New York: Sport is a powerful way to lose weight and maintain a healthy body. However, do you know if the intention to exercise alone can increase your appetite? Results of research conducted by experts at Cornell University to prove it. In this study the participants were divided into two groups. The first group was asked to imagine walking for 30 minutes accompanied by the strains of their favorite music. Meanwhile, a second group was asked to focus imagine walking in the same period of time without music. While the third group was asked to do neither. Found them in the first group of up to 701 calories to consume calories, the second group and third group of 601 calories 361 calories. Experts believe the theory of the unconscious plays an important role in this case. When someone is imagining her fatigue after exercise, then she will automatically want to consume more food. "Just imagine the exercise, participants are led to serve themselves more food," said lead researcher Brian Wansink. The researchers also suggest those who want to lose weight for a healthy diet. Because the exercise will not solve the problem of excess weight.