so it can make us sick digestive tract, especially stomach ulcers. It is more risky for the health and diet is a error in the present trend.

Consumes tapeworms Diets that this trend is more strange and less plausible to me really, but the fact is all around us of people who use alternative The diet tapeworms as he. Those who follow this trend is to consume alias eat meat that is the tape worm eggs, he does have cleaning beforehand. Some say the trend of this diet can lose weight by drastically and quickly, if it is dropped in accordance with what we, we must eat for antibiotic drugs to kill the tapeworm. Unfortunately, that already we know that the tapeworm can make us upset stomach, diarrhea and other diseases in our bodies.

Although already in the know the risk, still wrote there that do like this diet trend, but this is one mistake Diet. Above are three examples of the diverse trends of today's diets may pose a risk to the health of our bodies. So if you want a healthy diet, you can try to eat regular and diligent exercise. Because exercise is one effective method is good and healthy for our diets. Hopefully these tips and useful information for you and all ...